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    Vermont FC

    Certainly a good start! Thenew shades of blue & green have much better contrast, and the font is better. The jersey is pretty cool! I agree with @NDFreek that the logo needs a tad more; maybe consider incorporating the stars of the Green Mountain Boys flag? That might help it be less Whitecaps-y too.
  2. vtgco

    MLS Kits 2019

    What is this madness? We'd look like Inter Miami in these colors. Terrible that the team would do this just because T-Mobile's (probably) the new sponsor. Also, wouldn't this mean we won't have a contrasting jersey vs Portland's forest green next year? This is kinda ridiculous. I really hope this isn't true. Bring back the blue, please!
  3. vtgco

    Seattle Sockeyes concept

    The latest version of the fish is an improvement, but I agree with @BobbyB's observation about the tail. Both jersey sets seem too Chicago-esque for my taste, but the second version less so. As you say, the Metros fauxback looks like Ottawa, not Seattle. The latest blue & green color scheme you've used works really well, IMO. But if you're set on using red & black, consider adding teal and changing the shade of red.
  4. vtgco

    CFL Atlantic Schooners

    The octopus is an interesting idea, but a bit over-detailed for a helmet logo. Simplify it a bit, and it could maybe work. The ship is well-done and keeps some continuity with the old Schooners logo. I can understand @appleclock's concern about looking like Toronto. Teal or seafoam green as the primary color, with navy as the secondary would look good! Throw in the gold from the anchor/old logo as an accent, if you want! Your jersey design looks great; no complaints there! All around good work!
  5. vtgco

    Forward Madison Supporters Logo

    Good start here! I like the idea of using the Madison flag. If I were you, I'd make the F light blue to match the flag, with the current black parts in Navy and the gold circle in pink. The wing doesn't feel very integrated; maybe make a winged crest?
  6. vtgco

    Seattle Sockeyes concept

    I agree that the first version felt kinda generic. The Indigenous-style version fits the city a lot better. Good call there! That said I think the form of the fish doesn't work quite as well with all the new patterns. Perhaps try to make it so the stomach part doesn't stick out so much? As for the colors, I want to make blue+green to work (since we've got a nice thing going here in Seattle!) but these shades look kinda awkward here. Maybe muted blue-silver with dark green or muted green-silver with navy (a la Cowboys) would work to make it look more like an actual salmon?
  7. vtgco

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    I still think 2 is best, but 3 is a cool idea as well!
  8. vtgco

    Coop paints the CFL (2/10:BC Lions)

    I like the latest version, on the right, where the navy/black color is dominant and with the almost seafoam green. I think you could make the pants silver, as the silver currently feels out of place (as others say). An interesting take on the Schooners!
  9. vtgco

    IT CAME FROM THE 90s: MLS in Green Bay

    Sure feels like MLS in the 90s! The name fits right in with the nonsensical singular names (ala Clash and Fusion) and the Dallas Burn Nike template feels appropriate. I really like the wordmark with the swirl included. My only issue with this is the crest saying "VOX," maybe it should be "GB" diagonally over the swirl.
  10. vtgco

    MLS | Expansion Team Maine Marauders FC Logo Set

    An interesting idea here! Cool name; it matches the local Mariners and Sea Dogs theme well. The colors (while kinda common in MLS) are really nice. The crest is really well done, with a fun and unique font. My only complaint is the Dirigo star's placement suggests a championship; perhaps there's a way to put it on the shield? I don't see MLS ever adding a team in Maine, but certainly this would make a fine addition to the USL (maybe as a Revs-affilliate)! Good work!
  11. Sorry not to have commented for a while, but more good work here! I like your incorporation of cream in the Detroit uniforms, especially that 2014 edition (I prefer your version from the grid graphic with the Detroit wordmark!) The Rangers always look good with Lady Liberty, so your 2012 is a good one, especially without silver. The Maroons-Habs combo is smart and well-executed! The latest Kings and Capitals are good, but feel kinda similar. Way to stay creative with the 10000 Chicago and Detroit jerseys! Really great work!
  12. vtgco

    Los Angeles Kings Rebrand

    I agree with the people saying the logos too simple. The black outline kinda helps a bit, but I think it still is missing something small. The LA shield logo is even simpler; maybe add a decorated border, or something on top? As far as the colors, I feel like it might be better to ditch the black and keep silver. The uniforms are cool, especially that original set with the silver outlines! Only worry: the logo needs a white outline to not blend in on the purple jersey. Still, I appreciate your attempt to incorporate multiple eras and simplify the Kings' at-times overcomplicated looks.
  13. vtgco

    Seattle Emeralds NHL Concept

    Needs some hem stripes, IMO. I like kelly and white for Seattle, but maybe you could have different shades of green (like the logo) on the jersey between the striping.
  14. Minnesota's color scheme is interesting but your striping is kinda convoluted, especially on that away. Establishing a clear color hierarchy would help. The circle crest background doesn't work well with such a detailed logo either. As for Cincy, love the unis, especially that striped third! My only issue is with the primary "C" logo. The head is awkwardly shaped, and the wings feel kinda tacked on. I like that alternate logo, though! A good series idea! I look forward to the Aeros!
  15. vtgco

    Miami Marlins Rebrand

    I like the font here, and the uniforms are good, for the most part. The logo's got all the parts, I just think it feels really disjointed. The marlin, which is well-done on its own, is just kinda awkwardly floating above the M. As for the unis, I gotta love the return of teal. That said, I agree with @itsmb8 about trying to bring add a dash of pink on the first few unis, maybe by replacing silver. I would also try to add some more teal to the black alt to balance with the pink. Good start here! A good mix of the Marlins' past looks.
  16. More improvements here! Kitzbuhel's jerseys are good, and the logo is a good start, but the head is too big and the wings are way too short for an eagle. Milan looks beautiful! Perfect logo edit; the new font makes a huge difference. I could see this as the iconic uniform of the league! Sterzing is interesting; it looks like a well-done Dallas Mavericks hockey crossover. I like the silver stripe and the font. However, the logo is a slight downgrade, cuz it reads less horse-like. The snout is way too skinny, and it needs a mane. That Pustertal uniform set is a lot of fun, all that needs is a single hem-stripe. The logo looks clean, but I can't tell what kind of animal it's supposed to be. Really great uniforms; just need to do some proportion edits to the logos!
  17. vtgco

    Bigred's CFL (Victoria added)

    The Schooners look alright; you do a good job with that logo and color scheme, though I'd try to incorporate the waves on the jersey somewhere if I were you. I like the idea behind Victoria, but the execution's a tad off. The city coat of arms V is cool, but I'd get rid of the front numbers, or move the V up if you wanted to do that. Using it to make a strange, red shoulder yoke might be cool! Also, the logo doesn't really read as a crown, it looks more like a plant or something. I look forward to both QC and Western Ontario!
  18. vtgco

    MLS Kits 2019

    I think the new Cincy logo's alright. Certainly an improvement over the huge "FC" and floating crown, but the text's still a bit too big. Honestly, I think they could ditch the shield and use just the lion ala Tottenham. I'm always in favor of a good fauxback! Yes please! I totally agree. I would love to see a blue jersey based on this USL-era jersey. But alas, it seems my Sounders will fall prey to the MLS all-black plague: Real bummer.
  19. vtgco

    NFL REDESIGN (Patriots 12/3)

    I like the packing stencil idea for Green Bay! A "GB" logo makes more sense than just a big "G," IMO. IDK if a circle is the best idea, but it works. The new font looks great on the jerseys, but I think the alternate should use a throwback block font. What a great concept for San Francisco! It looks so much cleaner without all the gross black outlines, and the SF interlocking is perfect, but the pickaxes really elevate the logo! Amazing work! The Bridge font is really well-done, too. Good idea. I'm not a huge fan of the fauxback, but it's certainly better than the original. Way to keep up the really good work!
  20. vtgco

    NHL - identity refresh concepts

    I agree with other statements about Colorado, like @appleclock's silver snow suggestion, the awkward black numbers as @seasaltvanilla says, and needing more burgundy all around. Way too much black, IMO. Still, I like the alt idea, and the recolored Rockies logo works well as the patch. Buffalo is great! The off-white from the alt makes me wonder if you could replace all the set's white with off-white! No complaints! The new LA logo's just a smidge too plain to me, but it's pretty good as is, and it's a welcomed relief from the lame shield. Love the return of the purple and yellow scheme. The black is a good adaption of the logo. My main concern would be a road trip to Nashville... A good start to your series! Looking forward to your take on Anaheim.
  21. vtgco

    Adelaide Crows Concept

    How appropriate! The logo looks really great! I'd consider giving it a pupil and possibly a yellow outline, but it's totally fine as is. Either way, beats the old logo by miles. As for the uniform, I think the red & yellow stripes are too bright and prominent for such a dark, macabre revamp. Maybe horizontal pinstripes would be better? Excellent work, per usual!
  22. vtgco

    NBA Redesign (11/10, Portland Trail Blazers posted)

    I'd have to go with the checkerboard version for Houston. It adds a bit more variety to their set. Love that Philly city edition! A slight upgrade from last year's real one, and that was pretty darn good already! Your Sacramento set's clever; I personally prefer your first version with the extra crown lines. Either way, I think you need to have a consistent amount of space between the crown and letters (see the K & S). An "SAC" version would be nice too. Nets are way better with the Bridge striping, and the silver outlines help a lot. Love the city idea; just add the dots to the side striping and you're golden! Your Portland set's an interesting take, and it works pretty well. That city edition is great, and the thorn pattern is super well-executed! Only suggestion is to replace black with forest green to complete the Rose look. Really great work! I look forward to seeing how you deal with the really heinous city editions (Lakers, Pacers, Mavericks)!
  23. vtgco

    Redesigning 90s NHL Alternates

    To start, the curved striping is a clever improvement of the original. Really good idea! I think it might look a bit better if the striping went dark-medium-light-white-light-medium-dark rather (a fade-in and fade-out) Using the current font worked really well here. I just kinda feel like this jersey could really use a dash of color. It does look like a B&W movie like you said, but that doesn't match the flashy design and logo. I'd bring back the yellow crown (but not the purple beard) and make a number outline yellow. Still, good work. I look forward to your take on the Robo-Penguin jersey!
  24. vtgco

    Apple Cup Logo

    I like the idea of a West-East split map; I think that maybe a silhouette apple could be the separation. A purple-red gradient might be cool. A white outline might be better than black. Regardless, more interesting than what they've currently got!
  25. I think you got it on this update! Looks great! I also like that, with an alternate cap, the green jersey could act as a semi-fauxback to a pre-NO era. Also, the Pirates look good in Saints colors, though a bit too dark (maybe it's just my screen?) I like @coco1997's mention of the Mustard color Pirates, so the gold is certainly precedented. Also, the Denver Pirates sounds odd, but I look forward to seeing it!