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  1. Kinnick Stadium on the helmet is supposed to show that it is chrome/shiny like this helmet: Here are the Michigan Teams: Michigan Wolverines I had to wash my hands after making this one. Michigan State Spartans Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  2. DoctaC

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    I've been silently following this thread for a while now... and I need to say it is unbelievable. Just about every one of these logos/uniforms is an upgrade for each teams' current set.
  3. I went back and switched one of the alternate helmets to black. They're in a different conference that also has a lot of current MAC teams. Now for the Hoosiers and Hawkeyes- Indiana Hoosiers Iowa Hawkeyes Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  4. DoctaC


    This looks pretty good. One of the big things I'd do is get rid of the skyline, it's a little too busy right now. Also maybe the NOLA logos inside the arcs - putting them on top of the pelican is a little too contrasting for my taste, and I don't think it would look great in reality. Other than that it looks nice!
  5. Basically, just switching Penn State and Nebraska for Notre Dame and Cincinnati. Let's get the GLFL started- Cincinnati Bearcats Illinois Fightin' Illini Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  6. see below I'm not a fan of their current set, so I wanted to go back to the OG's with a bit of a twist. Thanks! Now it's time for the second conference; the Great Lakes Football League! The conference will be divided into East and West Divisions as you can see above: East: Cincinnati, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue South: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Wisconsin Headquarters: Chicago, IL Conference Championship: Soldier Field, Chicago, IL Protected Rivalries Ohio State v. Michigan Minnesota v. Wisconsin Michigan v. Michigan State Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated! The first two teams should be released tomorrow.
  7. I totally agree. Even if Syracuse wouldn't be a contender for the conference championship every year, they would definitely pull off plenty of upsets that could shake up the standings. Thanks, and I agree with Syracuse. I went back and switched one to orange w/ a blue logo. Now for the finals 2 NEC teams! If all goes planned, the next conference should be announced tomorrow... Temple Owls West Virginia Mountaineers Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  8. Thanks, I didn't want to change much with Penn State. And I'm using Paint. Now here are the next two teams. I used a new template, let me know what you think! Rutgers Scarlet Knights Syracuse Orange Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  9. Yeah, and also being in a conference with better teams is better for TV Exposure, the Playoff (in the current system), Revenue, etc. and therefore recruiting, so a team like a Temple or UMass could become much improved if put in a better conference. I also agree on WVU in the Big 12 today, that was a big thing I wanted to fix. Maryland and Rutgers as well. Interesting, I never knew that. As for the rivals; like @CaptainKirkMN said, if Pitt and WVU were in the same conference, they would need to bring back the Backyard Brawl. Also, the rivalries I put in the original post weren't supposed to be the only rivalries in the conference; just the "protected" ones. That means they would be played every year no matter what. Other rivalry games such as Pitt v. Penn State would be first priority in scheduling, but not required. Now it's time for a couple Pennsylvanian teams from the NEC: Penn State Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Pittsburgh Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  10. Thanks that was my main goal with their uniforms. For the home uniform I tried replacing the gold on the jersey with black but then I felt there was too little gold. Yeah, this is all based a lot on geography. Maybe 6/10 years. WVU would be competitive with them, and teams like Syracuse and BC are solid enough to pull off an upset or two. Thanks for those templates! For my next post I'm going to start using them. Now it's time for the next two teams from the NEC: UMass Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Navy Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  11. It's based primarily on geography, but when I get to regions where there are more teams they will be split up by stature. Seperating West Virginia from the Big 12 is actually going to be one of the easier things I do, as when in the Big 12 WVU is at least 2 states (!) from any other team. They also had an intense rivalry that was (unfortunately) suspended with Pitt a few years ago. It was (and now would be) called the "Backyard Brawl." It actually is one of the oldest rivalries in College Football, starting in 1895. Pitt leads the all time series 61-40-3. As for Penn State, this was the most difficult teams to put in here. But, I did some research, and generally Ohio State is considered their biggest "rival" (although they'll always be at least second to the Buckeyes). The other 3 teams that are within a decent distance and are current power 5 teams are Maryland, Pitt, and Rutgers, who are all in the newly formed NEC. Interesting, never knew that. I went back and changed it. Thanks for the kind words! I just realized I forgot they usually use "West Point," but I guess changing it up isn't such a bad thing. Now it's time for next two NEC teams, and the first one from the NEC South: Connecticut Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Maryland Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  12. NCAA FBS Realignment Concept Today I'm going to be beginning a series where I will be attempting to realign the FBS division of College Football into 11 new conferences of 12 teams each. I will be bringing up 4 FCS teams to make an even 132. Along with recreating the conferences, I will be creating concept uniforms for each school. Each will receive a home/road, and home/road alternates. Conferences: - Northeast (NEC) - Great Lakes Football (GLFL) - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? - ? Let's get things started with the first conference; the NEC (Northeast Conference). The conference will be divided into North and South Divisions as you can see above: North: Army, Boston College, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rutgers, Syracuse South: Maryland, Navy, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Temple, West Virginia Headquarters: New York, New York Conference Championship: The Meadowlands; East Rutherford, NJ Protected Rivalries Army v. Navy Pittsburgh v. West Virginia Penn State v. Maryland I will be releasing teams in sets of 2, in alphabetical order. Here are first two: Army Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Boston College Home Road Home Alternate Road Alternate Thanks for reading! C&C is appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone! Today I will be starting a new concept series here on the boards. Welcome to "NBA 2050," where I will be rebranding every current NBA team, as well as creating 6 new expansion franchises (1 in each division), to bump up the number of teams to 36. In this series, I will be testing out new ideas for uniforms; one's that will be not traditional whatsoever. I will also be moving some franchises due to a number of reasons including; climate, market size, and more. Each team will get a new Association, Icon, Statement, and City Edition Uniforms, as well as a new logo. I will be releasing the teams by division, hopefully keeping a steady pace of a division a week. Map: First up will be the Southwest Division! - Dallas Mavericks - Houston Rockets - Louisiana (prev. NO) Pelicans - Omaha (prev. OKC) Thunder - San Antonio Spurs Expansion: - Mexico City Eagles Dallas Mavericks Houston Rockets Louisiana Pelicans Mexico City Eagles Omaha Thunder San Antonio Spurs Thanks for reading, C&C is appreciated!
  14. Before the 1976 Season teams were allowed to sign players for as much money as they wanted; there was no salary cap. There was also no draft, as there were too many players, and it would consist of too many rounds. Instead, every hopeful professional MultiBaller attended regional combines in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, NorCal, SoCal, and the Southwest where they would be evaluated and offered contracts by PMBL teams. In coming years, the PMBL Draft will be held in January where teams can select college prospects over the course of 4 rounds. San Diego Tsunamis Surprisingly Bert Love, the owner of the Tsunamis, was willing to pay the 3rd most in contracts for this season. The team's strategy was to go out and get older, more experienced players from the Californian Region. They were able to sign Manuel Ramirez, the leading scorer in Cal-Berkeley History, to a 3-year, $4 million contract, one of the largest from this offseason. They also got Peter Evans on board, the start forward from Sacramento State, on a 4-year, $2.5 million contract. Look for the Tsunamis to dominate the PMBL this season. They will be the favorites to take home the first Davidson Cup this season. Sacramento Sharks Sacramento was a team who focused on forming a solid balanced squad, and they did just that. They signed UNLV Defender Kevin Miles to a 2-year, $3.3 million, to strengthen their back line. They also went out and got a young, UCSB goalie in Grant McClaen, who they hope to develop over the coming years. After signing multiple solid role players, the Sharks look to be the best challenger for a stacked San Diego team this coming season. Salt Lake Hornets Salt Lake made the biggest splash this free agency when on the first day they signed legendary goalie Ben Sause from Washington State to a 5-year, $4.4 million contract, the largest of the offseason. Despite his age, the Hornets hope he can last his entire 5-year contract and provide the goal protection they will need. The Hornets will be a defensive minded team, running a 1-3-3 set with a sole forward, Matt Ligate. Los Angeles Palms Before Free Agency, many believed LA would form a superteam due to their large market and the belief they would be handing out large contracts. This wound up not being the case, and the largest contract the Palms signed was a 3-year, $2.7 million deal with defender Ricky Jackson from Pacific University. They did, however, sign a number of older and experienced players who should propel them to a near playoff spot. San Francisco Suns The Suns will be led by Max Anderson, former star defender at Nevada. He is leading scorer in the history of college defenders, and is the 7th all-time scorer in Wolfpack history, despite being a defender. The Suns will be utilizing an offensive attack in a 2-3-1 formation with Anderson anchoring their back line. The Suns also got numerous young prospects, fresh out of college, in hopes that they would develop over the coming years, and set them up for the future. Portland Beavers These bottom three teams, starting with Portland, have little-to-no shot this coming season, after refusing to hand out large contracts. Not only was owner Kevin Wilson reluctant to pay, he will be coaching the team himself, because he says "MultiBall is in my blood." Oh boy. Seattle Mammoths Seattle also payed very little this offseason. The biggest contract they handed out was to former USC forward Jack Wright who received a 2-year, $1.9 million deal. The Mammoths did, however, sign decorated Santa Clara head coach Bernard Tankerson on board. Arizona Roadrunners Investor Liam VonCowel was the stingiest owner this free agency, only handing out one contract $1.5 million or more. Don't be surprised if Arizona doesn't win a game this season. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Way-To-Early Davidson Cup Playoffs Predictions 1. San Diego vs. 4. Los Angeles San Diego, who looks to be one of the best offensive teams this season, will have problems with a weak Palms defense. San Diego wins the series 3-1. 2. Sacramento vs. 3. Salt Lake This series won't be a fun one to watch, and will be dominated by defense. Look for goalie Ben Sause to have a big impact. Salt Lake wins the series 3-2. 1. San Diego vs. 3. Salt Lake San Diego's high-powered offense will be too much for Salt Lake to handle. San Diego wins the series 4-2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C+C is appreciated + encouraged! Thanks for reading!
  15. The final team is finally completed, and my next post will most likely be the results for the first season. Team: Phoenix Roadrunners Located: Phoenix, AZ Owner: Liam VonCowel Colors: Purple, Red Liam VonCowel was known as the best player of the ACMBL (Arizona College MultiBall League) during his playing days at Arizona State University, but with no pro league, his career stopped there. After college, he started VonCowel Pools, who now supply more than 85% of the pools in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. He will name the team after Arizona's state animal, the roadrunner. Logos Uniforms Field C&C on the Arizona Roadrunners is appreciated + encouraged!