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  1. new kits for 07/08 season good they didn't take off the real numbers off of Walcott's shorts. Regarding the "new" Arsenal shirt, they remind me a lot of the 1998-2002 kits, albeit without the true white sleeves.
  2. new kits for 07/08 season

    Someone else is subscribed to MLS Magazine I see...
  3. **TEMPLATES**

    Wouldn't it be easier to save it in .eps format?
  4. new kits for 07/08 season

    If you get a shirt in the wrong size will you get charged a 15% restocking fee by an ill-tempered moron behind the counter when you try to bring it back?
  5. new kits for 07/08 season

    Croatia needs to stick with the full white bib on the back of their kits. Any other way looks (more) obnoxious.
  6. new kits for 07/08 season

    *raises hand* Will Chicago put its wordmark in place of a sponsor until a deal is done on the shirt sponsor?
  7. Name That Font!

    I don't know whether to be happy because I guessed the right font or be sad because die Blauen use Impact as an official font. I'm so torn!
  8. Name That Font!

    You know, the easy answer is Impact, but it doesn't just jive with me. Of course, my eye for fonts is well-nigh to useless, but here you go, ID away.
  9. new kits for 07/08 season

    Germany needs to go back to green aways. That is all.
  10. new kits for 07/08 season

    Splash page for Left: To go directly to, click here! Right: The new Netherlands uniform: Click here to buy! You see kids, learning German and French at the same time can be useful... As you learn Dutch as a by-product!
  11. new kits for 07/08 season

    As strange as it sounds, I like last year's better. It just looks off for some reason.
  12. New Binghamton Senators Logo

    source??? After 5 seconds of searching... Debut of 2007-08 Third Jersey November 09, 2007 at 6:00 pm The Senators will debut their 2007-08 Third Jersey. The Innernets is a grand thing...
  13. Another Aussie about to make it big in the NFL

    Setanta has the AFL on the Satellite TV Feed (I don't think ITVN has it, and I know that Setanta Broadband doesn't have it) live. Not sure that that info's of much assistance now that the season is virtually over. My late night Saturdays are usually reserved for NRL live on Setanta Broadband, but if they had the AFL, I'd give it a look if the Rugby match wasn't interesting.
  14. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    Jason Beckham jersey anyone? Hmm... link isn't responding. [edit] If you can't get Jason Beckham's jersey, then perhaps you can get the shoes that he's never worn!
  15. new kits for 07/08 season

    That's because they are. Look in the MLS category on eBay and you'll find listings for all of those.