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  1. Yeah, I was counting the spaces to get to nine... at that size the spaces would be basically indistinguishable from any other stripe. I don't think you can treat the top stripes as a traditional vertical stripe... you'd be using vertical and horizontal stripes together at such a close space (on the current tiny sleeve caps) that everything would butt together at strange angles.
  2. Definitely true, but it would be undeniably crowded. We're talking about nine separate stripes in the space of a modern sleeve cap.
  3. Browns...
  4. Holy crap, somebody here has absolutely guzzled the Nike Koolaide.
  5. That particular sleeve design started out so oversized it had to be reduced years ago... well before the tiny sleeves of the 2000's. When it first appeared in 1974, it was this bit of craziness; That's stripe overload (even for me). After a few years the bottom white/gray/white was dropped; It would seem a shame to me to dismantle it any further.
  6. Yeah, I love the idea of updating that throwback, too. My only issue with your sleeve suggestion is that it would leave them with what's basically a recolored Chiefs' jersey. Not that there's much wrong with that, the Chiefs' jersey is pretty damn nice, but if keeping the white stripe saves some of the flavor of that 70's Jaworski uniform, I'm interested in leaving it. How about this; Updating the 70's look by... streamlining the pants stripe, updating the font, and splitting the difference between the old helmet wing and the new. Like so...
  7. In related news, Scott Biao is a duche.
  8. Agreed. "Do something" is an odd slogan, to say the least.
  9. Was that haircut intentional?
  10. Neither of those read as ringing endorsements.
  11. His nose has a nose.