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  1. The World (League) According to Neo (2000 Grey Cup)

    Is it going to be Houston?
  2. Call them the Killer Beagles and you will be guaranteed money well spent... and love from Beagles.
  3. Now that's done... can a mod close this topic?
  4. Might as well wrap up the ones that are left. SALT LAKE CITY SACRAMENTO And finally... SAN ANTONIO
  5. I dun know what happened there but anyway 4 More to go and then a mod can lock this thread or something... anyway time for some Florida magic... kind of revealed the next location. ORLANDO The owners of the Wizards wanted to bring some Disney-esc Magic to the NFL so they literally set themselves up as literally the tourist's NFL team which has worked wonders in attendance and sales, operating from the Camping World Stadium, home of the Citrus Bowl.... they are a team that are good rivals with the Jaguars as well as the Desperados... either way Purple, Black and Gold make themselves grand as wizards.
  6. Moving on to team 4 in this last wave and we move down to M... and there's only one place that has M and that is... MEMPHIS Memphis finally gets a NFL team of their own and they are named the Steamers... they're lucky they don't represent Cleveland, but yeah Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium as they are sharing with the University of Memphis Tigers and they are the only Southern team to be placed in the NFC North because of the Indianapolis Colts being in the AFC South and they would of been sloted in that division if the Bears haven't had that bitch and moan about the Blues. Bright shiny Red, White and Black as their colours... good rivals with most of the NFC North as well as state rivals the TItans.
  7. Alright I will, I've found better templates anyway... I'm gonna wrap up this series and make better ones when it's done.
  8. I was gonna say that 'Brown' was being rude.
  9. Next team up is going to be the last of the C sounding cities. COLUMBUS The third team of Ohio, it's strange that they are doing ok in the NFC North whilst their other state teams have won Superbowls ((Cleveland won a Super Bowl, yes it's the end of the world but Cincinnati won the Super Bowl twice.)) so they embrace being the Capital with the Caps name... White, Blue, Red and Grey to give it that look that says yes we look stupid but we look good at the same time. Ohio Stadium is where they operate from with co-operation from the Ohio Buckeyes as in all they can only get a mere 60-70k per homegame and thus the NFL placed them in the NFC North citing the need for new blood from the 'North Central Crew'.
  10. I will admit that the Blues didn't really have impressive uniforms to begin with plus the bear represents anger from the Chicago Bears.
  11. Eh might as well post the next team while I'm here.... so alphabetically we are now at C and the first team in that list is.... Chicago? Oh boy they ain't going to be happy about this... The Chicago Blues are an organization that is constantly picked on by the other team in Chicago, the Bears... at this point of time, the Bears have achieved NUCLEAR heat ((even worse than the Inflategate Scandal)) with the league, the country and the world for the way they tried to deny the Blues from competing in the NFL as the Bears are supported by all of Chicago, however the team operates from Bloomington, Illinois instead and kept the Chicago name. Operating from a 50,900 seater stadium called the Blues Bowl, they will be joining the likes of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Brooklyn in the AFC North because the NFL didn't want to put two Chicago teams together in the same group. Obliviously Blue and White wasn't going to just work so they invested in Silver and a lighter Blue and literally they took an identity of their own... although Chicago Bears would like to put red on that outfit and to the players underneath... luckily they only play each other once every 4 years.
  12. Yeah but lettering and numbering really small SUCKS
  13. And so after 5 years, it was time for Wave 3 and this brought in 8 new teams to the NFL which meant that the 2002 format stayed on and thus some readjustments were made due for certain teams but anyway.... we're going by alphabetical order this time instead of random... so team #1 for the third wave is... AUSTIN Ah yes... Jerry Jones Jr's personal FU to the NFL after losing control of the Cowboys to a younger more ambitious tycoon, he got together with a personal group and using a technicality won the right to a franchise and literally chose Austin as a new start. The Desperados who won the vote choice play in the indoor stadium known as No Man's Land and with a large capacity of 65,000 host various encounters against not only the various Texas based teams but also rivals such as the Colts and the Cowboys. Using Grey, Red, Black and White allows them to create a sort of aura that attracts hard hitters and bad boys to rival the swagger of the Raiders.
  14. Alright so the plan for Wave 3 is going to be 8 more teams introduced, I've just completed 6 of them so the next post after this one will be locations in alphabetical order and then afterwards for say Wave 4 which is going to be the last one, they'll be 16 teams with most being international and some will be from Europe.