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  1. Can we just not? Please? It's been nearly two years (since Dec. 1, 2016, to be exact) since the Vikings wore anything but the uniform they are supposed to wear at home.
  2. oldschoolvikings

    Oldschoolvikings updates the World Hockey League

    I liked that logo, too. The main reason I used the other one is that I thought of it more as an update of the original, with the bee turning into a "c"... maybe I'll give the secondary logo a shot on the other jerseys.
  3. oldschoolvikings

    Oldschoolvikings updates the World Hockey League

    Ok... took your advice on both. Here is the Stinger' uniform with the blue-gray keyline around the crest thickened; I tried a white keyline but didn't like it at all. I thouht that the crest still didn't pop enough, so I lightened the blue-gray just a hair. Better? And here is the Saints' uniform with a better sized creast, and a blue yoke on the road... my only concern is now there isn't enough red on the white?
  4. The NFLs loosening of their alternatr/color rush rules have been a visual disaster... What a shock. Do some of you seriously want to see multiple helmets added to this mess? No thanks.
  5. oldschoolvikings

    Oldschoolvikings updates the World Hockey League

    Yeah the crests turned out too big... I was lazy and didn't bother. Thought I could get away with it, but you're right... I need to fix it.
  6. oldschoolvikings

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Notre Dame looked stupid.
  7. oldschoolvikings

    Oldschoolvikings updates the World Hockey League

    And, the Cincinnati Stingers. Again, a few images; I added a dark gray blue....
  8. oldschoolvikings

    Oldschoolvikings updates the World Hockey League

    First up, the Minnesota Fighting Saints. They had two color schemes, red/gold and blue/gold. Here's a few images; I decided to combine the two, and lighten the blue for a more unique color scheme... As always, thoughts are appreciated.
  9. OK, I've had tons of fun doing Hockey concepts in my NHL thread (found here... http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104234-oldschoolvikings-nhl-concepts-flames-concept-added-71418/?page=12 But I feel like I've exhausted the NHL so I've decided to move on the the WHA from back in the 70's. I'm sure this is something that's been done here quite a bit, but not by my, anyway. Here's a few of the logos; A few of these teams eventually made it into the NHL, but most are pretty obscure. I'm going to be choosing them based on which I get an idea for, not on how "deserving" or not each franchise might be. And, here we go...
  10. The white spaces muddle up the road uniform, and should be removed.
  11. Didn't the Lions already force us to look at that ugly gray mess once this year? Thanks for nothing.
  12. oldschoolvikings

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Agreed. I'm a big fan of the all-white, too, but I don't want the road maize pants to disappear completely. And white over maize vs. Scarlet and Gray is tough to beat.
  13. oldschoolvikings

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Green Bay vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants Philadelphia vs. New Orleans Carolina vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Chicago Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Washington Dallas vs. Atlanta Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Arizona Denver vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville Kansas City vs. LA Rams
  14. oldschoolvikings

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I don't get the love this board has for the color on color concept. USC v UCLA works because of the shared home field, and because those uniforms just happen to look nice together. And I guess if teams (say Georgia/Florida, for instance) play on a neutral field and have contrasting dark jerseys, then OK, why not? But Michigan, wearing their home colors in the shoe? Oh, hell, no.