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  1. Shall I get started? -- Nothing, as of yet (for me, at least).
  2. Very first-rate work here.
  3. There's a thread about jersey collections, so why not one about caps? Here goes. I have about 88 caps as of right now; I began my collection in August 2005 when I went to the Mitchell and Ness flagship store in Philly, and got myself the 1975-88 Baltimore Orioles cap (kinda similar to the cap they wear today). Close to nine years later, and I have quite a bit of caps, most of them of the New Era 59Fifty variety. I do own some non-New Era caps, which encompass sports other than baseball itself. I have one rule when it comes to buying MLB/MiLB caps: Keep it real. That means, ONLY the REAL on-field model, just like the players wear. None of these fashion cap gobbledygook. That said, I am really content with how the 59Fifty caps fit on my head. They are just the perfect fit, and don't look that squarish to me once you break them in.
  4. ^ Sad that Tigers road uniform lasted one year (1994)- they were late to the 'racing stripe' party. (The road script on that jersey is still used today, though.) This is the versatile Minnesota Viking offensive lineman Randall McDaniel playing out the string with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2000.
  5. Going somewhat tangentially off-topic here, I know that such helmets exist in the college ranks, but what hydro-dipped helmets for pro football teams? Which teams would look best wearing such a helmet?
  6. One of these days, if I find one of those TATC uniforms, I will get one. (I would prefer the Mariners model, of course.)
  7. Tim Thomas, a relative latecomer, spent his early years of his NHL career in that very same Bruins pre-RBK Edge set.
  8. You know, I love white athletic shoes. But that is beside my point, because lately, I've noticed a growing number of players this season in MLB wearing white cleats that aren't members of the Oakland A's. It would take me quite a while to provide pics, but the white shoe fan in me is giddy with excitement. Which begs this Q- Has MLB gotten lax with its shoe code (as in, letting only players wear either base black, blue or red shoes, depending on the team colors)?
  9. Found a Red Sox BP cap for $6 and an Orioles BP jersey for $8.
  10. ^ That is of the former independent Minor League baseball team Calgary Vipers (first of the North American League, then the Golden Baseball League)- they were in operation from 2005-10.
  11. Here, you can talk about what you feel is the worst days of your life you have had to endure as a sports fan. Here goes........ --- Mine would be the 1994 and 2011 Stanley Cup finals, both involving the Canucks losing in the 7th and deciding game against the NY Rangers and Boston Bruins, respectively. Both times, a riot ensued in Vancouver, and I was just THAT upset about what was going on in that city afterwards. I quickly denounced those who partook and instigated both riots as having NO SOUL whatsoever. Hard to believe that it really has been 20 years since the Canucks made that amazing run. The 2001 ALCS. The Seattle Mariners, having won 116 games in the regular season, go up against the New York Yankees amidst the backdrop of 9/11. The Mariners lose the series in 5; as a matter of fact, one of my friends blames Osama bin Laden for sucking the air out of what would have been a storybook season for the M's. They have yet to return to the playoffs as of presstime. Super Bowl XL. I'm not as worked up about it now as I was then, but after the game, I felt like my dream had been dashed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. But alas, the Hawks win in SB XLVIII (and to a lesser extent, sorry Packers fans, the Fail Mary) has taken away quite a bit of that pain. And the worst day of all for me as a sports fan? They day that the Sonics were moving to OKC. The wound is still there with me today.
  12. Holy crap, those stirrups are pencil thin!
  13. Introducing.... Kurt Warner, Green Bay Packer, in 1994 (he's in the center of this shot, wearing #12, later made famous by Aaron Rodgers).
  14. Aah, yes, the ProCap. Steve Wallace of the 49ers also had one as well:
  15. Lately, I've noticed that the Toronto Blue Jays, when they introduced their new-generation white front panel cap with their current look a few years back, only wore them sparingly. This season, I'm seeing them more often, and on top of this, the team has also introduced an accompanying white front panel batting helmet. Is this now part of their regular look or something?
  16. Being a Seahawks fan, I can remember when the team moved to Los Angeles in 1996, but the NFL put the kibosh on the move. Had the move gone through, I would've likely.. oh, geez, became either a Raider or 49er fan. Yikes. That's rather unthinkable.
  17. Looks odd to see that look- oh, and a slight correction, this was in the 1978 preseason.
  18. Both Cheney Stadium in Tacoma (home of the AAA Tacoma Rainiers) and Everett Memorial Stadium (home of the short-season A Everett Aquasox) are my faves. Pics: -and-
  19. ^ He wore it again (this time as #12, and as a one-off) in 2015 to celebrate the club's 25th anniversary.
  20. The New York Jets receiver Wesley Walker played his first year (1977) in the last year of the Joe Namath-style Jets uniforms. A Canuck great, Trevor Linden, played his rookie year in the last year the Canucks used a yellow sweater. Speaking of great Canucks, here's the first legit star the team had in Stan Smyl, playing in the 1990s-era "flying skate" uniform set.
  21. Tony Fernandez, the last Yankee to don #6 before Joe Torre's legendary managerial run. After Carlton Fisk left the Red Sox in 1980, eight more players would don #27 for the team, and here is the last guy to wear it: Kip Gross in 1999.
  22. A Canucks two-fer: That is Brian Bradley, who played on the team from 1988-91, and.... Geoff Courtnall, the last Canuck to wear #10 before Pavel Bure broke onto the scene (although #10 would be worn by a few other players even after Bure left before it was retired in his honor in 2013).
  23. Got a Joe Namath Alabama jersey for $14.
  24. In the later years of his career, during his longest stay with any team after the Philadelphia Flyers, Ron Sutter was the last San Jose Shark to don #12 before Patrick Marleau (Marleau started with #14; he switched to #12 in 2002.)
  25. Note the black shoes he is wearing in the last pic. It seems odd seeing the Athletics in anything but white shoes....