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  1. I dunno... Syracuse, Austin (Round Rock), and Durham all seem to do alright. UW would just be at the same competitive disadvantage as every other northern school.
  2. If we're talking about new AAA markets, can the Brewers have a top level affiliate in Madison? They would need a new facility, but the Madison Mallards are far and away the best supported college summer league club by over 2,000 fans per average attendance. Madison (#80) is also a bigger media market than Syracuse (#85), El Paso (#92), and Reno (#112); and in the same class as Toledo (#78), Rochester (#76), Omaha (#74), and Des Moines (#69).
  3. There is, I'm not denying that. But how does that actually connect to the Milkmen identity apart from being a baseball team and vaguely referencing the era when the Braves played here? If they were going for Braves nostalgia, it wouldn't have been hard to call the team the Milwaukee Hammers. Which also would have been a much stronger connection to the actual Milwaukee of the 1950s.
  4. Given how quick the Braves were to leave town not even a decade after winning those pennants, I'd say any nostalgia for them is bittersweet overall. Besides, it's not like Milwaukee is Memphis, which actually produced its share of 50s icons (Elvis, BB King) and still has tangible relics from heyday of that era (Beale Street, Sun Records). The 50s nostalgia for Milwaukee is the equivalent of those tacky malt shops that popped up in every suburban shopping mall in the 80s. I could see a name like Custard Kings or Creams (Cream Citys?) working if they absolutely had to choose something dairy themed. But Milkmen is a reach, plain and simple. They botched the branding on this one.
  5. Ironically, "Goodlanders" still would have been a better name for this club.
  6. Supposedly it's to make AAA ball more like MLB where there's two leagues. But the idea of a minor league that spans three time zones is ridiculous... I'm looking at you too, AHL.
  7. Even this is a stretch. The idea that the 1950s had some sort of lasting impression on Milwaukee is pure Hollywood fiction for the most part. The Braves left, the breweries Milwaukee was known for at the time are no more for the most part, and people are still shocked to learn our mayor at the height of the red scare was a socialist. Ironically, this is a team that plays in Franklin, which incorporated in the 1950s because it didn't want to be part of Milwaukee.
  8. They're going with the slogan "Baseball that's udderly different." I think there's a market for a lower level of pro baseball in Metro MKE. But I can't say this brand makes me, a lifelong city of Milwaukee resident, want to support this team.
  9. NicDB

    Milwaukee Milkmen join baseball’s American Association

    As I said in the other thread, the Milkmen name feels out of place for Milwaukee. Granted, this might be a best case scenario considering many of the other names. This was botched from day one. At least the logo isn't terrible.
  10. I have very mixed feelings about this. I'm glad they branded as Milwaukee, but the dairy industry has always been a more Northern WI thing. It'd be like a Phily team naming itself after the steel industry or a NYC team naming itself in reference to Niagara Falls.
  11. I feel like the 414 got it right. It used to cover all of Southern and Eastern Wisconsin. But Madison and SW Wisconsin became 608 in the 1950s, Green Bay and the Fox Valley became 920 in the mid 90s, and the suburban counties became 262 in the late 90s, leaving the 414 almost exclusively to Milwaukee County. It sounds like a lot of other places got hasty and muddied the waters more than necessary.
  12. NicDB

    Minor League Baseball team names

    For the most part, I prefer MiLB teams to have unique names. But the trends I'm seeing lately actually make me want more big league hand me downs. Though I don't mind when MiLB clubs in their parent team's market play big league dress up (Paw Sox, SI Yankees, and San Jose Giants come to mind). I still prefer they adopt their own identity related to the parent club. I'd be here for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers becoming the Wisconsin Micro Brews.
  13. Area code reppin has been part of hip hop since the early 90s. And here in Milwaukee, there was a group of hackers that called themselves The 414s way back in the early 80s. I think area codes have trended long enough to not be considered a fad. Kudos to Memphis for taking a European naming convention and tweaking it to make it uniquely American.
  14. I don't know about this. In areas that have multiple area codes, there seems to be some level of prestige attached to having the OG area code.
  15. The 0 digit was for states that only had one area code.