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  1. Ever since the SuperSonics left Seattle, the city has been in talks of recieving an expansion franchise, if the NBA were to ever expand. Seattle is a large market with a great fanbase that was extremely supportive of the Sonics during their decades there. That is why I created my own concept on what a possible Seattle expansion team could look like (of they weren't to be called the SuperSonics). The Seattle Reign is a play-on words. Almost every professional sports team in Seattle is named after Seattle's notorious weather. So, I didn't was to call them something that surrouned the weather. I did, however, come up with "Reign," which means both a king's rule, and if spelled differently would be "Rain." Basically, I indirectly referenced Seattle's climate. Now for the design: The Logos Seattle was an easy city to make a logo for. They have an iconic building in the space needle, as well as a design-friendly nickname; "The Emerald City." I used an emerald shape to portray the city's nickname, as well as the space needle and a basketball outline. The font I chose for the entire set was FTY Strategycide, because it felt pretty "Seattle" to me. The secondary is the same shape with the space needle and basketball outline, just this time utilizing Seattle's skyline instead of the team's nickname. Home & Road Uniforms Even though I created a "new" team in Seattle, I wanted to pay homage to the original SuperSonics, so I used the side-striping from their uniforms. The wordmarks on every uniforms use a two-tone shading which is similar to one of Nike's styles. I used a simple single-color collar (tongue twister ) and the city's skyline on the back of the uniform. Alternate Uniforms The alternates are pretty much just recolors of the home & away uniforms. Court Seattle's court is just a continuation of their entire identity; it utilizes the Space Needle front and center, as well as the two-tone shading on the font. C&C appreciated!
  2. DoctaC

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    Ahhhh that's pretty cool!
  3. DoctaC

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    This is a great revamp. The new primary is super nice, it is clean and gives off a nice menacing raven vibe. The new tertiary also looks much better than the old one, as well as the watermarks. My only question is what the double lines on the secondary is meant to be? I get that it’s a B, just not what the second line does. Great work!
  4. 2 & 3 both look fine to me, with 3 being the better of the two.
  5. DoctaC

    Portland Herons MLB Expansion Concept

    Wow, this is incredible. That script is awesome, the jerseys look great, and I can really tell how much time and effort went into this project. Amazing work!
  6. Now for the third and fourth teams of the FLA! Team: Boston Pirates Location: Boston, Massachusetts Colors: Green, White Venue: Atlantic Field Capacity: 12,250 The Logo: A simple pirates' hat with a 'B' for Boston on the front. The Uniforms: The Pirates' jerseys use a stripe that runs along the shoulders. They have plain-green helmets, and green/white pants. Team: Washington Presidents Location: Washington, D.C. Colors: Red, White Venue: Jefferson Stadium Capacity: 16,750 The Logo: A 'W' letter with 3 stars inspired by the Washington D.C. city flag. The Uniforms: Washington's uniforms also are inspired heavily by the city flag. They use two belly-stripes, which come from the two stripes on the flag, as well as 3 stars on the sleeves, just like the logo. They top it off with a simple red helmet. I also created the league's logo. It is a basic football shape with the letters 'FLA' in the middle. The eight stars symbolize the eight original FLA teams. C&C encouraged and appreciated!
  7. I agree, I don't really love super realistic logos myself... but that's how they were during this time period. The league will most likely begin the transition from old-style logos to more modern ones during the late-60's/early 70's. Thanks for the kind words on the uniforms!
  8. You say these concepts are half-assed, but they really aren't at all. They look great! Especially Myrtilis, my favorite.
  9. Now here are the Durham Bulls. They are called the Bulls because Durham is known for a large bull statue located at their town square. Their unique color scheme comes from the Durham city flag. Their logo is a simple bull's head: The reference image I used: And the uniforms: Due to their crazy color scheme their uniforms look different from a typical uniform. The use a pale-yellow helmet, a blue jersey, and salmon? pants. The pants also have a double stripe using the 2 other colors. C&C is appreciated, Boston is up next!
  10. I’m planning on going more in depth with players/games/etc. starting in the 1947 season... the 1946 season I simulated was just to help me figure out how exactly I wanted to simulate. Glad you’re enjoying the series!
  11. Championship Banner for the division winners and champion I just made: This also gives a sneak peak at the Durham Bulls who began working on today, C&C appreciated!
  12. Now for the second and third teams! Team: Dayton Pilots Location: Dayton, Ohio Colors: Blue, White Venue: Orville & Wilbur Wright Stadium Capacity: 14,500 The Logo: Dayton is the birthplace of aviation, hence the name Pilots. Their logo is a D with an old-style plane flying through it. The Uniforms: Dayton and Brooklyn are the only two teams in the 1940's who use a helmet stripe, and Dayton's is the wider of the two. Their jerseys use a single sleeve stripe and colored cuffs. Reference Image Team: Brooklyn Kings Location: Brooklyn, NYC, New York Colors: Black, Gold Venue: Brooklyn Field Capacity: 18,000 The Logo: Not much to say here, just a simple block-B. The Uniforms: Brooklyn was one of two teams to use a helmet stripe, and the ONLY team to use a pant stripe in the 1940's. Other than that they're pretty simple uniforms. While working on Dayton and Brooklyn I was able to finish simulating the 1946 season: C&C on both Dayton and Brooklyn is encouraged and appreciated.
  13. Team: Cincinnati Emperors Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Colors: Dark Grey, Gold, White Venue: Cincinnati Stadium Capacity: 16,000 The Logo: The team is known as the emperors because Cincinnati was named after Cincinnatus, a Roman Senator, and the Roman Empire was lead by emperors. Their logo uses an emperor penguin to display their nickname, as well as a football. The Uniforms: Their uniforms were the FLA's simplest during the 1940's. They use no types for stipes, designs, or logos. They use a simple gold helmet with a gold/dark grey jersey, and dark grey/white pants. Reference Image C&C is encouraged and appreciated.
  14. Today I will be starting my first series on the boards; the Football League of America (FLA). In this timeline, the NFL went under due to WWII and many players going to fight in the war. The league lost enough revenue, and eventually started losing money, causing more than 2/3 of the teams to fold and the league to end with them (in 1943). After a few years of no professional football, a new league, the FLA, was started up with 8 original teams, split up into Eastern and Western divisions. League Scheduling (1946-) - Teams play 8 games each. - Teams play each team in their division twice. - Teams play two non-division games. - There is a 4-team playoff at the end of each season. - East #1 plays East #2, West #1 plays West #2. - Semifinal games are played at the higher seed's home field. - Winners of each games play in the "FLA Cup." - The FLA Cup is played at a predetermined neutral site, voted on before the regular season. The current year is: 1946-47 Teams Team Success: The templates I use for my uniforms are based off the templates at I made my own modifications to make them cleaner and better to use. I use to simulate every game for every season. Right now its only 32 games, but that number will grow quickly as I plan to expand the league as soon as possible. I've been working on the teams for a few weeks, and as of right now (July 12, 2018), I am near completion on the teams' logos and uniforms. I will hopefully have all 8 teams' finished and unveiled by the end of the week. Any C&C on the logos, uniforms, team names, etc. is greatly appreciates.
  15. Solid work. My only concern is that the yellow tower will be difficult to see on the teal jersey on the field. Also, I don't think this is intended, but the colors on the white jersey's numbers is different for the 1 and the 2.