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  1. I found a 1991-2003 San Diego Padres cap for $4.
  2. -and- For two teammates, and in honor of Bagwell- two 'Right team, wrong uniform' entries.
  3. Well, the 2002 matchup was sort-of a one off, if that you notice that the Lions' facemasks in that 2010 matchup are black, as opposed to the 2002 one where they're blue.
  4. The Jack Morris one is also wrong as he's without his famous mustache.
  5. Knowing the Raiders, nothing changed during their time in L.A., and when they returned to Oakland, nothing changed, so I don't expect any change whatsoever.
  6. The first photo is from 2000, the only matchup between the current Patriots (their first year in that style) and the pre-black Detroit Lions. And this one-off occurred on Thanksgiving 2002, with both teams wearing their throwback uniforms (incidentally, this was the last season before the Detroit Lions incorporated black in their color palette).
  7. ^ That style Pirates jersey is the one my Brandon Inge find from last year was.
  8. No game pics, unfortunately, but 1992 marked the only time the classic "Pat Patriot" New England Patriots met the black-helmet Atlanta Falcons.
  9. vs No game pics, but that same Archie-era Saints uniform set met the Seattle Seahawks famous 1980s set for one game in 1985. (Year three for that Seahawks set, and the last for the Saints in that getup.)
  10. Let me explain what this post is about. Once upon a time, quite a few offensive line and defensive liners in football wore a facemask that had a vertical bar going through the center. However, over past 15-some years, those model facemasks seem to have gone the way of the one-bar facemask. The only person I know wearing such a facemask now is Taylor Boggs of the Arizona Cardinals, and there was one guy on the Saskatchewan Roughriders whose name escapes me that wore such a mask. This makes me wonder: Why has this facemask gone largely extinct this century? I think it may be because the players want a good field of vision, I'd presume....
  11. That doesn't look right to have the number on top and then the city/state/province/team name on the bottom.
  12. Although he was only there in the preseason, Jerry Rice in a Broncos uniform is also awkward to see.
  13. This matchup only occurred in 1988; only time the red-helmet Falcons met the 1988-2006 Chargers look.
  14. This matchup only occurred in 2003- the last year of the 1997-2003 Bengals set, and the second year of the Seahawks Reebok look.