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  1. It refers to the practice of cutting the buds of flowers off of certain plants before they have a chance to bloom. This is done to encourage the growth of fruits or leaves instead, which are of more value as food sources.
  2. The mayor of Quebec City, Regis Labeaume, has announced on Monday in a council meeting that the municipality should go name an offer next April looking to the realization of the labor of the Colisee. The candidates will have to engage to respect the norms of the NHL during the labor. So, Quebec takes the forefront in the eventualty where a team in the league should install itself in the national capital. So basically, the city is going to approve a construction bid in a month and they're going to renovate the Colisee to NHL standards so that Quebec City is the leading candidate for the Coyotes. So hey, there we go. Quebec considers itself the Capital of Canada?
  3. Name That Font!

    The script font above. Thanks in advance!
  4. Say it ain't so, Joe

    I don't see that as worrisome. While both are old. she is 13 years younger than him, so that was done solely for estate purposes as women live longer than men on average. Right. The coach who refuses to retire is thinking about his estate. After a grabs jury starts looking into his decade-long coverup of child-rape. I suppose in the list of things we're told by his backers to believe, this isn't the least plausible, but it's close. What's amazing is that his response to te revelations was so jan-fisted and tone-deaf, considering that he knew that day was coming. There's a certain amount of delicious irony when a blowhard can't type "ham-fisted." Must have been using your ham fists! Edit: That's not to say I disagree with your point. It does seem *kind of* sketchy, even for a really old guy with a much younger wife. You were just terrible at making it.
  5. Name That Font!

    Need help with a couple of fonts... looking for the two in the images below. Many thanks to anyone who can look past the subject matter and provide clues! And no, I'm not a Nazi. But this particular combination of fonts, from History Channel's documentary "Third Reich" seems particularly well suited to making propaganda-style pieces.
  6. Why is anyone putting ANY stock into what an owner says about whether his team is moving or not? No owner is willing to risk the bad publicity right now of expressing an interest in leaving while also asking people to buy tickets for a season that may not happen. I guarantee you that no matter what they say publicly, all of these teams are licking their chops at the prospects of moving to LA. Or at the very least, leveraging that possibility for a new stadiumin their present locations.
  7. Torino 2006 Medal Designs

    The Albertville medals are by far the best of the bunch.
  8. To everyone who said coming into this season that shootouts to determine games would be the end of hockey, I hope you managed to catch the Rangers v. Caps games last night. Tied at two after regulation, the Capitals made a gutsy decision to have Jaromir Jagr's stick measured and got the call, meaning the Caps had a 4 on 3 power play for much of the overtime period. The Rangers killed it off and held on to take the game to the most exciting bit of hockey this season. I'll just say this... it's a video you MUST watch if you're a hockey fan. Note... The Rangers website doesn't have the video up yet so I got it off of the Caps' site, but as a Ranger fan it was much more exciting to see it on their broadcast. Especially the last goal... Click Here for the Best Hockey Footage of the Year
  9. Rangers Win 15-Round Shootout

    The NHL prides itself on having the most rigorous playoffs in the world. It's the only major sport where a team has to win 4 games in every round. I swear by the overtime mehtod used in the playoffs and wouldn't have it any other way. It's just impossible for teams to play 3OT games during the regular season, get on a plane at 3 AM, and play again the next night. And if you're having trouble getting that stream to play, just google "malik goal" cause there's plenty of sites with the video up.
  10. Rangers Win 15-Round Shootout

    Great way of putting it.
  11. How can CFL be taken serious?

    Notorious?! Edit to refelct topic: It's probable that at least one of those people on bashing the CFL is Canadian. Not to hate on the league, but its primary market is not outside of Canada's borders, its most avid followers are Canadian, and people who either flat out hate the CFL or just plain don't care about it (in this case, assumed to be American or more foreign) probably aren't reading CFL coverage on anyway. I can't even tell you the last time I read a website with a .ca domain unless I was looking up hockey jersey manufacturers.
  12. Rangers Win 15-Round Shootout

    The NFL should adopt the college football style of overtime, where each team has a chance to score and the first team to outscore its opponent in an "inning" gets the win. There should be no ties. Baseball plays until there is a winner, basketball plays until there is a winner. Hockey now plays until there is a winner. The only reason people don't complain much about NFL ties is because they occur so rarely. There's so many ways to score in a footbal game that rarely is the score tied after regulation, and then it's just first team to score a field goal from there. If you don't think a sudden death shootout like that is exciting, especially when it's your home team, you've probably got no pulse. It's okay to embrace new things, guys.
  13. Rangers Win 15-Round Shootout

    Like in baseball, the home team gets last licks in the shootout. There is a top and bottom half of each round.
  14. Delgado to the Mets

    Funny, when Pedro and Beltran signed with the Mets, everyone said they'd be a contender then, too. The Mets do this every summer. They get a couple of big names and then watch them wallow away on a team that's not built to support them. Granted, Pedro still put up a hell of a season, but it's all for moot when the other players and the organization as a whole can't get their acts together.
  15. Marlins threaten to move

    Any smart businessman would take this opportunity to move his team to Las Vegas. Sin City is the fastest growing in the United States. It's more than doubled in size in the past ten years and will do so again within the next ten. There's no major league sports in a city that's large enough to support them. Baseball is an outdoor sport, and you never have to worry about weather there, unlike Miami, where it rains every day in the summer.
  16. Correction: Lamicus doesn't live anymore. Sadly, he passed away a couple of months ago.
  17. Washington Baseball

    The DC logo on the black jersey caps is by far the best thing there. The problem of course, is that even that logo is flawed. The W/N/Monument looks sloppy and disjointed in comparison. The other DC logo is just not good. I'd suggest tweaking the DC logo that you have on the black set so that the stitches on the ball are much less intense. I'd suggest dropping everything else and just rolling with that one. And then, maybe, this will go away.
  18. Best Tri State Area Sports Rivarly

    Well said, Comrade. That said... Potvin sucks!!!
  19. St. Louis Cardinals Concept

    Okay. You say that it doesn't make sense to base critique of one logo based on another. I say that's a load of bull. I chose those two because they're right next to each other in your portfolio and because I think they best show the point I'm trying to make. The Orlando Owls has a light colored team name with medium colored highlights below a medium colored location name, all on a dark background. Below that is a red bird's head. Then, the entire thing is encompassed in a medium colored outline. The secondary is the same bird's head. The Vermont Vultures has a light colored team name with medium colored highlights below a medium colored location name, all on a dark background. Below that is a red bird's head. Then, the entire thing is encompassed in a medium colored outline. The secondary is the same bird's head. Yes, everyone has a style. You have a style. Brad has a style. I have a style. Yes, it's often easy to tell who made a logo just by looking at it. But when I can describe two logos that you made, and and that you knowingly display right next to each other and the only thing that's changed in the description is the team name, your stuff is getting repetitive. A lot of it is good stuff, but a lot of it is also repetitive. Don't call me a dickhead or tell me my panties are in a bunch, it shows an inability to deal with criticism. I'm trying to help you get better, and I think the first thing you need to do to get better is to diversify your designs. But that's also just my opinion. You don't have to care about my opinion, as you've stated. But when you psot concepts on a board like this, you're inviting people to give their opinions. If you don't want to hear it, don't ask for it.
  20. St. Louis Cardinals Concept

    Dickheadedness or honesty? I'm letting you know that I keep seeing the same things over and over in your work, and that I think that each design is made weaker by the fact that it looks so similar to the others that you post. I can tell the bird is a cardinal because of two reasons. The first is that it looks so similar to the Arizona Cardinals logo. The second is that it says Cardinals right next to the bird's head. I can only assume that the Cardinals wordmark was referring to the red bird's head sitting next to it. I was remarking that you tend to make most of your primary logos too busy and complicated when they'd look much better if simplified, in my opinion. I also think it's funny that you compared your bird to the Blue Jays' logo, because I think it's a terrible design that also suffers from being far too busy for its own good. The serifs that I was talking about aren't on "the chosen font". I'm talking about the STL alternate logo, which you cannot deny has very large serifs. The serifs are there. You have to look past the yellow highlights and motion lines, but they're there. It's a very pointy logo. And don't talk about being a dickhead and then tell me not to get my panties in a bunch. It's poor form. I don't wear panties. I wear boxers, and I wear a different pair every day because I like variety. Change is good, friend. You might think about trying it sometime. For the record, I left "ridiculous piping" off of my checklist because you didn't include jerseys in this concept. If you can't take criticism, go ICS style and make polls that nobody is allowed to respond to. I'll probably give heat for that too, though. I know you don't expect everyone to love your stuff, but I also think you shouldn't just ignore it when people (and I know I'm not the only one that has done it) say that most of your stuff looks so similar.
  21. St. Louis Cardinals Concept

    Overy stylized bird? Check Light colored wordmark on solid dark background? Check. Only half of the wordmark has highlights? Check Unnecessary and exaggerated serifs? Check. For a second I wasn't sure if it was an AAO design, but then I went down my checklist and everything's there. It's an okay set, but it's exactly what I expected when I opened the thread. Granted, every artist has a certain style, but I can't help but think that all of your stuff looks alike.
  22. Best Tri State Area Sports Rivarly

    Rangers/Islanders easily. People voting Yankees/Mets aren't from New York. Yankee fans don't care about the Mets.
  23. New BYU Basketball Unis

    BYU's current football jerseys are near perfect. Could not get better, in my opinion. The basketball jerseys also look great, I just don't like the Y patch that interrupts the collar stripes.
  24. Wearing Jerseys and Caps...

    The only baseball caps I wear on a regular basis are colleges: Penn State, where I spent a summer Miami, where I spent a summer Notre Dame, Irish pride Arizona State, Where my sister went But then I'm also a high school senior looking at colleges, and so I like to grab t-shirts when visiting schools. Is it okay to wear my ASU hat with my UMass shirt? What about Penn State hat with UConn shirt? They do use the same colors. So far, nobody else has talked about college-branded items. I have no qualms about mixing college gera with pro gear... the gold on my ASU hat looks pretty good with the old style Lemieux jersey I have.
  25. San Jose to Buy Land for Ballpark

    Except of course if like, the A's moved there. Then I'm assuming they'd be the Athletics' town. Just a hunch.