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  1. I agree. Baseball and its players don't mean much to me anymore, but growing up in the 70s, my once-a-year trip to a Reds game was a thing of wonder. We lived a long way from Cincinnati and I spent months anticipating the date. I still remember the excitement of seeing the players in their uniforms in person...Bench 5, Perez 24, Morgan 8, Concepcion 13, Rose 14, Foster 15, Geronimo 20, Griffey 30... Now, can you imagine how a lifelong memory would have been diminished if they had taken the field as 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42? Okay, perhaps it's a weak argument and maybe people should be aware of when Jackie Robinson Day is and choose another date if seeing the original uniforms is important, but I still contend that there are so many other ways to honor the man and his legacy without the uniform number overkill.
  2. I agree. I have hated just about every case where black was added to uniforms since then, but it really worked with that uniform. And just to be clear, yes, the green helmets are superior, but it's the logo that is really so much better. The jet with the entrails behind it was perfect for a team called the Jets. My guess is that, had they not won Super Bowl III, they may never have returned to the traditional look.
  3. That helmet is so much better than the white one. It's not even close.
  4. I prefer the Indians red cap with the red-lettered home white jersey, but not with the navy top. The navy cap would look better with the navy top. Regardless of which one they wear, they REALLY need a white outline around the "C" on both the red cap and the navy cap. Both look bad without it.
  5. My friends and I all thought the skinny stirrups were cool in the 80s. When we were issued lower-cut stirrups, we'd cut them at the bottom and sew in a piece of elastic, so they'd ride up higher. Looking back, that single thin stripe down the side was pretty goofy looking. By the same token, I didn't like the extremely low-cut stirrups the Reds wore in those days, but now they look good in retrospect. Oh, and by the way, it looks like those things Yount is wearing were the fake stirrups, which were just socks with a stripe down the sides, all woven together.
  6. I'll go with Pensacola, Durham, and Louisville. The photos of Louisville Slugger field you find online don't really do it justice.
  7. Tony Perez in his short stint as Reds manager in 1993
  8. I agree with going back to the traditional look, but the brown pants should never see the light of day again. With a rare exception here and there, pants should either match the helmet or be white. When the pants don't match the helmet, the jersey should. Examples are the Redskins with maroon jerseys and gold pants and Steelers with black jerseys and gold pants, and there may be a few others. For the Browns, either white or orange pants work, but I actually prefer the orange with both the brown and the white jerseys.
  9. It would be nice to think that the news about their considering white helmets was intended to be released this Saturday, April 1. No other explanation makes sense.
  10. The Cincinnati Bengals have done a lot of things wrong in their history, but I think they got it right with Paul Brown Stadium in 2000. I know the cookie cutters are widely ridiculed today, and they were not great places to watch sports, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint, Riverfront Stadium was a beautiful structure.
  11. In addition to my team, the Bengals, I grew up liking the Vikings, Rams, Cardinals, and Buccaneers, because of their uniforms. Like others have already said, today I actively root against teams with bad uniforms and for the same reason others gave: I don't want bad designs to get permanent placement with a franchise because they were successful in them. (Patriots, for example) Some of my fellow Bengals fans would hate on me for saying this, but I hope they don't win anything in the current uniforms, because we'd be stuck with these clown suits to infinity if they did. So, I don't "hate" the Bengals because of their uniforms, but they're certainly much harder to root for with them, just as the Reds were during their horrible BFBS vested era 1999-2006.
  12. If I have to choose only one, it would be a return of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers creamsicle colors. Keep the current flag on the helmets, I don't care. Bruce wasn't the appeal of those uniforms for me, it was the color scheme.
  13. One thing I take from this is that orange caps are not worn nearly enough in MLB. That orange Astros cap has always and will always be my favorite of all time. Still have fond memories of the Astrodome lights bouncing off those glorious orange batting helmets back in the 70s.
  14. The white facemask is a mistake because it detracts from the white horns. The navy mask would have allowed the horns to stand out more, to pop, if you will.