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  1. That's cause it's Jeff Bridges, not Jeff Daniels CG so bad makes him look like a different actor!
  2. I need to watch season 2 tbh and I have season 3 all recorded on my dvr just haven't seen season 2 yet. Looked good when they really focused more on the villains
  3. Well Flash isn't ending anytime soon, infact I can see them running Flash for much longer than Arrow. As it is one of the best shows on TV today imo. However one of the best parts to me is how Arrow and Flash work so well on the same timeline/universe. LoT tbh was a major dud. I'm sad too cause Captain Cold and Firestorm are great characters and have great actors. ATOM and Brandon Routh aren't too bad but I liked him more on Arrow. I DID NOT CARE even in the slightest about the Hawkman/Hawk Girl story and I was bored to tears. White Canary and Sarah are so tiring after so long I'm tired of her so LoT can go away but bring back Captain Cold to Flash. Gotham and Supergirl I did not watch last seasons.
  4. Slew Foot implies that Coyles Feet had anything to do with Keith going down, but that is completely untrue. Coyles stick was stuck between the shin pads on teammate Marco Scandella, which happens from time to time during play, however Keith goin backwards into that and falling over is not a slew foot.
  5. I'm interested in this a lot. I actually played two seasons in 2004/05 and 05/06 for the Tulsa Bazooka Blues (ugh that name was awful)
  6. If you don't give The Flash, which is one of the best TV shows on all networks today the time of day, just because of a network, you don't deserve the amazingness that is The Flash lol. If Breaking Bad was on the TLC network, I would've still watched it. Networks aren't everything, give The Flash, Arrow and Legends of the Tomorrow a chance and you'll change your tune about watching the CW. It's the not the same network that put out dog :censored: like Valentine and Easy Money anymore.
  7. I think you're thinking of cocaine or heroin. Nobody does "stunts" when you're high. Colorado's auto accidents have gone down since legalization so that's thrown out in your argument. I just think you're thinking of the wrong drug.
  8. So... Zoom is a :censored:ing badass.
  9. Yes, why would a children's network make shows... for kids. They don't need your views tnak, you're not the demographics they're looking for, they don't need to please you with their writing, I'm sorry.
  10. Don't really see why people are down on GMW of course it's not the same as BMW, that would be boring (just watch BMW re-runs). Besides the fact we're all watching this show as adults and not connecting like we did originally. Plus were also not all young girls so we're not going to relate. It's not a terrible show at all and if you really have problems with a kids show as an Adult then you should look at yourself lol. Of course it's gonna be Disney-fied, it's a Disney show in the end. I've seen every episode and haven't really found a reason why I would complain about it. Even Farkle doesn't bother me and in the beginning I didn't think Rowan Blanchard was gonna be strong enough but she's done a great job so far.
  11. Hmm. Apocalypse looks like Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie.My first reaction was Jin from the Wishmaster series I see the wrinkly face from Ivan Ooze with a heavy dose of Ronan the Accuser from GotG. I think I'd honestly have a hard time taking the movie seriously if he looks like that. Hopefully he gets big or has a really cool voice or something.Or... Understand that it's a still photo from a movie that hasn't had effects added and you don't know how it'll look when he's acting. So maybe just give it a chance before jumping ship from a photo.On the whole this is my biggest problem with movies, everyone in the public thinks they can do it better than a studio can. Really? Go ahead show us.... Oh wait you can't? Then just wait for the movie before you cast stones on a film. From the beginning I knew it was gonna be a challenge for anyone to pull off Apocolypse. The guys pretty much has emo clown face paint in the comics. Imagine if the first still showed just some comic direct face paint on Oscar, woof that'd would have been worse backlash.
  12. I watched the whole season and it was a solid show IMO. I didn't think it was as terrible as some people made it and some of the acting performances have been really great esp Robin Lord Taylor and the dude that plays Nygma (name is escaping me atm) but my wife and I thought it was a good show for our Monday night tv. I much enjoyed The Flash (my fav tv show) and Arrow but they're completely different style of show.
  13. definitely caught that one! Loved the reference though, gives me hope there's a chance he could show up.
  14. CLEstones' posts are gloomier than the Nolan trilogy. Stop being so critical of everything from a movie taken out of context from the film. All you do is complain, but I'm sorry do you make movies? You write them? Are you working on DC films? No? Then give it a chance and wait for the final product. Marvel's films are FAR FROM REALISTIC either. It was badass but not even in the realm of being realistic when Magneto lifted the Stadium in Xmen DOFP. I didn't mind the Leto/Joker look IMO. The "Damaged" tattoo was the worst thing on it but hearing the tats are gone clears that. However I loved the smile/forearm tattoo and the HA-HA-HAs were awesome IMO but would be cooler if he scratched them into his own arm. I would be extremely interested if by the end of Suicide Squad, Joker resembles New52 Joker which would be extremely different from Jack and Heath, which is the biggest need IMO for Jared to distance himself and create his own take on the character.