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  1. johnnysama

    Calgary Flames Go Retro For New Alternate Uniform

    Good for them. IMO, I think it'll be only a matter of time before this becomes their permanent uniform.
  2. johnnysama

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Going north of the border yet again, this is Tom Scott, who started his career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, then was traded for the rights to receiver Joe Poplwaski to the Edmonton Eskimos, where he spent his best years (appearing in all five of the Esks' Grey Cup wins from 1978 to 1982), finishing out his career as a Calgary Stampeder in 1984.
  3. johnnysama

    Gridiron Football Socks - A History

    Also, it's easy to find baseball stirrups for sale, but football game socks (the half color/half white ones) are fairly rare, although you can find them on ebay.
  4. johnnysama

    Seattle Supersonics Uniform Question

    ^ The difference is the "UTAH" in the logo wasn't seen on the home white suit until 1986. What took them so long?
  5. johnnysama

    Seattle Supersonics Uniform Question

    So, the 1977-78 season was a transitional year for the Sonics uniform-wise. You don't see that happen anymore, teams making a partial uniform change in a season (and I mean changing one set of uniforms).
  6. You know, I have a question, regarding the late, lamented Seattle Supersonics (come back! When did they unveil their 1980s era duds that they wore from 1979 to 1995? At the start of the 1978-79, they wore these sets that were nothing special: However, by the time the season ended with their NBA Finals victory, they were in their most popular getup: So, with that said: When in the 1978-79 season did the Sonics make the uniform switcheroo?
  7. johnnysama

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I ended up getting the Team Sweden hockey jersey today for $12.
  8. johnnysama

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    New Era has actually made CFL hats in the recent past.
  9. johnnysama

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I saw a Mike Alstott Buccaneers jersey, a Hank Aaron 1974 Braves jersey and a Team Sweden hockey jersey today. Couldn't have the time to get them today, and the first one was a bootleg, and the second one, being made by Mitchell and Ness, can be hard to tell whether it's a bootleg or not.
  10. johnnysama

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    New Era? And I thought they only made caps. Hopefully, we'll see how this endeavour goes. I hope it goes well.
  11. johnnysama

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    I do believe if Nike does pick up the CFL uniform contract for 2019 and beyond, I think we'll see TV numbers make a return on all jerseys. And maybe some looks that may stick for a long while. But I'm not holding my breath..... Scratch that. I wish New Era well in their first foray into uniform manufacturing. - Also, Re: The Las Vegas Posse: It seems like according to this page, the nameplate fonts were all over the map.
  12. johnnysama

    Other, Lesser-Known Uniform Manufacturers

    I have a University of Washington Sports Bell football jersey. Another one: For a time in the mid 1980s, a Winnipeg-based company named Harv-Al Sportswear provided jersey to a couple CFL teams. - One such example, which you can see on this page, is the 1985 Blue Bombers John Hufnagel jersey.
  13. Over the years, there's been a remarkable menagerie of sports uniform manufacturers: You got your Russell Athletics, Champions, Wilsons, Adidas, Nikes, Pumas, Starters, and so on. Those are some of the more well-known names in history. But let's talk about some lesser-known companies that have made, or still make uniforms. I'd like to mention Speedline Athletic. The only pro teams that they've made uniforms for was the USFL's Orlando Renegades in 1985, and a few CFL teams during the early 1990s. No Fear, yes, the lifestyle clothing company, supplied some uniforms for the Arena Football League during the late 1990s. Of note, the interesting thing about those jerseys from what I have seen for sale, is that they have a tag that say "For Indoor Use Only".
  14. johnnysama

    MLB: Ribbons Worn on Caps Across Baseball In Memory of 9-11

    I think that the dual flags on the Blue Jays cap and on this Raptors 2001-02 jersey have a dual meaning: 1) to honour the Canadian victims of 9/11, and 2) also, a way of expressing solidarity with their southern neighbours.
  15. johnnysama

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Unrelated, but I couldn't help but notice the yard markers being every five yards there.