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    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    Sorry for the delayed response. More excellent work here! While I can't say I like it, the first Nationals set feels very 90s-tastic. The navy & gold to match the Capitals and Wizards of the time is a good move. Your Padres-Nats set is a pretty cool idea, though I feel the DC flag and home-plate didn't work super well. I think the tertiary works best. The Chicago A's are a good combo of Athletics and White Sox. Love the pinstriped home, and the forest green works wonders. Your Seattle White Sox (SeaSox!) looks really good but it just feels like a good Mariners concept with "Sox" on it. Pinstripes might help. I'm not a big fan of the batterman, but you adapt it well. Love those navy+kelly colors! Your Toronto set does a good job of combining the Blue Jays and Giants. I can really see this team doing what the Jays have done, with their shift to Canada imagery only away from any local stuff... Totally second your sentiment about losing the Jays identity... That font looks great for the Raptors! Could we see it on Toronto FC or the Argos, perchance? That What if logo feels like it's from the Japanese league!
  2. vtgco

    LA Clippers secondary logo rough Concept

    An interesting idea, but I wonder if the L will work if the wave is in a different color than the sail part. Honestly, I think this could work without making it an LA monogram... Just a blue wave & white sails! Alternatively, if ditching the LA doesn't appeal to you, perhaps consider lowering the parts of the A (i.e. remove top triangle, add bar through bottom triangle)
  3. vtgco

    The Battle of Seattle

    I think your new Steelheads logo is a huge improvement! I love the colors, and you're right, it works both in Seattle flag mode and in Indigenous copper + teal mode. The S/hook/hockey stick logo also quite nice! My only suggestions are to keep the silver of the logo on the home jersey, and maybe to rotate and/or translate the bottom portion a bit so the S shape is a bit more continuous. We're getting closer and closer to our team here; your continued concepts are keeping me hyped!
  4. vtgco

    Clouder's NIKE x NBA Concepts

    I'm afraid I have a few complaints with this Clippers set. 1) I think the main wordmark font really doesn't fit either the logo or the number fonts. Maybe use the blue jersey's number font? 2) The double-outlined script at home is really clunky. No outlines necessary, IMO. 3) The collar & sleeve striping doesn't match the side panels. I'd just go two-color stripes: red & blue on the white jersey, white & blue on the red jersey. Not a huge deal, but I'd be happy to see a royal blue away, and a powder blue alt. Sorry to get so down. I do really like the blue jersey, with its script & sans serif number font, and the triangle side panels fit the logo well! Way to bring back the great SD-era logo. Your Houston updates look good, too!
  5. vtgco

    Baltimore Ravens Refresh: 10/12/18 Re-Refresh!

    This is a really interesting rendition! The angle is cool and makes the bird very intimidating. I don't know if the shading is necessary, though. This primary looks quite good. It's a great update to the Ravens' current logo, removing the clunky B and outlines. That secondary is awesome! What a unique concept! The heraldic raven is really well done. I second @Zeus89725's concern about the two shades of purple; I recommend de-saturating the lighter one to more of a lavender-gray. I agree with @BellaSpurs; the secondary would look cool on a helmet! Maybe do it for an all-black color rush alt, if you plan to do jerseys! Really good work!
  6. vtgco

    Bigred's CFL (Hamilton added)

    I like Hamilton a lot, but I don't think the white chunks on the home are necessary. The pants & sock stripes are great! Also, thanks for the info on Ottawa's helmet. It looks good, with or without that context!
  7. vtgco

    Clouder's NIKE x NBA Concepts

    Bucks look great! No complaints. I'm quite happy to see a Tequila Sunrise Rockets concept. I second @jaytavo305; the navy is kinda unnecessary. I'd flip the gradient so the red of the panels meets the red of the sleeve stripes. I'm not feeling the Timberwolves' arched scripts. The collar striping is good; I'd apply it to the sleeves if you don't plan to use the tree pattern (which could work as a sublimated pattern, maybe?) Template is really clean. Good work!
  8. vtgco

    Bigred's CFL (Hamilton added)

    That Ottawa home is amazing! Is the helmet supposed to be a stylized R? The away is a bit lacking; the white and gray stripes look a bit odd. Also, Montreal's striping is great and matches the logo really well, especially the away. Good choice for the font. Really good work!
  9. I like it, but I'd only use the white & blue outlines for the exterior of the whole logo, and just have the red & silver on the inside. That way the 8 will be more obvious. Good work!
  10. vtgco

    Uni Watch NY Jets Uniform Contest

    In a vacuum, that sky blue concept is pretty interesting (except the Jaguars-esque helmet!) Striping is great. However, it looks more Seattle or Minnesota than for the New York Jets. That first set works well for the Jets, though I agree with @KevinJohnsonThaTruth and @SNBSlugger about ditching black and having a white facemask. Love the jet and contrails pants striping.
  11. vtgco

    Major League Hockey: Baseball Crossover (NYY Added!)

    Really good job on the color balancing on Milwaukee, especially on the away. I love the wheat stripe on the pants; maybe a sublimated pattern of that on the gold stripe would be cool! Well-done conversion of the Twins logo to hockey. I think the new wordmark position is too hidden, though, so maybe just ditch it, shrink it, or put it beneath the logo. Miami is problematic; no fault of your own. That color scheme looks impossible to work with. Good work!
  12. vtgco

    NFL REDESIGN (Browns 10/10)

    I quite like your Panthers cat eye logo; it's a pretty clever and creative route for the Panthers. I agree that it works better as a secondary logo, though. Those jerseys look good. For Dallas, I think something's a tad off about the spacing of the star in the D, but I'm not sure what. I'm not a huge fan of the sleeve stars, but your striping is good. Bravo for Arizona here! I second a lot of @FinsUp1214's sentiments; this is one of the better AZ flag executions I've seen. Also agree about the cuffs. My suggestions: red pants and/or maybe red to yellow gradient numbers for the away. Copper pants and/or more red & yellow stripes up the shoulders for the alternate. Keep up the great work!
  13. Well, I like the Colorado flag, so this concept is appealing to me. I think your logo looks better with the baseball in white, but I think the C ought to be in purple. The font matches the logo well, but I think it looks a bit worse with the outline on the away and third. I love the mountain socks!
  14. vtgco

    NY Islanders Adidas Alt Redo

    Looks great! Gotta like a good lighthouse Islanders concept, and the color balancing is perfect!
  15. Thanks, I appreciate that a lot, especially from the template's creator! School is getting busy, so it might be a couple weeks, but I've got some solid sketches for Newfoundland! Thanks for your patience.
  16. Hello! vtgco here with another project... So, the Canadian Premier League is coming to fruition. Personally, I think the CPL's logos are okay, but not great, and so I decided I might try to make some small changes to improve them. Also, I wanted to try to make jerseys based off of them. Keep in mind, these are not predictions, just what I think looks good. Once again, I'm using raysox's template. The standard league font is Signika, which approximates the league's real font. Table of Concepts Confirmed Teams Calgary Cavalry -- 07-30 New Logo Options -- 07-31 York 9 FC -- 07-31 Hamilton Forge -- 08-03 Winnipeg Valour -- 08-05 New Logo Option -- 08-10 Updated Home Jersey -- 09-08 FC Edmonton -- 08-08 Halifax Wanderers -- 08-13 Pacific Beacons -- 08-20 Expansion Teams Qu├ębec Citadelles -- 08-24 Stella Maris Moncton -- 08-29 Ottawa Fury -- 09-07 Updated Away Jersey -- 09-08 Thunder Bay Chill -- 09-24 Starting out with Calgary! Calgary's logo was a bit of a miss, but mostly because it was monochromatic. Using all three colors makes it a lot better, I think, and the mountains add some Alberta symbolism. The home jersey is green (unfortunately, I think that'll be the primary color), using CADPAT for the sleeves & socks. The away is based on the Calgary flag, and has a sublimated horseshoe pattern. C&C is appreciated! Let me know if you think I've improved Calgary's logo, and/or if you like the jerseys. York will probably be the next team.
  17. vtgco

    Islanders Alternate Concept

    I like it; the NYC flag striping works pretty well, and it's a lot better than the Islanders' previous BFBS alts. I think the yoke is kinda unnecessary, so maybe just a white collar with blue trim? Otherwise, a good take on a black Islanders jersey.
  18. vtgco

    The Battle of Seattle

    NEW FISH YES I like the new Totems patch, but I think more interesting than a T would be to make the whole thing into the Space Needle (black + brown section as the saucer, white as the tower) I'm not sure, but either the original or the cloned sleeves for the Kraken work the best. Good work, per usual!
  19. vtgco

    Bigred's CFL (Hamilton added)

    I really like the boat as a patch on the chest, but not as much as a full jersey logo. I think all the navy and white options look good; the light blue pants' striping, while consistent, feels somewhat lacking comparatively. The A on its own works, though it's a tiny bit bland. I look forward to the Alouettes! Hopefully, a retro logo is in store...
  20. vtgco

    NY Islanders Adidas Alt Redo

    Much improved striping on the jersey from real life! Your latest collar iteration looks really clean. I can't decide if I like that "Isles" script. I feel it would look better as "Islanders," but it works well enough on your concept. I don't like the Stanley Cup stripes on it, though. Looks good; better than the inspiration, for sure!
  21. vtgco

    OKC Redhawks concept

    I agree that OKC currently looks good, but I'm happy to see different names from the parent teams. The cross pattern works pretty well... Good idea there. The gray-brown away is smart. The tan alt is definitely the nicest of the set. A real beauty. I'd be interested in seeing if you could prioritize tan or brown over blue for a more interesting color balance, though! Good work! (it hurts to compliment OKC stuff... Go Sonics!)
  22. vtgco

    San Jose Sharks "Concept"

    I'm a fan of removing the hockey stick, so that turned out well. However, I'm actually a fan of the orange... Regardless of that, though, the modern logo doesn't seem to match the old jersey set and old sleeve patch. If you were to modernize the jerseys with a different font or different striping, it might work a bit better!
  23. Wow, your 2014 Stadium Series jerseys are awesome! The Islanders look great with the striping and the NY logo. The Rangers look cool in navy & white to match the hosts, with a nice script and a great sleeve patch! The Devils' script is really well done and @gojetsgo is right, no white looks great! I'm not feeling the Steelers-Penguins logo... It's a pretty awkward idea. Same deal with the SJ abstract teeth striping. I am also a big fan of that 2015 Capitals one you've done. That logo has a perfect old-timey feeling, and the striping is great! My only concern is the DC flag in blue... I think a blue jersey with a red DC flag & striping might look good too! Overall, really good work!
  24. vtgco

    Fixing the Calgary Flames

    I think the striping should extend to the hem to match the sleeves. Also, the 3-color sleeve numbers look strange... Way to use the CF patch, though...
  25. Pittsburgh looks pretty good, and the steel & black & yellow is a nice scheme. Maybe black pants on the gray uniform would work too. Are there only two legs on each sleeve? I feel like that idea would only work with four. Birmingham is pretty clean, but I think it could use either the logo or numbers on the helmet without sacrificing that simplicity. Good work!