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  1. Steve Atwater, Denver Broncos great, as a New York Jet.
  2. ^ Nope; they wore the block 'C' as pictured. Wahoo wouldn't be used on the Indians caps until 1986. That said, this is an awesome bit of artwork. Captures my favorite era of baseball well.
  3. A while back, I touched on the Orlando Magic's inagural season (1989-90) being the only times they met "striped" New Jersey Nets; the same can be said of the old Indiana Pacers before their uniforms were overhauled by Flo-Jo the following season; I have no game pics of those meetings.
  4. Bo Levi Michell of the Calgary Stampeders wears that very same facemask that Marcus Mariota wears.
  5. @Gothamite: What I am trying to say is, New Era just merely wants to have their brand logo more prominent, is all. It really was only a matter of time before their logo made their way onto the on-field MLB caps. I didn't say anything about ads on jerseys, however, which I am opposed to, on the other hand. In a nutshell, there is a huge difference between having manufacturer logos of the jerseys, caps, etc., and selling advertising space on a jersey.
  6. My thoughts on the New Era logo appearing on the MLB game caps for the first time: I'm disappointed, at least from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a marketing view, I completely understand the reason for the inclusion of the logo. I mean, it isn't the end of the world, really. (I will more likely than not, still tell the game caps apart from the fashion ones by the tag on the inner rear part of the seatband inside of the cap.)
  7. That same season (1995-96); these two uniforms also coincided for one season as well (five games, to be exact). No game action pics, again.
  8. Amazing how in the second photo, the TV numbers are honkin' huge! The Jets also had similarly-sized TV numbers in that period.
  9. ^ Said it before, and I'll say it again about the Bills helmets: The grey facemask ruins everything. And I'll say this again, too: Make the facemask blue, then you have something solid.
  10. The above two uniform sets coincided for one season only (for two games, to be exact) in the 1995-96 season. I was unable to track down any game pics.
  11. ^ Actually, the Ducks met the Bruins for the first time on October 15, 1993, and made their only trek to the Old Boston Garden on March 23, 1994, so that above uniform set did see the white jersey that one time; I have no pics from that latter matchup. The same can be said of this matchup: These two uniform sets only coincided for two games in February 1994; the first-year Mighty Ducks and Quebec Nordiques. One more rare one: The first-year Colorado Avalanche (successors to the Nordiques) met the Winnipeg Jets 1.0 for four games during the 1995-96 season, and for those four games only. No pics, yet.
  12. ^ Odd to see Bartkowski not wearing his famous Riddell BD-9 'duckbill' facemask; that was my fave facemask- made him look badass.
  13. Another rarity: These two uniform sets, the last year of the Denver Nuggets "rainbow" set and the first year of the Phoenix Suns' first-genration "sunburst" unis coincided in the 1992-93 season only (for four games at that).
  14. It is. Pretty odd to see a non-kicker wearing mismatching shoes, though....
  15. A BC Lions two-fer: For Doug Flutie, the BC Lions were merely a springboard to his CFL success during his two season stay with the team (1990-91). The great "New York Sack Exchange" artist Mark Gastineau attempted a comeback (and was also a teammate of Flutie's) in 1990; it lasted all of four games.