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  1. RT @pitbull: Life is too short to not celebrate every moment.

  2. #tbt

  3. @fourblairs @AngryPredsFan If only!

  4. RT @davelozo: I swear to god if this Vegas thing ends up being a Jimmy Kimmel prank...

  5. @lovelyminda ...are you okay?

  6. @tj_chillot You have the strangest opinions.

  7. I legit LOVE that game 7 isn't until Thursday night. If history is any indication, #Preds will need that extra day…

  8. RT @Everything_TN: Texans are weird example 984

  9. @TheMacTabby

  10. Bradbury

    Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    About 4 years ago, I wore a navy Predators t-shirt on a trip to Arkansas. The logo was mistaken for LSU, Mizzou & the Jacksonville Jaguars all in the same day.
  11. @withrowzone Jets don't pee like that, but prop planes do

  12. @PREDSident An OutKast anthem for first playoff game against the Thrashers would be excellent.

  13. I knew the #Preds wouldn't sweep Colorado, but dang.

  14. @meghugs Oh, I'm not disrupting that. What I meant was, Malco would lobby to block it from ever being built. Someon…

  15. RT @RiverKings: The ice is cured, the doors are open, and warm-ups are only moments away! PLAYOFF HOCKEY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! 👑 v…