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  1. That would be a huge mistake. The NFL has promoted its easily-identifiable set of league helmets on merchandise dating back to the 60s. That finite set of team brands has served it well, and a big something would be lost if it were to be diluted. At one time, I had thoughts of assembling a mini helmet collection of every version Kentucky had ever worn, but with them wearing 17 variations each season now, it would be too unwieldy to even try to keep up with it all, so I didn't even start.
  2. Jungle Jim

    Different colors of jerseys and pants in baseball

    I am completely in the camp that the pants and jersey should be the same color. I probably have stronger feelings about it than most, but I absolutely detest the color jersey over gray or white pants. It's been said before, but it looks like batting practice / Spring Training / Little League / Beer League Softball. Most likely an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the A's and Padres all-yellow from the 70s, the Indians Bloody Marys, and even the Orioles all-orange from the 70s over the mismatches. A baseball uniform should function as an integrated unit, not two unmatched parts slapped together. That being said, I have no problem with it at all in football, so perhaps I should confess to hypocrisy.
  3. Jungle Jim

    NFL changes 2019

    Unless someone wants to report that the Bengals are getting rid of their Halloween costumes, I don't wish to read anything further in this thread.
  4. Looking bad (both uniforms and play on the field) comes very easily for the Bengals, but that combination is one of the worst in the history of the league. All their uniform combinations range from bad to hideous, but that one deserves some sort of award. As a jaded fan of the team, I'm looking at the bigger picture and hoping for abject failure in the near-term, hoping it will bring about a new coaching staff and new uniforms.
  5. Jungle Jim

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    This is what the Bengals looked like when I first became a fan in 1975, and there's just something about the look your favorite team has when you first become a fan. I spent six years dreaming of someday seeing these uniforms in a Super Bowl. Sadly, they missed it by one year. My Christmas list consisted mainly of stuff with that logo on it from the Sears catalog back in those days. Good times.
  6. Jungle Jim

    MLB changes 2018?

    As a fan of a team that will never play in the World Series again (Reds), I root for uniforms each postseason. Like many others here, since the Red Sox insisted on the Spring Training jerseys, I was really hoping the Dodgers would win.
  7. Jungle Jim

    NFL 2018 changes

    When the Titans decided to keep the thumbtack, they ruined any chance of improvement. What they have done is change for change's sake, without changing the ONE MAJOR thing that needed changing (the helmet logo). They've gone from one cluttered, ugly look to another. And to think, this franchise used to wear Houston Oilers uniforms.
  8. Jungle Jim

    MLB changes 2018?

    ...and they used the inferior road cap for a cart used at home games. ?
  9. Jungle Jim

    Favorite jersey number?

    32 for me, but it depends on the sport and position. These are the ones I have an opinion on... Kicker: 1 QB: 12 RB: 32 or 33 WR: 80 or 88 Pitcher: 32 or 41 Catcher: 5 OF: 44
  10. Jungle Jim

    Cincinnati Reds: Time For A Change?

    The Olde English "C" and the script "Reds" can't be gone soon enough, and unfortunately, the "C" is still being painted behind the pitcher's mound. Those Spring Training caps were horrendous. Are they still using them in BP? Wishbone "C" on caps and home jerseys, block "CINCINNATI" on road jerseys, one or the other on jackets and outerwear, and no (or minimal) black. Please don't make this a clown show in the name of selling merchandise.
  11. Jungle Jim

    NFL 2018 changes

    It has always bugged me that the leaping tiger and the head logo were both oriented in the wrong direction. Am I the only one that really prefers logos that flow from left to right? This is especially true of football helmets, that must face to the right when depicted.
  12. Jungle Jim

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I agree, but with the edits I made.
  13. Jungle Jim

    Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Is it a foregone conclusion that the flaming thumbtack is going to remain on the helmets? I know it's featured prominently in their new facilities, but couldn't it remain the primary logo while not being used on the helmets? Man, I hate that thing, and the T is so much better.
  14. Jungle Jim

    What was the best logo in your team's history?

    This one's been gone for over 25 years and I still miss it. Have not been as passionate about the Reds since then, although many other factors have also contributed.
  15. Jungle Jim

    Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey Numbers

    I've always been torn. The gold pants look outstanding with the black jerseys, because the jersey balances with the helmet. That set truly is a classic and one of the best, missing helmet logo aside. But with the white jersey, I don't like the gold pants near as much. Washington has the same issue. Their gold pants look great with the maroon jersey, not so great with the white. I've always felt that, with football uniforms in general, the pants should either be the same color as the helmet or be white. Four teams match up the helmet and pants beautifully: 49ers, Packers, Raiders, and Cowboys (although I wish the colors matched). Someone did a mock up of black pants for the Steelers, and some of us agreed that it was just "off" somehow. I almost wonder if they wouldn't look better with white pants when they wear the white jersey.