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  1. hkynik_55

    College Hockey Redesign

    These are amazing. You dotted the i’s by fixing little things that just pissed me off on some of the current jerseys (I.e the weird shoulder yokes in the gophers). You crossed the t’s by introducing New Jersey’s that should’ve always been there (I.e the white PSU alternate). I’d say 95% of these are perfect. A couple I cursed at but I know I couldn’t do any better. Beautiful job!
  2. hkynik_55

    Wheeling Nailers Concept

    I used the Penguins (Both WBS and Pitt) palette as the Nailers are main affiliates of both. They've taken great pride in showing there roots to the Pens over the years, wearing the same jerseys as them mostly just with a different logo. Pun... Excellent.
  3. hkynik_55

    Ask A Moderator

    I’m not sure if this is the place to do this, but does anyone use a good free program similar to Illustrator? I’m not going to be able to continue using Illustrator past this week.
  4. hkynik_55

    Wheeling Nailers Concept

    Thank you. That helps.
  5. hkynik_55

    Wheeling Nailers Concept

    Thank you. Hopefully I can execute better on later concepts. By the way, I see you’re stuff everywhere and very highly enjoy it. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. hkynik_55

    Wheeling Nailers Concept

    Hello wide-ish world of Sports Branding! I've been following this site and some forums for a while now, but didn't really have any reason to start an account as I had nothing to post. After venturing into illustrator due to a regional competition, I wanted to try my hand at creating things that actually interested me through that program. At first, I screwed around with some general logos and even some "sketches" of arenas that I had been creating in my mind (pipe dreaming). I still do some of that stuff, but recently, I entered this wonderful site called, and found this wonderful competition to rebrand the Wheeling Nailers (ECHL). This is my first uniform concept ever and I tweaked the logo as well. That concept can be found here: (I don't know if that will actually work being new but fingers crossed...) Now quite frankly, that was ok minus the fact that I forgot to take out that ugly orange rectangle because I was in such a rush to get it in. I didn't win, obviously, but I mean it was a decent enough start. I still browse that website, but I'm not entering the Pairs Competition (yet). I noticed that on the forum home page, everyone can see my name as the newest member (more than 20 people already viewed my account), so I wanted to get the post out, and like the concept in the link above, this post was rushed. Mind the multiple grammer errors i darn did have in here. In these farms of forums, I hope to create some content to share with other people, get some inspiration, and help people with their concepts. Speaking of which, if anyone actually comes across this post, I'd appreciate if you'd leave some feedback on the Wheeling concept (or tell me if that link didn't work), and a few tips would be amazing. Thanks, hkynik_55
  7. hkynik_55

    CCSLC Image Uploads

    Ignore this
  8. hkynik_55

    Illustrator Help

    Illustrator is cool
  9. hkynik_55

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    I'm only commenting so I can post something. Ignore me
  10. hkynik_55

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like the Coyotes set but everyone seems to think they're just horrific. i disagree
  11. hkynik_55

    Concept Thread Think Tank

    Mind me this is quite cool