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  1. Griff 3man

    The History Of The Midwest Hockey League

    @mungojerry311 I must admit that I'm in a similar situation. I've been sitting on a concept league for a couple of months now, simply because I haven't worked up the courage to post my work online for the first time. I get how you feel right now buddy. But as of late, I've been realizing that this community really does want to help those who are new as long as you are willing to listen and put in the work. A lot of these threads made by beginners have failed only because the creators were simply unwilling to accept the C&C provided by the forum members. Just like @Section30 said, we're all beginners at some point. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll progress. I encourage you to keep going with the project, but the decision is completely up to you.
  2. Griff 3man

    Liga Suprema de Futebol Americano

    Unfortunately, found this when searching your image on google:
  3. Griff 3man

    2018 High School Football

    Monday was the first day of organized practice for teams in the St. Louis Metro Area. Also, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is counting down the top 30 prospects in the STL area. Here's 30-26: #30: Brady Weeks, OL Ft. Zumwalt West Jaguars (Missouri, Class 6, Gateway Athletic) Verbal: Minnesota #29: Sam LaPorta, WR Highland Bulldogs (Illinois, Class 4, Mississippi Valley) Offers: Central Michigan, Illinois State, Northern Iowa, Western Illinois, Lindenwood, SIU Carbondale, Eastern Michigan, & Yale #28: Keith Jones, CB Cardinal Ritter Lions (Missouri, Class 2, Archdiocesan) Verbal: Western Michigan #27: Bryan Bradford, RB CBC Cadets (Missouri, Class 6, Metro Catholic) Offers: Ball State, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, South Dakota, & Western Michigan #26: Marquise Simmons, OL De Smet Spartans (Missouri, Class 6, Metro Catholic) Offers: Iowa State, Kansas, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, New Mexico, Syracuse, Tennessee-Martin, & Texas State Note: Missouri has classes 1-5 while Illinois has classes 1A-8A
  4. As a Cardinals fan, I've got to say the Reds bother me the least, mainly just due to recent history. For the Blues, I'm gonna go with Winnipeg. I rooted for them in the playoffs because they got Stastny. For Stoke, who's now in the EFL Championship, I really don't have anything against most teams (except for Leeds and West Brom), so I'll go with Sheffield United. And for Mizzou, I'd have to say Vanderbilt due to them being perennial basement dwellers.
  5. Griff 3man

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Haven't seen my local airport posted yet
  6. Griff 3man

    Driveball Redux (Washington Commanders tweaks for '55)

    I like the look Cincinnati's got. Regal logo matched with regal colors. Good job!
  7. Griff 3man

    International Hockey League: The 1977 Story

    I like the concept, but there are a few nitpicks I have about numbers. First, the white numbers sticking out over the white section doesn't look too good, and could make the numbers harder to read from the stands. Second, you might need to make the shoulder numbers a little smaller so that they fit in the blue section. Lastly, the shoulder numbers and the back numbers should be in the same font. I like where you're going and I'm eager to see how Quebec turns out.
  8. Griff 3man

    Driveball Redux (Washington Commanders tweaks for '55)

    Out of the four cities listed earlier, Cincinnati appears to be the most ready to support a new franchise. I'll vote for Cincy.
  9. The Gilas look awesome! Definitely my favorite color palette so far. My votes are for: Dallas Denver
  10. I'm really digging Option #2! I would tell you to have the gila's tail curve to make a G, but that would probably make the middle a little too crowded. Anyway, I love the pattern on the gila monster and the two fonts look pretty solid together. Nice job!
  11. Griff 3man

    SMU (fictional) Alternate FB Uniforms

    @astone11 I like what you've done here (the Pursuit Helmet was a great idea), but I have a few technical nitpicks. 1. The player name on the pursuit jersey is much too small. I would make sure you bump up its size a lot. I also would've made the name gold with a white outline to match the numbers, but that's just a personal preference. 2. The "KNIGHTS" on the side of the pants looks more like "KNIGHT S" to me. If you could move that S closer to the T than I think the wordmark would look a lot cleaner. Anyways, I see no problems with the overall design. Nice work!
  12. Thank you so much @Silent Wind of Doom!!! It's just what I wanted!
  13. Any chance I can get one with: St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championships St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Championship St. Louis Blues 1999-2000 Presidents' Trophy Stoke City 1972 EFL Cup And do you do Lacrosse? If so I'd also like Denver Outlaws Steinfeld Cup Championships. Thanks so much!
  14. No worries about the tech problems, it happens to everyone at some point. My vote is for Boston Frigates and Phoenix Rattlesnakes. Excited to see the NYC final product!
  15. Griff 3man

    question about simple paint programs

    I have a samsung chromebook and use a program called Vectr. Very basic and easy to use, so its probably best for beginners.