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  1. More Dodgers goodness. These are from this week.
  2. I've often joked that the Red Sox won the 1975 World Series over the Reds, three games to three, because that's possibly the perception that many casual observers have held for forty years, due to that home run being the most-shown play from that series. Speaking of the Reds, although they don't have as good a uniform history as the Red Sox, it's still a shame that their greatest years came in those awful pullovers and in that concrete donut with carpet on the field. The uniforms were perfect, classic, classy, and timeless 1968-71. If only they'd left well enough alone.
  3. Last post was just over 19 months ago. Coincidentally, the thread titles are identical, word-for-word...
  4. I'm with Gothamite. The Padres got it right with their first try in 1969. It's too bad that set didn't last throughout their history, with only tweaks to the cap logo and lettering as the decades passed. It's still not too late to switch to it and use it for the next forty years.
  5. ColorWerx did some research on it back in 2009 and posted this thread, but unfortunately his images are no longer available... According to this site... http://www.fastcodesign.com/3041229/super-logo-bowl-the-design-history-of-the-patriots-and-seahawks ...the original "cartoon" Pat was used 1961-1965, rather than 1961-64.
  6. How is that any different that this was? Wait...never mind...
  7. That's where I stand. The problem with the Yankees sleeve stripes is that they don't work with the rest of the uniform. There are no stripes anywhere else on the uniform, so they're just hanging there in isolation. They're an odd pairing with button-down jerseys, belts, and stripeless collars and pants. Teams that had sleeve stripes in the 70s and 80s also had pullover jerseys with stripes around the neck and beltless pants with stripes around the waist, so there was a theme and there was balance. Don't get me wrong, today's Yankees look better than those teams from the 70s and 80s, but they have unnecessarily forced a 70s-80s design element onto an otherwise traditional uniform.
  8. Yes, and yes...x1000.
  9. There was at least one documented case of an oil discovery in Tennessee. J.D. "Jed" Clampett, an impoverished mountaineer who was barely able to provide for his family's daily nutritional needs, forced bubbling crude oil to the surface with a blast from a double-barrell shotgun in the early 60s near Bug Tussle. The financial windfall from the discovery enabled the hillbillies to take up residence in a Beverly Hills, California mansion, with often comedic results.
  10. I'm sure I'm in a vast minority, but I've always wanted an authentic version of Ken Anderson's jersey, pre-stripes.
  11. It's true the AFC team had the choice of jerseys for the Super Bowl that concluded that 1979 season, so that would have been the Oilers. I have no idea what their preferences were at that time, but I assume they would have chosen the blue jersey. Either way, it would have been beautiful. Consolation prize was that we got to see those classic Rams uniforms in the Super Bowl that year. Still, going from 0-26 to the Super Bowl in two years would have been historic for the Bucs. They were my second-favorite team from 1976-96. After the uniform change I became indifferent.
  12. Yes, Houston Oilers vs anyone. This was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the thread title. I will always regret that these two teams were each one win away from this being the uniform matchup for Super Bowl XIV. Speaking of Houston, how about Reds vs Astros, 1971? Both teams were wearing their best looks ever at that time. The two guys in this photo were traded for one another the following winter, by the way.
  13. The popularity of the Steelers uniforms is based, in large part, on what the team has accomplished while wearing them. Take away the six titles and it would be viewed by more people for what it is: an average uniform with a silly-looking helmet that has a sticker on one side but not the other.
  14. Seeing that photo, I'm so glad I don't watch the Reds attempt to play baseball anymore.
  15. The Astros looked the best in their history when they emphasized the orange, before the rainbow guts. I can take or leave the shooting star, but this set is a thing of beauty, topped off by perhaps my favorite cap of all time, all teams included...