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  1. You mean me? Oh, I still post on this thread every so often. For instance, I recently found a few caps.
  2. -and- They may be the right team for both Glen Suitor (top) and Ray Elgaard (bottom), but they are in the 'wrong' uniform as they only spent their first seasons in the final seasons of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' "double-stripe" jersey set (also note the wrong number on Elgaard; that's a pic from his rookie season, 1983; the same can be said of Suitor who came along the following year, before the Riders changed up their look in '85).
  3. I will say this about the Metlife Stadium crews: They do deserve a big round of applause for the work that they do in changing the field markings and whatnot. So often, many of these behind-the-scenes people largely go unnoticed.... but they are probably the hardest working people in all of sports, and my hat is off to all of them.
  4. In addition to the "Flying-V" jerseys from 1978-85 for the Vancouver Canucks, I like their replacements, worn from 1985-89:
  5. Here's something jolting: Dwight Gooden, Houston Astro, in 2000. In fact, he played for three different teams that year, his last in the majors (the other two were the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and a sceond stint with the Yankees).
  6. I cannot recall offhand.... but while I have loved sports overall all my life, it was when I watched Major League in 2004 that I got interested in uniforms/logos.
  7. Nice to see the Red Sox brought back their 1970s red cap.
  8. I'd love to see the Lions wear a modified version of the 1999-2002 uniforms (w/the updated lion). That would make me happy. I could not be more happier about the news the Lions are getting rid of the black accents.
  9. The weird coincidence about the Rams/Patriots matchup is both teams changed their uniform sets in the 2000 season.
  10. Another day, another find: A Hamilton Tiger-Cats cap for $4.
  11. Got two older BP model caps of the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies for $5.
  12. One of the greatest Toronto Argonauts ever, Paul Masotti, spent his rookie year of 1988 in the last season of the 'football boat' uniform set. Their best set and logo ever, IMO.
  13. I know I may catch a lot of flack for this, but this needs to be brought back (full-time, at least): Of course, I'd have it paired with the "NEW YORK" block script jerseys on the road.
  14. I found a 1991-2003 San Diego Padres cap for $4.
  15. -and- For two teammates, and in honor of Bagwell- two 'Right team, wrong uniform' entries.