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  1. All I found was a Seattle Mariners BP jersey for $15.
  2. Re:The small Dungard facemask: Len Dawson wore it in his final years.... And we all know about Morten Andersen's long career, and how this was the only facemask he wore in his career. And, lastly, turning to Canada, Ron Lancaster wore the smaller Dungard facemask for much of his career.
  3. As I said at the start of the season, the lack of TV numbers on the Ottawa and Calgary jerseys (also Edmonton and Saskatchewan) just bugs me. The jerseys feel incomplete, and on top of that, from a TV production standpoint, don't help the spotters at all.
  4. ^ I own a jersey like that; I do believe, though, that is real; it's the replica version of it, judging by the presence of the jocktag.
  5. That is Tony Tanti, best known for his years with the Vancouver Canucks, wearing their 1990s set (first introduced in the 1989-90 season); he spent half the season (41 games, to be exact) in that set before he was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  6. The Portland Trailblazers first wore red as an alternate set during the 1980s. The current set, I believe, has a red alternate as well.
  7. ^ I feel that the 1986-87 set was the best worn by the Chargers.
  8. I did point this out earlier, but I also have that very Pittsburgh Penguins jersey you have pictured.
  9. It looks alright. Not an upgrade or a downgrade by any means, it's just a refresh, the way I see it.
  10. There was a University of Denver hockey jersey at my local Value Village, but I turned it down as it was not an adult sized jersey, but a kid sized one.
  11. Scored an L.A. Avengers jersey for $10 and the 1993-2004 BC Lions jersey (black) for $5. There was also an old 1980s-era Denver Broncos coach's sweater, but it was $20, likely too small for me, and taking care of wool sweaters can be a real b****.
  12. As BeerGuyJordan said, if the new Fanatics-made retail jerseys look close enough to the on-ice version, than that's all that matters to me.
  13. The NFL shield first appeared on game jerseys in 1991; only the "ProLine" jerseys sold for retail during the 1990s (which were the closest in appearance to the on-field models) had them.
  14. Aah, the Champion-styled "7".
  15. Right team, wrong uniform design: Doug Gilmour joined the Toronto Maple Leafs halfway into the 1991-92 season, the last that the Leafs wore the Harold Ballard-era design. He played 40 games total in that set; they changed their style the next year.