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  1. heavybassX

    NFL Expansions v2

    Alright... Version 2 and I am attempting to making it more lively. HOME ROAD ALTERNATE Big changes here... Royal Blue is now the 1st Home with Gold being the 2nd.. road is still the same but with England themed collars and sleeves, Alternate is also the same but the Nike logo is different for it has a colored two tone look
  2. heavybassX

    NFL Expansions v2

    Numbers are usually something I struggle in, so i can and the first wave of these franchises exist in 2025 after the player strike of 2021 which saw Goddell forced to make conceptions to please the 32 owners who were at war at their players for forcing a no season. Monarchs belong to a unique scheme that mentioned are gold, royal blue and red with white.... but yeah I can see what you mean, looks dull actually. So I will make some updates.
  3. heavybassX

    NFL Expansions v2

    Might as well begin the expansions... and it starts off with the London team aka the bestest team. LONDON MONARCHS HOME ROAD ALTERNATIVE The biggest change from last time was the colour scheme... instead of purple, I've added royal blue to go with the royal red and the monarch gold.... white's there because it's England obviously. Still one of the more famous teams from the World Bowl era.
  4. heavybassX

    NFL Expansions v2

    Only 4 Teams retained the center striping 2 in NFC ((Cowboys and Panthers)) and 2 in AFC ((Colts and Browns)), the rest ditched them because exciting uniforms took their place instead... several of the teams went through rebranding.
  5. heavybassX

    NFL Expansions v2

    I'm back and I took some time refining my artist skills whilst finding a better template to work on... and I've succeeded. To begin this series... we are going to look at the current NFL teams existing from the year 2020. NFC AFC
  6. If there's a Cardiff team... Black Knights.
  7. heavybassX

    The NFL (8/32; Patriots added)

    Maybe a blackish blue can work?
  8. Is it going to be Houston?
  9. heavybassX

    Oldschoolvikings' NHL concepts - Flames concept added 7/14/18

    Call them the Killer Beagles and you will be guaranteed money well spent... and love from Beagles.
  10. Now that's done... can a mod close this topic?
  11. Might as well wrap up the ones that are left. SALT LAKE CITY SACRAMENTO And finally... SAN ANTONIO
  12. I dun know what happened there but anyway 4 More to go and then a mod can lock this thread or something... anyway time for some Florida magic... kind of revealed the next location. ORLANDO The owners of the Wizards wanted to bring some Disney-esc Magic to the NFL so they literally set themselves up as literally the tourist's NFL team which has worked wonders in attendance and sales, operating from the Camping World Stadium, home of the Citrus Bowl.... they are a team that are good rivals with the Jaguars as well as the Desperados... either way Purple, Black and Gold make themselves grand as wizards.
  13. Moving on to team 4 in this last wave and we move down to M... and there's only one place that has M and that is... MEMPHIS Memphis finally gets a NFL team of their own and they are named the Steamers... they're lucky they don't represent Cleveland, but yeah Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium as they are sharing with the University of Memphis Tigers and they are the only Southern team to be placed in the NFC North because of the Indianapolis Colts being in the AFC South and they would of been sloted in that division if the Bears haven't had that bitch and moan about the Blues. Bright shiny Red, White and Black as their colours... good rivals with most of the NFC North as well as state rivals the TItans.
  14. Alright I will, I've found better templates anyway... I'm gonna wrap up this series and make better ones when it's done.