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  1. pelicanfan


    Thank you! I appreciate the advice
  2. pelicanfan


    Mod Edit - Concept removed as OP does not have logo useage rights.
  3. pelicanfan


  4. pelicanfan

    Unpopular Opinions

    Anyone know how I can stop getting notifications from this thread? I’m new here. Also here’s my unpopular opinion: I hate the color navy in the nba there’s way too many teams wearing it. I do accept the pacers and pelicans usage of it tho
  5. pelicanfan

    Pelicans Mardi Gras Court Concept (City Edition)

    Agreed. Always wanted the pelicans to use Mardi Gras colors after the rebrand
  6. pelicanfan

    SuperSonics Return Court Concept

    sure here it is. I prefer it to be green tho
  7. pelicanfan

    SuperSonics Return Court Concept

    I used a template for the base of the court from here: i would have made the border lines yellow but how the template was made didn’t allow me to do so. So basically all I did was take the old Sonics logo and repainted it and removed the red and kept it two colors (excluding the white line) I also put the two S logos one on each side two symbolize the word super and sonic. And clearly I also added the space needle in the middle which I wanted to make it wood stain but it just didn’t work out with how much colored paint was used on the court so I made it a solid green. I tried making it both modern and old school with the old logo and the latest circle logos combined and also making the middle design abnormally big and removing any gradient for solid colors. (I would feel bad for anyone sitting on the opposite side of the court tho) tldr: combined the “present” and past. Past: old logo, enlarged design, excessive paint Modern: “present” Sonics logo, solid colors, keeping it two main colors
  8. a concept design I made. I know not a lot of people will like this because it’s so extra but I decided to put a lot of “extraness” to match the spirits of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The skyline is the one if New Orleans and I put it on both the top and bottom for some symmetry. I also put the team name on the bottom instead because of the New Orleans vine design on the corners. I then bring back the old Nola logo and recolored it to a Mardi Gras color. Note: I am not a professional artist so please excuse some weird jagged up areas or ocd triggering details
  9. pelicanfan

    Louisville NBA Concept (UPDATE 8/13/18)

    But those have a curve and an outline around the letters. With also using a classic navy and red color.
  10. pelicanfan

    Louisville NBA Concept (UPDATE 8/13/18)

    I like it but I do feel it could use a better font. The one you used seems a bit too “futuristic” in my opinion but overall they’re pretty awesome
  11. Not a fan of that 3D block type of numbering. Especially on the yellow Jessie’s which have a white shade behind the numbers
  12. pelicanfan

    Unpopular Opinions

    I have a dislike for the nuggets logo. I like their picaxe logo but their main logo that’s on the court just doesn’t work for me. The navy almost looks black and the bright yellow doesn’t really fit well. And then there’s some baby blue which isn’t that noticeable.