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  1. KaiserKing19

    Your Favorite Teams?

    Like Most people, my family & where I grew up have influenced What team I follow. MLB: Mariners & Red Sox - My mom was originally from Washington so she was always a big Mariners fan. While Dad is from NH (Red Sox fan). Living in Maine, unfortunately I don't get to watch The Mariners as often as I'd like so The Red Sox end up being my baseball fix. NFL: Vikings - First team I remember watching growing up. My cousins were big Brett Favre fans and something about their, logo, jersey, and helmet always seemed really cool to me. Like with Mariners though, I have to erhm “Placate” myself with the Patriots (like I can complain though lol) NBA/NHL - don't really follow either sport that much honestly. If I had to chose, I guess I'd just have to default to Boston.