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  1. Brad Stevens: the lowest peak playing career among current coaches?
  2. February 28 for the uniforms. I wish I could make it, but a Tuesday night and the last work-day of the month = not possible for an accountant.
  3. Or it's nostalgic because it seems the All-Star Game is in California every third year (with New Orleans or Houston the rest of the time).
  4. I'll say no, because there are only so many ways you can illustrate a wolf howling at the moon. Although reading the IP law discussion in the Las Vegas NHL Expansion thread... On a side note, I never noticed the tree shape in the Timberwolf's fur or the inside of his ear. Cool!
  5. As much as I'm enjoying the impending failure of this brand, it would feel much more reassuring if the Las Vegas locals were giving him heat for not considering any local ties and calling the team "Vegas" instead of "Las Vegas." Having the Army be the death knell (based on the blatant, intentional ripping off of Army colors/names/marks or the Golden Knight parachute team) would be ironic for Foley and also rewarding. Having a D2 liberal arts college be the roadblock, and one that doesn't even play hockey? I'd take it, but it feels a little hollow.
  6. On the one hand, "it could have been worse" can be said regarding uni ads. On the other hand, it's an abomination and is pure profit for the league, which in no way will pass savings onto its fans. I suppose NBA owners need more money so they can keep giving $80mil contracts to Ryan Anderson, but seriously, the NBA needs to be saved from itself.
  7. Las Vegas Thunderbirds Sorry, I'm done now.
  8. I love how the fans are starting to call Foley out on his Army lust and what he considers an "homage" to them. That's like saying "I went to Notre Dame and want to do an homage to my alma mater. How about 'Las Vegas Fighting Irish'?" It's not an homage. Homages are supposed to be subtle. Having said that, I started thinking about this again. I want to do a concept for a Las Vegas NBA expansion team in NBA 2K17. I thought about some new ones: - Las Vegas Roadrunners - Las Vegas Daredevils - Las Vegas Monsters (like Gila monsters) - Las Vegas Lizards (like lounge lizards, or like the animal)
  9. I'm actually quite bummed that Houston got rid of Tal's Hill. The little variation that exists in MLB today is just that -- too little. Why does every CF fence have to be 399 or 400 feet? I'd love to see one field out of 30 that's like 425 feet or farther, like the old Polo Grounds (which was 483 feet to center and between 260-275 down to the fair poles in either RF or LF, respectively). Unique stadiums is part of the charm in baseball. Other sports could take a hint. I really don't think results would change that much... for example, even if one soccer field is larger than the next, the goals are the same size and the rules are the same, so aren't goals scored in the same frequency? And as long as you can't change the dimensions on a whim, it'd be cool. If a poor-passing NFL team suddenly gets an accurate QB and can make the sidelines wider the same season, that wouldn't be fair.
  10. It's ironic that Sale cutting up jerseys will cut into jersey sales.
  11. Some really clever uses of graphics on the cuffs of the shorts, especially in the Grizzlies totem pole design, Clippers semaphore, and Swamp Dragons with the tail!
  12. We've had this thought appear every so often on the forums... one thread even went as far as to combine the various teams' logos on a single graphic (Firefly was the user's name). I like it. Some cities align their colors intentionally (Pittsburgh), while some make it nearly impossible (Boston). Should be fun.
  13. I'd be curious to see other Sonics as well. My idea was since Steve Ballmer bought the Clips, he's got a coup with his Seattle buddies at Microsoft. Magic would be a good contender too.
  14. I recently thought of trying to get into SketchUp again to make baseball stadia with unusual dimensions. I heard there was a video game where you could do this. I'd love to see a modern Polo Grounds or something.
  15. Sorry if this has been posted before... I did a quick search and did not turn up anything, but I thought it'd be fun to have a place where we showcase any successful relocations in NBA 2K16! It's a fairly robust creation kit, and it's predicated strongly on uploading logos from your computer to 2K's website, so the Illustrator folks aren't handcuffed by the in-game logo creation suite. (Jerseys and courts, like I said, are robust and not a handicap at all.) The reason I'm posting this now? After 3 years in MyGM, my Clippers relocation to Seattle was finally approved! Introducing the new and improved SuperSonics (C+C appreciated):