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  1. NFL 2017 changes?

    Says the guy with the throwback Redskins logo as his avatar. Sorry - couldn't resist. :-)
  2. NFL 2017 changes?

    Why do they need a wordmark on the jersey front? I think it's needless clutter (see the above Eli Manning jersey for the slippery slope down which you can be led).
  3. So was I the only one who thought the Cowboys uniforms DIDN'T look good? I'm not a fan of the helmet, jersey and pants being three different colors (Steelers' road unis a notable exception due to longevity of the combo).
  4. I believe the article doesn't realize that the Cowboys ever wore blue over white.
  5. If it happened before the Super Bowl, it didn't happen.
  6. A question about the 1973-79 Cleveland Indians

    Let's add our name so people don't think we're Twins or something :-)
  7. their, not they are - sorry, I can't get past that. No, the regular number fonts aren't illegible. I'll paint with a broad brush - many color rush jerseys have colored numbers on colored jerseys. That combination is horrible for viewing by broadcasters and fans. By using a standard block font rather than anything else, you make the numbers as legible as possible. For normal jerseys, the contrast between number and jersey is greater, which allows for custom number fonts to be used and still be legible, relatively speaking. Certain numbers on certain fonts (hello, Philadelphia) are just flat out tough.
  8. It gives the possibility of making the numbers legible.
  9. USC Facemask & Jersey

    For awhile the USC facemask had a goldish tint to it. I thought we had talked about it here.
  10. Finally Splurged on a Replica '67 Saints Jersey

    Correct - I'm seeing a grey circle with a white dash.
  11. Finally Splurged on a Replica '67 Saints Jersey

    And now it is gone again. But yes - gorgeous!
  12. NFL 2017 changes?

    I was going to say 'because they don't care about the one helmet rule', but your answer is probably better. Strike the probably. It's better.
  13. I fail to see how liking gold pants requires you to want to wear all gold. I'm in Bruce's camp on this.