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  1. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    Bear Down, Ely. Bears for 5(ifty-2)
  2. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    How long has it been since Chisholm didn't finish in last? 2 decades. It will never happen again
  3. Damn. Plant city made quite the turnaround...
  4. Let the "Relocation to Ottawa" wheel begin its spin. I'm guessing Pittsburgh or Miami
  5. I'm really hoping that the Stingrays end 07-08 with less than 40 points so they can get Camden. #StingTank08
  6. TargetToad

    Driveball Redux (1958 Offseason)

    Holy Crickets, Batman Neo can't actually be mad enough to give (and presumably update) all college driveball teams uniforms can he?!?
  7. Yeah, the Rays are probably moving to Montreal/Charlotte IRL in like 5 years.
  8. TargetToad

    Driveball Redux (1958 Offseason)

    Surprised Air Force didn't make a team
  9. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    I love the new graphic. Also, who got in the playoffs?
  10. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1951/52 Season

    I like the Wildcats logo. But I think it's too clean and slick for the early 50s. Also, why aldo the uniform Jerseys still have 47 as the number?
  11. As a publix employee in Flordia. They really do make the most sense to sponsor this championship. Also, go Bog Hogs. Screw Orlandolt
  12. Yeah, but this one could be themed after the car
  13. Common Fruit Fails
  14. Here's my stance on Atlanta: just move them (with a new name that fits their home location better) to somewhere that the US civil war (which still riles tensions up in Georgia, and did more in the early 1990s than today) had little to no effect on to avoid any possible controversies. Indy or Salt Lake (assuming one of the two of them loses out on the eventual 90s expansion) could definitely be a good home. But certainly not Carolina or Richmond though