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  1. Say what you will about Mr. Leon Lett and those two moments he's remembered for, but here he is as a Denver Bronco in 2001.
  2. - OK, it's been two months since a post has been made here, but the Argos have new white lids. Not sure whether they'll replace the famous blue ones....
  3. Not a jersey, but I got the Super Bowl XXVII game program for a buck.
  4. Hey, I have that same Canada hockey jersey.
  5. Very first-rate work here.
  6. ^ Sad that Tigers road uniform lasted one year (1994)- they were late to the 'racing stripe' party. (The road script on that jersey is still used today, though.) This is the versatile Minnesota Viking offensive lineman Randall McDaniel playing out the string with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2000.
  7. Going somewhat tangentially off-topic here, I know that such helmets exist in the college ranks, but what hydro-dipped helmets for pro football teams? Which teams would look best wearing such a helmet?
  8. One of these days, if I find one of those TATC uniforms, I will get one. (I would prefer the Mariners model, of course.)
  9. Tim Thomas, a relative latecomer, spent his early years of his NHL career in that very same Bruins pre-RBK Edge set.
  10. Found a Red Sox BP cap for $6 and an Orioles BP jersey for $8.
  11. ^ That is of the former independent Minor League baseball team Calgary Vipers (first of the North American League, then the Golden Baseball League)- they were in operation from 2005-10.
  12. Holy crap, those stirrups are pencil thin!
  13. You know, I love white athletic shoes. But that is beside my point, because lately, I've noticed a growing number of players this season in MLB wearing white cleats that aren't members of the Oakland A's. It would take me quite a while to provide pics, but the white shoe fan in me is giddy with excitement. Which begs this Q- Has MLB gotten lax with its shoe code (as in, letting only players wear either base black, blue or red shoes, depending on the team colors)?
  14. Introducing.... Kurt Warner, Green Bay Packer, in 1994 (he's in the center of this shot, wearing #12, later made famous by Aaron Rodgers).
  15. Aah, yes, the ProCap. Steve Wallace of the 49ers also had one as well: