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  1. I'm a traditionalist and not a fan of pullovers and elastic waistbands, but those are gorgeous. It looks like they may have done a good job of not wearing them too baggy and not having the neck of the jersey hanging way too low. That being said, some of those players need some lessons in pants length from that era. I don't think any players wore their pants that high in those days. The J.R. Richard photo below is representative of the era.. And the pajamas shouldn't be permitted at all when throwing back. Surely a player can stand to look good for an occasional game now and then.
  2. I haven't read the thread word-for-word, so forgive me if this has been mentioned, although I'm sure it's been brought up somewhere before... Why the unnecessary white outline around the numbers on the blue jersey? They're not on the white jersey, so it's inconsistent. Also, the sleeve stripes on the two jerseys are nothing similar. And finally, what's the point of the black outline on the white jersey stripes? Home and road jerseys should complement one another. The green pants and three shades of blue are awful, but these other inconsistencies just add to the mess. The Cowboys' uniform "concept" is iconic. The execution is far from it, and their refusal to improve it is unfortunate.
  3. When you consider each team's home white and road gray uniforms and disregard the seemingly endless parade of alternates, baseball uniforms are in a Golden Age of design right now. But, that is being ruined by these ridiculous socks. I hate the pajama pants...a lot...but even that is a lesser evil than the socks. Who...WHO...thought these were a good idea and looked good?
  4. The Astros got it exactly right for one season: 1971 -- After the switch to orange and before the switch to sleeve stripes and elastic waistbands in 1972.
  5. oldschool, it seems that I agree with you 99% of the time. This must be the 1%. I think the Giants uniforms are among the worst in the league. It starts with the three different and unrelated striping patterns on the helmet, jersey, and pants. I"ve never been a fan of the single red stripe on the navy helmet, because it doesn't pop at all. I think they should return to having the white stripes on each side of the red one, although perhaps not as wide as they were 1976-79. Then there's the gray pants, which to me have always looked like they should have originally been white, but have turned gray from age and extended use. Also, there's no blue on the white jersey and no red on the blue jersey. Both jerseys remind me of the generic kids' football uniforms you could get from the Sears catalog in the 1960s and 70s. And finally, the helmet logo, as iconic as it is, is just strange and vertically unbalanced, with the "n" and the "y" not sitting on the same horizontal line and the extra-long tail of the "y" making that right angle to the left. That being said, I could live with the logo if they'd fix the other issues.
  6. It has been tried... http://www.uni-watch.com/2015/03/13/a-look-at-white-mlb-helmets/
  7. This Angels hat color combination dates back 56 years. Any fears that they too-closely resemble the Red Sox should be set aside. It's their best look.
  8. I can very much relate. The Reds swept the Dodgers in the very first NL Division Series in 1995, and I just felt numb. Just five years earlier, I had been so pumped when they had clinched the 1990 NL West title over the Dodgers, but seeing them take this three-game series sweep to qualify for the NLCS left me feeling nothing at all. It was then that I knew something was wrong, and the passion I had experienced since being an 8-year-old kid in 1974 was dying or had died already. The magical run they had in 1999 and the playoff appearances in 2010, 2012, and 2013 did nothing to change it. Part of it was the realignment, yes, but the loss of the Big Red Machine era double knit uniforms and later, the destruction of the ballpark I grew up making so many memories in, played a role, as well. Don't get me wrong, those double knit pullover uniforms weren't good. In fact, they should never have replaced the 1969-71 models. And Riverfront Stadium was far inferior to the new ballparks we have today. But they were what I grew up with, and what I knew when the passion was born. Finding myself rooting for a team with no Dodgers rivalry, in different uniforms, and later in a different ballpark, was too much for me to get past.
  9. On one hand, I'm a traditionalist who hates interleague play. I long for the days of four divisions and looking forward to the all-important showdowns between my Reds and their NL West rivals Dodgers, where each game counted for two games in the standings. Looking back, I think my love of MLB ended with the 1994 realignment. "Making the playoffs" was cheapened and the Reds-Dodgers rivalry that I so loved was killed off. I've still followed the Reds to some extent since, but I've had no real emotional investment. That being said, I do take special interest when the Reds play teams like the Yankees, Orioles, Red Sox, A's, etc. I might even tune into games I would otherwise ignore, so I guess, for MLB's purposes, it works. Still, if I could wave magic wand, I'd go back to the MLB of 1969-1993.
  10. I clicked on the link expecting to hate every one one of them, but I don't. They still don't belong in a Major League Baseball game, though. The clown socks they're wearing now are bad enough. We don't need this added.
  11. Well, since this topic has been revived, I've decided to go ahead and re-post photos of my Pocket Pro collection since I completed it last fall. As I mentioned in my original post (and yes, I'm repeating myself), I now have a representation of every helmet worn in the NFL since 1960, including one-off preseason models and alternates. Many or even most had to be custom made. Up until last year, there had been three styles of Pocket Pros produced: two-bar, traditional, and Revolution. I tried to create each one in the style that is appropriate for the era or eras in which it was worn, somewhat arbitrarily using the two-bar model for 1960-79, the traditional model for 1980-2002, and the Revolution style for 2003 to present. The display unit is something I made using craft boards purchased at Lowes. Last year Riddell introduced the "Speed" model of Pocket Pro, replacing the Revolution that had been marketed for several years. I managed to complete the 2016 updates using Revolution shells, but I haven't decided if or when I'll start using the Speed model. Another decision will be whether or not to buy all 32 teams' current designs in the Speed model. Here's a comparison of the Revolution and the Speed, for those unfamiliar: I'd like to have been able to display them in order by city name, but that wasn't 100% possible if I were to keep each team all on one shelf and not split them up. When I get time, I'll to try to shift the Chargers upward, since they're now from Los Angeles rather than San Diego. The most challenging ones to create ended up being the 1994 Eagles 75th Anniversary throwback and the yellow and baby blue 2007 Eagles throwback. Also, I re-did the Buccaneers flags to make them the correct size. The ones produced by Riddell had flags that were too small. My only regret at this point is my failure to document the actual seasons each helmet was worn, as I was doing my research. I can still go back to the Gridiron Database and do it, but I could have had it done the first time.
  12. That would be a start, but making the sleeves the same color as the rest of the jersey is needed, also. And I HATE how they put orange stripes on a black surface on parts of all three of the jerseys. Come to think of it, shouldn't this needed collection of tweaks be considered a redesign? I think I hate everything about their jerseys, and being a long-time Bengals fan, it's painful to see.
  13. I agree. Baseball and its players don't mean much to me anymore, but growing up in the 70s, my once-a-year trip to a Reds game was a thing of wonder. We lived a long way from Cincinnati and I spent months anticipating the date. I still remember the excitement of seeing the players in their uniforms in person...Bench 5, Perez 24, Morgan 8, Concepcion 13, Rose 14, Foster 15, Geronimo 20, Griffey 30... Now, can you imagine how a lifelong memory would have been diminished if they had taken the field as 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42? Okay, perhaps it's a weak argument and maybe people should be aware of when Jackie Robinson Day is and choose another date if seeing the original uniforms is important, but I still contend that there are so many other ways to honor the man and his legacy without the uniform number overkill.
  14. I agree. I have hated just about every case where black was added to uniforms since then, but it really worked with that uniform. And just to be clear, yes, the green helmets are superior, but it's the logo that is really so much better. The jet with the entrails behind it was perfect for a team called the Jets. My guess is that, had they not won Super Bowl III, they may never have returned to the traditional look.
  15. That helmet is so much better than the white one. It's not even close.