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  1. I had those chips recently @ my local 7-Eleven, and I'm in Washington state. They're actually pretty good, those all-dressed chips. Now if we can get ketchup chips south of the border.....
  2. ^ Point taken. I will re-arrange it.
  3. Found a pre-Edge Anaheim Ducks (non-Mighty) jersey for $13; turned it down because 1) I'm a Kings fan, 2) I didn't have enough money and 3) I already had one and sold it.
  4. Sent ya a message.
  5. The official Saskatchewan Roughriders team store ships to the US for C$25.
  6. Since I've found a few 'whales' in this thread already, here is my newest one: This Kintetsu Buffaloes (Nippon Pro Baseball - Pacific League) jersey from the 1980s is my newest whale.
  7. - If you want to see an Alouettes game, like I suggested, you are in luck; they play the Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Molson Stadium tomorrow evening- I have provided this link in case you'd like to take that in.
  8. Has anybody had a chance to buy a new Adidas CFL jersey? I got a BC Lions one recently, and here's my thoughts: The fabric is the same as the previous Reebok jerseys (pretty much par for the course as it was merely Reebok is owned by Adidas, and that the change was merely in name, despite the uniform overhauls most CFL teams underwent this year); the 'Lions' wordmark on the chest is embroidered, and the BC Lions logo on the lower rear of the jersey (ugh) is made from the same material (screened/sewn-on, I can't come up with a good way to phrase that kind of construction). It fits me nicely.
  9. 1991 also featured the Padres meeting the racing-stripe Montreal Expos as well, the only season those two uniform sets coincided.
  10. And we all know about the rules of Canadian football, and how unique they are.
  11. While they do sell milk in bags, all my trips to Canada have been exclusively in western Canada (BC and Alberta) and they do not sell that kind of milk in that part of the country.
  12. This one is rare because 1) this occurred in 1996, the first year of the Baltimore Ravens, and 2) the last year that the Steelers had block numbers and names on their uniform set before the switch to Futura. These uniform sets only played each other twice.
  13. Just to let you know this isn't a batting practice jersey, but a regular game style jersey; this was worn by the New York Mets in 1982 only for a handful of games; note the orange-blue-orange sleeve and collar trim and the fact that it's made from double-knit, and not the mesh fabric most BP jerseys of the era were made from.
  14. ^ I think it is.
  15. Once a King, always a King, but this just looks wrong to my eyes: The face of the Los Angeles Kings in the pre-Gretzky years, Marcel Dionne, as a New York Ranger in 1987, after he got traded.