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  1. The tree part would make sense for the 20s or 30s as the primary logo, but it probably wouldn't appear on the uniform
  2. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Finals

    I love how this series is developing. Also, wow it shows how much losing Stillwater to beat up on deflate the win totals of the teams in the TCHL (twin cities). I'm predicting that Thunder Bay wins the title.
  3. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Finals

    I wonder how much one of these teams would have cost to run IRL
  4. TargetToad

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Let me get this straight: Castillo had 4 seasons of 100+wins and one season of 98 wins, and they DIDN'T win the Galactic series. Did Darth Vader clone himself to personally make every Cubs player choke that hard for 5 consecutive years?
  5. Oh well; ill miss the drop shadows. Also, i just realized that wings & body of the stinger form an "S". like how the "3" is formed here
  6. Pittsburgh looks good. Edgy enough (drop shadow numbers) to look 90s, slick enough to last to current day. (Although i prefer the secondary to the primary)
  7. THAT. LOOK. IS. AWESOME. Also, take the extra sleep first. We aren't that important.
  8. Maybe as an alternatr Good: throwback night Bad: NFL-mustard color rush
  9. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Finals

    Minnesota loves Ice Hockey more than Canada
  10. Johnny Alberts Jr, Owner of over 2 dozen Ford Dealerships from Michigan to Minnesota Age: 47 Favorite Team: Miwaukee Dragons His votes: #1. Minneapolis: The close proximity other NAML teams, large population, and outstanding fan support make Minneapolis an easy addition #2. Los Angeles: Despite the large gap between LA and the rest of the NAML, their population can not be ignored. #3. Charlotte: Miami does have a greater potential to grow in the future, but it isn't there yet. For now, the best way for the NAML to enter the South is through North Carolina. Plus they give Washington a new regional rival.
  11. I'm gonna miss the 90s Generals look. Was always my favorite