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  1. I don't have a computer and was wondering if I could download logos for NBA 2k18 directly from the internet using my Xbox one without a computer? Thank you
  2. Just noticed that if you google "Drury panthers logos", there is a identical panther going through a capital D. It was made as a alt logo when Drury had to change their logo because of a threat of lawsuit by jaguar.
  3. I'm looking for a company that can make single jerseys of my old high school uniforms and shorts, warmup, etc. The one company I knew of " classic old school" has no contact info any more, and I think went out of business. Please help! Thanks!!!
  4. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    I don't have any pics, but Forsyth Missouri h.s. has a turf baseball field that doubles as their football field. They just started varsity football this year.
  5. I know Missouri state university adidas contract ends this summer, but was wondering if they signed a new deal or signed with someone new? Please help if you know.
  6. When I try to sign in to niketeam.com it says wrong password, and that my email is already registered, so I try to use the contact info to reset a password and they say a email will be sent but it never does.what can I do, I have some ideas I want to design. Help please!!
  7. Nike team uni save???

    How do i save different views on Nike team custom uniform created?
  8. Michigan to Jordan Brand

    i always thought that if Jordan would cover another sport, the obvious choice would be baseball.
  9. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    And to continue with southwest Missouri ... here is West Plains Zizzers main logo and here is their secondary logo
  10. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    here are more original sw Missouri high school logos. in order are..... --nixa eagles --reeds spring wolves (ALTERNATE logo)
  11. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Here is the first in a series of southwest Missouri original high school logos.... Springfield Glendale "Falcons"...
  12. Templates Requests

    i would like any and all SOD templates if at all possible. thank you. rshs1991@hotmail.com
  13. Recolorization Goofiness

    here is my ideas (sorry if any are reposts of others ideas)....
  14. my chicago cubs concept

    give me a day and i'll try without pinstripes.