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  1. He did win a Grey Cup with the Leos in 2011.
  2. Shall I get started? -- Nothing, as of yet (for me, at least).
  3. Well, since everybody is doing it, I'll jump in. (Personal Note: This is my 1000th post on this forum. :D)
  4. In honor of Mr. Anthony Cavillo's induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, here's a two-fer: 1) He got his start during the CFL's American experiment of the mid-1990s, starting his pro career with the infamous Las Vegas Posse. From there..... 2) Once the CFL left the US, he start his Canadian career with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, before making his mark with the Montreal Alouettes.
  5. In light of the recent news regarding the death of CFL legend Larry Highbaugh (RIP), here he is in his early years before he embarked on his legendary Edmonton Eskimo career, as a BC Lion.
  6. Mookie Wilson, the hero of the 1986 World Series for the New York Mets, played the last three years of his career as a Toronto Blue Jay.
  7. ^ Yes. They are also known by that name in the Pacific Northwest; the same company operates as Savers elsewhere outside the aforementioned areas.
  8. The Seattle Seahawks also had a charity basketball team called the "Rainhawks" in their early years. I agree with ClayStation about NFL teams playing other sports (like basketball and softball) to keep the league exposure a year-round one. It's all in good fun, too.
  9. Not too long ago, Paul Lukas posted in his Uni Watch blog that pylons weren't always used in the endzone to denote it. The above picture, from the late 1960s, is such an example of what was used before the pylons: Pointed flags! Which raises a Q on my end: When did they switch from flags to the pylons we see today in the endzones? Methinks sometime in the 1970s.
  10. Well, as of this very moment, the uniform database from the National Baseball Hall of Fame called "Dressed to the Nines" is down. I accessed it today, and it said "No website is configured at this address." How sad.
  11. Never mind, actually. I just checked it just moments ago, and it's back up as of Monday morning.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the Vancouver Canucks back in the 1990s-era skate logo jerseys.
  13. Will say this before, and will say it again: The New York Mets should go back to wearing the racing stripe uniform set. For the road set, I'd use the 1988-90 "NEW YORK" block lettering jersey. I think that the racing stripes convey speed, IMO, and look quite great. I mean, not everything in baseball has to be so traditional.
  14. One final find on my CA trek: A 90s Washington Redskins jersey w/ the #61 and the name WILSON for $24. Who is this WILSON guy, I wonder? EDIT: It's likely a custom jersey. It was made by Starter.
  15. Another day, another find: A Peyton Manning Broncos jersey for $25.
  16. I found a Joe Montana jersey for $6.
  17. I found a Yomiuri Giants jersey for $30 today, but I passed it up. It was too small for me.
  18. You mean me? Oh, I still post on this thread every so often. For instance, I recently found a few caps.
  19. -and- They may be the right team for both Glen Suitor (top) and Ray Elgaard (bottom), but they are in the 'wrong' uniform as they only spent their first seasons in the final seasons of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' "double-stripe" jersey set (also note the wrong number on Elgaard; that's a pic from his rookie season, 1983; the same can be said of Suitor who came along the following year, before the Riders changed up their look in '85).
  20. A while back, I made a similar thread talking about the worst days of your life as a sports fan. Now, this thread focuses on the other side of the coin: The best moments of your life as a sports fan; you know, the ones you cherish for the rest of your life. ---- Super Bowl XLVIII. I don't think I need to go any further.... (and apologies to any Broncos fans out there) The Los Angeles Kings 2012 and 2014 SC victories. The former was all the more amazing as that Kings team was the first #8 seed in any sport to win a championship. It made believe that dreams can (and do) come true. (This space reserved for whenever the Seattle Mariners win the World Series, or the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup- yes, I'm a Kings and Canucks fan, VERY long story there.)
  21. I will say this about the Metlife Stadium crews: They do deserve a big round of applause for the work that they do in changing the field markings and whatnot. So often, many of these behind-the-scenes people largely go unnoticed.... but they are probably the hardest working people in all of sports, and my hat is off to all of them.
  22. Here, you can talk about what you feel is the worst days of your life you have had to endure as a sports fan. Here goes........ --- Mine would be the 1994 and 2011 Stanley Cup finals, both involving the Canucks losing in the 7th and deciding game against the NY Rangers and Boston Bruins, respectively. Both times, a riot ensued in Vancouver, and I was just THAT upset about what was going on in that city afterwards. I quickly denounced those who partook and instigated both riots as having NO SOUL whatsoever. Hard to believe that it really has been 20 years since the Canucks made that amazing run. The 2001 ALCS. The Seattle Mariners, having won 116 games in the regular season, go up against the New York Yankees amidst the backdrop of 9/11. The Mariners lose the series in 5; as a matter of fact, one of my friends blames Osama bin Laden for sucking the air out of what would have been a storybook season for the M's. They have yet to return to the playoffs as of presstime. Super Bowl XL. I'm not as worked up about it now as I was then, but after the game, I felt like my dream had been dashed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. But alas, the Hawks win in SB XLVIII (and to a lesser extent, sorry Packers fans, the Fail Mary) has taken away quite a bit of that pain. And the worst day of all for me as a sports fan? They day that the Sonics were moving to OKC. The wound is still there with me today.
  23. In addition to the "Flying-V" jerseys from 1978-85 for the Vancouver Canucks, I like their replacements, worn from 1985-89:
  24. Here's something jolting: Dwight Gooden, Houston Astro, in 2000. In fact, he played for three different teams that year, his last in the majors (the other two were the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and a sceond stint with the Yankees).
  25. I cannot recall offhand.... but while I have loved sports overall all my life, it was when I watched Major League in 2004 that I got interested in uniforms/logos.