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  1. CaliforniaGlowin

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Neon colors are also rare, unfortunately.
  2. CaliforniaGlowin

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I still think Supersonics would work for the NHL. It might be sacrilegious, but it's a classic well accepted name, and it fits the speed of the sport better.
  3. Or Cherry Pickers! haha A cherry name could lead to an interesting reddish black color. *dreams*
  4. CaliforniaGlowin

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Great question. What about beige or cream? I remember only the Giants and Phils have a cream uni. Yes to that Hitmen uniform!
  5. CaliforniaGlowin

    Unpopular Opinions

    Most of them, yes. I only like a few of them.
  6. CaliforniaGlowin

    College athletics identity changes 2018-19

    what is with all these hawks names? jethawks, warhawks...
  7. CaliforniaGlowin

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Unfortunately yes. Pink will be worn half as many times as the black ones.
  8. CaliforniaGlowin

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Looks like Miami's Vice unis will only be worn about a quarter of the games. I don't get it. They're so popular, it should be at least half.
  9. CaliforniaGlowin

    Light Blue, Teal, Aqua, Carolina Blue, Powder Blue......

    The Color Werx version of powder blue looks kinda dark. Maybe it's lighter in pictures because of lighting or sun?
  10. CaliforniaGlowin

    Alaska State Lights

    I love the gradient and the colors!!!
  11. CaliforniaGlowin

    Lakes Area Snowmen

    I just discovered this semi pro team from Alexandria MN. OH MY GOD THAT GRADIENT!!! And square numbers too!
  12. CaliforniaGlowin

    NCAA court database

    Wow. Great colors that are barely used. Shame. I hope that changes with the new uniforms.
  13. What are the helmets in your sig?

  14. CaliforniaGlowin

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I'd like it if it was powder blue, but at least it ain't navy!
  15. CaliforniaGlowin

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I'd like Iron to have a gray/silver jersey with black pants. An industrial stencil font for the numbers.