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  1. Fonts by Conrad (Jan 18 - NBA Update '15 Pack is up!)

    Was wondering if this font has been done? It's used on Nike's school pride t-shirts for high school and college. The closest I've found in Conrad's fonts is Beaverton but that would still need a little modifying. If it's been done and I've missed or if it's out there somewhere I'd love to have it and any help is greatly appreciated...thanks in advance!
  2. Came up with a Kylo Ren t-shirt design (the villain from the upcoming "Star Wars - The Force Awakens") but need some feedback from you guys before I can call it "finished". The top row is silver print on black (because of the silver elements on his mask) while the bottom row has charcoal gray print to give it a more ghostly image. I'm also playing with text or no text below the mask image, with the options of "The Force Awakens" or "There's Been An Awakening". Any feedback/tips/requests you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Concept Thread Think Tank

    For what it's worth I've been mildly interested in handing off the NFL's Alternate Universe series for a while now for the sake of seeing it finally get it's due and get finished. I'm intrigued at the thought of seeing what someone else could do with it while following along with the guidelines and ideas that I give them...similar to Lucas handing over the Star Wars franchise
  4. One Year Uniforms

    Don't forget the (in)famous one-year Apex wonders of the 1994 college football season. Arkansas Iowa Minnesota
  5. Thrift Store Gems 2015

    And where exactly did you find this? Does anyone know or is there any way to find out if any of these were produced for giveaways/promotions, or if this is THE jersey from that commercial shoot? Very interesting and exciting pull for sure.
  6. Thrift Store Gems 2015

    Picked up this 47 Brand Brewers raglan featuring the Ball-In-Glove logo at the local TJ Maxx for $9.99
  7. Thrift Store Gems 2015

    There is a store locally called Dirt Cheap. I'm not sure if it's a one-off store of if others exist, but they mostly carry returned/"damaged"/seasonal/clearance items from Target, Rue 21, and some other places that didn't sell the first time around and wound-up in their hands. They have a little bit of everything in there like every other department store, you just have to dig to find it and then you feel like you need to go home and shower afterwards. On my latest trip in there (my wife LOVES this place as do most women locally) I was looking through the men's t-shirts and found around 2 dozen Carolina Panthers 2003 NFC Champions tees, black with the old logo on them, still brand-new 11 years since the Super Bowl. When I go back I'll get a pick.
  8. College Football 2014 Season

    I've noticed while watching La Tech today that the alts feature two different nameplate fonts: Some are traditional athletic block and some/most are athletic block serif ala the Cowboys and 49ers. Also saw an "X" on the back of "Dixon"s uni that I've never seen an any font anywhere. I'll try to get a shot.
  9. Thrift Store Gems 2014

    Well I've gone back to TJ Maxx twice now and they're all sold out of the LSU Nike gloves, which is crazy considering just how many they had of those just a couple of weeks ago. As of Saturday though they did have 3 pair of the NFL October breast cancer awareness gloves, size L, XL, and XXL for $12.99 each.
  10. Thrift Store Gems 2014

    I'll get some pics and post them here
  11. Thrift Store Gems 2014

    The TJ Maxx here has a LOT of the LSU gloves in all sizes for around $12. If anybody wants a pair let me know. I'm an Arkansas fan living in NELA but still almost bought a pair just because.
  12. Thrift Store Gems 2014

    Got this 39/Thirty Marlins cap at Ross a couple of weeks back for $7...fits amazingly and the original logo gets this cap plenty of compliments.
  13. I've always been stumped on this one, and seeing the Penguins logo thread inspired me to finally propose the question here. Looking up examples of Favre jerseys are no help, either, as it seems many of them center it based on the center of the vertical line that forms the right side of the digit, while others center it based on the overall width. Of course, this is only an issue with single-digit jerseys of #4 and not 14,24, ect, so I'm curious as to what everyone's consensus is on this.
  14. Super Bowl Champion Jersey Signatures...

    Guys I'd love to fill your requests and keep this going, but I don't even think I have the template for these anymore, much less even have the time to finish my own concepts =(
  15. NEW Soccer Template **UPDATE 04/30** 3rd Page!

    It's ironic that you did this, because I did the same thing years ago out of my baseball template lol. I made it for something in Logolympiad then lost it, so it's long gone, but nice job here man! Inspiring me to maybe start making a new template or two lol.