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  1. What if we put that star in a roundel? Will that make it better?
  2. FWIW most people just refer to the city as "Vegas", like "Philly" with Philadelphia or "A.C." with Atlantic City
  3. Vegas Golden Knights. There it is
  4. Oh my God. This is hilarious
  5. "The yet-to-be-named something Knights franchise"
  6. Bettman gets booed. OK, they're familiar with that part at least
  7. "coming up within the half hour" ah cripes
  8. That looks like a bad Photoshop
  9. Nah, we all know the shoulder logo will be a roundel
  10. He's right. Black on MNF
  11. Forgot about this but Jacksonville and Philadelphia have issues in two of my favorite arcades, "NFL Blitz" and "NFL Blitz '99" -- Jacksonville uses the original unused font on the intro screen and the illegal logo and same font in the endzones -- Philadelphia's helmet is the early 90's kelly green one with a black facemask -- Philadelphia uses the 1996 road uniform (stripes on the sleeves, Eagle logo on the green pants) when these games were based on 1997 and 1998 rosters and looks
  12. Throwing the Lehigh Valley 10th anniversary updates from the home page here