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  1. Everything has been fantastic! I think my favorite is the Chargers. My only complaint on the drawings (not at all concept-related) is that in the Vikings "poster," Stefon Diggs is carrying a very large football. According, to Mike Zimmer, it's Case Keenum that "has big balls."
  2. College Football Field/Stadium Database - Texas Tech

    I like the return to the Big XII. Could you do West Virginia soon?
  3. The Vikes have had some solid uniforms in the past, but I've never seen any as nice as that home set.
  4. MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    I like the idea of replacing the red with grey on the top hat logo, but I feel like something else should become grey. Also, just a nitpick, a couple of stitches on the baseball behind it stayed red.
  5. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Chiming in on the Twins debate: The "m" hat is not very popular. It seems like most people think that the TC makes us unique, and is a far superior logo. See previous discussions where people have made concepts modifying the TC logo. I personally like the "m". I think that the Twins were at their highest, both in performance and cultural identity in the '90s, when they wore it.
  6. Wideright updates the NFL

    I like this. I don't mind teal and I think it looks cool as a primary color, but I hate how they almost completely removed the gold. This does a good job of moving towards teal without eliminating gold.
  7. Minor League Football

    How about the Volts? It's not as good as Voltage in my opinion, but it's a plural noun. Miners is a good name for them too, but I think it would be even better for the Morgantown team, as that adds aliteration. If you're opposed to duplicate names, I think that would be the best way to go.
  8. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    If you look closely, the Wizards logo actually has a guy who looks like a wizard to me. He has the floppy hat, a long white beard, and has generic "logo magic" coming out of his pointed finger.
  9. Minor League Football

    I think Duluth or Rochester would be best for a Minnesota Team. Bloomington is huge, but it's basically a Mini-Minneapolis.
  10. Minor League Football

    Agreed. The Land of 10,000 Lakes always gets skipped (in any semipro concept or reality) just because it already has a team in whatever league.
  11. MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    As a Twins fan who's not opposed to change, I'm a fan of the new gold to separate us from the Indians. However, I'd love to see how well the unis would work if the gold were replaced with the old powder blue.
  12. Rhino Logo - C&C Needed

    I know the lips are overlapping, but the mouth still looks like it's on the side of the head. That's a weird look.
  13. American Premier League

    Oooh, I'm psyched to hear Vegas has a team. That certainly has potential to be really cool.
  14. American Premier League

    I've been following this since the beginning, but this is the first time I'm commenting. Terrific job so far! I'm an especially big fan of Pittsburgh and Washington. On the Spanish issue: There are a few different routes you could take, and they have slightly different meanings. The original "Teme" is grammatically correct. It's a tú command, meaning you're telling someone to "Fear the Bears"; that someone is a peer or someone below you, and given the spite in Atlético's rivalries, that seems apt. "Tema" is similar, but has a key difference. It's an usted command, meaning the same as a tú command, but the person you're commanding is someone you respect, or you're in a formal setting. I think that in the context of a soccer game, that doesn't work as well. "Temes" is different from what you're aiming for, but I think it could work too. It's a statement, meaning "You Fear the Bears". That's even more outright and certain than a command. "Temas" is a conjugation used in one of two tenses: the negative tú command, or the subjunctive. In this context, neither is grammatically correct, and they have meanings that you wouldn't want to use anyway. The negative command would tell you explicitly not to Fear the Bears, while the subjunctive is a statement implies a doubt; in other words, "I doubt that you fear the Bears." Either Teme or Temes is good; I personally prefer Temes. However, for what you wanted, Teme was better, and Google Translate was fine (in this instance). Anyway, thanks for this amazing project!
  15. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 5/4)

    Could you do the current Stars logo (The one with the letter D inside the star)?