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  1. Thanks... I thought it would be a nice way to update that logo. Turned out pretty good.
  2. Going back to an older version with an update of logo and colors...
  3. The current uniform features the boring forest green that replaced the older gorgeous kelly shade. A definite downgrade IMO.
  4. Like this?
  5. Are you talking about the images I just posted? Because if you are, you're wrong. You could possibly say that about the Browns and the Dolphins (that is, if you ignore numerous smaller details) but all the others are pretty much completely different. That Chargers uniform, especially, looks like nothing else in the history of football.
  6. Well, its a throwback to a uniform from the mid-sixties, so "dated" is meaningless. As for the rest, you're just wrong.
  7. And the most important point of all is the "TC" is awesome looking. The "M" is... well, it's a decent looking "M", I suppose.
  8. The "TC" logo is one of my favorite cap logos of all time. The fact that it stands for "Twin Cities" is what makes it so awesome. I get that the rule of thumb is that cap insignias should have an initial or initials that represent the team's city. But rules all have built in exceptions. Oakland's "A" and Minnesota's "TC" are two exceptions, and they should NEVER change.
  9. I'd probably agree, but it's a fairly minor quibble. That color scheme on a sunny summer day? Beautiful enough to bring you to tears.
  10. You are completely wrong. That's all.
  11. Someone just mistakenly put this in the "worst MLB uniforms" thread, so I moved it here.
  12. And this "fleeting material infatuation" is less important than the other things people base fandom on? Civic pride, the team your dad raised you to cheer for, your favorite player... how are any of these things more true, more important, more "real" than aesthetic appreciation? All sports fandom... repeat, ALL sports fandom is fleeting infatuation. They wear your city's name on their shirts? Not if the billionaire who owns them moves them next week. The team your father/uncle/grandfather loved? I bet there's a lot of things they tried to pass on to you that you rejected. And hero worship of an untitled 21 year old who wouldn't bother himself to acknowledge your very existence, and will leave at the first chance for more money? If there is a more childish reason to devote yourself to a team, I haven't heard it. If you think basing your choice of favorite teams on their uniforms is childish and/or stupid, fine. I'm not even sure I can argue. But I'm still waiting for someone to offer up a reason that's any better.
  13. I liked it.