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  1. Football sleeve stripes that go all the way around   Cam Newton isn't the only Panther to have his jersey stripes go all the way around; Graham Gano is another player on that same team who has his stripes the same way.
  2. Thrift Store Gems 2016

    Today's finds: A University of Michigan hockey jersey for $16.50, an L.A. Kings scarf for $3, and the old Arizona Diamondbacks black 'D' cap for $4.
  3. Football sleeve stripes that go all the way around

    Forgot one other....    
  4. Useless sports logos trivia

    The first Super Bowl to feature a team whose TV numbers on their jerseys were on the shoulders were the Pittsburgh Steelers, in Super Bowl IX (okay, they were situated halfway towards the sleeve and shoulder).   The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to have their TV numbers on the shoulders, appearing with the Steelers, in Super Bowl X; this was the first SB game w/both teams having their TV numbers on the shoulders.
  5. Useless sports logos trivia

    The Saskatchewan Roughriders current logo, first used in 1985, is their longest serving logo, surpassing the circle-'S' first used in 1966.   Despite never reaching the Stanley Cup and a few tweaks to the design and color over the years, the current Toronto Maple Leafs logo introduced in 1970 is the longest-serving logo by the club.
  6. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    That's just ridiculous to price the BP jerseys that high.
  7. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    ^ Oh. Kind odd that they didn't acknowledge them on the tags of the jerseys until 2012/13.
  8. Best Possible Super Bowl 50 Uni Matchup

    I hope the Broncos don't wear orange for SB50.
  9. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    ^ Aah. On that note, when did VF Imagewear purchase them?
  10. Best and Worst historical Super Bowl uni matchups

      Say what you want about this matchup, visually speaking, but I think this one of the more better-looking matchups of the modern era (I am not being biased towards the Seahawks, bear in mind). Nike engineered both looks, after all.
  11. No more Authentic MLB jerseys on ?

    Only tangentially related to the thread here, but I noticed that the jerseys made in the past few yearsish have a tag which mentions a company named "VF Imagewear". Who are they?
  12. Weird things you noticed in sports

    Some of you know this already, but in American football (college and pro), the penalty flags are yellow, and the challenge flags red, but in Canada, the penalty flags are orange, and the challenge flag is yellow.
  13. Best and Worst historical Super Bowl uni matchups

    Super Bowls XVI and XXIII, involving the same two teams, the 49ers and Bengals, looked great, but this too was visually pleasing:  
  14. Good logos ruined by bad teams

    ^ Nope, it was the other way around. The Lakers first wore it in 1966, one year before the Kings came into existence. Jack Kent Cooke owned both teams, and wanted his teams to have some synergy.
  15. Thrift Store Gems 2016

    Scored an old Anaheim Angels BP cap for $8.