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  1. I love the chain but I think the crest would be vastly improved if they weren't only radii of the main circle and more of the shapes seen in a realistic chain, and even in a dark grey or silver (if you feel so inclined to add that in, but I can see it in my mind's eye being a metallic stitching and looking great in-person). I think you can really accentuate the chain here, it seems like a key piece but underdeveloped IMO. I got the I-Beam connection right away, looks great. Kit is clean and reminds me of Hull, which is probably appropriate.
  2. It's amazing that we have to use the consequences of the actions of a child as an analogy for that of a full-grown adult.
  3. I've come back to read this thread on numerous occasions and I feel as though every time I do I have to keep reminding myself that this is actually real. Good for Frank, I guess? For being known as the "Crazy Mets Fan"? I wouldn't like to be the Crazy Anything. I'm not too sure what the long-term gain is here but at least he seems to be enjoying himself.
  4. Even though there are a lot of Bills fans in the GTA, I still believe that series failed because it was the Buffalo Bills. I am of the firm belief that Toronto would get behind a Toronto NFL team, it's a great sports town as long as you're either a. a winner or b. playing hockey. The CFL is such a non-starter in modern Toronto that it's not a great barometer for the potential success of the NFL (you didn't say that, but that's the argument some use). This is all conjecture and hypothesis, and not to sound like I would support the idea of the NFL to Toronto, but the way some Torontonians think about the city of Buffalo... to me it is no surprise why those "home games" failed. Toronto does not care for sloppy seconds, and frankly it's the same reason why I think the Argos don't do well in Toronto anymore... it's not the big event.
  5. I could see vantablack hockey sticks/tape being very advantageous.
  6. I feel like you left out one of the most important parts of this situation... how recent is "recent"?
  7. This is it for me... love that PING
  8. Probably because you aren't a hot, young chick. Double-parking and almost getting doored by passengers when cycling to-and-from work are the things that really annoy me about ridesharing on the road.
  9. It's different if you are driving on the side to make some extra cash but a lot of the drivers out there are doing this full-time. I'm talking about things like this: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolineodonovan/internal-uber-driver-pay-numbers?utm_term=.dbgBGzbl6B#.anNn6Nb3wn Walmart pledges higher wages than what drivers receive in Detroit. Drivers also have no Social Security and Medicare, no unemployment or disability insurance, no vacation or sick pay. I mean it's not slavery but it doesn't really seem fair to me either. Exploitation is probably the wrong word.
  10. Ridesharing is huge here (obviously). I don't know how quickly Lyft is expanding but I much prefer it over Uber. The drivers are generally better and the cars are generally nicer. They seem a bit more innovative, and there is no ridiculous PR garbage. Sometimes it'll be hard to find a driver that's close but I find that's rare and only at off-peak times. I love ridesharing but I know it's very exploitative. I feel bad that I make relatively constant use of it, but I much rather prefer paying $4 for a carpool to a destination than dealing with taking busses or transferring to the metro. Whenever I talk to Lyft drivers about it (which I usually do), they seemed to prefer driving for Lyft over Uber as well. I'll switch to Uber when Lyft has surge pricing (because I'm a cheapskate), but that's about it.
  11. Before this devolves into the beer thread... I've really started to get into wine lately. I'm also very much attempting to take advantage of my Californian location and try some more local wineries. This has been my favourite in the small dabbling I have done, had it over American Thanksgiving and it was very delicious. Does anyone have recommendations for Cali Cabs, or others? Washington Pinot Noirs? Any whites from around here that are tasty? I'm into the few New Zealand Sav Blancs I have had, but haven't really explored whites so much. Also, picked this up at airport duty-free and I've been eagerly waiting to crack this open... if only I wasn't sick.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music at all. But, Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas is so far and away number one. I really like John Prine and his Christmas album isn't bad. This is a pretty cool surf-rock Christmas album: