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  1. ShutUpLutz!

    Worst owners in Sports

    I enjoy reading threads like this about who is the worst owner of a sports team because I know that all the responses will miss out on some key things, most importantly: 1) The owners don't give a damn about the fans. I remember back when the Colts won Super Bowl XL and Irsay announced that he would be having a treasure hunt of sorts during which 5 fans would "win" Super Bowl rings. Indianapolis went ape :censored: over this. Turns out that the winning fans had to pay the taxes on the rings while Irsay got to write the whole thing off as a business expense. Let me repeat that. Owners don't care about fans. 2) Most owners don't care about winning championships. Jerry Jones has said repeatedly that he'd have traded a Super Bowl win or all three if it meant he got into the Hall of Fame. Now, you can rightly argue that it's because the Cowboys won 3 SB's that he got elected, but the point is that he doesn't care about the SP or winning it, no matter how much garbage he barfs out on his radio show or in interviews. Owners don't care about winning championships, because to them the team is more something to show off to other people in a "I have one of these and you don't" kind of way.
  2. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Going by that logic, none of Ichiro's hits when he was playing in Japan count because he wasn't playing against the best baseball players in the world, all of whom according to you ONLY have played in MLB, then none of the Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb or Lou Gehrig or Walter Johnson or ANY player who played in the mlb before 1947 count because they sure as hell weren't playing against the all of the best baseball players of the world, right? You know Satchel Page, Josh Gibson. As for unpopular opinions, when a particular city is home to more than one pro team in one of the big 4 pro leagues in the US/Canada, all of the teams MUST have the same color scheme, like Pittsburgh does with the Steelers/Pirates/Penguins. This would lead to some interesting looks and possible name changes for some teams.
  3. ShutUpLutz!

    The Sports Media Thread

    I've read that the real reason Beadle left get up is that she CANNOT STAND Mike Greenberg. I've noticed ESPN has released their last two 30 For 30 docs exclusively on ESPN+, which sucks. I fear they will be going that route permanently. I've also heard that awful show with Bomani Jones is tettering on three very wobbly legs and will probably be killed off at the end of the year, as cutting it down to an half an hour has done nothing to increase ratings. Moving over to Fox Sports One, are you kidding me? How can you claim to have a major sports network and the ONLY highlights oriented show you have is the one with the oldest demographic on earth, MLB? Seriously?? How could Jay and Dan not connect with audiences? I know they made some truly horrible choices hiring Regis Philben, but come on.
  4. One of the coolest new sports traditions is that every player on the team that won the Stanley Cup gets to have the Cup for a day. Naturally this has lead to some wild and zany stuff, with the Cup ending up at the bottom of swimming pools, in hot tubs and jacuzzis, getting a tan at the beach, going to the top of mountains, visiting MANY, MANY bars and strip clubs and having everyone from babies to grandparents to teenagers to MILFS to dogs and cats drinking /eating things out of the Cup, including but not limited to beer, champagne, wine, Goldschlager, Coke, Pepsi, milkshakes of various flavors, ice cream of various flavors, some evil concoction mixed up by Mark Messier at a bar the night the Rangers won the Cup back in 1994, cereal, mashed potatoes, potato salad, various types of salad, as well as having thousands of babies and dogs and cat and lizards placed in the bowl for adorable photos. All of which is AWESOME. Unfortunately the Washington Capitals apparently went a bit too far and there may be some restrictions on what can and can't be done with the Cup in the years to come. Which is yet another example of why we can't have nice things. But for the purposes of this thread, let;'s say that the rules and restrictions have been lifted. Naturally you can't go stupid crazy, like bashing someone's skull into 30 or so pieces of throwing the Cup through a glass storefront or using it as a battering ram during a drug bust, but that still leaves plenty of mischief to be had, so what would you do and where would you and the Cup go during your day together. I would take a nap with the Cup. I mean a full take off shoes/socks take wallet/keys/coins out of pants pockets, and get under the covers nap. I'd play frisbee golf with the Cup as each hole.
  5. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    But with my change, scoring a goal doesn't cancel out the balance of the penalty. And why should it? As for penalty shots instead of power plays, that's still even strength 1 on 1, which negates the entire incentive for a goalie NOT to commit a penalty, they still get to stay out on the ice and penalty shots are no sure thing. Uh, uh, I'll have none of your guff, it's off to the BOX OF HUMILIATION with you, where you will feel sad and think about what you've done.
  6. Let's say I'm a billionaire and one day I decide that I want a copy of the Stanley Cup, the Larry O'Brien Trophy, the Lombardi Trophy and whatever the hell the World series trophy is called? Is it possible and legal for me to pay the companies that make them to make copies for me? I've seen pictures of Michael Jordan's trophy room and I'm pretty sure he has six O'Brien trophies in it. And before you say, "Well, you aren't Michael Jordan and you have no affiliation with any team or any of the leagues," well, duh. this is a hypothetical and remember that you literally can buy ANYTHING if you throw enough money at it.
  7. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Nope, no goalie. of course you can stick one of the other players back there in goal if you want, but they don't get to wear any of the goalie gear. Is that harsh? Sure, why not. Is it a dumb rule? Uh, not really. Why should the goalie be allowed to stay on the ice if they spear someone while one of his teammates has to go sit in the BOX OF HUMILIATION? Screw that. And if the other team scores a bazillion goals during the penalty time, too bad. the goalies would know the rules, right? You break them, you take the penalty.
  8. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    All college football games must be played using the official NCAA football, which is manufactured by Wilson. Currently I've seen college games played using Wilson, Noike, Adidas and Under Armor marked footballs. To prevent any dicking around with game balls all NFL game used balls are to be purchased on the day of the game by one of the game day officials from a local sports store. This means no more soaking the balls in water for weeks on end. Kids play with footballs straight out of the box and they have ZERO problems throwing or gripping them so NFL players who GET PAID to do so and have been doing so their entire lives should damn well be able to. Every foul and penalty committed by players in basketball and football games in addition to change of possession or free throws or yardage or whatever, the offending player must leave the playing field and go stand in a penalty box a certain duration, thus leaving his team shorthanded. If a goalie commits a penalty in hockey, the goalie must serve the penalty in the box instead of another player. If a football team commits multiple penalties they will ALL be marked off in terms of yardage, not just one.
  9. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Something the union will NEVER agree to, not for a billion dollars.
  10. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    This will probably get jumped on. The name of the city has to be the city/stare has to be the name of the city/state you actually play in. What does this mean? Well, the New York Giants and New York Jets names should be the New Jersey Giants and New Jersey Jets. They both play in a stadium located in New Jersey, as are all of their other facilities. The Dallas Cowboys should be the Arlington Cowboys. The San Francisco 49ers should be the Santa Clara 49ers. The Washington Redskins should be the Maryland Redskins. Teams like the New England Patriots and Golden State Warriors get a pass because "Golden State" references California and the rumors are that they will be renamed the San Francisco Warriors when they move into their new arena in San Francisco and "New England" represents an entire region.
  11. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Christ. So you are saying that Rose's betting baseball didn't hurt baseball as an institution, not even a little. That the fact that one of the most famous and best players in the history of the game literally took a dump on that game, not to mention the fans that he repeatedly lied to and the 4 commissioners that he repeatedly lied to and his teammates like Johnny Bench (more on him below that he repeatedly lied to. Those thousands and thousands of lies, you just handwave them away. Rose certainly does have an obligation to stay away from all betting, it's the very definition of "reconfiguring" his life that Vincent, Selig and Manfred have REPEATEDLY said Rose MUST do if he wants to have even a chance of reinstatement. his refusal to do so is yet another dump taken in their faces and on the faces of the fans. As for Johnny Bench, one of the most respected and greatest players in mlb history, certainly one of the top 5 catchers if not top 3 was at Cooperstown during enshrinement weekend back in 2000 for Tony Perez's induction. Perez and bench were on stage and the crowd started chanting, "We want Pete! We want Pete! We want Pete! Bench strode to the microphone and said, "You can have him."
  12. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    What's wrong with them is that they are evidence that Rose has given ZERO effort and has no intention of "reconfiguring his life" which is what former commissioners Vincent, Selig and current commissioner Manfred all say has to happy for Rose to have ANY chance at reinstatement. Now, what does "reconfiguring his life" mean? Stop betting. On everything. Stop sitting in the sports book in Vegas in sweatpants and dirty t-shirt getting drunk every Saturday and Sunday during college and pro football season. Stop going to the dog track and placing $30,000 bets. Stop going to the horse track and placing $100,000 bets. Don't work in a casino. If Rose wants to sell his autograph or a picture with him or one of his game worn unis or whatever , more power to him. But move out of the casino. Move to a storefront in a stripmall. Sell over the Internet. Move out of Las Vegas, hell move out of Nevada. The problem now is that there are casinos of one kind or another in nearly every state in the country, and wherever he settled I guarantee Rose just can't help himself. Stop gambling of any and all kinds. None of what Martin did broke any rule of baseball, not even the bull :censored: 'unwritten rules' garbage. Rose didn't break a rule, he broke THE RULE. The only rule in the entire book of mlb rules that is posted in EVERY major and minor league clubhouse. It baffles me why you handwave away how important and dear that rule is to the powers that be in baseball. It goes to the integrity of the game far more than anything Billy Martin did. I'm curious why you don't mention the fact that the Spanks won the world series in 1977, and they likely would have won it without Reggie Jackson. You make it seem as if they only reason they did win was because of Reggie, which is garbage. So Billy Martin was a paranoid asshat AND a drunk. Mickey Mantle was a drunk and an asshat and played half his career drunk or hung over so why aren't you on your high horse about how many games and championships he cost the Yankees because of his behavior. Rose hurt BASEBALL. Screw whether or not he hurt his team.
  13. ShutUpLutz!

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Not going to quote other's posts, because, well just because. First off, the reinstatement and enshrinement of Pete Rose to baseball and the HOF. NO. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. Not next year. Not next decade. Not EVER. NEVER. Pete Rose and all those who whinge and blub and shriek and bleat about how unfairly he has been treated and how he has 'suffered' for too long and must now be forgiven and welcomed back with a huge parade and cake and hugs and kisses and a big sash and robe and crown can all pound sand. Pete Rose repeatedly, thousands of times, willfully and knowingly broke the ONE RULE, the ONLY RULE that is posted in EVERY major and minor league clubhouse in the United States. He passed by it multiple times EVERY DAY. And he willfully ignored it because to quote the man himself, "Well, I'm Pete Rose. I've got the most hits in baseball history." Actually you don't, that record belongs to Ichiro. Pete Rose LIED to EVERYONE. Pete Rose lied to his fellow teammates. Pete Rose lied to the players he managed. Pete Rose lied to the fans including that asshat who dressed up as Uncle Sam and stood outside the courthouse where Pete was in trial holding a sign that read: THE AMERICAN!!!! PEOPLE DECLARE!!!! PETE IS INNOCENT!!!! Pete Rose lied repeatedly for nearly 15 years to 3 different commissioners of baseball, Bart Giamatti, Faye Vincent and Bud Selig. Pete Rose repeatedly and still refers to Faye Vincent as "that cripple." Pete Rose STILL bets on baseball. Pete Rose makes his living working in a casino. Faye Vincent, Bud Selig and Rob Manfred have said for nearly 20 years that if Rose wants to be reinstated he needs to 'reconfigure his life' which he has shown ZERO inlcination or desire to do, Pete Rose thinks he doesn't and shouldn't have to because, "I'm Pete Rose and have the most hits in baseball history." Pete Rose has NEVER apologized to the public for lying to them for over 15 years. I'm talking a sincere break down and start sobbing at the microphone and admitting what a scumclown adulterous dirtbag he truly is. But hey Trump lies his ass off and he got elected President. As for multi use stadiums being a thing of the past, actually a number of mlb stadiums including AT&T Park, the new Yankee Stadium and Marlins Park have all hosted bowl or college football games.