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  1. 1907-1908 Regional Division Results Two squads from New Jersey - Old Nassau 1869 and Kearny Caledonians earned their way to the Penultimate Division. The Princeton alumni-backed squad ran away with the title, while Kearny had to duel Fall River Spindles for the second spot. Newcomers Scranton Electric City and Carnelian FC struggled and ended up at the bottom. Fortunately for them, there was no demotion to the Sectional Divisions. It was a tight race for the top two spots in the Mid-American Division. Indianapolis came down from the Penultimate after a 1 year stay, and almost earned their way back. They finished 2 points behind in third place. A season-ending loss squelched their hopes. A win would have tied them with Milwaukee Cream City, and Circle City's better goal would have seen them through. Newcomers St. Louis All-Saints and Waukesha Town 1866 finished at the bottom, but not too far off the pace of the rest of the league. Once again, the longtime rivals of Alameda Vampires and Oakland Hornets battled it out for supremacy in the West. This time, the Hornets finished ahead of the defending champion Vampires. New squads Seattle Black Diamonds and San Francisco Barbary Pirates had tough seasons, finishing in 7th and 8th place.
  2. 1907-1908 Penultimate Division Results Washington Insiders kept their demotion to the minimum of a single season by winning the Penultimate Division, 6 points clear of runner-up Cincinnati Scarlets. Cincinnati earned the right to return to the Ultimate Division after a 4 Year stay in the Penultimate. The Scarlets almost lost their ticket to the Ultimate when the fell in the last week to Washington DCAC. Chicago Southsiders could have overtaken them, but the Windy city boys lost as well to the Insiders. The four newcomers all secured spot in the Penultimate for next season, while the New York Chieftains and Paterson True Blues claimed the lowest rungs in the Division and will be playing in the Eastern Regional Division next season.
  3. I haven't found a great deal of historical activity in those states. Most of the teams in the Sectional Divisions were actual teams with a few of my creations sprinkled in. I'll need to come up with some teams in those states and figure out how to readjust the sectional divisions. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. 1907-1908 Ultimate Division Results The Milwaukee Brewmasters claimed their first Ultimate Division title, clinching the top spot with a Week 21 win over Detroit Longtails. Boston Shipwrights were close behind 1 point at season's end. Brooklyn jockeyed for position at the top of the table, and even took possession at one point before fading. Newly promoted Cleveland Forest and Detroit Longtails managed to remain in the top division while the Chicago West Side Kicks and Boston Gaelics received their demotion papers. T The West Side Kicks were demoted for the first time, while the Gaelics ended a three year run in the Ultimate Division. The top 3 squads took all of the spots on the Top 11, with the Bridegrooms (5), Brewmasters (3), and Shipwrights (3).
  5. Announcing the newest addition to the Western Regional Division, the Seattle Black Diamonds
  6. Announcing the newest addition to the Western Regional Division, the San Francisco Barbary Pirates
  7. Announcing the newly promoted Mid-American Regional Division team, Waukesha Town 1866. For more on the first soccer game in Waukesha, see
  8. Announcing the newly promoted Eastern Regional Division team, Carnelian FC
  9. Announcing the newly promoted Eastern Regional Division team, Scranton City Electric (I probably saw a logo like this somewhere, but I can't recall whose it might have been)
  10. At the Football World Championship in Italy, the Shipwrights could not assuage their disappointment from losing in the Columbia Challenge Trophy tourney. Boston lost all three of their matches to the English, German, and Dutch entries. They only managed to score a single goal. The hosts from Milan advanced on goal difference over Madrid FC, and then they captured the title in a thrilling 3:2 victory over Newcastle United of England. Here are the results of the Derbies. Finally, the minor leagues results. The four sectional league winners in each Region, Midwest and Atlantic, advanced by random draw to one-game playoffs. Two team winners from each Region earned promotion to their respective Regional Division. The two teams promoted to the Mid-American Regional Division are St. Louis All-Saints and Waukesha Town 1866. The two teams promoted to the Eastern Regional Division are Scranton City Electric and Carnelian FC.
  11. Oak Park was the scene of the first Columbia Challenge to feature the winner of the Western Regional Division. The Alameda Vampires acquitted themselves well against the Ultimate Division Champions from Boston, the Shipwrights. With all the scoring happening in the first half, the Shipwrights jumped out to a 2:0 lead. Novak pulled one back for the Vampires two minutes later. Baker padded the lead for Boston in the 33rd minute. Alameda narrowed the lead to one on a fantastic header from Christopher, but that is how the scoring ended. In the other semifinal, the AFA Cup Champion Milwaukee Brewmasters had an easy time against the Penultimate Champion Cleveland Forest. Again, all the scoring came in the first half. After that, Milwaukee relented on pressuring the Cleveland goal, and trusted in the defense led by the indefatigable Pat O'Dea. In the third place game, the host Alameda squad got off to a quick start from goals by Novak and Harper. After that, Forest found their rhythm and answered wih a Higgins goal in the 25th minute. Cleveland was then aided by the deaperture of Alameda's Hobbs, who earned a red card for a brutal foul on Tyson Day. After that, the flow of the game was almost exclusively at the Forest goal. Joyce tied the game shortly before halftime, and then put Forest in the lead with a powerful volley in the 60th. Jason Sanders completed the scoring in the 72. Despite the two losses, it was the common consensus that the Westerners were up to par with their eastern counterparts. In the final, the Milwaukee Brewmasters seemed to have an answer to everything that the Boston Shipwrights had to hurl at them. Pat O'Dea seemed to be everywhere - he squelched attacks, he ran down through balls, and he initiated Brewmaster attacks with his patented precise longballs. In the 24th minute the Shipwright defense cracked under the rapid counterattacks and surrendered a breakaway to Orlando Weber. Ten minutes later, Hy padded the lead off of a give-and-go with Auld. After that, Milwaukee played the possession game, and the Shipwrights were hard-pressed to even get a touch of the ball. Boston did manage to get one goal back off of a Vance French free attack. After that, the Shipwrights lacked any further opportunities. Milwaukee held the ball for minutes at a time, making the Shipwrights run themselves ragged in vain attempts to reacquire possession. When the final whistle sounded, the Brewmasters had a second piece of hardware to go with the AFA Cup.
  12. Yes, the Penultimate Division will grow to 14 teams. The Eastern and Mid-American Regional Divisions will also grow with promotions from the Sectional Divisions. I'll be revealing who those teams will be soon.
  13. The lowest-seeded Trenton Cannons almost pulled off the miracle run of the tournament with their potent goal-scoring attack.. The eventual Ultimate Division champion Shipwrights took the Cannons too lightly, and Boston fell in the first round 5-3. Trenton then hosted both Cleveland outfits, downing the Longlegs 6-3 and then Forest 2-1. It was another Ohio team for an opponent in the semi-finals. The Cannons proved victorious with a 5-2 win over the Cincinnati Scarlets. On the other side of the bracket, the Milwaukee Brewmasters squeaked by their visiting opponents by a single goal in each round. Their first victory was a 4-3 win over the Eastern Division’s Fall River Spindles. Then it was a 2-1 triumph over Penultimate Division’s Louisville Lt. Colonels. Then it was as 2-1 defeat of the Minneapolis Millstones. In the semifinals, they stopped the surprising run by the KC Fountains with a 2-1 victory. The title game was a wide-open affair. Richie Zerbel started the scoring in the 22nd minute with a header off of a “patent-pending” longball from the immortal Pat O’Dea. The Australian played Randy Hall just after halftime to put the Brewmasters up by 2. Six minutes later, Pat O’Dea launched a screaming shot from 40 yards that the Cannon keeper John Washington could only watch go in the goal. In the 78th minute, the Cannons cut the lead to 1 with a Toby Jones penalty kick after a foul by Maurice Webster. Robby Garrison scored again for Trenton on a free kick 2 minutes before the end that beat a napping Oskar Feil to the near post. The Brewmaster defense solidified for the last few moments, and the Cannons had no more scoring opportunities. The Brewmasters were the 3-2 victors, and they claimed a second American Football Association Cup.
  14. Apparently somebody forgot to check if the spreadsheet's logic was still working with the number of teams increased numbers of teams in the division. Looking sheepishly in the mirror at the perpetrator. Thanks for pointing it out.