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  1. Did I miss something? And can I get a translation on this entire post?
  2. So if the Giants will be in their all white color rush uniforms what are the Cowboys going to wear? Their color rush uniforms are all white too.
  3. IMO, a uniform in which things match can be nice, but has become over valued. I would be very interested in having things match if I was sending my five year old daughter off to kindergarten (well, at least my wife would)... However, if I'm interested in the New York Giants looking good, I'd put them in their gray pants, both home and road. When the Giants leave the white pants on a shelf somewhere, they might be the best looking team in the NFL.
  4. Good thing you didn't meet Gene Simmons.
  5. Are the Giants really still planning to wear those pointless white pants again this year? I thought that was some anniversary deal.
  6. Do any of us?
  7. Noleseveryday is a poster to watch.
  8. Well, first off, I don't work in the graphic design field. I paint and my degree is in fine art, not what we used to call "commercial art" (and trust me, there's absolutely nothing commercial about what I paint... unfortunately). I teach some Drawing, some Art Appreciation, but mostly I teach what we call Foundation Design, which again, is not Graphic Design, it's like a beginning composition and color class that anybody going into a visual field needs for the basics. And secondly, I think you're taking my old prof's "3 lines" rant way too literally. His point was, you need to know when to stop, and when you've over-designed something that would've been more effective if left simpler. He never said everything should only use three lines (not sure how you got that)... what he said was IF you can say what you need to say with three lines, THEN use three lines. And lastly, when I brought up the Bengals' uniform, I said Missouri's was only similar to a lesser degree. I'm not sure exactly how I got into this conversation where it looks like I'm savagely ripping apart Missouri's current uniform. To be honest, I hadn't given it this much thought before. (But I think you're wrong about the "only two colors" thing... there's clearly a gray outline around the numbers.)
  9. I'm a sucker for single layer numbers, especially gold or silver on dark, so that's actually a plus for me. As for the block M being white... Yeah, giving it the same treatment as the numbers would probably be more cohesive and I might go that way. On the other hand, there's something appealing about the classic CFB quirks you used to see all the time, back when uniforms were more likely picked out by a coach or equipment manager. As for the comparison of Missouri's M with Michigan's. I'm with you... Who cares?
  10. When discussing the Cincinnati Bengals current uniform on these boards, someone once described them as being less of a sports uniform worn by a team named after a tiger, and more "tiger costume", as though the players were on their way to a masquerade ball. To maybe a slightly lesser degree, I get the same vibe from these; As far as the black/gold/black combination, you're right, I definitely prefer it to all black monochrome, but let's be honest... the current uniform has been worn as a mono-combo also; Or let me come at this from a different direction. Years ago, in an undergraduate life drawing class, during a critique I watched and listened to the professor destroy one of my classmates. What made it worse for the poor guy was he had been pretty sure he was awesome... he had taught himself quite a few drawing "tricks" and was using pretty much all of them. There was no line, no mark, no texture, no shade he left out. In fact, I'm pretty sure they were quite a few lines he just made up on the spot. 27 years later, I don't remember much of what the prof actually said, but one thing stuck in my head, and I say it all the time to my students... If you can communicate everything you want in three lines, then use three lines. Everything else is just useless clutter. More often than not, less is more. For my favorite Missouri Tiger's uniform, were going to have to go a little further back...
  11. This thread has brought up a number of interesting points and counter points. Lots of well thought out posts. But nothing that's been said has made me change my mind about my initial statement. F the Lakers.
  12. In your first post on this, you didn't ask "In what world is that a great uniform?"... you asked "in what world are these uniforms better than what dsaline posted?" So, again... This one.
  13. That should have ZERO to do with it. That look is old and tired and has 2003 written all over it. And maybe it's just me, but I still personally can't look at it without picturing electrocuted dogs.
  14. This one.
  15. No. We used to hear that same crap about the NFL with the Cowboys, but in the past couple decades when the Cowboys can't even buy a playoff win the NFL's ratings have shot up. And I, and pretty much everyone I know, haven't missed them a bit. This is what they say about the Yankees, too. It's just being short sighted in living in your childhood. When a dynasty disappears a new one appears, and in 10 or 15 years no one will be able to picture what it'll be like without the new guys.
  16. F the Lakers
  17. OK... I said "trainers", should've said "equipment managers"... to-mah-to, to-maa-to... I'm not in the busness, so it all sounds the same to me. The point is, most people complaining never mention that part. And, again, I'm not saying I buy it... as I said before, it's most likely 95% PR. But I still keep coming back to this same image in my head. Some NFL lawyer asking if there's even a 1% chance that using multiple helmets is something that might come up in a future lawsuit (even if it's not really dangerous, just if it's something that could be used in a lawsuit to muddy the waters), and the NFL weighing that possibility (even if it'd be remote, even if their lawyers can probably shoot it down), and deciding that the fun of having the Buccaneers wear a bright orange throwback is not something that they need to fight over.
  18. I know this has been discussed numerous times, but it keeps coming up. The NFL's stance on one helmet isn't about the player's "getting used to a helmet" or "breaking in a helmet"... it's about trainers only having to maintain, service, and fit a single helmet (barring breakage) per player. The idea is, the more helmets the staff has to maintain, the more chances there are that something wrong slips through. Basically what there saying is, if the trainers only have to concentrate on a single helmet per player, they have a better chance of getting that one perfect. I'm not saying I'm buying that necessarily... I get that it's mostly a PR thing... but if you're going to complain about it, at least get it right. Also, those of you constantly bitching about the "rediculous" (sic) helmet rule need to stop acting like you care about player safety anymore than the leagues do... admit it's just about cool throwback looks.
  19. It's especially weird in this case. On the primary home and road uniforms, that dark gray shows up in exactly one place... the trim around the numbers; It's not anywhere on the helmet, or the pants, or the socks. Just the relatively thin outline around the numbers. Don't get me wrong, I think the above is a pretty nice uniform, and an obvious upgrade over anything they've worn since adding black. I even think the dark gray trim on the numbers is a nice touch... without it, I'm not sure the jersey design works. I just think it's odd that it's just in that one place. (Personally, I would've made the outside trim of the helmet decal the same dark gray.) As it stands, it does give the impression that the sole reason for the dark gray's inclusion was to give them an excuse to make this Color Rush uniform; Which is easily the worst part of the redesign.
  20. That's because it's not silver... it's that new semi-useless darker gray they're shoehorning in.
  21. I agree. Although this update is an overall huge upgrade, I would've kept the navy "Ucla" decal, as well as the single navy outline on the numbers. It was a quirk (a design "mistake", some might say) that added a certain flair to the overall look. I would put it in the same category as the Dodgers' red jersey number... in theory it shouldn't work, but in reality it's the detail that makes the whole design work.
  22. Unless there's some hidden surprise, the Vikings can't wear throwbacks, because they currently don't exist. But the thought of them taking the field on Thanksgiving Day looking something like this; ... makes me very happy.
  23. THIS looks awesome; THIS looks... let's just say not awesome; That's just the entire story. Not much else to say.
  24. So.... You CAN put a real shoulder stripe on a modern jersey cut. Now everybody else shut up. We were right, you were wrong.