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  1. You're assuming I didn't deliberately leave any colors out...
  2. Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) PANTONE Digital Standards Graphics Project: 2017-present
  3. Whose were incorrect? In this thread, or on my site? (Mine are very much correct.)
  4. NFL Playoffs PANTONE Digital Standards Graphics
  5. Coming out of Lurk Mode again... 1. Yes, I can be a drama queen at times; I'll admit it. However, that's not what this is about. 2. No one ruined it for everyone in this case. 3. My decision is based on what I want to do with the data in the future; I now have plans for what needs to happen with it, and having it all out there in plain sight wasn't doing me any favors. I'll elaborate more in the future.
  6. OK. I'm only lurking here now, but this thread is making my head explode. 1. The Cavaliers called that color Blue, but in reality, it was the same exact Pantone that the Angels used in their Disney-era uniforms. They called it Periwinkle. 2. The Cavs switched from Burnt Orange and Royal Blue. NOT Red. 3. First example of Teal in pro sports I've found were the California Golden Seals in the 1974-1975 NHL season. Good gosh...don't make me stop the car and get back there!
  7. What did I tell you weeks ago? [/backtolurking]
  8. Yes - I have over 400 GB worth of sports vector graphics, including 40-50 printed Style Guides covering all five major sports leagues, and many minor leagues. Not only that, but I have created a series of relational databases that store color information, collegiate information, professional franchise information, as well as venues, and also have built a custom color matching utility. I have been collecting this information for close to 40 years. This color information is collected through official style guides, uniform graphics sheets, official logo files, etc. I specifically note which colors are estimates vs. a confirmed Pantone color by including an asterisk * in the lower right-hand corner of any color swatch - here is an example of a "guess": As you can see - all of those colors (save the Black and White) are estimates. I do not have confirmation of the actual colors used, so they are flagged as such. However, I have put in a great deal of research on the Pike, and feel fairly confident in the estimates I have provided. If I ever obtain an official sheet or an official vector file, I will make the necessary corrections. For the Dragons, I have official logosheets from 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2007 that all show the version that I presented. Honestly, I believe the version on Chris's site is incorrect. Wikipedia should NOT be anyone's reference for team color information. Go to my own site at for this info - I can guarantee that it is far more accurate and much more complete. I stand behind my research 100%.
  9. I just came back from the Creative South GA conference - hanging with the heavyweight designers in the pro sports graphic design field, and NO ONE had seen the new uniforms. Seems odd that if these images are legit, that these retailers would already have them out on hangers on display. The whole thing is kind of weird.
  10. That's the New York Dragons arena team right? Sorry but their colors were black, red, gold, and white, no orange. Not true. Their colors were as follows: There was both Orange and Yellow in the logos, and on some of the uniform designs they had over the years, both colors were used.
  11. Various shades of Navy used by MLB teams (in Pantone Textile terms): Atlanta: Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, L.A. Angels, N.Y. Yankees, St. Louis: Milwaukee: Houston, San Diego, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington: Minnesota, Seattle:
  12. My only critique would be your choice for the Orange...172 is very much a red-orange: I see what you're going for however - maybe try this one instead:
  13. I'm uploading to my own URL.