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    NHL 2017-18

    You should cancel and use the discount code I posted above. I'll probably buy the St. Pats jersey and forgo the Stadium Series. I regretted not buying it last year, hoping it's a green vs. white this year.
  2. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    https://shop.realsports.ca/collections/arenas Code to access is LNEXCLUSIVE bdayoct or bdaynov for 30% discount, brought my order down for #29 from $329 to $265 CAD
  3. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    No surprises here, I don't think. BTW, orders in the next 48h get a free toque.
  4. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    Leafs are unveiling their Arenas jersey tomorrow and are doing a St. Pat's night in March.
  5. lopernv

    NHL 2017-18

    Can't help but feel like the chest and arm striping should line up here.
  6. lopernv

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    You don't blame the fisherman for taking the bait.
  7. lopernv

    2017 Bass Pro Shop Toyota Camry

  8. lopernv

    Vegas Golden Knights Neon Jersey concept

    Would prefer the same effect on the socks, with all-black gloves.
  9. lopernv

    Quebec Nordiques

    I agree, the n logo is much better. Make the first one a primary, remove the N, create a better fleur de lis shape, and I think it's a winner.
  10. lopernv

    Sports you hate

    ITT: "I don't fully and completely understand this sport, and I don't want to spend the time to learn about it, so therefore I hate it and I don't get why anyone would like it"
  11. lopernv

    Canadian Premier League

    I love the chain but I think the crest would be vastly improved if they weren't only radii of the main circle and more of the shapes seen in a realistic chain, and even in a dark grey or silver (if you feel so inclined to add that in, but I can see it in my mind's eye being a metallic stitching and looking great in-person). I think you can really accentuate the chain here, it seems like a key piece but underdeveloped IMO. I got the I-Beam connection right away, looks great. Kit is clean and reminds me of Hull, which is probably appropriate.
  12. lopernv

    Outside of the NHL...

    Even though there are a lot of Bills fans in the GTA, I still believe that series failed because it was the Buffalo Bills. I am of the firm belief that Toronto would get behind a Toronto NFL team, it's a great sports town as long as you're either a. a winner or b. playing hockey. The CFL is such a non-starter in modern Toronto that it's not a great barometer for the potential success of the NFL (you didn't say that, but that's the argument some use). This is all conjecture and hypothesis, and not to sound like I would support the idea of the NFL to Toronto, but the way some Torontonians think about the city of Buffalo... to me it is no surprise why those "home games" failed. Toronto does not care for sloppy seconds, and frankly it's the same reason why I think the Argos don't do well in Toronto anymore... it's not the big event.
  13. lopernv

    Who will be the first team to use Vantablack?

    I could see vantablack hockey sticks/tape being very advantageous.
  14. lopernv

    The Most Satisfying

    This is it for me... love that PING
  15. Best part of the rant IMO.
  16. As a prelude: please keep these to actual reasoned opinions that are though out and read well, rather than statements or back-and-forth arguments, because I think this topic has that ability. What is your rationale for something being a sport and not being a sport? @pianoknight's debate thread got me thinking about this, and I thought it would be interesting to see other views on it. Personally, I would define it as competing to the best, in a team or as an individual, in a field against opponents, a team of opponents, or an achievable (like a time, a number, a score, etc). Under this definition, it would include things like golf, auto racing, e-sports, the spelling bee, poker, some World Record attempts, which might be quite controversial to some. But maybe I'm just an inclusive kind of guy. I also think that's the way to do it - by a definition - rather than picking and choosing which I want. What do you guys think?
  17. Some of you need to read the article. This is one "indigeneous activist" as quoted in the piece: it's not "they", it's not "Ontario". Anyways, it's a different issue in Canada than it is in the US. I don't find it bush league because no one could give a flying f--k about the Cleveland Indians in Canada during the regular season. They're in the limelight now that they are in the ALCS with the nation's only team, First Nations issues get a lot of play at home (rightfully so), and so I see it as perfect timing rather than the other way around. I find the whole argument of coming off as whiny, petulant, and childish because the Indians are in the ALCS incredibly bizarre as if anyone who isn't a sports fan even knows there is a baseball team in Cleveland. It's being brought up now because it's more relevant in Canada now than at any other time. Context is everything. Regardless of my opinion on the Indians identity, I am more concerned with diminishing racial slurs and culturally insensitive material than promoting "good timing".
  18. lopernv

    NHL Color Rush // A Brass Project

    White pants, I mean I get that you probably can't have this NHL colour rush concept series without it, but still, white pants. *shudder* (not a genuine criticism) That being said, white pants with a monochrome white get-up might not actually look THAT terrible on ice. It looks very strange when combined with dark jerseys. I would prefer the Habs front/back stripes to go all the way around the entire jersey. This is really cool, looking forward to seeing the rest.
  19. lopernv

    International Football 16-17

    Seeing Diego Costa getting upset gives me warm fuzzies inside.
  20. lopernv

    International Football 16-17

    Leverkusen are a decent team that have a high pressing, high tempo system that is fun to watch. Lot of parity within the midtable in the Bundesliga as well. I would maybe give them a go. They play in Europe, as well. La Liga is a bit hard to get into, I only really watch Barca and Real play just because I love the way they play, everything is so crisp and exquisite. I'm not really a fan of either team but I don't find it hard to appreciate as a neutral. I can definitely agree with Serie A. I mostly watch the Premeira Liga (Benfica, gpops was a fan, keep up with Santa Clara but it's impossible to watch in NA) and the PL. Premier League is the easiest to get into as a North American. The most parity available, everything is broadcast in English, and the fight for the league is always exciting (when Aguero won it for City in the last minute of the season, or Leicester's run this year ). I mean, if you don't like England, you don't like England. However, it's not as if the league has an overwhelming majority of English players (or managers, therefore style of play). Definitely the most "international" of the Big 4 (or 5, or 6). I mostly support Arsenal because a. I like Arsene Wenger, his transfer dealings/policy, his story, the stability he brings and b. I like watching the style of football. I get what you are saying re: personal connection to like a team, but I don't feel as though I have to prove my fandom to myself or anyone else. As long as I enjoy watching every weekend, it's enough for me (I suppose that is your problem, though). Being a fan of club football and Formula 1 has given me the appreciation to be as excited for continental qualification and relegation battles as I am for the league winner. I think being so focused on the sole winner is a bit of an American quality (not that I blame you or anyone else, that's just the way it is here) that doesn't translate well to European sports. I suppose what I'm trying to say here is, I didn't become a fan of who I am a fan of because I expect them to win or at least have a chance to win every season. Watched some games, read about the club's history, and that was that, really.
  21. lopernv

    Best looking college hockey jerseys/uniforms?

    I'm a sucker for double-blue, so naturally,