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  1. Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    I think navy hem and cuffs would result in too little of the red, maybe fatten the navy striping or try the striping from the tertiary to involve the navy a bit more in the space between the shoulders and pants?
  2. Kansas City Scouts: Resurrection

    Looks great...reminds me a bit in terms of aesthetic style of Tyler Rodgers' Scouts concept from a while back but your usage of the horse in lieu of an actual Native American is probably more appropriate in this day and age. Love your jerseys as well, I think you've done a great job of creating a nice hierarchy between the three colors. I think this is a terribly underused color scheme and the navy, rust red and amber creates a really rich and vibrant look - but you have to get the balance right or it can be a bit too strong. I think you've achieved it with the amber clearly marked as the tertiary trim color and a nice balance between the navy and rust...and I think the scheme works best that way as opposed to say the Barrie Colts where the navy overwhelms and the yellow and red are simply fighting it out as competing/clashing trim colors. That navy home jersey would look amazing on the ice...love that you threw out any trace of white, it really helps create that rich look.
  3. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    SKC looks way, way too City-esque. Lack of indigo blue throws the entire thing off. The Sporting blue with white shorts and a white collar is not offensive...it's actually somewhat classy - just not for SKC. Plus the details are throwing it off...the reflective stripes add nothing for me, I find them kind of annoying and they clash with the thin hoops on the socks. It doesn't flow and it doesn't look like SKC. SKC has been one of the more fashion-forward brands in the MLS since their inception, producing some absolutely beautiful kits along the way but they got this one wrong, I have to say.
  4. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Soda - love the brighter colors, the greater contrast also help make the "V" element stand out more and that's the best thing about the logo IMO. I just can't get beyond how bland and how little contrast there is in that primary mark when used for general applications. Yes, some shimmery gold thread on certain applications will help but going to the website...it's just so drab. That's why I like the secondary mark, even if from a design standpoint it is nothing special and not nearly as nice as the primary - the pop of red just helps. Seeing mccrosby's quick edit with red in the helmet reinforces this. I still think there may be hope for the jerseys if they introduce the red with the starburst shoulder logos and then maybe in some clever and subtle way in the jersey itself.
  5. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    I really like the word mark. I kinda like the secondary if only because the red helps it pop a bit. Both of those marks represent Vegas to me. The primary is nicely done but so bland when isolated like on the website and has no connection to Las Vegas - it's purely an homage by Foley to his background.
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Agreed. These were better (although still not a big fan of red jerseys for KU - for football or basketball):
  7. MLB Changes 2017

    Love it. This is actually much better than their white-hot popular post-WS gold jerseys from this past season. The "Royals" script in traditional blue trimmed with the gold thread looks ace and I agree that the gold accent color is both A: better than using baby blue mixed with the royal blue and B: a perfectly reasonable accent color to have in an alternate set for a team named the "Royals". I think the gold is used pretty tastefully here, as tasteful as metallic gold can be. These are going to sell like hot-cakes, I can guarantee you that.
  8. New Taco Bell logo

    If they use that acronym it could still be the name of a disease...a bacterial infection of the colon and intestines after ingesting their food, usually late at night after too much drinking.
  9. New Coors Banquet Design

    Upgrade. Looks cleaner, especially with the white stroke and shadow removed from the font and the mountain. Now that dark navy really pops against the light gold background.
  10. MLB Tweaks (Final Logos)

    On your update, the gold outline looks way sharper than the light blue...this looks good. I also am not a fan of mixing the two shades of blue, it muddles the look. What does the grey away look like with royal blue workmark/numbers and gold accents?
  11. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    I have absolutely no emotional connections to West Ham and yet I want that shirt. Is that odd? Anybody ever get a jersey or kit or top from a club that you have zero invested in simply because you love how it looks?
  12. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    My airport: Have a lot of stop-overs in Detroit, which has a pretty terrible logo: Most recent trips out of: Amsterdam...abstract but I like the typeface and movement: Innsbruck (not so much a logo but a wordmark that fits with their entire city visual identity): Florence...looking like a rocket blasting through from an element logo on the periodic table. I really like the typeface. Actually I quite like the whole thing. Flying into Reykjavik this fall...clever use of the K as the tail of the plane:
  13. I like 3 the best...really I mainly like the gray over the ice blue. Colorado already has a mountain-y logo with a light shade of blue. Beautiful work by the way. Love the mountain renderings and the way you've given the logo depth with the wordmark treatment on the full logo. The alternate logo and wordmarks are great too.
  14. Springfield Thunderbirds of AHL Unveil Logo

    It looks odd to me...the rendering of the head, the shape behind the head, two lightning bolts when one would do Something is off. I like the bright bold colors but that's about it.
  15. Springfield Thunderbirds of AHL Unveil Logo

    Springfield Angry Birds.