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  1. I feel like any ol' sporting goods store would have soccer jerseys? I mean I don't know what part of Texas you live in but I would assume there would be at least some soccer stuff in big stores. Y'know, the national sport in Mexico is not football. Unless you are looking for something specific... that might be hard. But you can just try it on and order online. Anyway, in terms of manufacturers, this was good from @MJWalker45 Use that as your guide to shop. I'm pretty slim and that's a good guide for me. I think it's important to know people's heights and weights to know exactly how the shirt is fitting them... I don't think that sizing guide works for guys who have larger upper bodies.
  2. The size you should order really depends on manufacturer, not the league. I wear a M in Puma, S in Nike and Adidas. Puma kits (a la Arsenal) are pretty skin tight (at least they were in 2015) and you definitely want to size up for that those. Nike kits (a la the Manchester clubs) are pretty true to size. Trying to think back to the Adidas shirt I had, pretty sure it was TTS like Nike. It's better just to go to a store, try a jersey on and see what size you are, even if it isn't the one you want. Bonus if its the same manufacturer. Soccer jersey sizing isn't exactly the easiest thing, not like buying a hockey or baseball jersey.
  3. I realize they are one in the same in this two-party system, but my disbelief is not placed with female non-votes for Clinton. Let's not get into name calling but after the accusations thrown against Trump involving women I didn't even entertain him winning popular votes with any segment of women: white, black, educated, uneducated, young, old, etc. Didn't matter if his opponent was a male or female, a Klingon or a Clinton. Then again, I'm not a pollster and maybe it's good I'm not in that line of work.
  4. I get it, I'm hot right now. Maybe this is a function of my surroundings. My landlord is a female Professor of History, my SO is a Muslim, and the only real great friend I have in this country is a feminist in a male-dominated industry. I've heard it all throughout this electoral process, but man, I really thought it would be a sentiment shared by more women. Guess not. Hillary was no doubt a flawed candidate but I didn't think she was that flawed.
  5. ELL OH ELL. What a great day to be in America as... not an American. We're in this together @Ice_Cap. Rows 2, 3, and especially 4 are astounding. Unbelievable. No self-worth.
  6. Was waiting at baggage claim at SFO with Max Chilton with his gorgeous girlfriend and left them alone. Maybe if he was alone I would have said something? I don't know. I mean he's just a regular dude (with a pretty awesome job, mind you) who just got off a 6 hour flight. He seems like a decent enough dude, but it's not like I'd want to entertain some doofus trying to have a conversation with me, so why should he? I'm generally for leaving celebrities alone.
  7. I'll probably be watching coverage with some wobbly pops just like I'd watch any soap opera. Interested to see whether I'll be laughing because I couldn't really care, or filled with anxiety because Trump really hates the trade agreement that is the basis of my resident alien status and I can't do much about it. Not sure if @Ice_Cap will have the same feeling as me if he's not here on a TN.
  8. I always feel as though I should get more use out of this, but curiosity always gets the best of me.
  9. A true Torontonian: if it's not here, it must be nowhere. Home Hardware is much more popular outside of urban areas than the other big box stores, I'm guessing that is their key to survival. No one's putting a Home Depot in Weyburn, SK. They also seem to be well established in older, big cities. I would assume they're losing out in newer suburbia, big-box stores are too much competition.
  10. The only time I used Vine was when I was linked sports highlights hosted on it, and it was always the biggest pain on mobile. Not too upset it's gone.
  11. Some of you need to read the article. This is one "indigeneous activist" as quoted in the piece: it's not "they", it's not "Ontario". Anyways, it's a different issue in Canada than it is in the US. I don't find it bush league because no one could give a flying f--k about the Cleveland Indians in Canada during the regular season. They're in the limelight now that they are in the ALCS with the nation's only team, First Nations issues get a lot of play at home (rightfully so), and so I see it as perfect timing rather than the other way around. I find the whole argument of coming off as whiny, petulant, and childish because the Indians are in the ALCS incredibly bizarre as if anyone who isn't a sports fan even knows there is a baseball team in Cleveland. It's being brought up now because it's more relevant in Canada now than at any other time. Context is everything. Regardless of my opinion on the Indians identity, I am more concerned with diminishing racial slurs and culturally insensitive material than promoting "good timing".
  12. White pants, I mean I get that you probably can't have this NHL colour rush concept series without it, but still, white pants. *shudder* (not a genuine criticism) That being said, white pants with a monochrome white get-up might not actually look THAT terrible on ice. It looks very strange when combined with dark jerseys. I would prefer the Habs front/back stripes to go all the way around the entire jersey. This is really cool, looking forward to seeing the rest.
  13. Seeing Diego Costa getting upset gives me warm fuzzies inside.