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  1. New Navy helmets for Army-Navy Game

    Fixed it for you.
  2. Design TCU's Basketball Court

    Lest anyone says we complain about anything that's new... I really, really like this. I'm all for ambitious designs if they make sense.
  3. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi logos

    I like how Pepsi's logos progress over time. Like they decide to change one thing, but don't change it too much! For example, looking at the 1950s introduction of the bottlecap, notice it uses the exact same script from the prior logo.
  4. Qdoba new logo

    Yep, though it looks better than I remembered!
  5. AmeriLeague, a new minor basketball league

    I'll take that bet! [/apparent gambling pun]
  6. Qdoba new logo

    Does anyone have a running list of the rebrands to go from "unique logo" to "sans-serif garbage"? OK, maybe not garbage, but between this, Google, Walmart, the GAP and Best Buy logos that people hated so much that they scrapped them, etc. etc. The new design trend is to not look unique whatsoever.
  7. Eww, I don't want to see those Clippers red jerseys.
  8. I was actually 100% against the black alternate, until I heard the idea of an alternate court. The BFBS jersey disrupts the flow of the other jerseys, logos, and court... but to make the alternate jersey go with the alternate court almost seems cohesive! With the alternate court: Black jersey 7/10 Without the alternate court: Black jersey 2.5/10
  9. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I disagree. The ambigram wordmark should be at center court. My dad always comments on how cool that is when he sees it on my video game. Plus, it's the one instance where an ambigram logo can actually be used in its natural environment (as opposed to, say, on the jersey, because who sees the jersey upside-down?).
  10. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    On the topic of soccer at MLB stadiums, Miller Park hosted Swansea City and Chivas in 2014 and Newcastle and Atlas in 2015. I don't watch soccer, so I have no clue which this one is:
  11. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    You are correct sir!
  12. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    could you add the bucks tweaked jerseys from last year to the site Not to pick, but the playing surfaces also contain some errors. They never had a green 3-point line (that should be white), and 2014-15 should actually have the "M"-stained Mecca-inspired floor with "Milwaukee" on the baselines. It's awesome though that you guys can contribute directly to the mothership!
  13. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Sure, you can say it about every All-Star game but since a regular season game is not happening in a forseeable future in Africa, it's better that nothing. Especially since the fans got the Dream Shake. No disrespect for the Bucks but I don't see how such All-Star game is inferior to the Bucks-Knicks game that took place in London. ^^^^Applause^^^^People are missing the point it's just another opportunity for a brand to be showcased in a location it never usually would be. Like a rare concert at an area that never had an event like it. Not every day a billion dollar corporation can come in to give the people and it's country a taste of what we take for granted. Exhibition or's special to people. Open your eyes. I hear ya, but to me it's like being a fan of the Rolling Stones, waiting 25 years to see them in person, and then they don't play "Sympathy for the Devil," "Jumping Jack Flash," or "Brown Sugar." But whatever, I guess you can't always get what you want.
  14. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    The NBA Africa game was a mess aesthetically. I like the different team jerseys like the old All-Star game, but the old unis, the superfluous flags on the backside, and some tiny logo on the shoulder (preview of ads perhaps?) were all very distracting. Above all else though, the game was terrible. Do people really prefer to see half-speed behind-the-back passes and poor defense in all-star games? It's such a waste of exposure for the league playing their first game on a continent.
  15. Giannis wearing the old jersey at that horrible missed opportunity called the NBA Africa Game. Not to pile on, but new unis aren't available to purchase until November. Monroe and Middleton didn't even have the new jerseys at their press conference. Is this typical?