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  1. Albuquerque

    You got any Bear Claws?
  2. Albuquerque

    Tbh I came here expecting Weird Al, I'm leaving disappointed (as I've done many times leaving Albuquerque)
  3. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Seattle didn't put in any of the necessary work to get a team or even show interest in a team. Vegas paid a half a billion dollars for a franchise, built a NHL-quality arena and got deposits on 16K imaginary tickets before the team even was awarded. Vegas put their work in to get their franchise. Seattle didn't and Kansas City didn't do anything either. All cities had their chance to bid for an expansion team. Vegas and Quebec City only bid but Quebec City will not get an expansion team due to the league being unbalanced. Quebec City will get their team but only in the form of a team moving (i.e. Carolina) but don't tell me that Vegas is only a tourist town. They have a vast population with many ice rinks around the area and the town does have a very strong hockey community. The Thunder and Wranglers have always had great support, UNLV's hockey team gets great support as well. This city wanted a franchise and got one with Foley leading the charge. I don't see the watered down remark because this league is flourishing with talent and even better talent is coming through almost every draft there's a new huge talent coming into the league. Hockey doesn't work in the south? Arizona just claimed the most recent first overall pick. Southern California teams have 3 cups, the first California-born Cup winner just was awarded last season. All of those locations are more south than Vegas. Those are just examples of the growth of the game in markets that were scoffed at initially.
  4. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Oh I don't? Please explain then what I'm so wrong about then.
  5. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    It's really disheartening to see so many people here and on Facebook wishing that this franchise :censored: the bed and relocate or fold. I for one like the logo, I kinda wish they would find a consistent color scheme for it and I'm not a fan of the grey however I will be excited to go to one of their games as Vegas is close enough to go to a game there. I'm excited to see a new franchise in the league I love and I hate seeing people stomp on the idea of growing the game we love to new markets. I understand people are upset about Quebec or Hartford or Seattle not getting a franchise but frankly Quebec and Hartford have no chance. Both being eastern conference markets hurts them immediately. Hartford is a great AHL city but too small for the NHL imo. Seattle didn't do the necessary work to bid for a franchise so obviously rule them out. Las Vegas earned the right to have this team and I want them to flourish and build their brand. These "so called hockey fans" need to encourage the growth of the game and support this new franchise over their petty complaints about their preferred city not getting a team.
  6. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    I'm still holding out for Las Vegas Knightmare
  7. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Pumphrey put up 281yds and 3TDs against Cal but no other player put up those numbers against them (including the formentioned Dont'a Foreman) So using and degrading a players schedule against him shouldn't have a place here. A player doesn't control who he plays and what type of defense he plays against. They go out and do their job and he's done that consistently the whole season at a top level on usually within 3 Quarters so he's not just padding his stats. If you want to make the Heisman, a strict Power5 Award then do that but for now it's an NCAA football award and SDSU plays in the NCAA so he should 100% be in the running for the Heisman. I'm sick and tired of hearing how a players schedule should remove him from the conversation when he doesn't control who he plays. He just controls how he performs in the game and when called upon and Pumphrey has done that at a Heisman level consistently all season.
  8. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    Pumphrey deserves it
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    I don't understand what the big deal is. They're both good looking logos and most don't notice that they're different so I don't really understand how they take away from the uniform. This is literally nit-picking for nit-picking sake lol
  10. 2016 NCAA Football Thread

    I don't see why people get pissed about running up the score. If teams don't like it then don't play bigger and better teams. Any team has a chance to score as many as Points as they want, why look down on teams that run their offense and still have success? Theres no mercy rule in sports and every player on that field should know there's a chance you could lose 79-3. They accept that and they still play the game. This is is coming from a Hawai'i fan that just watched his team fly to Ann Arbor to lose 69-3.
  11. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    That's cause it's Jeff Bridges, not Jeff Daniels CG so bad makes him look like a different actor!
  12. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I need to watch season 2 tbh and I have season 3 all recorded on my dvr just haven't seen season 2 yet. Looked good when they really focused more on the villains
  13. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Well Flash isn't ending anytime soon, infact I can see them running Flash for much longer than Arrow. As it is one of the best shows on TV today imo. However one of the best parts to me is how Arrow and Flash work so well on the same timeline/universe. LoT tbh was a major dud. I'm sad too cause Captain Cold and Firestorm are great characters and have great actors. ATOM and Brandon Routh aren't too bad but I liked him more on Arrow. I DID NOT CARE even in the slightest about the Hawkman/Hawk Girl story and I was bored to tears. White Canary and Sarah are so tiring after so long I'm tired of her so LoT can go away but bring back Captain Cold to Flash. Gotham and Supergirl I did not watch last seasons.
  14. Slew Foot implies that Coyles Feet had anything to do with Keith going down, but that is completely untrue. Coyles stick was stuck between the shin pads on teammate Marco Scandella, which happens from time to time during play, however Keith goin backwards into that and falling over is not a slew foot.