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  1. I like these the most. They still look like the Giants, yet have uniquely Florida vibe to them. I would imagine this team would eventually choose to emphasize orange as its main color, but that probably wouldn't work without doing something like this first. Once again, great job!
  2. In fairness, you also chose red and white for Wisconsin. I would suggest adding some sky blue into the mix. It's featured prominently on Madison's flag and would help avoid looking simply like the UW curling team. That said... awesome series! Will be watching.
  3. NicDB

    Different colors of jerseys and pants in baseball

    I honestly don't mind color over gray or white, unless it's a clash of solid tops and pinstriped bottoms. Home whites and road grays are fine for the "Original 8" in each league, but I like it when expansion teams get a bit more experimental. I think the A's and Padres solid golds could work great as a home or a road uniform. Hell, I even liked the Padres "sand" roads. I would like to say any "pastel" color has the potential to work as a road uniform, but there's a few I'm not so sure about. Pink and lavender immediately come to mind. But then I start to imagine ludicrous scenarios where even that would work. That said, the A's wearing their gold and kelly green tops with white pants are also among my favorite looks in baseball. I don't think this is an issue there should be any hard and fast rules for (apart from the solid/pinstripe combo I mentioned at the top). Though I would prefer that teams wearing colored tops would just establish them as their primary look rather than rotating them in and out. Especially those who wear the colors more than their regular white or gray.
  4. NicDB

    NFL changes 2019

    The last of the small market teams folded in the early 1930s. Other than Green Bay, obviously. But even they began playing home games in Milwaukee during that time. As far as your argument that the playing style back then was too different. If that's the case, we shouldn't count anything from before 1978 when the pass interference rules were changed. Or maybe the 1990s because that's when the west coast offense and zone blitz defenses became common. And I'm sure they'll say the same in 20 years about the current era because hits and tackles that were perfectly legal 5-10 years ago are banned now.
  5. NicDB

    MLB Celebrates America's 250th Birthday

    I kinda prefer it without the fireworks. Maybe if you executed it a bit differently? At smaller sizes it comes off like a wagon wheel.
  6. It would make much more sense for Milwaukee to drop down to D2 and find a way to add football there. Not that I expect that to happen either. Bold, visionary moves have been the exact opposite of how they've done things since the Bruce Pearl days.
  7. The Milwaukee Admirals have unveiled a Brewers-inspired alt. Surprisingly, I do not hate these. I hate to use the word "synergy," but it's hard to deny all the levels this seems to work on. The team is owned by a Brewers minority owner, they're a Nashville Predators affiliate, and the colors are perfect for a naval themed club. Plus, the current Brewers branding comes across so much better on a hockey sweater than a baseball uniform.
  8. The only way I ever see another pro football league emerging on any sort of permanent basis is if the NCAA is abolished. Which, frankly, wouldn't be such a terrible idea.
  9. NicDB

    Indoor Football League

    The San Diego Strike Force unveil their new logo...
  10. NicDB

    USL 2 Team Taking Suggestions for New Name

    I submitted Flint Regals SC and suggested tweaking the crest, which already has trace influences of heraldry, to look more heraldic. Regals is a reference to the "Buick City" plant in Flint, and it would still allow the club to retain its long (at least relative to soccer in North America) cache of history.
  11. NicDB

    2019 MLB Changes

    I can definitely appreciate why they were so low key about this. Had they hyped it up, this would have been incredibly underwhelming. I think they missed a chance to just put the P inside the bell here.
  12. I won't buy a stitch of Brewers gear unless it contains the BiG or at least the barrel man.
  13. NicDB

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    The "Arsenal" shield has been used so often to the point of coming off cliched and amatuerish. I actually welcome a return to proper shields.
  14. Hmm. Are you sure the word you're looking for here isn't "Azures?"
  15. NicDB

    The 1972 Project: Ball State Cardinals

    I like the stripe on the hockey and basketball unis. The football and baseball unis not so much.