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  1. Very partial to Oakland Quails, but also somewhat confused about driveball's relative popularity at our point in the timeline. Can we get some clarification? Also a bit surprised there's not been any talk of a second LA or NYC team
  2. Looks good, but back in the day Princeton had these pretty cool pinstripe sleeves going in their football uniforms and (I think?) their other athletic teams too. Might be interesting to work that in. Edit: Yes, they still have those today, but they popped more because they were the main orange on the actual uniform instead of the helmet.
  3. It's hard to remember now, but in the current setting, the Ivy League is the biggest player in college football, with Yale and Harvard competing with each other for national championships every year. I think any realistic simulation of the emergence of collegiate driveball should take the Ivy League into account--maybe Cornell becomes a dominant force, or Princeton, considering it's right by the rogues.
  4. Name: Bruce O'Shea Age: 31 In favor of no rule changes--currently there is a good mix of defensive and offensive games and it should stay that way. Tepid on a tour of UK and Ireland--it would be expensive, there's no proven appetite for driveball outside the US, and it's hard to imagine it leading to teams there for decades, if ever. Strongly opposed to developmental leagues--the college level of the sport should be allowed to develop and become the main source of talent.
  5. The Blackbirds look is by far the best one you have so far. It feels a little atypical for the time, so I don't feel like I'm just looking at an American logo, but it's also not crazy modern looking so I don't feel like it breaks the story. I love the mismatch of name and color; one, it looks great, but two, it incorporates the "shady but glitzy" mood you're clearly going for in Moriga into the look. Loving it--more so than the others, this one really feels like the logo tells a story. 12/10, A++
  6. I do love these designs, the roundels in particular are very well executed. The idea of doing a totally fictional world, instead of a totally fictional sport, is really cool too and I look forward to seeing it evolve. I do have a criticism however. So far, these identities feel a bit... typical? Right now it seems like every team is just going to have a local animal as its name. I'd love to see in the coming identities maybe some people-at-work kinda names, references to more abstract elements of a city, and maybe even elements of the cityscape getting mixed into the logos. Right now I feel like the descriptions are making the city's come alive, but the logo isn't really reflecting it. If part of what you're doing is telling the story of Torland through its baseball league, I think having the visual elements of the series really reflect Torland would be really helpful to the series. I don't really know what that would be, because it's not my world. Also, a question: which city is the capital, and is it large like the Londons of the world or smaller like the Washingtons and Ottawas?
  7. Definitely loving separating the teams out by bullet point. Makes everything much easier to follow, especially at a glance.
  8. I think it's gonna be really tough if we're monitoring all the markball leagues worldwide, especially since you've talked about the idea of there being a world cup, which I assume means a really popular game in many countries. It creates a lot more work for you, especially since you sim every game. I think it would be interesting to get periodic updates on events in the global game but really following it all is a lot to chew, so I'd be careful of biting it off.
  9. The washington commanders jerseys are a dramatic improvement. They really do look very good now and are among the best jerseys in the league
  10. Does the NDA have no reserve clauses?
  11. Neo, was that supposed to be a look into the future? Is the story timeline still in 1953 or have we bumped ahead? Is there actually going to be a thirty second shot clock for the first CDA season or is that also in the future?
  12. I'd like to see some more white involved in the home jersey for Washington; I think the logo makes it kinda clear that white is one of their colors and I find it weird to see the home uniform just being blue with a bit of red. The LA ones in particular look amazing though
  13. The Dragon's tongue feels very weirdly prominent to me. I like the rest of it and I really love the decision to use an eastern dragon instead of a western one.
  14. That W shield is amazing. The name is pretty decent too, especially as it kinda bridges the gap between the Senators being government oriented and the Redskins name being more "braves on the warpath" style.
  15. Kansas City in particular looks a lot better; it's also much more clear that those are his ears. Plus it gives the logo a little more edge, so it's more clear that it's a sports logo than just a generic logo.