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  1. NicDB

    Brooklyn Nets Fat Boys theme uniform

    Showbiz and Fatboys had a very similar font. If not exactly the same.
  2. NicDB

    Unpopular Opinions

    I'll grant you, most of the North Stars uniforms were basic enough to look like they came from a sports equipment catalog. That's something you can generally get away with when you have awesome and unique colors, but the black really muddied up the look. Ironically, I became a North Stars fan when they wore black. I started following hockey the last year they played for the Stanley Cup and I thought "North Stars" was the coolest name I'd ever heard of for a team. Their colors were still pretty close to the Packers too, which was definitely a plus. I'll even say (in hindsight) that pretty much all of the North Stars uniforms could have been executed better. But I don't think anything they ever wore crossed the line into questionable taste like, say... Cooperalls, Vancouver's "Flying V," and most 90s alternates.
  3. NicDB

    Women's American football logos

    Some of these are well executed and a lot of fun (shoutout to Minnesota for naming a team after a local hair band). But for the most part, they reek of amateurism and plagiarism.
  4. NicDB

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Years ago, the Astros wore uniforms that didn't make any sense because they were a space-themed team with a brand inspired by the railroads. Now we have the opposite.
  5. NicDB

    San Diego Padres - Concept/Tweak - Nike - 2020

    Hard to think of a single thing I don't love about this. Your Padres script is particularly gorgeous.
  6. NicDB

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    I think those blue-brimed hats, the BP hats with the full fish, and especially the blue jerseys show just how salvageable this rebrand is with only a few small tweaks. I think they struck gold on that shade of blue and really need to emphasize it more. I almost feel like this brand only works the way it was intended to when they do.
  7. NicDB

    Letter-modified Pro logos

    Lots of MiLB teams used to do the parent club dress-up thing. Here's the Appleton Foxes... a White Sox affiliate: a Royals affiliate: a Mariners affiliate:
  8. NicDB

    Reimagining all 30 MLB teams

    New Holstein, Wis. too.
  9. NicDB

    Identities you wish were your team's

    A new owner would need only say that the Daniel Snyder era has permanently ruined the Redskins brand as justification for a full-on rebrand.
  10. NicDB

    MLS Nashville unveils logo

    It almost seems like this is what they should have gone with if they were gonna change.
  11. Now that it would seem Padres fans were successful in their "Bring Back The Brown" campaign; might it be time for a similar fan-fronted movement for the Brewers regarding the uniforms most of their fans clearly want? How would one even go about starting such a campaign? I'm guessing a facebook group is a no-brainer. But I'm more interested in the nuances that made the San Diego fans' campaign so successful. At the very least, we can use this thread for discussions about the Brewers uniforms so as to not keep jacking other threads.
  12. I would imagine though, that because lacrosse is such a niche sport, most of the fan interest in such a team would be overwhelmingly in the Long Island suburbs.
  13. NicDB

    2019 MLB Changes

    I never realized before how often the Orioles have changed it up, and pretty much all of it looks good. Even that orange softball uni looks more "right" to me than most pullover-era uniforms.
  14. NicDB

    Unrealized Stadiums

    I never knew about this before now. Kind of ironic that Milwaukee tried to get the White Sox in the 60s, but New Comiskey itself ended up in Milwaukee.
  15. The Green Bay Gamblers have been going strong for almost a quarter century. They also had a previous USHL club in the Green Bay Bobcats. It's not as if various attempts at other sports haven't been tried in Green Bay. But Northeast Wisconsin is a market with a very decentralized population, with clusters throughout the region. The biggest metro area in the region is actually the Fox Cities, which is about 30 miles outside of Green Bay. It's a string of cities and towns along the Fox River clustered around Appleton (pop. 74,600) and continues for another 20 miles on through Oshkosh (pop. 66,000). Yet Green Bay (pop. 105,000) still manages to be the single biggest city. Essentially, Green Bay never had a long-term baseball operation largely because the area was always served by the Appleton Foxes or Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in the Midwest League. Green Bay does have a D1 basketball team (UWGB) that plays in the arena across the street from Lambeau. But Oshkosh has traditionally hosted various minor league pro hoops clubs in leagues like the CBA. Oshkosh is about equidistant from Green Bay and Milwaukee and far enough from each to operate without their toes being stepped on. It's Oshkosh's past success with hosting minor league ball that lead to the Bucks establishing the Wisconsin Herd there (though the promise to build a new arena certainly didn't hurt). Hockey in the area has always pretty much been limited to Green Bay, though. Since no other city in the area has ever had a large arena with an ice plant. It's gonna be interesting to see how soccer plays out. Because Appleton has a couple facilities that could potentially host clubs (Fox Cities Stadium and the Banta Bowl), and there's a 9,000-seat football facility on the UW-Oshkosh campus. I feel like we may potentially see three clubs playing within 50 miles of each other.
  16. Gonna guess something to do with voyers or voyering.
  17. I imagine this is a bit of an unpopular opinion, but I actually like it when teams incorporate their nickname into their monogram. There's just something so quintessentially "baseball" about interlocking letter monograms; and for cities with only one word in their name, incorporating the nickname allows them to have interlocking letters. I also think it allows for a bit more creative freedom, and makes it less likely that you'll have to share your monogram with another team, which makes it (presumably) more marketable. This is a much more common practice in Japan, but it's not completely unheard of Stateside. My Brewers have had a couple (the BiG and "Motre Bame"), and the Rockies have never not used a "CR." But my favorite of all time has to be the California Angels because it had the added bonus of spelling out the postal code for California. It makes me wonder what the Rangers might do with a "TX" or the Diamondbacks could do with a "AZ." Thoughts on this?
  18. NicDB

    2019 MLB Changes

    Alleged Padres prototypes on Twitter today. Kinda doubting the legitimacy of these, but I wouldn't be upset if this were accurate. I don't care for solid tops with pinstriped pants, but these are such as upgrade that I'd gladly overlook it. Of these, I think I prefer the bottom left.
  19. I feel like the lack of balance works in an odd way... it ties into the vintage feel of the logo. Either way, it's a drop in the bucket compared to everything they got right about it. Especially the name. A lot of early 20th century teams in the US took their name from whatever street or park they played in. Voyageur Park right outside of Green Bay is one of the area's biggest parks and would have conceivably hosted a team like this.
  20. NicDB

    Forward Madison FC

    It's kind of unfathomable to me that despite their dealings with minor league sports (the Admirals) and hosting pro soccer at Miller Park, that the Brewers don't try to fill some empty dates with their own USL club. I think it'd be insanely successful.
  21. I think you've hit a pretty important "sweet spot" here. Not many concepts look like the same team that played in both the 1982 World Series and the 2018 NLCS. I think all these need is a powder blue road option; and maybe a full-color alt jersey and gold-front alt hat. Re: Nationals Updates Looking way better here! I would maybe experiment with slate numbers. I also think that DC logo is way too good to not use on a cap. Maybe do it in gold on the road cap (since there's barely any white on the uniform). And probably a slate bill/squatchee on the home cap. I think you'd end up with a quintessentially 90s look that still holds up now, like the Mariners or the original Marlins. EDIT: I think I'd like to see how a gold DC looks on the logo too, if at all possible.
  22. NicDB

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Why is Milwaukee "asinine" for a league like this? They'd never compare to the Packers, but it's a market that tends to punch well above its weight in support relative to its size. And even then it's bigger than a few that already have teams in this league.
  23. NicDB

    A New Era: New York Knicks Brand Refresh

    I never saw a picture of the actual token before... that makes me like the logo so much more.
  24. NicDB

    Forward Madison FC

    One of the biggest parks in Metro GB is Voyageur Park. So this name is more than just a "hey... some history." I love that it actually sounds like the name of a team with 19th or early 20th century roots. Great colors too... Lambeau era Packers is the perfect identity for such a team! Now can we fix the damn Milwaukee Torrent? And maybe find them a venue closer to the meat and potatoes of MKE County's soccer fandom near the lakeshore?
  25. NicDB

    Rare team matchups

    I always thought they got rid of those unis way too soon. They've aged incredibly well, IMO. While the current unis have aged terribly. But it's all a moot point when the 1982 fauxbacks are probably the best they've ever worn. And it's clearly what the fans prefer.