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  1. Black Dragon

    Seattle Breakers NHL uniform concept

    Pretty good design maybe fix up the logo
  2. Black Dragon

    NHL 2018-19

    I actually like it
  3. Black Dragon

    Variations on the Canucks (01-13: Flying Skate)

    What would It look like with th plaid shirt for Johnny
  4. It’s looks different to me
  5. Way better template
  6. Looks good but can you change the template
  7. Black Dragon

    NHL Super-League

    Yep this is dead
  8. Black Dragon

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Can you try blue and gold for Saints Black, along with old gold and white, has always been one of the team colors, but it was not the first choice of original majority owner John W. Mecom Jr. His preference was for Mecom blue, a medium shade which was used by all of his other investments. The NFL office, however, informed him that his proposed combination too closely resembled that worn by the San Diego Chargers.
  9. Black Dragon

    Your Favorite Teams?

    Go Gators
  10. Black Dragon

    Las Vegas Raiders Brand Concept

  11. Black Dragon

    Seattle Sea Lions NHL (UPDATE 12/10)

    Maybe Sea Hawks colors
  12. Black Dragon

    WWE on FOX/FS1 Branding

    It's Glorious