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  1. It may seem weird, but Alex Ovechkin started his career in the bronze/black/blue Caps set. How quickly we forget...
  2. Mike Modano, Dallas Stars legend, looks weird in the first Stars' RbK Edge uniform set.
  3. -and- Two for the price of one: Chris Mullin spent the early part of his career in the 'old-style' Warriors togs, and the second pic of him near the end of his career in the "Power Rangers" Warriors set.
  4. On that note, here's Mr. Dawson. Joe Ferguson was the last Bill to wear #12 prior to Jim Kelly. Joe was a good QB, but not quite on par with Jim Kelly.
  5. That's Chuck Fusina, who wore #4 for the Packers (or at least, one of them), prior to Brett Favre.
  6. From "Christmas Vacation." The jersey had Clark Griswold's surname on the back, BTW. This next one is from Friends.
  7. Jeff Bagwell in the 'rainbow-shoulders' Astros uniform. Tim Raines in the pinstriped Expos uniform set. And... Los Angeles Kings legend Luc Robitaille spent only two years (the last two years of this uniform set's run, as a matter of fact) in the purple and gold unis.
  8. ^ At my local Goodwill.
  9. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Raiders, no matter what they call their home city, have not changed their look in over 50 years, and even with another new city, NOTHING will change at all.
  10. I found an Eli Manning blue Giants jersey for $15.
  11. He did win a Grey Cup with the Leos in 2011.
  12. In honor of Mr. Anthony Cavillo's induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, here's a two-fer: 1) He got his start during the CFL's American experiment of the mid-1990s, starting his pro career with the infamous Las Vegas Posse. From there..... 2) Once the CFL left the US, he start his Canadian career with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, before making his mark with the Montreal Alouettes.
  13. In light of the recent news regarding the death of CFL legend Larry Highbaugh (RIP), here he is in his early years before he embarked on his legendary Edmonton Eskimo career, as a BC Lion.
  14. Mookie Wilson, the hero of the 1986 World Series for the New York Mets, played the last three years of his career as a Toronto Blue Jay.
  15. ^ Yes. They are also known by that name in the Pacific Northwest; the same company operates as Savers elsewhere outside the aforementioned areas.