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  1. I'm looking for a company that can make single jerseys of my old high school uniforms and shorts, warmup, etc. The one company I knew of " classic old school" has no contact info any more, and I think went out of business. Please help! Thanks!!!
  2. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    I don't have any pics, but Forsyth Missouri h.s. has a turf baseball field that doubles as their football field. They just started varsity football this year.
  3. I know Missouri state university adidas contract ends this summer, but was wondering if they signed a new deal or signed with someone new? Please help if you know.
  4. When I try to sign in to niketeam.com it says wrong password, and that my email is already registered, so I try to use the contact info to reset a password and they say a email will be sent but it never does.what can I do, I have some ideas I want to design. Help please!!
  5. Nike team uni save???

    How do i save different views on Nike team custom uniform created?
  6. the u of cincinati has sold their 3 year old football turf to reeds spring h s. in missouri for $450,000 because they will be gettin new turf. the reason for the need of new turf at u of c is that a pro soccer team will be sharing the field and they had to have new field markings. if you google something like "new reeds spring field turf", you can see what the turf will look like after it's repainted. the deal also includes a 8 year warranty for reeds spring.
  7. Michigan to Jordan Brand

    i always thought that if Jordan would cover another sport, the obvious choice would be baseball.
  8. College Arena Football League

    why not add Missouri state and maybe another Missouri valley team to the Great Plains AFC since you already have Evansville and Wichita State and maybe move Belmont to the North Eastern AFC.
  9. I really like those uniforms, clean, and simple, my only suggestion would be for the flag patch maybe changed to a waving flag (not sure), and my other thought would be to change the "USA" font to the one the hockey team wore with the waving "S", but I think your concept is something I could definitely see team USA wearing. great job!
  10. sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but, how do you save your created uniform images to your computer? I don't have any special programs either. thanks.
  11. I know that some colleges change the look of the basketball courts to keep up with but I like the look of a lot of the courts, so I thought it might be cool to start a college bball floor database like the NBA one, but it would definitely need the help of the rest of you members and isn't just division 1 but ALL college levels if you wish to submit other schools. To start it off I give you Missouri State's JQH Arena and a photo of the actual floor,,,,
  12. Forsyth Missouri high school is in the process of starting up a football team, and I thought I would do a uniform concept for them. on another note below I posted a artists rendering of their football field that is going to be combined with the baseball field/stadium with both having field turf, in my opinion they are trying to be cheap by not building a new football stadium and this just looks ridiculous and like their old wrestling program I give it surviving less then 10 years. first is the proposed stadium and then the uniform concept.
  13. UNC Football Redesign

    Not bad, pretty basic, nut i'm thinking maybe have the sleeve strips include the style as the side panels as the men's basketball uniforms. But that's just my humble opinion.
  14. I would also like a copy, rshs1991@hotmail.com thanks!!