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  1. NicDB

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    Not bad. The Clowns were the one team that continued on well into the 80s. This looks like and evolution of what they were wearing by then.
  2. NicDB

    MLB changes 2018?

    Maybe this belongs in Unpopular Opinions, but I don't think the Angels have ever looked better. They could use a few tweaks (ditch the drop shadow on the homes and the white on the roads), and I don't care for the red-on-red alt, but otherwise their look and their brand make perfect sense. Not only does the red make for the perfect contrast to Dodger blue, but they've managed to own that color in the AL. Something they'll continue to do as long as the Rangers continue their identity crisis and the Indians figure out what they're doing post-Wahoo. Everything else the Angles have done ranges from dated (most of their stuff from the 70s and 80s), to forgettable (60s and early 90s, save for the halo caps), to only appropriate for a minor league club (the Disney redesign). What they have now is as much a modern classic as any IMHO.
  3. They're moving to Ashwaubenon, a GB suburb known for its proximity to Lambeau (literally across the street). Fox Valley Foxes, maybe? Ever since the original Foxes became the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, I've been waiting for the Foxes to return.
  4. I thought they were keeping the Sky Sox name! By what standards are any of these names even remotely as good? I hope baseball fans in Colorado Springs raise hell about this until they agree to keep the Sky Sox.
  5. NicDB

    2018 MLB Season

    UGH.... just, why?! I honestly don't know what I want here. On one hand, I detest prejudice and am incredibly disappointed to know someone on my team said such ignorant things. On the other, I cringe to think of what homophobic trash would be attached to my name had Twitter been a thing when I was 17. I know there are several worthwhile organizations here in Milwaukee dedicated to combatting racism and homophobia. Hopefully Hader can reach out to some and work out some sort of arrangement... likely one that would entail financial support. As much as that may seem like a cop out, I honestly don't know what else can or should be done here. All I do know is if he's too toxic for the Brewers, then he ought to be too toxic for the other 29 teams.
  6. Don't get me wrong... I'd love to see the Padres evoking some PCL history as part of their brand. But the colors are literally the last thing that should be part of it.
  7. The hell? Why? Any fan old enough to remember when the PCL Padres wore those colors is collecting social security.
  8. The one consistency in the Padres brand is that their uniforms have always reflected whatever was trendy at the time. I wouldn't mind steady updates to their uniforms a la Pepsi's branding, as long as they just settle on brown and gold.
  9. Eye stitches that suspiciously make it look like he got into some good catnip, AND the team is called the "Hi" Toms? This can't be a coincidence.....
  10. That would be lazy, but palatable; and still an upgrade.
  11. NicDB

    MLB changes 2018?

    That, and the level of play you could expect at a top minor league like the PCL or American Association was proportionately closer to what you see out of some middle of the road MLB clubs now. But a local minor league club was still no substitute for true, big league ball being anywhere near where you lived. Heck, the Wisconsin State League was easily one of the most well supported minor leagues after WWII. But the presence of the Braves alone, in one corner of the state, was able to siphon off support and cause its demise in the age of 25 cent gas.
  12. ^Same. Apart from the occasional baseball card of a Padres player from the late 80s, I have no memories of the Padres in brown. The navy and orange 90s unis are what come to mind for me as "the Padres uniforms." But from a branding perspective, it makes a whole helluva lot more sense to own a color no one else is using than to be yet another team using the sport's most common color. The Rockies lack of willingness to go all in on purple frustrates me for the same reason.