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  1. Hawkfan, could you give me the names (No logos) of the the other leagues in this universe? (PBA, PBl And PFL)
  2. You should really put more color in your sigs.
  3. Those Squirrels uniforms look pretty good, but I think the squirrel’s head is too small.
  4. My work here is done. Feel free to select from my massive wall of name suggestions. And as for Buffalo, I suggest the Barrels.
  5. Thanks! And by Euro Cup, I mean the big soccer competition.
  6. Where can I find this Major League Hockey you have In your sig?
  7. Some name suggestions for the possible Oakland NDA franchise: Oakland Squirrels: The Original NDA Team from Oakland. Oakland Oaks: Obvious. California Suns: NorCal: Sunny. SoCal: Sunny. Cal: Sunny. Oakland Rush: In honour of the 49ers. California Waves: The biggest Californian stereotype is surfing. And last but not least: California Quails: The official state bird.
  8. Could you make me a championship sig with the following: *Dodgers World Series And NL Pennant Wins. *Rams Conference and Super Bowl Wins *Kings Stanley Cup Wins *Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Wins *Argonauts Conference And Grey Cup Wins * Liverpool FC FA Cup And European Cup Wins Thanks!
  9. Do you think that the NDA and CDA might merge towards the end of the 60s?
  10. Speaking of which, have you forgotten about the LA Comets sig I asked for last month?