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  1. Notre Dame: 1A Independent?

    Psst. Army is a member of Conference USA, even if they never win a game in conference play.Erm, they USED to be a member of Conference USA, they dropped out in football a few years ago. *whistles innocently*
  2. Notre Dame: 1A Independent?

    Sports is only at the Academies because it's a fun way to have some PT.
  3. Kansas

    Or Pennsylvania State University, for that matter--but then, that'd be strange enough in itself. Come to think of it, when thinking of the proper names of many of the short-forms we all know and use so regularly, a good number of schools would end up sounding strange or weird or out-of-place. Think about it... ...When was the last time you heard anyone refer to Ole Miss as "the University of Mississippi"--or even "Mississippi", for that matter? Or how about the University of California? Nevada-Las Vegas? (Or California-Los Angeles, for that matter.) Or how about this one here...the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University? Sounds like some nerdy-place to go for them super-smart people, don't it? Listening at it said that way, I'm sure there are some people who probably couldn't connect that and the Hokies athletic teams to each other. Or how about the Georgia Institute of Technology? Of course, unlike the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology ain't abbreviated as "GIT"--nah, it's the more recognizeable Georgia Tech. I'm sure there are other examples...but those are the preeminent ones in my mind. There's always The Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College.
  4. Political Beliefs: A Project

    Militarization of Space and Naval/Maritime policies.
  5. I Don't Like Ike

    It isn't just Houston/Galveston that's feeling the effects of Ike. I'm 218 miles ENE of where Ike should make landfall (Yes, I figured out where it would make landfall and yes, I measured that distance from where I live) and we're looking at an 8 ft storm surge here in St. Mary Parish. Thankfully it won't reach us here in town, but the National Weather Service is predicting a storm surge event for Southwestern Louisiana on par if not slightly worse than Hurricane Rita in 2005. I spent most of 24 and 25 September 2005 plucking people off of roofs in that area and the concept of it happening again (Though this time most everyone has evacuated) I find completely ghastly.
  6. The CCSLC Presents: The Best Films of the 2000s

    Hmm, I guess I wouldn't be a good judge for this contest, as I've only seen 6 movies made in the 2000s so far this decade, and of those 6, 1/3 were Star Wars movies, 1/3 were Appleseed and Appleseed 2, and the other 1/3 was Master and Commander and V for Vendetta. I can whip up a pretty good Top 10 Naval History books list from the 2000s if you want though.
  7. What Floats your Boat?

    Positive buoyancy makes my boat float. What?
  8. I'm ___ old and I've never ____ ......

    The way I see it, if I have the cash on hand, I can buy it, and if I don't, if I want it bad enough, I'll be able to wait and save up the money and buy it.
  9. I'm ___ old and I've never ____ ......

    I've never had a credit card. Not even the store ones you have to apply for for interest-free sales. Makes things fun when you have to take out a loan though.
  10. Attention Teachers!

    Geez. I came in with a couple of years of private school experience and got $41,000 from a semi-rural parish here in Louisiana. Are you certified, and if you aren't do you have your degree in the subject you're wanting to teach? You can always come down here. The winters are nicer down here than in Michigan. Can't say the same about the summers though. At least there's the odd 70mph+ breeze to cool tings down...
  11. Attention Teachers!

    Go in cool and confident, and above all things show that you're wanting to be in the profession for the right reason: for the kids. Oh, and since you're going for a social studies position, try to drop in an obscure history reference in the conversation.
  12. 2008-09 English Premier League Season

    Meh, it'll get better when Fabregas is in the midfield orchestrating things. With that said, a solid holding midfielder would be nice (Denilson isn't one and Eboue sure isn't), and so the low-level rumours of Xabi Alonzo or Gareth Barry going to the Emirates continue their sinister rumblings. And once again, it would make life a lot easier for everyone if Arsenal would actually shoot. This is why I love Samir Nasri joining up with the club: the boy loves to shoot.
  13. EPL

    Some of us were Arsenal supporters before there was a Big 4 Some clubs to consider watching: Everton Sunderland Portsmouth Fulham Middlesborough
  14. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Yes. Insert coins in slot - like any other vending device.
  15. UK in the Olympics but...

    Quick answer: The constituent nations of the UK compete independently pretty much only in cricket, rugby, and soccer (I think there's constituent teams for floor ball for some reason, but that doesn't count.). Why you ask? Tradition. The IRB was started by Rugby Union organizations from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland (England joined later), the ICC was started by England as the Imperial Cricket Council, and as a result allowed participation of councils from constituent areas within the British Empire, and FIFA was started by the French, who were boycotted by the Home Nations, who had their own organization, the International Football Association Board (IFAB). FIFA was leaving the Home Nations all by their lonesome with new nations joining FIFA and not playing the Home Nations, so they joined FIFA on the condition that they join as the constituent nations and they could keep control of the Laws of the Game. The arrangement has been in place ever since.