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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    Back to the Marlins, I would be in favor of their wearing the original teal-centric sets from 1993 for, say 81 home games and...I don't know...maybe just 81 road games...plus any postseasons games they may play in.
  2. 2018 NASCAR Paint Schemes

    Seeing these cars make me kinda sad. I recognize the numbers and their fonts, some of which have been around for decades, but that's about it. Twenty years ago I could name all 40+ drivers, their numbers, and primary sponsors off the top of my head. I spent lots of money on die cast cars and seldom missed a race on TV. I stopped watching and started liquidating my die cast collection in the early 00s, which was fortunately before the bottom dropped out of the die cast market. It was fun as long as there was one main scheme for each driver per year, but when they started running one "special" scheme after another, it just became too much to keep up with. Much like what happened with the baseball card industry ten years earlier. Today, with so many part-time sponsors, I imagine it's hard to know who's driving what, unlike the days when Dupont meant Gordon, Goodwrench meant Earnhardt, Kellogg's meant Terry Labonte, STP meant Petty, Valvoline meant Martin, Miller meant Rusty, etc. It was easy to associate the drivers with their long-time sponsors. It was better. That being said, there are still some pretty cars on the track.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    Blooper...Bluepper...meet Gapper. I've never understood the need for Gapper. It's not like we're short on mascots.
  4. The Cincinnati Reds have worn their current set since 2007, and while it is an improvement over the BFBS era of 1999-2006, I have never been a fan of the black-billed road caps and gimmicky font. Is it time for a change? If so, which direction should they go? I will forever be a fan of the simple yet elegant set of 1968-71, and I'd love to see it return. I've said it before, but if they had just kept that look from that point forward, they would be considered unchangeable classics along with teams like the Dodgers, Yankees, and Cardinals. While I loved the pullovers and elastic waistbands as a kid in the 1970s, I now regret that the greatest seasons in the history of the franchise happened in those, rather than the more traditional set that proceeded them. As for the current set, they have lasted longer than most in the history of the franchise. Here's a rundown of their previous looks dating back to 1939, ordered by length of tenure: 1972 - 1992 (21 seasons) -- Pants leg stripe and second red sleeve stripe added 1988-92 1939 - 1955 (17 seasons) -- Blue highlights 1939-46, Red highlights 1947-55 2007 - Present (12 Seasons) 1999 - 2006 (8 seasons) 1993 - 1998 (6 Seasons) 1961 - 1966 (6 Seasons) 1956 - 1960 (5 Seasons) 1967 - 1971 (4 Seasons) -- Pinstripes on home uniform for 1967 season only
  5. NFL 2018 changes

    They may have been okay on an orange background, but they looked horrible on that green background. I don't think there has ever been a green tiger with black stripes. As for the Super Bowl, the league has never strayed from a fairly standard template, so I don't expect they would in the case of the Bengals., who were "lucky" enough to play in it twice. http://fields.gridiron-uniforms.com/controller/controller.php?action=super-bowls
  6. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    I've come around some on monochrome football uniforms, but only with non-classic uniforms (Broncos, Seahawks, Bengals, etc) and only if there are contrasting color socks. I'm also coming around some on matte baseball batting helmets, but I'll always hold a nostalgic fondness for the traditional shiny ones. (I hate to imagine a world where I had not witnessed Jose Cruz's beautiful orange helmet twinkling under the lights of the Astrodome in the 1970s. ) As a kid in the 70s, I loved the baseball pullover jerseys and elastic waistbands, and hated the "old-fashioned" button-downs and belts. I'm the opposite now. I thought short shorts looked normal on basketball players in the 70s and 80s, but now they look really funny.
  7. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    Other than seeing Pittsburgh lose, I really don't care who wins what in the playoffs, so I root for good uniforms to stick around as long as possible, and hope the ugly ones get beaten quickly. As much as I have always had a soft spot for the New Orleans Saints, I was glad to get their awful black leotards out of the way, and thankful to not have to look at them again in the NFC Championship game. Now, what are we going to do about the Jaguars and that helmet?
  8. New Orleans Saints - A Uniform Odyssey

    This x1000, and hopefully today's heartbreaking loss will convince to put those hideous things in the dumpster, never to be seen again. How is that so many teams got it so right in past decades and then look like complete garbage today? I've always believed that in football, the pants should either match the helmet or be white, with very few exceptions. So, in the case of the Saints, the gold pants with matching helmet stripes is the way to go, regardless of black or white jersey. I was going to say that if they must have black pants, they should at least put striping down the leg and wear contrasting socks. But I deleted those keystrokes, because there is no redeeming them. One final pet peeve about the Saints: there are racing stripes down the middle of the helmet, but three-part stripes appear nowhere else on the uniform. The helmet stripes work for the Cowboys, Packers, 49ers, etc, because the pants match. The Saints need follow suit by matching them up on the pants, and including some on the jerseys. Either that, or remove them from the helmet.
  9. same name, same team, same number

    Pete Rose and Pete Rose, Jr. Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr.
  10. How much can you "update" a classic?

    In 1973, the Yankees updated a classic when they added white outlines to the lettering and arm bands to their road jerseys. I always thought it was unnecessary and it's a shame that it has persisted for 45 years. I can live with the white outlines around the lettering, but the arm bands are out-of-place in the absence of any other striping anywhere on the uniform. Sleeve stripes were tolerable in the pullover era, when there were stripes around the neck, around the waistband, and sometimes down the leg. But they have no business on that Yankees jersey.
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    Kinda extending the tangent off the main point here, but I can name every MLB division winner from 1969-1993 (the four-division era) off the top of my head, but everything from 1995 to present is a blur. The watering down of the postseason in 1994 (although the strike wiped that first season out) took a lot out of MLB for me, and I've never recovered. After growing up with a Reds-Dodgers yearly rivalry, and then having that unceremoniously stripped away, I've never been as passionate about the Reds or MLB since. In fact, I can't even be considered a fan anymore.
  12. NFL 2018 changes

    Regarding the Titans, anything that keeps the flaming ball thing or the 1990s helmet stripe things will be a failure. I'd like to see them eliminate the navy in favor of red, returning them to the color combo of the Oilers, and put some sort of "T" on the helmet.Insert other media
  13. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    What about Kentucky's 1996 denim uniforms? Has this been done before or since? Not a jersey, but... ...and can we let this thread go without mentioning these? ...and they were even more unique for one season...
  14. NFL 2017 changes?

    This is probably a better subject for an "NFL 2018 Changes" thread, but since the Panthers are being discussed, I'll go ahead and throw this out here... If I recall correctly, Marvin Lewis had a hand in the Bengals change to their current monstrosities for his second season as head coach. Now that he's leaving, I hope there's a chance that the uniforms get changed again. They don't necessarily need to go back to either of the previous two styles, but they might work as a good starting point. I just want my favorite team to have class, play with discipline, and not be dressed as clowns. Is that too much to ask?