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  1. The white outline on the logo, where white ISN'T used on the helmet stripes, really grinds my gears.
  2. I didn't know that - wish I knew then as it cost me.
  3. I'll bet the Brewers would make that trade - Las Vegas for Colorado Springs.
  4. Are you totally sure about that? I was paid via PayPal for game operations for an indoor football team, and PayPal took their cut of the fee I was paid. For that reason, the only time I use it is for ebay transactions. If I'm going to get paid, I want the full amount I'm due (unless I have no choice, such as ebay).
  5. No they can't unless they buy the AAA franchise from whoever owns it.
  6. Without a long response, I'll just say that @Ferdinand Cesarano doesn't speak for me as a baseball fan. His assertions of what was and wasn't said in the past doesn't mesh with mine.
  7. arena football

    Money? No? Pass. Longer version - you can't fix this league, or any other version of indoor football, without sufficient owners with sufficient money to lose to make it happen. Given that people with money aren't inclined to lose money, this is dead in the water.
  8. Neutral party here - I got that vibe from it.
  9. Potentially. Of course, if merchandise is already being produced, they might HAVE to change. Sort of like the Brewers getting new threads in 2000 to coincide with the opening of Miller Park, which was delayed to to the construction tragedy.
  10. Love that there's a typo asking why Tnak was banned.
  11. I was a lifelong Cubs fan - born and raised in Green Bay. Cubs games were carried on local over the air TV in the late 60s and early 70s. Fast forward to 2010 - I'm sick of the Cubs not spending money on players and trumpeting the addition of a run-of-the-mill pitcher as a great deal. I took a year off of rooting for any one team, then became a fan of the Brewers. It's been easy, especially living in the Brewers market. Go for it!
  12. That problem in general applies to all alt unis. College football especially.
  13. Hmmm - so I have a blank Sand Knit from back in that timeframe (which I WISH I still fit in). Maybe I ought to get it numbered and then try to sell it.
  14. Just curious - and this is probably a mod question - is there any way that this thread could have weekly 'stickies' within it, such that there would be a way to go from week to week reviewing which uniforms were worn, as opposed to needing to scroll the entire thread? [/threadjack][love your work][try the veal]
  15. Multi-quoting to try to capture this properly. The NFL is the be-all and end-all of making a career out of football. Yes, the CFL exists and is an option in Canada. You state that there needs to be more options for making a career. I had previously stated that if you aren't in a camp, you need to move on, as you WON'T be making a career in football. Now, you WANT more options for guys to make a career. As @dfwabel stated, there is no market for want you WANT. Since there is no market, what "needs to be" and what you want are not the same. Another way - you'd like for guys to be able to make a living in football other than the NFL. You've played semi-pro. Have you ever played semi-pro in front of 5000 fans? That's a helluva gate that I saw twice in 5 years with a semipro team who traces its roots back to 1953. They don't pay their players. Teams that they play against may or may not exist from year to year. Why? Money, or the lack thereof. If there is insufficient money to keep a team or league afloat from year to year (heck, even from week to week), what makes you think players could make a living off of it? And no, TV isn't the answer. People don't show up to watch it - no one will pay to broadcast it.