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  1. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1942-43 News

    I'd be surprised if 43/44 or 44/45 happens. I wonder how many teams will still be around in 45/46.
  2. My only thing for Louisville is the horse. Anyway to make it look more like an R? I'm fine with the font; just say Picasso did it (I think he was around then)
  3. TargetToad

    The American Soccer Association

    damn you were quick. Looking forward to Miami
  4. The Copperheads relocating to Nova Scotia in 2013 Also, being a small market doesn't really mean anything for a hockey club playing in Canada
  5. Well that's what happens when you offer 1 guy over a third of the total team cap. The only situtation in which that kind of a deal would even remotely make sense from a PHL point of view would be Miami or KC signing Appleby in their expansion season (1989)
  6. That looks much better for 1904. Also, if you evef need anything about Minnesota, ask Section30. He's doing a whole series on Minnesota minor league hockey. (But if Section doesn't have any input, I'd go with "The Cup of 1000 lakes" and have the trophy's bowl be filled water from an actual lake in the Twin Cities area).
  7. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1942-43 News

    Wasn't one of the IRL NHL finals like Florida vs Phoenix in 1997 or something (still not as weird as the Millers and Broncos actually being good once, especially for Cloquet)
  8. That font for the "B" looks way to futuristic for 1975, let alone 1905
  9. With stuff like the 13-year, 12 mil per year deal, i could see a PHL lockout on the horizon. Well, after the FBI sorts it the commish's mob ties lol
  10. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1942-43 News

    That's some fine broom work by Duluth. Is that the first Kellog Cup sweep?
  11. TargetToad

    Tucson IFL team named: "Sugar Skulls"

    it looks like the New Orleans Voodoo got black out drunk and a hobo scribbled on em
  12. TargetToad

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1942-43 News

    Well. I was half right on Soudan :P. Also, Ely is still my team, so com'on Lakers. Avenge the BlackBears before you move to LA