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  1. vtgco

    FIFA National Team Crest Concepts: Wales 2/16

    Korea looks alright in navy blue, but I think the black was perfectly fine and matched the flag better. I think the white outlines for the soccer ball hexes make the Taegeuk harder to see, not easier. Finland is simplistic but solid. I would hope that they have some interesting kits to prevent their brand from leaning sterile, though. South Africa looks great! My only suggestion is to shrink the green shield a tad. I agree with @BVZ's suggestion to make the sun's rays wavy for Uruguay; right now it's a bit too simple to read as the sun from the flag.
  2. I appreciate the central focus on the new jumping goat, which is really well-done. I think the incorporation of the Cathedral is clever but too subtle; it makes it feel like an extremely well-done yet generic goat logo. I'd rather see the Cathedral in the space under the goat, and a Koln wordmark above it. Still, it's beautifully done!
  3. vtgco

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: Portland

    Not feeling Minnesota, but the original is a tough one to beat. I like the striped neck, though! I like that St Louis concept! The script is both fun and classy, and all the elements are well-incorporated. I think I like the half-oval better, because the Arch's reflection in the oval feels oddly empty. My only concern is that the colors are very similar to Portland; I'd be curious to see some version of the city flag colors or something. Colorado looks pretty good, but a tad cramped. I'd shrink the Rapids wordmark a bit.
  4. vtgco

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: Portland

    So I would have recommended the red & white-only DC logo, and gone with "DC" as the text. But then you did an amazing job on the eagle, so run with that! I definitely recommend stylizing the DC map in an angular fashion to match the rest of the logo. Other than that, maybe it'd be cool if you could incorporate the Washington Monument? When I see all the chevron shapes above and below the red, I start to think it could work. But it's fine as-is, so NBD if it doesn't. As for your kits, I like that Salt Lake home jersey and the Houston moon jersey quite a bit! The pattern on Salt Lake's away feels way too jarring, IMO. I'd try a mountain zig-zag pattern instead. Also, the SLC wordmark is awkward on the shorts. Nashville just feels like an LA Galaxy fauxback. I'd rather see yellow/white/yellow at home, and a bluer shade of teal. More good work! I look forward to Dallas!
  5. vtgco

    MLS Kits 2019

    Montreal's new home uniform was officially announced: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/08/montreal-impact-unveil-new-primary-kit-traditional-twist Certainly not bad, but I'd call it a downgrade from last year. Too much black relatively speaking, especially if they wear black shorts. Atlanta has the same issue, IMO. I'd really prefer if the base were blue rather than black and/or if the pattern went down way further on the shirt. Great jocktag, though! EDIT: @upperV03, you beat me to it by a second!
  6. Totally second @BellaSpurs. The Rangers uniform has way too much going on. I'd drop at least 2 elements. Minnesota is awesome! Maybe incorporate the shooting star somewhere (on a dark green yoke?) I'd like to see Nashville and Tampa Bay!
  7. vtgco

    FIFA National Team Crest Concepts: Wales 2/16

    Korea looks really clean and very well executed. That said I feel I prefer using the whole body like the original. The colors are cool though and I really like the ball/Taegeuk! Canada looks awesome! I love the vintage feel and cream color, and that inspiration is awesome. My only idea would be to use dark brown instead of black (that would be even more unique!) Excellent work! I'd love to see some Latin American teams; maybe Panama or Peru!
  8. vtgco

    Help Raysox with a Soccer Template

    First, thank you so much for gracing us all with your beautiful templates! I'm excited to hear you're planning some new updates. As far as the shape and line widths, I think the current template looks really elegant as-is. Straightening and thinning *everything* would make it look a bit inorganic, I think. The sleeve cuff could benefit from a straight line, though! My main request is to keep it modular. I've been using the AI version of your 2016 template, and have rearranged & modified it to streamline switching between the different Adidas templates. Keeping everything (outline, stitches, color blocks) related to one element in a self-contained group has made it very easy. To clarify: Everything related to the Adidas stripes on the shirt sides (the gray stripes, the stitches, etc) is in the blue Shirt_Side_Stripes group, and everything related to the shoulder stripes is in the red Shoulder_Stripes group. That way it's easy to turn one on and the other off (or have both on, as shown). I've done the same thing for collar options (green), sock design options, Raglan sleeves, etc. Basically, I hope you could have these sort of modular options with your updates, similar to what @Jaffa requested with interchangeable sleeve lengths and collars. I appreciate that you're taking user feedback into account for your latest version! Can't want to see it!
  9. vtgco

    MLB | Colorado Rockies Brand Refresh

    Big improvement on what they have now. The wordmark is miles above (*rimshot*) that illegible outlined skinny serif font. I'd love to see that mountain partial logo go on the cap!
  10. vtgco

    NHL COLOR RUSH by JB Designs (WPG added 2/11)

    St Louis looks good in a vacuum, but it feels too much like Nashville, especially with the staff pattern separated from the big blocks of color. Incorporating royal blue and/or red, and/or having a large block of color up to the sleeve striping would help. I love your Capitals & Avalanche concepts! Perfectly done! Only concern for CO, the white helmet + blue jersey look amazing, but would it be allowed? Chicago and Montreal also look pretty darn good. Minnesota feels kinda out of place given their current, more reserved aesthetic. Still, not bad. TB's logo needs a thicker outline; right now it's kinda awkward. Like the idea to simplify Dallas's star jersey. The white and gray bleed together on outlines & stuff. Good work!
  11. vtgco

    FC Cincy & Sounders 2019 Uniforms

    Glad you like it. If you're referring to the crest, a Bavarian heraldic style could be cool, but very difficult and time-intensive to pull off. Maybe someday when I've got significantly more free time! I'd certainly be open to that... if you are hoping for new logos, it might take a while... Either way, I really appreciate your encouragement!
  12. vtgco

    Super Bowl LIV Logo Concept

    Just some minor nitpicks: I'd have the left side of the wave come to a point like the right, and just continue the tree all the way down to meet it. I'd continue the outlines of the shadows of the LIV up to meet the rest of the outline. Also, the rectangle shape on top maybe could be replaced with a ball shape, with the dots as the laces. Sorry to focus on those kind of really minor issues! It's really nice already, and way better than the generic one they've released.
  13. vtgco

    MLS Redesign (2/3, LAFC added)

    I haven't seen this series before, and you've got some cool stuff! That pattern on the LAFC away is great! I don't think it works quite as well on the home; it just ends up looking like a weird contour map. Love the Minnesota north star jersey, the SJ away shorts, the Toronto Blizzard fauxback, and the Houston space shuttle away! I think white shorts would work better with Portland's subtler plaid. Philadelphia's set is really weird. I'm not sure about it, but it's definitely unique! I like the seafoam color of the Seattle away. Vancouver's away is really nice! Maybe try continuing the pattern downward with sublimated lines? I'd be curious to see Miami!
  14. vtgco

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: Portland

    I like the first version with yellow better (strings & stars on blue/teal). Looks really nice! I'd love to see your take on FC Dallas or the LA Galaxy!
  15. vtgco

    FC Cincy & Sounders 2019 Uniforms

    So I'm definitely hoping this rumor isn't true, but I figured I'd take a shot at making it work as best I could! I went with a salmon-inspired uniform, with a fish scale pattern and salmon-pink accents. I don't have any strong feelings about the Zulily sponsorship, but I think their old logo looks very clean on a jersey. The jocktag is based on this sign at the beloved Pike Place Market: The leak says black & pink (not necessarily "all hail our T-Mobile overlords" magenta as predicted) so hopefully this is still within the realm of possibility. It still doesn't feel like my Sounders to me, but I tried to add some unique Seattle flair to it! Your comments are appreciated!