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  1. MLB Uniform Concept 7-Pack

    Very nice job on these. I especially like the Rockies logo and the Brewers set.
  2. Blue Jays wearing T caps at home.

    I hate the "T" hat. The logo is fine but why would you put it on anonther all black hat. Use some gray or maybe even some BLUE!
  3. Blue Jays Hybrid Logo Concept

  4. Atlanta Braves concept...

    Personaly I like them but I don't think an MLB team would go for them. Maybe use the same template for a college team.
  5. NHL All Star Game Atlanta 2008 Concept...

    Love the idea of the first names on the back. It's very unique. I think it would be cool for the all star game but only for the all star game. Only question is why doesn't the east have stars down the sides like the west does?
  6. Biron Mask

    Pretty cool. Much better than the plain white one he has now. Good work.
  7. Bills to throwbacks talk again

    I live in Buffalo and there has been no mention of any changes. If they were changing the papers and radio would be talking about it.
  8. Atlanta Thrashers Concept

    Since Atlanta has stopped wearing their navy jerseys it has bothered me that the homes don't look like the aways. This is a concept of a white jersey to go with their current blue jersey. While I was at it I added an alternate. Did it all in MS Paint so it's a bit blurred and the colors aren't exactly how I wanted them, sorry but I hope you get the idea. C & C welcome. *Note no changes were made to the home jersey
  9. Colorado Avalanche Concept

    It looks pretty good but I think the bottom stripe should "swoop" from left to right to match the logos "swoop." Love the idea though.
  10. San Jose Sharks Concept

    Looks awsome. Love the secondary logo on the alternate.
  11. Texans Concept

    That's an awsome concept. I love the pants and your "H" logo. Like the red facemask too.

    I think it looks real good. I like the throwback look.
  13. Memphis Grizzlies Alternate Concept

    I love it! Look's awsome.
  14. New Bengals Uniforms Update

    I really like the orange ones, the black ones are nice, and the white ones are okay but that orange across the back is a little odd.