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  1. UFL

    It was interesting. The tryouts were at Natomas High. Yet, mini-camp was at Grant. I think training camp should be at Sierra College. (used to be the summer home of the 49ers)
  2. UFL

    It was a good Fan Day. Lots of fun. Are you going to go to any games?
  3. UFL

    From today's mini-camp:
  4. UFL

  5. UFL

  6. Thrift Store Gems '10

    If you can find me some of those Lions Jerseys, let me know.
  7. NFL Weekly Uniform Notes

    I need to get a pair of those socks.
  8. UFL Team Names & Logos

    I'll see you there. Got my season tickets and I'm ready to go next weekend.
  9. Wyoming switches to Nike

    OT - More Props for Mesa State. WYO = Ugh! Went to a few Wyoming games a couple of years ago and I liked the uniforms. Unique and a good combo of Brown 'n Gold. Nike is the devil.
  10. Jaguars getting new uniforms

    Does that count as a Lions win?
  11. Lions uniform changes

    They already used it when they got rid of Matt Millen.
  12. Reno's PCL team is named Aces

    Can't wait until next week. Guess I'll have to catch a couple of games up in Reno.
  13. Tucson Toros...

    That's pretty cool that the Toros are back. Can't wait to see where the GBL expands next.
  14. Vero Beach D-Rays Sold and Relocated

    I don't think they would want to go with the Charlotte Rays. A ball player would then be called a Charlotte Rae:
  15. Colorado State University-Pueblo uniforms

    They look good. Simple and clean. On October 11th, they will look even better all torn up and dirty in defeat. Go Mavs.