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  1. The Columbus Crew have sent out an email inviting people to attend a party on October 8, at which they will unveil a new logo. Proof below. And here's a link to the MLS subreddit thread from earlier today in which the original email recipient made the news public. Start your speculation now!
  2. Maybe they just feed Cena to Lesnar again and have him take another massive beatdown. That would be magical.
  3. WWE SummerSlam 2014

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but did they maybe tease a Rollins face turn there? His reaction post-stomp wasn't exactly "wooo I killed him!" but more like "uhhhhh did I really just kill him why does Kane look so happy?" He basically just murdered his main antagonist, and he's not going to want to challenge BOSS FIGHT LESNAR anytime soon, so he might be experiencing some remorse over turning on his friends and aligning with the Authority. He could spend a while trying to work his way out of whatever deal he got himself into, only to keep having the Authority keep roping him back in and saying he "owes them" for helping him get the MITB contract. They constantly make him do things he's not comfortable with, taking it too far until ultimately he snaps on them. Thoughts?
  4. What makes a bad sports contract bad?

    There are two factors that make a bad contract bad, and they're both the results of collective bargaining: salary caps and roster limits. Each one creates scarcity: you can't have too many guys on the roster, and you can't pay the team too much money as a unit. A contract becomes "bad" when the value or time promised to the player precludes a team from bringing in better replacement talent. A contra asset, if you will.
  5. European Soccer Concept Cup: the UK VOTING

    Shmee London 2 Name and colors TBD
  6. European Soccer Concept Cup: Italy VOTING

    Shmee Milan 1 Sportivo Milan Colors TBD, probably Red/White/Green
  7. European Soccer Concept Cup: Germany VOTING

    Shmee Düsseldorf Club Name TBD Red, White, & Blue
  8. IFA looking for a replacement owner

    A reminder that the IFA is still collecting applications to replace one of our members. The team has a solid core and currently sits fourth in our table.
  9. If you're getting married on May 3, the time on the clock should be 5:03! The perspective on the clock feels funky to me, though. Not quite right. Also, congrats!
  10. New York Jets Concept

    With it pointing straight up, all I can think is "rocket ship" instead of "jet fighter." I echo the previous sentiment about trying it turned. It's well rendered, though!
  11. Detroit in MLS?

    I'd say St. Louis and Tampa bay are 1&2 on mls explanation lists 1- What's an explanation list? 2- lolwut? Based on any actual information?
  12. New England Road Trip - things to do?

    While in Boston, find a bar that serves Sam Adams Boston Brick Red. It's my favorite of the Sam beers, is only available IN Boston, only on tap, and only in certain bars. If you like beer and want something you literally can't get anywhere else, do that. The Bull and Finch Pub, which is right next to the Common and is known for being the "Cheers Bar," has it.
  13. New England Revolution Concept

    I think this is a great start. The soccer ball is very well rendered, I like that a lot. But, I think it gets really busy around the ball. I don't think it needs 13 stripes AND 13 stars.
  14. ESPN's Mike and Mike Branding

    That was so witty! I find Mike & Mike to be the least offensive sports talk show on during my morning commute, so they get my listen. They don't rely on being intentionally controversial or just plain loud. The "Golic is fat and stupid" meme is really played up more during their commercials than any other time- Golic often provides interesting and relevant commentary from the athletes' perspective. They air nationally, so I get to hear sports talk about teams that aren't just in my market. And, here's the big one: They do not take callers. Sports talk show callers are generally the least interesting people in the world. To me, that's actually a decent radio show. I spent a summer living in Las Vegas and ESPN Radio airs Colin Cowherd during the morning drive time there. It was the worst. All that said, my commute now is about 15 minutes. When I was driving 45+ minutes each way, I switched to podcasts and audiobooks. There is NO sports radio show that is bearable for that amount of time. As for the logo, I'm not sure I'd ever even seen the old one before. I catch these guys on the radio, not TV. I'm surprised at how much the new one varies from the standard ESPN color scheme. Interesting.
  15. I'll go point by point on your post: In any case, I tried to start a thread about the books a while back and it never picked up. So, I'm glad to find at least one other reader!