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  1. Champions from the nations of Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, and Switzerland participated for the first time in the Football World Championship. This necessitated changing the format to four 3-team groups. The AAFL's representative, the Boston Shipwrights, won their group over the Belgian and Spanish champions - 3:0 over R Union Saint-Gilloise and 2:1 over Barcelona. The Americans fell, however, to HVV of the Netherlands in the semi-final. It was Ferencváros of Hungary who proved victorious in the final, topping the Dutch squad HVV.
  2. The Brooklyn Bridegrooms, sporting their new golden kits as well as the their new golden ring crests shocked the four-time Ultimate Division winners in the American football Association Cup final. A headball from Caleb Garner off of a Dustin Patterson was the only goal necessary to achieve the championship. Despite their regular season troubles, the Bridegrooms looked brilliant throughout the tournament. Coach Willy Dominic is predicting great things for the upcoming season: "We can play with anybody when we put our minds to it. That's what the lads did for the Cup. And that's what we'll do next season - it won't be fighting off relegation; we're going to nabbing promotion to the Ultimate Division."
  3. In the first semi-final, two-time American Football Association Cup winner Baltimore Chimney Swifts squared off against fellow Ultimate Division squad, the Boston Shipwrights. Baltimore's hopes for a third cup were squashed by halftime, as they trailed 3:1. Boston added to the lead in the second half and coasted easily to the final whistle. In the other semi-final, two clubs that had experienced disappointing seasons in the Penultimate Division faced off. Both the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Chicago West Side Kicks unveiled new crests and kits for the match. In a see-saw affair, an early second half goal by Dustin Patterson earned the win for the Bridegrooms. After barely escaping relegation from the Penultimate Division, the Bridegrooms now have the chance to claim a trophy. (One of my old college teammates just found the actual American Football Association Cup)
  4. In the 1909-1910 edition of the American Football Association Cup, the four teams advancing to the semi-finals were Boston Shipwrights Baltimore Chimney Swifts Brooklyn Bridegrooms Chicago West Side Kicks
  5. Golden West secured their first Western Regional Division title, edging out LA Victoria. In the final week, Golden West had the chance to clinch the title on their own merits, but fell 3-2 to the surprising newcomer Pasadena Pacifics. LA Victoria squandered their opening to vault into the top spot as they totally collapsed at home 5-0 to the Alameda Vampires.
  6. Goldengoose05

    United States Football Association: St. Paul and St. Louis reveal

    1. Milwaukee 2. St. Paul 3. St. Louis 4. Buffalo
  7. In the Eastern Regional Division, the New York Chieftains and Paterson True Blues punched their tickets for a return to the Penultimate Division. Both clubs had spent two years in the Eastern. Pawtucket Millwheels did not make much of a run at returning to the Penultimate. Neither of the new clubs - Lokomotiv Reading or Nova Britannia - had particularly strong seasons. In the Mid-American Regional Division, Detroit United Albions and Akron Vulcanites secured the top two spots and promotion to the Penultimate Division. Louisville Racehorses will have a to spend another year in the Mid-American Division after having been relegated from the Penultimate. The new clubs had mixed results - Ann Arbor AA finished i the middle of the pack in 9th place, while the Rock Island Freebooters finished second-to-last. In the interest of filling out the Regional Divisions, no teams were demoted. Once each division reaches 20 teams, relegation will begin.
  8. The Boston Gaelics ran away with the Penultimate title, finishing 6 points ahead of the field with a whopping +22 goal difference. It ended a two year stay in the second division. Mound City edged out the Detroit Longtails for the second promotion spot. An inaugural team as the St. Louis Mounds, Mound City will return to the Ultimate Division for the first time in 4 years. Three of the four promotions from last season – Fall River, Indianapolis, and St. Louis All-Saints – will return to the Regional Divisions; the other one, Philadelphia United CC, finished in a promising 6th place. Disaster almost struck another inaugural squad, the Broooklyn Bridegrooms. After being demoted for a second time last season, the Bridegrooms finished only a single point from relegation.
  9. The 1909-1910 season in the Ultimate Division was a tight race, but our beloved Boston Shipwrights emerged triumphant in the All-American Association Football League. The Milwaukee Brewmasters led the Shipwrights by 1 point after Week 18. In Week 19, the Brewmasters went up 2 points after the Cleveland Longlegs defeated Boston. In Week 20, the Shipwrights closed the gap to a single point. In the final weekend of the season, the Brewmasters were trounced by the giant-killing Longlegs while the Shipwrights salvaged a tie with the Washington Insiders. Both squads finished with identical records and 28 points. Sporting a +18 goal difference, the Shipwrights claimed the title over the Brewmasters’ +10. The Shipwrights now have captured 4 titles, the most of all AAAFL clubs. The defending champion Baltimore Bannerets had a poor season, finished in 9th place, 1 point above relegation. Cleveland Forest ended a 3-year stay in the Ultimate by finishing last. Philadelphia Libbies, a founding team, was relegated for the first time. They were nipped by the Cincinnati Scarlets on goal difference. For the in-season derbies, the Star-Spangled Cup went to Chimney Swifts over the Bannerets, the Longlegs retained the Sixth City Cup over Forest (7:7), and the Carnation Cup went to the Scarlets over the Longlegs (7:4). The only bright note of the Libbies’ season was that they took the Quaker Cup over the Privateers (6:3).
  10. Ann Arbor Athletic Association was promoted to the Mid-American Regional Division for the 1909-1910 season.
  11. The Rock Island Freebooters were promoted to the Mid-American Regional Division for the 1909-1910 season.
  12. The Nova Britannia Football Club of New Britain, Connecticut, was promoted to the Eastern Regional Division for the 1909-1910 season.
  13. The Pennsylvania Dutch of Reading, Pennsylvania, now have a team in the Eastern Regional Division.
  14. Two new teams will join the Western Regional Division for the 1909-1910 season - Stockton Goalseekers and Pasadena Pacifics
  15. Some announcements that should have preceded the 1908-1909 season - the new squads in the Western Regional Division.