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  1. jaytavo305

    Major League Hockey: MLS/MLB/NFL/NBA Crossover (BAL Added!)

    Baltimore is cool, but the maryland flag looks out of place on the pants. I hate that Roger Goodell has a division named after him lol he's the worst.
  2. jaytavo305

    Redesign of the Miami Marlins Redesign

    this is a big upgrade, but i prefer the original blue uniform over the one with the white text. I really like what you did with these though, nice work
  3. jaytavo305

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears 11/16)

    cleannnn, loving that logo for the niners
  4. jaytavo305

    NBA Redesign (11/10, Portland Trail Blazers posted)

    portland city is an instant buy, great job with them
  5. jaytavo305

    Albuquerque Invaders -- For NBA 2K18

    attractive. I would totally rock merch
  6. jaytavo305

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears 11/16)

    i totally second this, everything is amazing but my first critique of the falcons concept was that there was only white pants. Design is cool on them, but i'd love to see more options
  7. jaytavo305

    NBA Redesign (11/10, Portland Trail Blazers posted)

    glad this is back, they've all been good concepts.
  8. jaytavo305

    Washington Redskins Baseball Concept By Kong Tom

    This is super nice, looks like it could belong in the MLB. Big upgrade from what you've done in the past nice work
  9. jaytavo305

    LA Clippers secondary logo rough Concept

    wise man speaking wise words. good job w this
  10. jaytavo305

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears 11/16)

    Arizona is beautiful, Cleveland also is super solid. Great work
  11. jaytavo305

    Clouder's NIKE x NBA Concepts

    The Astroworld City Jersey? I dig it!!
  12. jaytavo305

    Clouder's NIKE x NBA Concepts

    I like the gradient, but the navy looks kinda out of place. I would go full gradient on the side panel in my opinion. Might be a little out there but I could see it working.
  13. jaytavo305

    Alaska State Lights

    Just seeing this now, but these uniforms/branding are dope
  14. jaytavo305

    SuperSonics Return Court Concept

    I would turn the S logo so that it faces half court
  15. jaytavo305

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    All of these designs are spot on bro. Saints look amazing, like top 3 Saints concepts good. All of these continue to be upgrades from real life. Good stuff.