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  1. Really great sets! I particularly love the way the silver shoulders work on the navy uniform. I'd be interested to see what a red Titans set would look like, but I appreciate the decision to keep it out. Under their current identity, I don't think it would work, in the same way that yellow Vikes uniforms wouldn't work.
  2. I love the old-school look of WVU. Those shoulder stripes are slick.
  3. CaptainKirkMN

    NFL REDESIGN (Bills 10/16)

    The new logo is... meh. I certainly don't like it as much as the other ones you've done. If you could make a reverse version, such that the eye is peering into the bottom right corner, you could put one on each side of the helmet, like an actual pair of eyes. In my opinion, that would work better on a solid helmet than a striped one.
  4. It would be a crime to have WVU and Pitt in the same conference and not bring back the Backyard Brawl.
  5. As a WVU student, this alignment feels weird. WVU and Penn St. belong with better teams. I will say though, the University really does want to get its rivalry back with Pitt.
  6. CaptainKirkMN

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    The horse part has a very similar silhouette to the Broncos... This works well in a vacuum, but not so well when there's another horse team in the division.
  7. CaptainKirkMN

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    That triangle-less penguin is slick! I also really like the sloping of the stripes on the back, especially on the alts. This is my favorite one yet in the series.
  8. CaptainKirkMN

    Minor League Baseball team names

    I personally like the "charm" of the slightly goofier names-it's something unique to minor-league baseball. With there being so many teams, lots of teams are in cities that, let's be honest, don't have the same cultural elements as pro teams that lend themselves to "good" names. As a result, some teams really dig into something not considered normal fodder for a name. Or some of them just go with something a bit related to the city/region and a bit goofy.
  9. CaptainKirkMN

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    If you were to truly go all in on all-black, I'd think it would be appropriate to give the cowboy black hair and mustache.
  10. CaptainKirkMN

    NBA Literal Jersey Series

  11. CaptainKirkMN

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Minnesota has a few things it's well-known for, but they don't lend themselves well to sports nicknames. And the only good names from those have been taken. "Twin Cities"-The Twins. Lots of Nordic people-The Vikings State Bird is the loon-The Loons (Nickname for Minnesota United) Just about the only other option is the beat the dead horse of the wildlife theme or reference the cold.
  12. CaptainKirkMN

    Major League Hockey: Baseball Crossover (NYM Added!)

    My only issue here is that somehow Rob Manfred deserves to have a division named after him.
  13. CaptainKirkMN

    RGiss NBA Concepts - Dallas Mavericks

    That star logo is ingenious, one of the most clever things I've seen on these boards in a while. And while the color palette is a bit Wolves-esque, I'd say it's not too bad-darkening the green should set it apart enough. I will say, though, that the hat logo doesn't work well with the drop shadow-too much gradient, but that it disrupts the basketball pattern without it. I'd use a slight outline of the blue, I'd guess.
  14. CaptainKirkMN

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    I like these sets! As you pointed out, the wordmark logos do a good job of imitating their Boston and Milwaukee counterparts. I do wish that the cap insignia also matched the style of the Boston and Atlanta insignias-the block M sticks out a sore thumb. I'm not sure how well it would work, but it seems like it would be simple to adapt the M from the Milwaukee wordmark.
  15. CaptainKirkMN

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    I like this a lot, especially the 715 royal alternates. My only complaint (not really, just didn't like it quite as much) is that I don't think the BiG looks as good as in its original colors. I know that these boards don't like the BiG in general, so I have to note that I am part of the minority that does, so I do still like the recolored one, just a little bit less. On a side note, is that gif from the movie October Sky?