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  1. Some of you need to read the article. This is one "indigeneous activist" as quoted in the piece: it's not "they", it's not "Ontario". Anyways, it's a different issue in Canada than it is in the US. I don't find it bush league because no one could give a flying f--k about the Cleveland Indians in Canada during the regular season. They're in the limelight now that they are in the ALCS with the nation's only team, First Nations issues get a lot of play at home (rightfully so), and so I see it as perfect timing rather than the other way around. I find the whole argument of coming off as whiny, petulant, and childish because the Indians are in the ALCS incredibly bizarre as if anyone who isn't a sports fan even knows there is a baseball team in Cleveland. It's being brought up now because it's more relevant in Canada now than at any other time. Context is everything. Regardless of my opinion on the Indians identity, I am more concerned with diminishing racial slurs and culturally insensitive material than promoting "good timing".
  2. White pants, I mean I get that you probably can't have this NHL colour rush concept series without it, but still, white pants. *shudder* (not a genuine criticism) That being said, white pants with a monochrome white get-up might not actually look THAT terrible on ice. It looks very strange when combined with dark jerseys. I would prefer the Habs front/back stripes to go all the way around the entire jersey. This is really cool, looking forward to seeing the rest.
  3. Seeing Diego Costa getting upset gives me warm fuzzies inside.
  4. I finally listened a few weeks ago, and I have listening to it since then pretty consistently. I meant to bump this thread but kept forgetting. It is fantastic front to back, very pleasantly surprised. I will second that I love Tinker Tailor etc. I play Burn The Witch for my walk to the subway, is almost disorienting to walk to in the city because it is very intense but it is so so good. Decks Dark and Identikit stood out for me as well. Only disappointing songs for me really are Ful Stop and True Love Waits. I imagine I will be listening to this for quite some time. I don't know why I waited so long.
  5. Right, but for the mayor to come out saying there is no link to terrorism seems like he is just jumping to conclusions, similar to vice versa. I suppose I'm guilty of it as well. I think it is just hard for me to see it the other way: even if it is a revenge-type scenario, the bomber still involved the general public. I don't think the bombing of a major city and its citizens, whether they were the main target or not, is not terrorism. A shooting with cross-fire, i understand where there becomes a grey area. But when a bomb does what a bomb is supposed to do, I can't separate it. I also just moved here, which makes the whole thing just the more frightening, and possibly inserts some bias into the equation.
  6. I do follow you on the first point, but I'm not sure I can believe carjackings can intimidate or coerce a civilian population. If we are going to go that route, parental discipline satisfies B(i); I think we can all agree that's not the intent of the clause. I get that it's just an example. but yeah. I see where you're going. Maybe I just would have preferred the mayor to say there were no links to "terror groups" rather than "terrorism" but I'm just going to assume he's just trying to alleviate the situation. The guv'na said it, anyways.
  7. I'm still confused about the word "terrorism", especially in context with the Chelsea bombing, which they refused to call a terrorist act. From the PATRIOT Act: Does the attack not "satisfy" (maybe a poor choice of wording) A, B(i), and C? Is that not enough? I suppose they haven't ruled out that this was a targeted attack on one individual with bystander injuries. Do we need to know who the suspect is before we call it "terrorism"? I mean I get that not everything is terrorism but I'm not sure I quite understand how this isn't.
  8. Yes, probably for the best. I upgraded from the S3 to the S6. Quick charge was nice initially but man the battery life really really sucks. It's alright if I'm going home -> office -> home, as I can charge it during the day. And it is nice that I can charge it quickly (like 15 mins for a half charge, purely anecdotal and estimated) for a night out. If you are out all day, almost guaranteed it dies sometime during the evening. Perfectly happy with the phone other than that. Apparently the S7's battery is much better.
  9. If I remember correctly, I had similar troubles with the S3. Not to your extent, but I remember near the final days I couldn't use it much while charging at weird angles (like lying down in bed). Maybe it is a common problem with that phone. No such troubles with the S6 and my Nexus 9. IIRC, the S3 has wireless charging capabilities, does it not? Maybe worth looking into that. Not that it's a "solution", but it might work for ya.
  10. Mind me asking what problems you've had? Most of mine have come from using non-OEM cords for certain devices but even then I haven't had many problems.
  11. Leverkusen are a decent team that have a high pressing, high tempo system that is fun to watch. Lot of parity within the midtable in the Bundesliga as well. I would maybe give them a go. They play in Europe, as well. La Liga is a bit hard to get into, I only really watch Barca and Real play just because I love the way they play, everything is so crisp and exquisite. I'm not really a fan of either team but I don't find it hard to appreciate as a neutral. I can definitely agree with Serie A. I mostly watch the Premeira Liga (Benfica, gpops was a fan, keep up with Santa Clara but it's impossible to watch in NA) and the PL. Premier League is the easiest to get into as a North American. The most parity available, everything is broadcast in English, and the fight for the league is always exciting (when Aguero won it for City in the last minute of the season, or Leicester's run this year ). I mean, if you don't like England, you don't like England. However, it's not as if the league has an overwhelming majority of English players (or managers, therefore style of play). Definitely the most "international" of the Big 4 (or 5, or 6). I mostly support Arsenal because a. I like Arsene Wenger, his transfer dealings/policy, his story, the stability he brings and b. I like watching the style of football. I get what you are saying re: personal connection to like a team, but I don't feel as though I have to prove my fandom to myself or anyone else. As long as I enjoy watching every weekend, it's enough for me (I suppose that is your problem, though). Being a fan of club football and Formula 1 has given me the appreciation to be as excited for continental qualification and relegation battles as I am for the league winner. I think being so focused on the sole winner is a bit of an American quality (not that I blame you or anyone else, that's just the way it is here) that doesn't translate well to European sports. I suppose what I'm trying to say here is, I didn't become a fan of who I am a fan of because I expect them to win or at least have a chance to win every season. Watched some games, read about the club's history, and that was that, really.
  12. No reason to beat yourself up over it either, dude. Just let it slide, live and learn. There will be plenty of girls and plenty of chances.
  13. What exactly does "hanging out" entail? From what you said it seems like you guys were hanging out doing friends things, and you dropped the ultimate bomb on her. Were you going on dates? Physical contact? Too much left out here. If you guys were genuinely going on dates and casually hooking up, I think you were well within your rights to ask (although a week is a bit much for me to go exclusive with someone, personally). But if my intuition is correct, I'd say jumping the gun is a bit of an understatement. My course of action would be to apologize, that you really got ahead of yourself and should not have pressured her like that or what have you. Just be cool about it, let her have her space, but don't let your romantic interests visibly wane. She'll either warm up to the idea or she won't. Next time, make a move rather than ask a question.
  14. Related, Wednesday on OverDrive the guys opened up a bag of brand new Lay's Chalet Sauce – potato chips to see if they live up to all the hype: http://www.tsn.ca/video/i-bet-you-can-t-just-eat-one~946128
  15. It's a joke, boys.