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  1. I'm really digging Option #2! I would tell you to have the gila's tail curve to make a G, but that would probably make the middle a little too crowded. Anyway, I love the pattern on the gila monster and the two fonts look pretty solid together. Nice job!
  2. Griff 3man

    SMU (fictional) Alternate FB Uniforms

    @astone11 I like what you've done here (the Pursuit Helmet was a great idea), but I have a few technical nitpicks. 1. The player name on the pursuit jersey is much too small. I would make sure you bump up its size a lot. I also would've made the name gold with a white outline to match the numbers, but that's just a personal preference. 2. The "KNIGHTS" on the side of the pants looks more like "KNIGHT S" to me. If you could move that S closer to the T than I think the wordmark would look a lot cleaner. Anyways, I see no problems with the overall design. Nice work!
  3. Thank you so much @Silent Wind of Doom!!! It's just what I wanted!
  4. Any chance I can get one with: St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championships St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Championship St. Louis Blues 1999-2000 Presidents' Trophy Stoke City 1972 EFL Cup And do you do Lacrosse? If so I'd also like Denver Outlaws Steinfeld Cup Championships. Thanks so much!
  5. No worries about the tech problems, it happens to everyone at some point. My vote is for Boston Frigates and Phoenix Rattlesnakes. Excited to see the NYC final product!
  6. Griff 3man

    question about simple paint programs

    I have a samsung chromebook and use a program called Vectr. Very basic and easy to use, so its probably best for beginners.
  7. Griff 3man

    Powder Blue Across MLB Today For Dad

    Personally I think all of the away teams should be forced to wear 80s style all powder blue uniforms.
  8. I honestly just noticed that the flag is in the shape of a C. I'll never be able to unsee it now.
  9. @BellaSpurs I know I'm a little late to the party but I must say I am really loving this thread! Hand drawn concepts always give me a nostalgic feeling. Anyway, I am also in favor of the black. The black accents seem to make the bull feel more intimidating and eager to fight, which is what I assume a team would want from a bull logo. Btw love the stadium drawings! Definitely one of my favorite parts of the thread.
  10. Griff 3man

    Team Cycling Association TCA

    @ProfessorBigShots I think if you added a real color scheme to your logo, like red and blue (it's generic but it works) and made the oval look more like a wheel then you'll come out with a noticeably better product. Maybe use a more interesting font that you think fits cycling as well.