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  1. 1991

    Missouri football

    i could see them using the white jersey and yellow pants as a new retro style.
  2. Springfield Cardinal also look like mirrors on St Louis with their uniforms.
  3. 1991

    question about simple paint programs

    thanks for the help!
  4. i bought a samsung chromebook 3, and i want to go and create jersey designs again bought cant find a pre programmed paint program, so what free and basic paint program should i download that is pretty simple? thank you.
  5. How can I resize photos for custom logos to download to NBA 2k18 using a very cheap rca tablet? Thank you!
  6. 1991

    NFL Draft Picks

    I HATE the buds uniforms and number font, they had a great look and went and changed it just for changes sake when Nike took over, definitely a down grade. I think if the had kept the previous uniform and just added the updated logos along with the numbering font from their old practice units that would be a great improvement!
  7. 1991

    Stetson University Unveils New Athletic Logo

    I like it!
  8. 1991

    Custom logos on Nike builder??

    That's what I was afraid of, but thank you for your help.
  9. I have been messing around on Nike team builder, and was wondering if/can you download custom team logos on the site while building your uniform, and if you can how do you do it because I never see the option. Adidas team builder has the same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  10. 1991

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    I agree that the WNBA should have their own individual look, but in my opinion the parent teams that still own one and the smaller club don't seem to want to put the extra money into them like they could, almost seems to me they see the WNBA as a p.r. cause which sucks!
  11. Love the number set your using and was a fan of their previous simple set before the current ones were created, but all in all not bad.
  12. I don't have a computer and was wondering if I could download logos for NBA 2k18 directly from the internet using my Xbox one without a computer? Thank you
  13. Just noticed that if you google "Drury panthers logos", there is a identical panther going through a capital D. It was made as a alt logo when Drury had to change their logo because of a threat of lawsuit by jaguar.
  14. I'm looking for a company that can make single jerseys of my old high school uniforms and shorts, warmup, etc. The one company I knew of " classic old school" has no contact info any more, and I think went out of business. Please help! Thanks!!!