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  1. johnnysama

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    The Seattle Mariners wordmarks from 1977-80 and 1981-86 can be considered an all-lower case logo.
  2. johnnysama

    Adidas NHL Throwback Jerseys

    They look awesome, even thoguh Gretzky played for the Rangers when their blue jersey had a lace-up collar. That little thing notwithstanding, these look awesome, and are in good quality just like the CCM vintage jerseys of prior years.
  3. - Sad news: New Era Cap will close down its plant in Derby, NY next March. All I can say is "What a shame". I haven't bought any new caps from them in a while, and I probably might not anymore.
  4. johnnysama

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    ^ What irony.
  5. johnnysama

    My CFL Uniform Database

    One area I had trouble with early on is when the Saskatchewan Roughriders added the 'circle-S' logo to the jersey sleeves of their 'double-double' striped jerseys from 1967-84. Thankfully, this 1980 action shot featuring Ken McEachern put that at year:
  6. johnnysama

    2019 MLB Changes

    Out of all those uniforms, the 1976 and 1990 (which is the same as the '76 set except for red shoes, striping down the side of the pants and three stripes on the sleeves) are my faves.
  7. johnnysama

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I got a Baltimore Orioles BP jersey for $3 today.
  8. johnnysama

    2019 MLB Changes

    Same here. I'd also want them to go a step further and bring back their road uniforms from 1977-98 w/the white outline on the script/names/numbers and the white-blue-white sleevet rim.
  9. johnnysama

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Tangentially related, but I find it quite peculiar that Tom Jackson was ahead of his time in that he wore a skill position facemask.
  10. johnnysama

    Throwbacks of Throwbacks

    Also, the Detroit Lions 1940s throwbacks have been worn as one-offs again from 2001-04, and again from 2008-10.
  11. johnnysama

    My CFL Uniform Database

    ^ Possibly one of the rare examples of a non-white road jersey out there in football.
  12. johnnysama

    My CFL Uniform Database

    Hi. You can call me Johnny. I'll be sure to get all the details corrected in the near-future; the green/white striped socks from '78 were worn in '77; in at least 1976 (and maybe before), they wore solid green socks.
  13. johnnysama

    Throwbacks of Throwbacks

    Also, the Redskins' 1930s throwbacks were worn in 2012; they were previously worn (with some modifications) in 1994.
  14. johnnysama

    Throwbacks of Throwbacks

    The Flames and Capitals new retro alternate jerseys also qualify, as they were worn under the old Reebok template for a few years, and have come back Adidas-ified.
  15. johnnysama

    Throwbacks of Throwbacks

    OK. I've been thinking. There have been some uniforms seen recently that are throwbacks..... of throwbacks worn in the past. What examples can you think of? All I can think of right now is the 1950s-era San Francisco 49ers uniforms worn by the team for select games this season that was worn in 1994.