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  1. ITT: "I don't fully and completely understand this sport, and I don't want to spend the time to learn about it, so therefore I hate it and I don't get why anyone would like it"
  2. The IHA is looking for three replacement owners for the upcoming 2016/17 NHL season. Prospective owners who meet the 6 month/500 post fantasy sports requirement can apply here. If you happen to have any questions, I can be reached via PM.
  3. I've heard that's somewhat becoming standard practice for Kickstarter projects requiring large-scale production, especially ambitious ones. I've funded art projects, expanding pottery studios, etc. I don't think I'd ever fund a tech/product start up for this very reason, I've heard too many stories like this one.
  4. The reason I went to Japan was because my GF won a travel award for her thesis work. We did a lot of architecture stuff that centered around Tadao Ando, a world renowned architect known for his use of concrete and his emphasis on procession through the site and building. He's from Osaka, so most of his work is in the area. Church of the Light and Water Temple were the highlights, but they're both treks, and probably only cool if you are into architecture. I just liked the vibe of the city more than Tokyo, Dotonbori is a cool area. We ate at Ichiban Ramen a few times, feel like you should try to get out there at least once. It is a very unique dining experience, it's quick, and would be great if you are travelling alone and need a bit of solace, which is totally understandable given how crowded the downtown can get. I imagine you could get Kobe beef in Osaka proper, but we were in Kobe for other reasons and had some there. That was a must-do for me. The robot sushi joints are pretty cool but the food where we went wasn't the greatest... but where else can ya get sushi on a conveyor belt. Yakitori, soba, udon, nigiri - the food is so, so great in Japan. Also, the bidet toilets. Genius. I miss them so much. Take full advantage, because you sure aren't getting that treatment in China.
  5. I spent 4 months in China, 2 1/2 of which were in Shanghai. Going to build off what Gobbi said: Alternatively to the SWFC, get a drink at the top of the Jin Mao tower, one of the three megaskyscrapers (I did both, and it sucks paying and getting to the top of the SWFC on a smoggy/foggy day, which happens quite often). Other than those tall towers, skip Pudong. It sucks. Stay in the old city. Definitely do the French Concession. The Propaganda Poster Art Centre is a very small two-room museum but it is very cool, and not "government gimmicky" like say, the Science and Tech museum. Also some great microbreweries there, surprisingly: Shanghai Brewery, Boxing Cat Shelter is a really cool bar that is underground in a decomissioned bomb shelter. I went to a few Shenhua games as well. Cool experience. Easy to find a ticket from a scalper. You must have Xiaolongbao (Shanghai soup dumplings). Also, if you see any Chinese Muslim places, pop in. One of the many great surprises I had in China, the food is really good and super unique. Get jianbing in the morning, it's like a Chinese savoury breakfast wrap. Try the BBQ street food late night. They have stuff on skewers in refrigerators, you take out what you want and they grill it for you. I crave this often. Echoing the stuff about People's Square/E Nanjing. The Bund is the coolest part of the city IMO. Phonetically for a North American: 1-10 is ee, are, sun, suh, woo, lyo, chi, bah, jyo, shuur. Hello is knee how, thank you is shya-shya, how much is dwo shao. In Beijing, make your way out to the Great Wall, and check out the places in the centre of the city (Tienanmen, Forbidden City). Sanlitun is a good area for nightlife and I would personally recommend Heaven Supermarket. Also went to Tokyo which was cool, although I must say I loved Osaka. A lot of cool subcultures I enjoy at home that are also huge in Japan and sought out there (film photography, technical wear, raw denim). If you have any sort of things you nerd out about, do some research and see if it's a thing in Japan, because they really do it up. I recommend trying okonomiyaki. Went here to find a NPB hat to bring back and they seem to really love Western tourists there, if you're up for that sort of thing.
  6. I love the chain but I think the crest would be vastly improved if they weren't only radii of the main circle and more of the shapes seen in a realistic chain, and even in a dark grey or silver (if you feel so inclined to add that in, but I can see it in my mind's eye being a metallic stitching and looking great in-person). I think you can really accentuate the chain here, it seems like a key piece but underdeveloped IMO. I got the I-Beam connection right away, looks great. Kit is clean and reminds me of Hull, which is probably appropriate.
  7. It's amazing that we have to use the consequences of the actions of a child as an analogy for that of a full-grown adult.
  8. I've come back to read this thread on numerous occasions and I feel as though every time I do I have to keep reminding myself that this is actually real. Good for Frank, I guess? For being known as the "Crazy Mets Fan"? I wouldn't like to be the Crazy Anything. I'm not too sure what the long-term gain is here but at least he seems to be enjoying himself.
  9. Even though there are a lot of Bills fans in the GTA, I still believe that series failed because it was the Buffalo Bills. I am of the firm belief that Toronto would get behind a Toronto NFL team, it's a great sports town as long as you're either a. a winner or b. playing hockey. The CFL is such a non-starter in modern Toronto that it's not a great barometer for the potential success of the NFL (you didn't say that, but that's the argument some use). This is all conjecture and hypothesis, and not to sound like I would support the idea of the NFL to Toronto, but the way some Torontonians think about the city of Buffalo... to me it is no surprise why those "home games" failed. Toronto does not care for sloppy seconds, and frankly it's the same reason why I think the Argos don't do well in Toronto anymore... it's not the big event.
  10. I could see vantablack hockey sticks/tape being very advantageous.
  11. I feel like you left out one of the most important parts of this situation... how recent is "recent"?
  12. This is it for me... love that PING
  13. Probably because you aren't a hot, young chick. Double-parking and almost getting doored by passengers when cycling to-and-from work are the things that really annoy me about ridesharing on the road.
  14. It's different if you are driving on the side to make some extra cash but a lot of the drivers out there are doing this full-time. I'm talking about things like this: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/internal-uber-driver-pay-numbers?utm_term=.dbgBGzbl6B#.anNn6Nb3wn Walmart pledges higher wages than what drivers receive in Detroit. Drivers also have no Social Security and Medicare, no unemployment or disability insurance, no vacation or sick pay. I mean it's not slavery but it doesn't really seem fair to me either. Exploitation is probably the wrong word.