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  1. This is a jarring sight- future Tennessee Titans legend Frank Wycheck started his career with the Washington Redskins. He also wore #22 with them, so this is a double wrong.
  2. It's been a while since I found something, but I got a Frank Wycheck Titans jersey for $8.
  3. Will say this about the Argos helmet: The stripe makes what was once a 'blah' helmet much better. Now if the Ti-Cats can put a yellow stripe in their helmets (like they did in the past), that would make it look better, as well.
  4. Shaun Alexander in the classic Seahawks getup. Spent his first two seasons in those uniforms. A rare shot of Bengals legend Anthony Munoz sporting the Cleveland Browns-esque Bengals uniforms. He only wore it in his rookie season. You've seen Drew Bledsoe in the current Pats getup- here he is in his rookie year, in the first-generation Flying Elvis look. He is more associated with the 'huge shoulder logo' era of that team.
  5. This was one of the first posts I made when I joined this site 10 years ago, and since it's bad form to bring back a 10-year old thread, I will make a new one. ---- I feel like the 1980s was the apex for sports uniform design. In baseball, you had quite a diverse mix of button-front shirts and pullover ones, and ones with belted trousers and beltless ones too. The designs also were quite awesome, and the stirrup length were, I feel, just the right way. Football-wise, jerseys still had sleeves, and you also had some cool and colorful designs. And in hockey, what can I say? So many colorful designs! I like the Kings and Canucks uniforms from that decade.
  6. Digging way back on these... That's Falcons great Steve Bartkowski in the early Falcons set. He's more associated with this set: -and- When you think of Joe Theismann, you associate him with the white-on-burgundy look of the Redskins, and not with yellow pants as pictured here.
  7. - Came across this is on ebay; it's a Montreal Alouettes jersey, but the then CFL/LCF logo is located on the rear top (below the collar) and the Adidas logo is on the front collar, where normally the positions of both would be the other way around. Also of note is that there's a Ripon Athletic tag on there as well. I take it this must be a prototype jersey by Adidas before they launched their new uniforms for the CFL last year. Anybody know anything more?
  8. Unlike the Canucks, the Kings partial striping make this one, well, merely okay. I can live with it in this case.
  9. Or, just make the white stripe go all the way around the collar. Why couldn't Adidas do that?
  10. As predicted, the Canucks and Kings stood pat with their looks (both teams merely re-adapted their uniforms for the new Adidas template); unfortunately, the collar shape and design is what ruins it for them. *sigh*
  11. Another one to add: Robin Yount is more synonymous with the 'ball-in-glove' logo set, but not the originals; also- he's clean-shaven in this one!
  12. A double play here- that's rookie Jim Thome in the Major League II Indians uniform set (same as their ones worn in the first movie, but with racing stripes, which is why I call those two uniform sets after the two Major League movies- they are synonymous with them), and wearing #6 (and not the more famous #25).
  13. There are, but they're related in name only; those stores are just independently operated and merely licensing the name for use in their stores.
  14. Wow, 20 years since that uniform debuted this year? Time flies..... but say what you will, IMO, it's a modern classic.
  15. Still can't believe the Mets ditched the racing stripe uniforms for Sunday, even though it was supposed to be a one-season thing. I've said this before, and I may catch some flak for this and say it again, but this is another look that needs to be permanent.