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    The New Bootleg Jersey Thread

    OK, since there was one of these a long time ago that is since closed to new replies, I'm going to start a new thread. - Look at this! I can count how many things are wrong with this jersey with two hands.
  2. johnnysama

    Rare team matchups - Going north of the border, but the third pic in this 1977 CFL yearbook featured a rare one-time matchup: The 1977 Toronto Argonauts changed their logo to a newer version of the "boat football" logo (which is still loved among fans of that team) and 1977 was the final year the BC Lions wore their black helmets with the older-style BC logo. They changed their logo the next year.
  3. johnnysama

    My CFL Uniform Database - For a while, I've always wanted to see a CFL Uniform Database (because of the Gridiron Uniform Database), but there has been somewhat of a dearth of information on uniforms from the team over the years, especially before the mid-1970s. With that said, here is what I have (as of right now) for my CFL Uniform Database. It covers only the seasons from 1978 to 1993 (the first U.S. season for the CFL). I hope in the future to get all seasons after 1993 and before 1978 (up to 1958, the establishment of the CFL, so I don't end up in a bottomless pit of research). I hope you all like this. If anybody wants to help me with this CFL Uniform Database, I'm all ears. Cheers.
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    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    Well, sorry I haven't been up on this thread in a while. Time for another one for 2019.
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    Rare team matchups

    - From 1973, which was also Johnny Unitas' last season. It was the first season of that Rams uniform, and the last for that Charger white-helmet look.
  6. Let me explain what this post is about. Once upon a time, quite a few offensive line and defensive liners in football wore a facemask that had a vertical bar going through the center. However, over past 15-some years, those model facemasks seem to have gone the way of the one-bar facemask. The only person I know wearing such a facemask now is Taylor Boggs of the Arizona Cardinals, and there was one guy on the Saskatchewan Roughriders whose name escapes me that wore such a mask. This makes me wonder: Why has this facemask gone largely extinct this century? I think it may be because the players want a good field of vision, I'd presume....
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    Pylons In The End Zone

    Not too long ago, Paul Lukas posted in his Uni Watch blog that pylons weren't always used in the endzone to denote it. The above picture, from the late 1960s, is such an example of what was used before the pylons: Pointed flags! Which raises a Q on my end: When did they switch from flags to the pylons we see today in the endzones? Methinks sometime in the 1970s.
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    2019 CFL Uniforms

    Whoa. Those uniforms on par with what the AAF has been putting out.
  9. johnnysama

    Pylons In The End Zone

    ^ No idea. The goalposts are still on the goal line in Canada, for obvious reasons.
  10. johnnysama

    Pylons In The End Zone

    ^ Thank you for shedding some light into this subject.
  11. johnnysama

    Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds The Toronto Blue Jays visited Regina's Taylor Field (former home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders) in 1989.
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    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    I found a Team Canada Jonathan Toews jersey yesterday, a Dustin Ackley teal Mariners jersey and a Indians giveaway Trevor Bauer "Player's Week" jersey. Didn't get any of them.
  13. johnnysama

    Your Favourite CBC Logo

    This was one of the first polls/questions I ever posted when I joined this website almost 13 years ago, so I'll bring it back for those new here, as the original is now closed to further replies. For those of you who are outside North America, the CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and is the primary public broadcaster for Canada. With that out of the way, the organization has had many great logos, which you can see here: The Q: What's your fave CBC logo? I like both the 1974-86/1986-92 logo (which are the same logos, but with different colour arranegments), and the logo used since 1992 (which is now the longest-serving one in CBC's history). There's just something about the designs that make it look awesome, I feel.
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    Seattle Breakers NHL uniform concept

    Here is a second NHL concept uniform for the forthcoming Seattle team from me. What if the team used the heritage Breakers name (it was used by the WHL [Western Hockey League] junior team now known as the Seattle Thunderbirds from their inception in 1977 to 1985)? Here is my Breakers uniform concept. The yellow and green pay homage to the Seattle Supersonics. I wish the wave looked a little better (I drew it on mouse on MS Paint), but the basic gist of the logo is that it's a wave in a circle w/a hockey stick in the background. I hope you like this.
  15. johnnysama

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Heading north of the border again..... Like his Eskimos teammate during the dynasty years of the late 1970s/early 1980s Larry Highbaugh, Ron Estay started his career as a BC Lion.
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    Yet Another Signature Thread

    I changed up the order of what I wanted, I hope it's not to late to take them into consideration. I don't really want numbers on them, BTW.
  17. johnnysama

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    Saskatchewan Roughriders/BC Lions/Vancouver Canucks/Los Angeles Kings/Seattle Seahawks/Seattle Mariners/Toronto Blue Jays (blue alternate
  18. johnnysama

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    I agree. Although Schutt has tried hard to preserve that classic shape in some of their helmet models.
  19. johnnysama

    Griffin's Signature Thread

    Thanks. I didn't include the Mariners, as the lower left corner would be empty, and that would've looked blah, IMO.
  20. johnnysama

    Seattle Breakers NHL uniform concept

    I might sometime. The wave looks a bit off, because, as I stated, I drew it on a computer mouse (as opposed to purely by hand).
  21. johnnysama

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    Interesting to see that the obsolete VSR4s are all being replaced by Speedflex helmets.
  22. johnnysama

    Griffin's Signature Thread

    Me: Saskatchewan Roughriders/Seattle Seahawks/BC Lions/Toronto Blue Jays
  23. johnnysama

    Thrift Store Gems 2019

    On last week's journey, I did get the Sports Jeopardy! game for the Nintendo Game Boy for $3.
  24. johnnysama

    Ask A Moderator

    - Is it possible to delete this post? Yeah, I think I should've thought of this further. Thanks.
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    Seattle Emeralds NHL Concept

    And now, my entry into this "Seattle NHL team" uniform design thread. I chose the name Seattle Emeralds, after the city's nickname, "The Emerald City" I was largely inspired by the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughrider uniform worn from 1967-84 (which was in turn, inspired by the 1966-69 Philadelphia Eagles uniform); and I thought shoulder and sleeve stripes would convey a sense of speed. This is my first-ever foray into designing team uniforms. I hope you like what I have here.