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  1. - This gem is from 1997, this is the only time the (newly-rechristened) Tennessee Oilers met the refreshed Miami Dolphins.
  2. ^ They're both real, actually. I happen to own those same model jerseys, as an aside.
  3. I scored a pre-RBK Edge Carolina Hurricanes jersey for $7.
  4. I think that more MLB teams should wear white shoes; I believe that a few teams should have done so during the 1980s (Blue Jays, Mariners [not their current set, but during the 1980s, especially with the 1981-86 uniform set, and the 1987-92 set], Dodgers [yeah, they're a traditional team, but they could pull it off well], and the Mets I can most see wearing them).
  5. This one is from 1984: First year with the Buffalo Bills sporting red helmets, and the last season for the Philadelphia Eagles 'winged' jerseys. The two teams would meet again the following year, with the Eagles toning down their jersey design. So, this was the only time these two designs coincided.
  6. Crystal Pepsi does taste like regular Pepsi, and I have bought a few of the bottles since it came out two weeks ago. That said, it isn't that bad.
  7. These two looks coincided for one season (1988-89); the last year of the Canucks golden "shoulder-V" jerseys (before the went to white jerseys) and the first year of the Wayne Gretzky-era first-generation silver/black look for the Kings. I felt like that the colorful look these two teams had were robbed when the Kings changed their colors that season (both teams had yellow jerseys as their home ones). But then again, the silver/black look is the one most people like.
  8. Not the best pic, but that is former Calgary Stampders coach (and now GM) John Hufnagel, who, before embarking on his CFL career, began it in the NFL as a Denver Bronco!
  9. I come back to that same local store less than a week later, and the Flutie Chargers jersey was still there! This time, I jumped on it today.
  10. Let's talk about the CFL for a bit; this is a rare matchup in that league, in 1985, the 'new-generation' Saskatchewan Roughriders met the Montreal Concordes for only two games (the accompanying video is from one of those 1985 games); the next year, they met the 'one-year' Montreal Alouettes for two games as well (unable to find any pics/video of 1986, however). The only differences in the uniforms for Montreal was the logo on the sleeves, so that qualifies for this thread. Similarly, in 1985, those same Roughriders met the yellow-helmeted Hamilton Tiger-Cats for only two games that year, the Ti-Cats changed their helmet color the next year.
  11. These uniform sets (the western-style Phoenix Suns [last season] and the updated 'sash' Portland Trail Blazers [first season]) met for only 10 games in the 1991-92 season (5 regular season, 5 playoff games).
  12. The Bengals did jazz up the field design when it became Cinergy Field in the stadium's later years....
  13. While I have no pictures for either matchup, for six games in the 1993-94 NHL season, the first-year Mighty Ducks of Anaheim met the Calgary Flames' classic getup for those six games only. That same Flames uniform also saw action for two games against another first-year team, the Florida Panthers late in that season. The Flames altered their uniform design the following season.
  14. I've wondered..... I know you can get custom stirrups over the internet, but what about game socks like the ones worn by NFL/CFL players? What I do know is, some game-spec NFL socks can be found readily on ebay, but what about ones with custom patterns (examples include the current Denver Broncos and New England Patriots socks), and older designs like the 1980s Broncos/Eagles (both have stripes on them)?
  15. An oddity: This is Doug Flutie's younger brother, Darren, who before all his success in the CFL, had a 'cuppa coffee', as they say in baseball, playing one full season with the San Diego Chargers in 1988 (incidentally, Doug would play for the Chargers for several seasons in the early 2000s decade). Also, when you think Milt Stegall, you think of him with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Before he went there, he had a three-season stint with the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, I am unable to track down any pics of Milt as a Bengal.