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  1. It's Different in Canada

    High school "etymology" is regional methinks, all high schools around me are called Secondary Schools. Yes, we use Grade 9-12, and that's another difference, it's not 9th-12th grade. I had no idea that some of these were Canadian-only terms.
  2. International Football 16-17

    Chelsea, as much as I hate to say it, win Man City second Zlatan doesn't flop, but he's not sensational Pogba never comes to Man U Manchester United miss CL Mourinho not sacked Arsenal don't sign a striker Hull finish last Burnley avoids the drop Middlesbrough finish top-10 (BTW guys, it's Middlesbrough, not MiddlesbOrough, it's spelled like it's said) Leicester finish top-10 with Mahrez, bottom-10 without Mahrez Leading goal scorer: Harry Kane PFA PotY: Kevin De Bruyne PFA Young PotY: Anthony Martial
  3. Debate: Standard Field Sizes versus Unique?

    I shouldn't have assumed . I agree with you, @2001mark, that the NHL has to some point move to a bigger ice surface. The transition will be interesting! Going to older buildings and being forced to play small... would add a whole new dimension to the league.
  4. As a prelude: please keep these to actual reasoned opinions that are though out and read well, rather than statements or back-and-forth arguments, because I think this topic has that ability. What is your rationale for something being a sport and not being a sport? @pianoknight's debate thread got me thinking about this, and I thought it would be interesting to see other views on it. Personally, I would define it as competing to the best, in a team or as an individual, in a field against opponents, a team of opponents, or an achievable (like a time, a number, a score, etc). Under this definition, it would include things like golf, auto racing, e-sports, the spelling bee, poker, some World Record attempts, which might be quite controversial to some. But maybe I'm just an inclusive kind of guy. I also think that's the way to do it - by a definition - rather than picking and choosing which I want. What do you guys think?
  5. Debate: Standard Field Sizes versus Unique?

    Not wrong, but I think it would be topographically impossible. Golf courses would be a gargantuan task to standardize. For racing, not possible, at least for road courses. Feel like ovals could be standardized... but why make NASCAR more boring than it actually is? I think individual versatility is also a really positive attribute in those sports, and you would be doing a disservice to athletes who are (we've only discussed team sports so far). ------- Not an exact analogy, but interesting to think about: should tennis only be played on one surface? That's really the argument here (sports should only be played in one way across the league/world) but I don't think that could ever work.
  6. Bill Cosby loses eyesight, now completely blind.

    Do you have any evidence they were ever in the ghetto? Are you just stereotyping?
  7. Debate: Standard Field Sizes versus Unique?

    I don't think you can say a change between the minimum and maximum length of the pitch has a different level of effect on the game as a change from minimum to maximum width of the pitch. Kind of a matter of opinion, but being forced to play wider can have an effect of a similar magnitude on a game as being forced to play more direct. And, they are both pretty wide ranges but this is to accommodate fields all over the world from being excluded from play. The FIFA Laws of the Game are written for La Liga as much as they are written for the Faroese Premier League, or Ecuadorian U15s, or beer-leaguers Joe Schmo FC that play at the neighborhood pitch. That rulebook is quite unique in that regard, as far as I know. Additionally, a lot of the stadiums in European top flights would fall into the UEFA categorization, which has a much more stringent range for length and width (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_stadium_categories).
  8. Pokémon Go Thread

    It's the same developer, Niantic.
  9. It's Different in Canada

    Upon further research, I've come to conclusion that they are named George in "Best of Bridge", which is apparently some famous Canadian cookbook I'm guessing my grandmother/relatives would have had. Never heard of it, but there you go. As to it's etymology, I have no idea. Like I said, could be a Prairie thing, that entire side of my family is from rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Lots of strange words out there for ordinary items, like bunnyhugs. Or the generic term "Pilsner" referring to one single beer product... there's a Western Canadian thing for ya. They've only started selling Pilsner here in the last few years.
  10. It's Different in Canada

    We also have a different "walking man"
  11. UEFA Euro 2016 Thread

    All I was hoping for was keeping the scoresheet clean early so Portugal was not playing France's game. At half, I knew it was possible but I still doubted. I had no thoughts going into extra time other than "can this please be over already, I can't take this anymore". Wow. As soon as Ronaldo went down, I was thinking how extraordinary it would be if the other 22 tightened their laces and got to work not only for themselves, but for him. An incredible squad. I think this game was a roller coaster of emotion just based on him (at least as a fan of Portugal): seeing how frustrated he was as he left, transitioning to how happy he was at the final whistle, it was a great moment. I'm going to get off the soapbox after these final words. What a tournament. A relatively bad tournament, but any international soccer is fantastic in my books. Plus, we did get some classics, like the France v. Germany semifinal. Eder, W. T. F. Where the hell did that come from? Only God knows. He is honestly so bad that I had the thought of "this game is now out of reach" in the back of my head as soon as he came on. Fernando Santos masterclass. It was not fun soccer, but soccer is only fun if you win. And boy, did I ever have some good ol' fashioned fun.
  12. It's Different in Canada

    That is correct. I had no idea that was the case in the US. I'll name a couple tidbits I can think of: We call a 24 pack of beer a two-four, and Victoria Day in Canada is nicknamed May Two-Four (as it's always somewhat close to the 24th and involves the [somewhat excessive] consumption of beverages). We also call a 375 ml (12.7 oz) bottle of liquor a "mickey", 26 oz bottle a "two-six", and 3 000 ml bottle (101 oz) a "Texas mickey". They are chocolate bars, not candy bars. Candy bars sound like they should be made of candy, that one was always strange to me. Not sure if that's an entirely American thing. Canadian bacon is called peameal bacon here, although I think that one might be quite obvious. We have Nanaimo bars (which originate from the city they are named after) but I've also heard them referred to as "George" - not George bars - just George. I think it's after Prince George? But this is all just speculation and rumour via my elderly aunts. Pretty sure this is a Prairie thing. We are both majority Christian, but you are majority Protestant and we are majority Roman Catholic. I have a question: Do American pizza chains have the "Canadian" pizza offering? I assume not often, but have you ever seen it before? It's ubiquitous here: pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon.
  13. aller à Montréal

    Where can I get those sweet Vans slip ons?
  14. aller à Montréal

    Maybe admiral's just vegetarian/vegan, which would preclude his enjoyment of our clogged-artery-inducing delicacy. That's all I can up with. BTW BBTV (just to stay on topic) if you are into fashion, Montreal is probably the best city in Canada for that type of thing. Lots of great brands from and shops in MTL. Won't get into specifics but it's something worth looking into if that's your thing. Exchange rate's great for it. If I was in Montreal I'd probably nerd out and rent a bike to lap the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve a couple times, too.
  15. aller à Montréal

    Hey, it's better than rotten shark, at least.