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  1. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Schilling as a Red Sox the first time. http://www.minorleaguenetwork.com/88newbritain.jpg Schilling as an Oriole. http://shop.mlb.com/sm-1989-donruss-curt-s...pi-1792143.html
  2. Change 1 thing about your team's uniform

    Orioles ? BALTIMORE on road jerseys.
  3. The Orioles have been called the O?s since the late 60?s when I was a little kid. Not sure if I like the cap.
  4. Worst looking NFL uniforms?

    For ugly uniforms please see Eagles / Bengals game today.
  5. Worst player to play or your team

    Orioles ? got to be Glenn Davis, they traded Curt Schilling, Pete Harnish and Steve Finley to Houston for him. He even fought with Johnny Oates.
  6. Favorite MLB Road unis

    Top 5 1. Chicago (NL) 2. St. Louis 3. Boston 4. Atlanta 5. Baltimore Bottom 5 1. Toronto (scrap it all) 2. Cincinnati (needs more red) 3. Florida (w/black shirts) 4. Seattle 5. Any road pinstripe uniform
  7. MLB Spring Training Begins!

    Oriole picture My Webpage
  8. MLB Spring Training Begins!

    The Orioles are wearing there new jerseys in their intasquad game today