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  1. There's too much navy in MLB and always has been, and I don't normally like two-toned caps. But that color combination has always worked for the Angels, they're one of a handful of teams that actually look better with a two-toned cap, and they need to return to it. I'm with the others, though, that if they're going to keep the logo like that, it's too busy to accommodate both an "L" and an "A". Maybe if the blue outline and the white outline were made considerably thinner it might work.
  2. I'm guessing he meant that it being a tradition, would be new. It takes something a few years after the first time, to become a tradition.
  3. Spring Training jerseys, softball tops, BP jerseys, Little League shirts...they're all synonyms, and useful terms to disparage uniform pieces that deserve to be disparaged. Just because something is popular or commonplace, doesn't make it tasteful or attractive. Sports history is littered with uniform trends that came and (thankfully) went. I'm just hoping this trend goes away someday, as well. Unfortunately, you're probably right about them not going away any time soon, though.
  4. The Cubs and Indians played a World Series game 7 that will go down in history as one of the greatest series and greatest Game 7s of all time, and they treated it like a Spring Training game by wearing softball jerseys. What a damned shame. Oh, and I hope the Indians and their Twitter manager are happy with the "luck" the BP jerseys brought them in Games 5, 6, and 7. Will you put the superstition to bed now? As for colored pants, I'd much rather see those than the mismatched colored tops matched with white/gray pants, which look like &*!@$&#.
  5. I also thought the Indians Twitter response was snarky, and their stubbornness regarding the jerseys has me all in on the Cubs. Did the official team Twitter account just post that they believe the color of the fabric in the team's jerseys has been the basis of their success? Perhaps all players should carry the official team rabbit's foot in their pockets during games, as well. Congrats the city of Cleveland on two titles in four months, after waiting so long. You deserve it. But both your teams will have made history looking worse than they should have, and that's unfortunate. It's kinda like wearing jeans and a polo to your wedding, and all in the name of "luck".
  6. Josh Hopkins of the ABC show Quantico is a big Kentucky fan, and had lots of UK placement in one episode about this time last year.
  7. And you know my age how?
  8. The solution for that is for teams to avoid choosing horrible designs. Most of us recognize them for the garbage they are, within seconds of seeing them. So, there's no reason teams couldn't solicit the input of a focus group of people with a small amount of design sense and good taste (not athletes, coaches or casual fans) and avoid the mistakes. Letting it be known that they can get an early do-over would only encourage teams to be less careful in what they choose.
  9. The Little League World Series
  10. Well, that makes me a Cubs fan, then, provided they wear white/gray.
  11. Okay, well, Spring Training jerseys, then. Actually, I was being sarcastic/facetious, but regardless of what they're called, they don't belong in a Major League game, especially during the postseason. I can, by far, tolerate monochrome uniforms of color before these mismatched top/bottom combinations, and yes, even the Indians and Phillies Bloody Mary uniforms of the 1970s and the Pirates and A's yellow. Basketball and baseball uniforms should appear as one unit, not a mismatched top and bottom.
  12. I'll be rooting for whichever teams are least likely to wear batting practice jerseys during the games, so Dodgers and whomever.
  13. I've said it before, but since we're talking about those Reds uniforms, I'll say it again. If they had left well enough alone back in 1972, those Reds uniforms would be mentioned as among the best of all time, along with the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, etc. Sadly, I fear that the people on this board with taste are in the minority. I suspect the common fan would consider them "too plain". The Reds supposedly did an opinion study of some sort back in 2007 and what we have now is what won, if that tells you anything. If we can't get a makeover, I wish they'd at least get rid of those awful road caps.
  14. I prefer the full city name on the Giants' roads because it reminds me of Mays, McCovey, Marichal, etc. Has a classic feel to it. The SF does look really good in its own right, though.
  15. Mets and Giants didn't disappoint tonight. Classic, classy, timeless perfection.