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  1. Thanks for your ratings. For Winnipeg, I understand your concern about establishing a separate identity. However, I think that representing the city and its traditions is an important part of a team's identity, especially for a team just starting out. I see the whiteout as a tradition of Winnipeg's sports culture that the Valour could embrace. I'm glad you like the Drillers kit! I knew I had to do that even before starting this series! Thank you so much for the nice words! I thought this series would be a fun and interesting challenge for me, and I'm curious to see how the CPL fits into the North American soccer landscape (despite my love of the US and Canada sharing leagues!) Thanks! For Halifax, it's two logos for the price of one! I think Halifax's current primary is the best in the league (though I'd prefer if it said "Halifax Wanderers" rather than "HFX Wanderers.") However, I wanted something to further cement the naval connection. Besides, I couldn't use the bridge because @Lafarge already won at that. The focus is on an old navy ship, based on the Halifax flag. I feel it captures the history and adventurous tone of the Wanderers name. The alternate logo is my modernization of the logo of the 1882 Halifax Wanderers Amateur Athletic Club, the namesake of the team. The home jersey showcases my love of double blue (ala Whitecaps) and uses the wave pattern from the logo. The away is a modernization of this tonal-striped Wanderers AAC jersey from c. 1895. It uses the fauxback alternate logo. The main stripe is the provincial tartan of Nova Scotia, a nod to the region's Gaelic history. C&C is greatly appreciated, per usual!
  2. vtgco

    Canucks 50th Anniversary Specialty Jerseys

    I really love the colors of the West Coast Express Canucks, with the double blue, red, and silver. I think double blue fits Vancouver really well, and then red for the country, as the team's namesake. Your mockups turned out pretty well! I'd be up to see the Canucks use any of them as part of their semicentennial celebration.
  3. This exectly Thirded. I'd just suggest doing HOU2 with the text and logo in a roundel for primary status. Maybe HOU1 w/o the wordmark as a secondary. You could attempt to make the helmet look like the helmet of a space suit...
  4. Milwaukee looks good, especially that primary logo (though I never understand the team's strange colorations of the axe?) I think that the cream color could be used on the home jersey, given its subtlety. I also feel like a Milwaukee team would emphasize the gold a bit more and the red a bit less (felt that about your Milwaukee Cardinals concept, too.) The feather throwback alt looks great! The ball-in-glove fits in really well; I just suggest that you swap the BiG's red & blue so that it matches the outlining of the jersey's wordmark and so the baseball's seams are red. Fair enough, I was mostly just spitballing for conversation's sake. I assume you mean the Denver and Portland relocations will be from Oakland rather than from KC. Given that the real-life A's switched to forest green (and flirted with black) after the 70's dynasty, I imagine it would be feasible to change the one of the colors slightly for the relocations, but it's no big deal. Looking forward to Part 2!
  5. Louisville looks amazing! That primary logo is perfect. I love the new elephant, and the Fleurs-de-lis. I agree with @Carolingian Steamroller, you should put the elephant on the red alt. I like that you changed the colors, though I'm a bit surprised you didn't do it for the other cities, especially Dallas. My thoughts on unique colors for the A's' (!) relocations in this series: Philly -- blue & yellow, like you have KC -- blue & white (even though this is where the green originated) LA -- mostly yellow, with a little bit of kelly or teal DAL -- forest & blue-silver LOU -- forest & red, like you have, or forest & royal (for bluegrass) DEN -- kelly & brown or kelly & maroon POR -- forest & old gold If you do the Seattle White Sox, you should base it on the powder blue White Sox uniforms, with green in the place of red! Keep up the good work! I'm excited to see what you do next.
  6. vtgco

    Pelicans Mardi Gras Court Concept (City Edition)

    The swirly pattern on the sides are great. I agree with @panthers_2012, the skyline on one side will do. I love the use of the trumpet logo. Perhaps you should flip the sublimated pelicans inside the three-point line so the basketball is in the circle. Maybe consider the Bird de Lis as the center Court logo? I'd keep the Pelican's head white, and make its beak yellow. Good work!
  7. I'm not really feeling Detroit. I think a modern name like Eights doesn't go well with the black letter D. I know I'm late, but I would've gone with that cool piston-V logo for that name. Also, the D is outlined awkwardly. I'd consider changing the silver outline to red, and adding a second outline outside of the blue one. Finally, I think the red+silver+blue scheme doesn't really match the automotive theme. I'd prefer just sports car red and silver. On the other hand, Orlando's color scheme and set is pretty great! Only concern is that the logo looks kinda like Sonic the hedgehog. I vote Bobcats for Atlanta, and Apollos for Houston (I recommend Dynamo colors, with a B&W space shuttle inspired alt!)
  8. Well spotted. It seems that I must've accidentally moved my center guideline early on. The logos are now updated with proper centering. Glad to hear you like it!
  9. vtgco

    Louisville NBA Concept (UPDATE 8/13/18)

    These colors are really pretty, and great for a current-day expansion team. The main home & road uniforms are pretty cool too. I love the alt, though I'd recommend removing the sublimated Colonels wordmarks and add the purple-only K logo on the right chest, opposite the front number. Also, I'd recommend a throwback jersey for special occasions. Good work!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like it. Winnipeg's actual logo is pretty good, so I agree that mine might not be at the same level... I just wanted to try something out. Glad to hear you like Edmonton. Here is an attempt to update my Winnipeg logo with your recommendations: I personally prefer WPG 1, but while I was first working on this logo, I definitely considered some of the things you guys suggested. The wreath of wheat didn't work super well around the bottom of the logo, so I put it below Fort Garry. Also @Axe, thanks so much for your feedback! Sorry about the coincidental timing of our CPL concepts. I haven't looked at yours yet to avoid copying you, but I look forward to seeing your take on the league after my series is done! Halifax will likely be up next.
  11. vtgco

    Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

    That's amazing! What a beautiful set. Also, fair enough, the away hem looks fine as is. I'd love to see your take on a double-blue fauxback alt or something.
  12. vtgco

    Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

    That away is amazing! I love the sleeve striping+fill. Did you consider adding a second yellow hem stripe, like on the home? Also, I'd be interested in a home with two yellow stripes instead of the yellow & white. Good job!
  13. vtgco

    High School Logo Redesign

    It all looks great! Good job, good luck, and let us know if they decide to adopt it!
  14. No opinions on Winnipeg? Eh, fair enough, there have been so many good concepts posted recently to keep up with... Staying out in the prairies, here's Edmonton: The home is based on these NASL [2: Electric Boogaloo] FC Edmonton jerseys, which I like quite a bit. The away is an original NASL Edmonton Drillers fauxback. Quite a bit of good soccer history in Edmonton that I think is smart to maintain for a team in a new league. I'm not feeling super confident about my Edmonton logo... It is an attempt to bring back some of the old logo, and to focus on the Rally Rabbit. Let me know what you think. Please, any C&C on Edmonton and/or Winnipeg and/or anything else is greatly appreciated.
  15. vtgco

    Baltic Superleague: Lithuanian Hockey League (3/10)

    Jelgava looks great, especially with the wordmark. That burgundy jersey with the blue shorts and white yoke... Amazing! What a great use of the flag. Colorado should take note of that color balancing, and do away with the black & silver. Bruninieki Daugavpils's colors are great! They remind me of the Saint John Sea Dogs. The yoke is great, especially on the away. I agree with @Section30 about the league logo, though. Not enough contrast. Maybe do a white outline on LHL. Keep up the good work!