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  1. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    The great Cardinals Bob Gibson in his 'right' uniform and the right team (the traditional style w/a buttoned jersey and belted trousers). But.... This? The beltless pants/pullover jersey combo he wore in the last five years of his career? Not so much.
  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Another one: Longtime Denver Broncos defensive back Tyrone Braxton played one season in Miami.
  3. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    The legendary Minnesota Viking defensive end Carl Eller wrapped up his career in 1979 for the young Seattle Seahawks.
  4. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    Andre Tippett, New England Patriot LB extraordinaire in the 1980s, spent his last year of his career in the first-generation 'Flying Elvis' style uniforms.
  5. Let me explain what this post is about. Once upon a time, quite a few offensive line and defensive liners in football wore a facemask that had a vertical bar going through the center. However, over past 15-some years, those model facemasks seem to have gone the way of the one-bar facemask. The only person I know wearing such a facemask now is Taylor Boggs of the Arizona Cardinals, and there was one guy on the Saskatchewan Roughriders whose name escapes me that wore such a mask. This makes me wonder: Why has this facemask gone largely extinct this century? I think it may be because the players want a good field of vision, I'd presume....
  6. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    My previous post above also applies to Jose Canseco; he spent his first season (including his brief 1985 debut stint that September) in that same A's uniform set.
  7. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    Mark McGwire made his debut relatively late in the 1986 season, when the A's still wore the beltless pants/pullover jersey combo. They would change into what is more-or-less still their current look the next year.
  8. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Shall I get started? -- Nothing, as of yet (for me, at least).
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Some teams had the MLB logo on the back of the caps in the team colors in 1992, actually. One example is a 1987-92 Mariners cap I have that is in blue and yellow (SIDENOTE: 1992 was the last year for the M's in blue and yellow, at least full-time.) But, a few teams did have the batterman logo in its standard red and blue early on (the Brewers "ball-in-glove" caps had the logo like that early on).
  10. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    I found something so amazing: The above style Andre Tippett Patriots jersey (from his final season; also the first season for the "Flying Elvis" logo) for $20, but my 30% off card (I have one left now) made me get it for $14.
  11. Searching for your 'whale'

    This is, as of late 2017, my newest 'whale'.
  12. Rare team matchups

    ^ As a matter of fact, in their last year as the Tennessee Oilers, the team wore all-white for all games.
  13. Rare team matchups

    -vs- Again, no game action pics, but these two uniform sets met just once in 1986 (last year for that Dolphins set, before they added the Dolphin logo on the sleeves, and the first year for that Saints set, w/ the Louisiana state insignia on the sleeves).
  14. MLB changes 2018?

    I got my first look @ the new 2018 MLB BP caps at a Lids store at one of my local malls, and here is my consensus: The rubberized material on the caps used for the logos looks okay, although washing them would be a bit of a pain. Also, the material is also pretty sturdy. Eh, I'm so-so on getting such a cap, though.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Well, I finally got to see one of the NHL Fanatics replica jerseys in the cloth (if you get my drift) for the first time at a sports store in my mall. My consensus: Yeah, it seems really flimsy. The fabric is somewhat cheaper than the old Reebok replicas, and the crests are also pretty thin. If I were to ever get a NHL Adidas jersey, I'd have to go for the real thing instead.
  16. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    I found a Tony Tolbert Dallas Cowboys jersey for $7.50, but one of my 30% off cards made me get it for $2 less.
  17. Rare team matchups

    -vs- : #1: This is the only time the black-accented New York Jets met the 'classic' Vikings getup in 1994.... #2: The above video features those same black-accented Jets (last year for that look) meeting the second year of the 'second-generation' Vikings three years later, in 1997.
  18. NHL 2017-18

    Thanks for the tip, Sodboy13.
  19. Should the CFL season be moved up?

    I would like to also add, on another note, I do support keeping the East/West Division format; but would love to see a 10th team, hopefully Halifax gets it.
  20. This is a question that a lot of our fans north of the border are thinking- "Should the CFL (Canadian Football League) season be moved up (as in, start in like March/April-ish)?" The arguments for and against: FOR: Most games would start in better weather, would fill a void for gridiron football during the spring/summer months, and would go up against the NFL and NHL less. AGAINST: Games like this year's Grey Cup wouldn't be as entertaining in the snow, if the season started in the spring, the NHL playoffs would overshadows the start of the season.... I'm sure there are plenty of arguments for and against this, and I've included a poll to indicate your preference. I'd love to hear what you have to say about this.
  21. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    For you Rhode Islanders, a soda befitting its state image: Yacht Club Soda. Going closer to where I am, another favorite Pacific Northwest brand: Thomas Kemper.
  22. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    A couple years back, I did a thread mentioning how Coca-Cola and Pepsi have taken different approaches with their logos (Coca-Cola staying the course with their traditional looks, and Pepsi refreshing its logo often to be innovative), but what about the other soft drink brands that we haven't heard of, or may have, depending on where you're from? Let's look at them here.... Above is the logo for Double Cola. It looks okay, but looking further back... Their classic logo kinda ripped off MasterCard's. Another fave soda company of mine, Jones Soda (based in Seattle), has pictures of various things on their bottles. They also were the official soft drink of the Seattle Seahawks in the late 2000s decade.
  23. NHL 2017-18

    ^ Thanks for the advice.
  24. Players with the wrong hair style

    Aah, the days when Kobe had an afro....
  25. NHL 2017-18

    While I have given some thought about the Adidas NHL jerseys, the two teams that I want, L.A. and Vancouver, didn't make much of any changes at all from their Reebok predecessors, aside from the new collar. Now I'm not sure whether I want to get the Adidas jerseys of either team because of that.....