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    Trying to not get too off-topic here... Conversely, have either of you, @the admiral, @tp49, @B-Rich (I am assuming so) read The Death and Life of Great American Cities? I am not familiar with The Power Broker, it seems like it's premise is quite different to that of Death and Life, but it's good reading if you are into urban planning. Jacobs is the antithesis to Moses. Not sure how big the book is in public circles, she is looked at as quite the hero here in Toronto. Delirious New York is on the to-read list, as well.
  2. You should definitely try Crispy Crunch if you are ever up here, then. Is Skor available in the US? That would be another similar one. edit: reading a bit more, it seems like Heath is a better comparable for Skor. Although, IMO, I don't think either would beat out Big Turk or Coffee Crisp.
  3. Just had this the other day, was in a CVS and was looking for something not available in Canada Pretty delicious, reminds me of Crispy Crunch sold here but not so sticky on the teeth. Not a huge fan of chocolate, rather eat candy. These are probably my favourites right now. As for chips, it's quite easy for me to lose track and eat a whole bag of these:
  4. THE Video Game Thread

    Oh man, I'm the complete opposite... I can't wait til graduation so I can finally sink my teeth into a good save again. One of those games that's hard to play without large blocks of time. As for Civ VI, the gameplay videos look much better than the stills.
  5. Liquor and Craft Beer Logo/Label Designs

    I posted about Side Launch (one of my favourite breweries around the GTA) earlier in this thread and saw this the other day, thought this would be an appropriate place to post this: Full article here: https://mariposabicycles.ca/blog/2015/12/28/side-launch-brewery-founder-garnet-siddalls-gravel-bike/

    Even with the suggestion from Cosmic, I gotta say, Windsor is a destination for the complete opposite of a wholesome family trip, hahaha. I don't have anything to say on Detroit but I really dig your reasoning about choosing the city as your destination.
  7. THE Video Game Thread

    FIFA soundtracks have always been the best. A wide range of music, global and upbeat. I was also a fan of NHL soundtracks pre-2009, haven't bought a game in a while but they definitely started getting worse IMO. This is my first time venturing into this thread, not sure if it's already been discussed but this the first game I have been really excited about, save for the yearly releases of Football Manager. Any FM players here?
  8. Seattle Mariners New Logo based off My Little Pony?

    God help us.
  9. What did you just notice for the first time?

    They probably bought the book.
  10. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Saving your syllabi is also useful if you intend to apply for graduate school and need to prove that you have taken courses to achieve "advanced standing", or however the admissions office phrases it. Some universities have programs which work this way... Same concept as transferring schools.
  11. I wish this thread could turn into a high-level music discussion because this sure beats the hell out of the YouTube link dump.
  12. Sports Mantras

    If anyone doesn't know, that line is from the Canadian WWI poem In Flanders Fields.
  13. Sports Mantras

    I couple of years ago I was trying to find physical/visual examples of these for an architecture project related to a sporting centre...
  14. What Grinds Your Gears...

    The last two pages of this thread.
  15. When I put stuff on the hard drive, it felt like I never had it. Like I was just borrowing it until I decided to format my computer or store it away in a hard drive forever. So, I don't really feel like I'm losing anything by streaming. I really started listening to music right when Napster came on the scene, so music "collecting" was never really a thing for me. I still remember my dad booting up the old tower and showing me Napster for the first time. I have some CDs from when I was a kid (nothing I would listen to now) and some of my father's old vinyls which I play from time to time, but I am a digital child. Spotify has options to download playlists to listen offline both on your phone and computer, which I use when I do not have WiFi. One thing Spotify has done is changed how I source my music, crowd-built playlists are awesome for discovering new music and Spotify has a built-in feature to recommend new music every week in a 25 song playlist. Also, you never have to wait for anything to finish downloading before you listen. Just not a fan of how they really push playlist-oriented listening rather than album-oriented, but you can really listen however you'd like.