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  1. CaptainKirkMN

    RGiss NBA Concepts - Dallas Mavericks

    That star logo is ingenious, one of the most clever things I've seen on these boards in a while. And while the color palette is a bit Wolves-esque, I'd say it's not too bad-darkening the green should set it apart enough. I will say, though, that the hat logo doesn't work well with the drop shadow-too much gradient, but that it disrupts the basketball pattern without it. I'd use a slight outline of the blue, I'd guess.
  2. CaptainKirkMN

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Braves Updated (August 15)

    I like these sets! As you pointed out, the wordmark logos do a good job of imitating their Boston and Milwaukee counterparts. I do wish that the cap insignia also matched the style of the Boston and Atlanta insignias-the block M sticks out a sore thumb. I'm not sure how well it would work, but it seems like it would be simple to adapt the M from the Milwaukee wordmark.
  3. CaptainKirkMN

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Braves Updated (August 15)

    I like this a lot, especially the 715 royal alternates. My only complaint (not really, just didn't like it quite as much) is that I don't think the BiG looks as good as in its original colors. I know that these boards don't like the BiG in general, so I have to note that I am part of the minority that does, so I do still like the recolored one, just a little bit less. On a side note, is that gif from the movie October Sky?
  4. CaptainKirkMN

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    I really like this Minnesota concept! The colors are unique, and the shoulder striping looks sick. One of the star players on my (Minnesotan) high-school football team had the name Suggs, so that's a nice little coincidence. I'm looking forward to more.
  5. Foxes is nice. I like Foxes. As far as Houston, I think it would be good to maybe stay away from space names-it's very cliche. That being said, your ideas are unique within the space-based subset, so I wouldn't be terribly opposed.
  6. CaptainKirkMN

    Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

    I like it, especially the striping down the side of the shorts-that's something I wish I saw more in hockey. On a side note, though, having the two models so close together makes it look like the two of them are holding one extra-long hockey stick.
  7. CaptainKirkMN

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    Holy cow, Vilnius is cool! We hadn't seen a lot of green or yellow yet, so seeing the colors of the Lithuanian flag really makes the Wolves stand out.
  8. CaptainKirkMN

    The 1972 Project: Vanderbilt Commodores

    That's true, but I think Minnesota's maroon is dark enough that it differentiates itself from others. In this case, I don't think Indiana's red would get confused with Minnesota's maroon. As far as the color scheme as a whole, I don't see any confusion between Iowa State and Minnesota, even though one is red and yellow and the other is maroon and yellow.
  9. CaptainKirkMN

    NBA Expands to Louisville; Version 2

    The center and right ones are cool, but I think that the one on the left makes the logos too small to really be noticeable.
  10. CaptainKirkMN

    The 1972 Project: Vanderbilt Commodores

    This is a great point, and I applaud you for considering the other Big 10 teams and making the teams work well with each other. I will note, Minnesota absolutely does not count as red.
  11. CaptainKirkMN

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    Wasn't the Trident also an American nuclear sub that was stationed in Turkey as a deterrent against the USSR?
  12. CaptainKirkMN

    NBA Expansion Concepts - Team #2 - Louisville Colonels

    I was originally going to write this: "This seems to me like its only inspiration is from KFC's Colonel Sanders. An actual Colonel is a rank in the US army-maybe represent that. Considering it's in Kentucky and there's a KFC logo on the court, it's not surprising, but this concept would stink anywhere else in the country. That's not to say it's a bad concept in a vacuum, but it feels more like a corporate advertisement than an NBA team." Just before I hit "Submit Reply" I remembered that previous comments in this thread mentioned the NCAA's Eastern Kentucky Colonels and the ABA's Kentucky Colonels. I looked up Eastern Kentucky, and found that their logo has the same style of white hair peeking out under a cowboy hat. So I figured, "Well, surely this actual, real college didn't just rip off KFC." After some more research, I discovered that both teams drew their inspiration from the Kentucky colonel, an honorable title bestowed on honorable Kentucky citizens (Kentuckians?). The original Kentucky colonels had nothing to do with the army rank. And guess who was a Kentucky colonel? Colonel Sanders, the guy who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken. So that's where that interpretation of the name "Colonel" comes from. I'm guessing that when you came up with the concept, you were just referencing Colonel Sanders and the old ABA team. Although that's cool, I think it would be cooler to make it into a historical reference. I think that keeping the logo would be fine, but removing the KFC logo from the court would make it seem less like an advertisement. Also, I'd consider changing the name from "Louisville" to "Kentucky" to make the historical reference stand out further. Considering that the group it's named after is the Kentucky Colonels, naming the team Louisville takes away from that-it would be like renaming the Texas Rangers (real law-enforcement group) the Dallas Rangers or the New Jersey Devils (Local urban legend) the Newark Devils-it makes the reference much less direct.
  13. I like D and F. A is also nice.
  14. CaptainKirkMN

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Braves Updated (August 15)

    I swear I thought Jack Cooke was a very young Kurt Russel.
  15. I love #2. #3 is also pretty good, but they're so similar I can't see them both happening at the same time. Maybe a retooled #1 could go on the helmet and #2 could go on the shoulders or chest.