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  1. Here's the one with the red ribbon that I originally saw:
  2. Anyone else notice the Dodgers' "RESPECT" shirts after clinching have a blue ribbon while the mens t-shirts being sold on have a red one? (The toddler and preschool ones have the blue ribbon, so I'm not sure why they went red for the other....?)
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned already or not, but there's a change to the Sixers court. The "SIXERS.COM" in front of each bench has been replaced by Toyota sponsorship
  4. Phillies fired their hitting coach Steve Henderson after 4 years of crappy offense. Good riddance
  5. Here's the order for the 2017 draft: 1 Minnesota 2 Cincinnati 3 San Diego 4 Tampa Bay 5 Atlanta 6 Oakland 7 Arizona 8 Philadelphia 9 Milwaukee 10 LA Angels 11 Colorado 12 Chicago White Sox 13 Pittsburgh 14 Miami 15 Kansas City 16 Houston 17 NY Yankees 18 Seattle 19 St. Louis 20 Detroit 21 San Francisco 22 NY Mets 23 Baltimore 24 Toronto 25 LA Dodgers 26 Boston 27 Cleveland 28 Washington 29 Texas 30 Chicago Cubs
  6. Another shot of the Flyers center ice, further back to show the whole thing
  7. Supposedly it's the first time in Flyers franchise history they've only had one logo at center ice
  8. I tried searching for the banners/flags topic and couldn't find it, but the Flyers updated their banners at Wells Fargo Center How they previously looked:
  9. Corrections for page 10: -- the Saints had black pants, not gold -- the Dolphins had teal pants, not white -- the Buccaneers had white pants, not pewter
  10. For those that didn't see them, here's the white/orange/orange combo in action:
  11. Here's a shocker: the Eagles are going green/white for a September day game at home. First time since 9/25/2011 against the Giants, and before that, you have to go all the way back to the last year of the Vet....9/29/2002 against the Texans (and the week before that against the Cowboys)
  12. The problem most Flyers fans seem to have with them is their first thought after seeing gold is "Penguins", not "50th anniversary". It doesn't even matter Pittsburgh abandoned the color.
  13. Holmgren says they'll be worn for 12 home games. Also says these were approved last September by a dozen members of the front office, including Ed Snider
  14. You gotta be kidding me
  15. The Flyers jersey reveal is delayed because Giroux is stuck in traffic. Hoping to have a pic soon