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  1. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I thought the exact same thing. This makes no since for them.
  2. The New XFL

    I say Birmingham Al. They were an original team and will have a brand new stadium by 2020, hopefully. The proposed seating for the stadium is 45,000 permanent seats, with an additional 10,000 temporary seats,. to make full capacity 55,000.
  3. Since the announcement of the official of the Birmingham Bulls to the SPHL yesterday. I decided since they are still using the old logo, that I would try to see if I could update the logo some, but keep the same style of logo. it's rough but I think you will get my idea. Would love thought about it, or if you have better logos go for it .
  4. Not 100 on topic but Birmingham Al has been looking to jump to Triple A this could be a shot.
  5. NFL 2017 changes?

    The Rams helmet looks amazing but the gold on the jersey looks out of place.
  6. Return of the Birmingham Bulls.

    The Birmingham Bulls are trurning to the SPHL Art Clarkson the owner that brought them back in the 1990's are bringing them back now.
  7. Return of the Birmingham Bulls.

    these were there primary set towards the end of the previous run.
  8. Return of the Birmingham Bulls.

    well if it was an old mask it was not see through so the Bull came through the mask..
  9. Return of the Birmingham Bulls.

    only thing I know it is a bull face in an old style goaltender mask. I have a put a logo concept in the concept section trying to update it too.
  10. I want Bama to bring back the white helmets part time.
  11. White Helmets for Alabama?

    I saw this picture on fb today and I thought I would love to have Bama where this. Am I the only one?
  12. NFL 2 - Team Finals - BOISE

    My only concern is why Mobile over Birmingham?
  13. New logo. Not sure about the uniforms and helmet but not bad for an AIF team.
  14. Birmingham Outlawz new AIF team for 2017

    It's a rebrand of the Alabama Outlawz from another league that folded.
  15. All Purpose Stadium Thread

    I guess you have to have something there in place of seats. lol
  16. All Purpose Stadium Thread

    That is nuts. Why would you go and watch the game on the jumbotron. I would rather sit at home in my lazyboy.
  17. Birmingham Barons have 2 new hats. Red with black bill will be added to some games, and a new BP hat I like them.
  18. All Purpose Stadium Thread

    Another stadium that is used for several thing or use to be is Hoover Metropolitan stadium
  19. Players in the "wrong" uniforms This whole page has a bunch of good players in the wrong uni's lol
  20. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Really? Ever hear of Sam Bowie? LaRue Martin? Len Bias? Michael Olowokandi? Darko Milicic? Andrew Bogut? Back on topic, here's Robert Parish with the Bulls... Here is a real weird one
  21. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    messed that up 1 more time
  22. Alabama to get "revolutionary" Nike jerseys

    This is not real this is also the fake paper that says there will be an actual elephant on the sidelines this year. I think that might be why we all of a sudden he put that in there fake paper.