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  1. As BeerGuyJordan said, if the new Fanatics-made retail jerseys look close enough to the on-ice version, than that's all that matters to me.
  2. The NFL shield first appeared on game jerseys in 1991; only the "ProLine" jerseys sold for retail during the 1990s (which were the closest in appearance to the on-field models) had them.
  3. Aah, the Champion-styled "7".
  4. Right team, wrong uniform design: Doug Gilmour joined the Toronto Maple Leafs halfway into the 1991-92 season, the last that the Leafs wore the Harold Ballard-era design. He played 40 games total in that set; they changed their style the next year.
  5. ^ Let's not forget the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on this list, too.
  6. Two for me: -I liked the addition of the front numbers on the upper right side of NHL jerseys; but now with the numbers on the helmets, they just seem superfluous. -I wouldn't mind seeing a few baseball teams adopt the pullover-style jerseys; I mean, I am not as adamant about this, but baseball, despite its very tradition-bound ways, should be progressive in some ways. This is one of those areas where I'd like to see it happen.
  7. My five faves, two from the NFL, three from the CFL: (While the Chargers have morn many iterations of this helmet design; this is my fave because of the nice balance between blue and yellow.)
  8. -and- -vs- -and- The two above times, both first-year teams met the lower two uniform sets for the only times in 1977.
  9. This is a pic of the cap I got.
  10. I found a Hiroshima Carp cap for $3.
  11. ^ I am considering going to that very game you mentioned.
  12. Only one pic, but in the 1995-96 season, the original Minnesota Timberwolves getup met the new Seattle Supersonics (pictured here) uni/logo set, and the first-year Vancouver Grizzlies and Toronto Raptors. I do not have any pics for the other two matchups.
  13. Steve Atwater, Denver Broncos great, as a New York Jet.
  14. ^ Nope; they wore the block 'C' as pictured. Wahoo wouldn't be used on the Indians caps until 1986. That said, this is an awesome bit of artwork. Captures my favorite era of baseball well.
  15. A while back, I touched on the Orlando Magic's inagural season (1989-90) being the only times they met "striped" New Jersey Nets; the same can be said of the old Indiana Pacers before their uniforms were overhauled by Flo-Jo the following season; I have no game pics of those meetings.