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  1. vtgco

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand

    WOW! You did an amazing job! This is already great as is, so my suggestions are just tiny quibbles. The winged basketball idea totally matches the racing feeling you're going for. My worry is that with the many colors/patterns, it will look awkward at small scales, especially with the pinwheel arrangement. The only idea I have is to make the bottom half of the basketball silver (maybe it would look like a road?), the top half yellow, and put the checkered flag as a thicker, horizontal line separating the two halves (that would look like a finish line?). Perhaps it would be good to keep the basketball as the hole in the P, to maintain some connection to the previous logo. That Indiana state outline logo is perfection, and I love use of the checkered flags in the Hoosier State logo. Altogether, this is a massive update to the Pacers' look. Keep up the outstanding work! Edit: To clarify after @SplashBoogie's response, I really love the checkered flag pattern for the Pacers. I just hope there is some way to keep it while making it more visible at smaller sizes. I definitely hope you'll use it on the jerseys!
  2. Forgot to mention this before, but it's Flag Day, so... You could put the Aboriginal Flag next to/instead of the Australian flag on the alternate! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Australian_Aboriginal_Flag.svg
  3. I think this green & blue hat looks really good; much better than the yellow. I understand the idea for an all green hat, but I think this alternate cap should be able to stand on its own with all of the colors. I just imagine a lot of people owning the alternate jersey or cap only, because it's bright and multicolored like Brazil!
  4. Yeah, I get what you mean about the 70s vibe of the wordmark. It'd just be very hard to replace because, as a Sounders fan and logo enthusiast, I've grown attached to the retro branding. Hence, one of my goals for this project was to make a logo to fit with that wordmark. I'm sure it'd be possible to update, though, so maybe I'll look into it at some point. I'm glad to hear that you like my logo, though! I appreciate that a lot.
  5. I think B2 has taken the cake today, so here it is in its final form! @Bruins's Syracuse branding package inspired me to do something similar, so here is everything so far, all presented at once! On the page, I used the font that the Sounders' logo currently uses for the "Seattle" text. This would be the font for the jerseys' necktape writing. Hopefully my update to the waves looks better to you! Wasn't quite sure what sort of "update" you were hoping for, but I changed the teal of the wordmark to blue to match the color scheme of the final logo. The color variations show all the colors used by Sounders alternate jerseys, B&W versions, retro version, and holiday schemes for social media profile pictures for Independence Day, Cascadia Day, and Pride Month. I also mocked up an image of the current Sounders website to show the new logo and new colors. Finally, I have two secondary logos for you: one with an emerald in the Seattle city seal, and another with the orca whale mascot from the 1990s Sounders logo. I'll probably do some jerseys at some point, but for now, any comments about the primary, secondaries, or presentation are appreciated! Thank you all for your input! Go Sounders!
  6. I think I like the double blue more. It's kinda hard to see the facial features in black on top of an already dark blue. The highlights of the double blue are defined better. I like the double blue NY monogram!
  7. I'm really loving your alternate jerseys here! The patterns are spectacular, Brazil especially. I'm not a huge fan of the Australia wordmark; it feels too sci-fi, especially when paired with the lime to teal gradient. Perhaps something rounder would work better. I think that Australia's away would look better with gray pants, with the small lime stripe surrounded by the forest. The all-green look seems a bit much. For Brazil's alternate, maybe do a green cap with blue brim and yellow "B"? I think proudly flaunting all the colors would be a good look for the tropical country. Excited to see the rest! Curious if you two will a third color for Canada...
  8. Okay, here you go: I had tried this before, and I felt kinda unsure about it. Maybe you have some suggestions for it, but for now I'm inclined to leave it off... Anyways, thanks for the suggestions! I've got a couple of alternate logos in the works, so I'll be preparing that for you all!
  9. vtgco

    Expansion Team Original Six

    Wow! These are really pretty! I love Minnesota (reminds me of my hometown Seattle Metropolitans) and Columbus! Nothing is wrong with any of them, but I have a few ideas to maybe test out and see if they work: Arizona with tan/cream/heritage white Nashville without white (just yellow & navy) Columbus with white (normal or cream) outlines a powder blue Atlanta jersey the Winnipeg Jets (preferably in their current color scheme!) Keep up the amazing work!
  10. vtgco

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

    That powder blue jersey is quite nice. Speaking of, I think the maybe a lighter powder blue would look good thoughout rather than the royal you're using. I'd either go with one yellow ring around the sun in the logo, or go with multiple blue rings of different shades to represent the sea. It seems a bit off with both the royal blue and yellow. I also feel the home white is a bit too reserved for such a fun team brand. It's close, though. For the Rays, perhaps lighter is better!
  11. vtgco

    The Rockies Go Traditional

    I'm sorry to say, but I'm still not feeling it on the "Rockies" script. One of my favorite parts of both scripts was the flat endings to each line, which gave it some spirit, so I'm kinda bummed that got cut. Also, the loop on the "k" was nice too. Also, I think combining the "c" and "k" makes it feel more crowded. I was kinda thinking you could increase the kerning from before. On the plus side, I do think you've improved the baseline of the "ies." Also, all of it looks good on the black background!
  12. vtgco

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    Gosh, both of these jerseys look amazing! Why don't the Blue Jackets make one of these their primary? I would say that the cream and silver bleed together a bit. Not a bad thing, just an observation. The prediction might look better with the lighter blue for the shorts, but that's probably less likely. I look forward to the other teams!
  13. These concepts look great! The template is nice and there are some good ideas here. I love your Georgia State jersey and logo here. A couple of questions: Is Louisiana's blue very purplish on purpose? Maybe that's ideal because that's a Mardi Gras color... What is the helmet logo for Alabama State? Is it supposed to be the yellowhammer bird? I don't see it... Did you consider some green for Georgia State, what with the peach theme and all? I look forward to seeing more!
  14. Hello, everyone, I'm vtgco! I've lurked on these forums for a while now, and I finally decided to sign up for an account and post my first topic, because... ...after a few less successful attempts, I have finally created a concept for my Seattle Sounders that I like! Despite being an enthusiastic fan of the team, I don't particularly like their current logo. Its strangely shaped shields and redundant white & gray outlines feel poorly weighted, the Space Needle is inaccurately depicted in a gray color, and the banner hogs the spotlight. Worst of all, though, the current logo doesn't even represent the beloved Puget Sound, the namesake of the team! I think my concept addresses some of these issues, while also combining the different eras of Sounders logo history. So, first off, I decided to use a hexagonal, emerald shape for the Emerald City's team. I also wanted to use a kelly/emerald green, because I don't like the obnoxious lime green, because it's closer to the color of both trees (Seattle has a lot of those) and emeralds, and because the NASL and USL Sounders used a darker green. I created a new, more accurately colored and shaped Space Needle silhouette. I brought in the NASL era-style waves to represent the Puget Sound. I paired it with the NASL era wordmark, which I really love, and kept the current logo's "Seattle" font. For A & B, I wanted to have versions that used similar colors and format (green on top of blue) to the current logo. For C & D, I incorporated the NASL-era teal, creating an abstract image of a typical view of the Puget Sound (light blue sky, green islands, deep blue water). It also semi-intentionally looks like the local SoundTransit buses, which apparently was once the jersey sponsor for the USL-era Sounders. I might do some alternate logos and jerseys, so hopefully you guys can help me decide between these four versions before I move on! Your input is appreciated. Thanks! TL;DR: I really like retro Sounders stuff. Help me choose a version of my logo, plz
  15. vtgco

    Canadian Premier League

    I am not very impressed with this new Edmonton logo. Kind of a lateral move, possibly a slight downgrade. The font for "FC Edmonton" and "2010" on this logo is more boring than the previous logo's, which had pleasant serifs. The "FC Edmonton" text on top looks off, being in a straight line underneath the curved top of the shield. I don't really like how the primary focus are the letters "FC" rather than the city name itself. The "E" is just not very visible. Are those supposed to be rabbit tracks? I just wish they had put their rabbit silhouette alternate logo front and center in this shield. I think, altogether, this logo feels just as generic as the last. I like the double blue, though -- it works well with the Oilers, who keep switching between royal and navy. Add the Oilers' orange or copper (or possibly the CFL team's yellow) and this would be an even better color scheme!