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  1. I think that on the road, a baseball team can wear whatever color jersey the want, but they need to wear pants that match. Sky blue jersey? Ok, sky blue pants. Navy blue jersey? Ok, navy blue pants. How did we get to a place where monochrome uniforms are common place in football, but disappearing in Baseball? Cats are sleeping with dogs!
  2. How many teams are left that still only wear white at home and Gray on the road... Yankees, Tigers... anybody else? Do we really need every single team in MLB spending half their games dressed like a softball rec team?
  3. This is close to perfect. Drop the thin outside rays, and maybe fix that cartoony angry eye, and this would be awesome.
  4. That's a weird looking bird... is he made of metal?
  5. Right... Browns fans loved their new uniforms on Facebook and Twitter, so...
  6. I'm not sure I have the ability to squint that hard.
  7. No. The Rams have stripes on their pants and a contrast of color between pants and socks. That makes it automatically better than the all black Ravens and Saints. The Rams aren't dark monochrome, so automatically better than the Seahawks. The Bengals and Titans also suffer from the pants/socks issue, as well as just being basically ugly. You could decide to put the Falcons over them, I guess, but I'm not sure why.
  8. I'm not trying to defend this temporary look as a good uniform... don't get me wrong. If they were selling this as their new look going forward, I'd be able to see what all the moaning was about, but they've made it clear, their intention all along was to put the team in new uniforms at the same time they put them in a new stadium. On top of that, as I mentioned before, IMO the rams haven't looked good for years. Ever since they dumped the gold pants they went from a passable (although drastically inferior look to their royal and yellow/gold) uniform to a seriously crappy one. Personally, I'd much rather see them wearing this mismatched outfit, than see them continue with the one from the last half decade. Plus, if you want to complain about ugly NFL uniforms you can certainly find other contenders. This mismatched uniforms is obviously not good, but still not bottom ten.
  9. No, I get all that. Obviously I'm being facetious in suggesting teams can't be fined or penalized. It just seems to be a little ridiculous to try to see the Rams as victims of NFL policy here. Without a doubt, they're doing exactly what they want to do.
  10. Yes, ugly says it better than messy... a single gold stripe might work, but not that combination.
  11. Do you know this or are you just assuming? I've never read about a fine. Maybe there is, I don't know. But it isn't like the NFL is an outside entity dictating rules to subordinates. The NFL is 32 teams, with owners that decide together what they want to do. The Rams owner is a member of this group... what, is he fining himself? They obviously decided they absolutely didn't want to make the final change until the new stadium was ready. Maybe the Rams decided the rules make sense in the big picture, and decided to work within them. Also, maybe when informed they could fiddle with everything but the jersey, they took it as an opportunity to play around a bit, involve the fans in some choices... temporary stadium, temporary uniform... works for me. Sgt. Hulka says lighten up, Francis.
  12. OK, I get it... an NFL team is coming out with a new uniform, and there's a color on the jersey that doesn't appear in the helmet or pants. That's gotta make every one crazy, right? What a disjointed mess it is to have a piece of the uniform carry an extra color... it's gonna ruin everything. I mean, just look at it... That dark gray is only on the jersey!!! What a mess!! Wait, that's not the uniform everyone is upset over? Huh.
  13. Good Lord. This is a massive amount of bitching over something that really doesn't warrant it. The Rams are temporarily going to wear a uniform in which the jersey will have a color that doesn't appear anywhere else. They are doing this because they want to refresh their look for their new market in the short time before they move into their new stadium, and the NFL won't allow them change twice. When they move, they will make a more permanent and cohesive change, and everyone will stop thinking about whatever they wear this year, or next. What most of you seem to be forgetting is that the Rams have looked like garbage for years. It's not like they're dumping something awesome for this. Try to get over it.
  14. Deal breaker.
  15. I can see that.