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  1. Well, that makes me a Cubs fan, then, provided they wear white/gray.
  2. Okay, well, Spring Training jerseys, then. Actually, I was being sarcastic/facetious, but regardless of what they're called, they don't belong in a Major League game, especially during the postseason. I can, by far, tolerate monochrome uniforms of color before these mismatched top/bottom combinations, and yes, even the Indians and Phillies Bloody Mary uniforms of the 1970s and the Pirates and A's yellow. Basketball and baseball uniforms should appear as one unit, not a mismatched top and bottom.
  3. I'll be rooting for whichever teams are least likely to wear batting practice jerseys during the games, so Dodgers and whomever.
  4. I've said it before, but since we're talking about those Reds uniforms, I'll say it again. If they had left well enough alone back in 1972, those Reds uniforms would be mentioned as among the best of all time, along with the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, etc. Sadly, I fear that the people on this board with taste are in the minority. I suspect the common fan would consider them "too plain". The Reds supposedly did an opinion study of some sort back in 2007 and what we have now is what won, if that tells you anything. If we can't get a makeover, I wish they'd at least get rid of those awful road caps.
  5. I prefer the full city name on the Giants' roads because it reminds me of Mays, McCovey, Marichal, etc. Has a classic feel to it. The SF does look really good in its own right, though.
  6. Mets and Giants didn't disappoint tonight. Classic, classy, timeless perfection.
  7. When my Reds are not in the postseason (which is most seasons), I mainly just root for uniforms. For the most part, that translates to rooting for teams that don't wear alternates. My only interest in the Orioles - Blue Jays wild card game was in seeing the best-dressed team advance. I tuned in early in the game, looking forward to seeing Blue Jays in their classic and beautiful white uniforms, facing the Orioles in their classic and beautiful road gray uniforms. Saw what both teams were wearing and promptly switched the channel to something else. I assume you guys are right about the Orioles thinking, but they couldn't have made a worse choice. What a missed opportunity. Oh, and a lot of good their superstition did them. No offense to Orioles fans, but If their loss means we don't have to see those alt caps again this year, I'm all for it.
  8. Lindsey Wilson, an NAIA school in Kentucky, has the off-center issue, as well, choosing the physical center over the visual center.
  9. Agreed. I hate the Reds script.
  10. I vote they go with this:
  11. I assume they just paint the shell in that situation, no?
  12. If the Bengals wear black and white, wouldn't that be an "Absence of Color" Rush uniform?
  13. Given that prior to Mount Davis, the outfield was the open end of the stadium with few seats, it wouldn't have made sense to have that be the side of the field.
  14. Regarding the red bills on the Rangers blue caps, I'm normally not too keen on two-tone caps. But some teams can certainly look good with them. Works / Worked: Angels A's Rangers Indians Orioles Braves Pirates (mustard) Doesn't / Didn't work: Astros Tigers Royals Twins Mets Phillies Nationals Reds Cubs Cardinals Dodgers
  15. The points about the Angels are well-taken. Perhaps the best solution for the Rangers would be to avoid the red caps, socks, and sleeves, and stick with blue head-to-toe. Regardless, the mismatch looks awful. In general, I like uniformity of color throughout the cap, sleeves, socks, numbers, and lettering. It's the reason I don't like the Cardinals' navy caps. I know they have a history, but they look out of place with all the red on the uniforms.