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  1. Awesome game/tool and skill builder :-)
  2. For more information please click the link...
  3. brilliant use of negative space

    I don't know if this is brilliant, but I did create it for my wife's photography business...
  4. Seattle Mariners Rebrand

    I was expecting to see the rumored color change in this concept but was way happier with what I saw! I think the simplified logo and more stylized/modern font are great. I think the concept would also look good w/o the anchor on the cap with the M. I think the anchor is a little much for the cap. An alt hat or jersey with just the compass would look great too!

    I'm glad I shared...I think ;-)
  6. Fantasy Football League Logo

    I'm playing in an off-board league and designed the league logo for the league, C&C welcome.

    Came across this resource today and wanted to share with the community! COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles...
  8. NY Islanders Brooklyn Update

    Really strong concept. Are the four dots on the lighthouse representative of the four cups? I would like to see an Alt with some type of Brooklyn mark. For marketing alone I imagine the team will take a page out of the Nets' book. Perhaps the apparel image you posted with the whole project...the one with Islanders over the lighthouse, but change to Brooklyn over the lighthouse. I think that would look sharp on a blue or even an orange alt.
  9. Hooters Rebrand

    I think the owl is an upgrade from the POV that it is more production friendly, for apparel, etc. The font seems bolder in the original and doesn't appear to be as pronounced in the updated mark. On a side note...anyone else feel that when you actually go to a Hooters that the A-team is always off that night and the B or C team is working?
  10. 2014 MLB ASG Logo

    The presser was held @ Target Field today, here you go...
  11. MLB throwback/special uniform thread

    That tb cap is very sweet!
  12. Best game you have ever watched?

    This might miss the overall point of the thread, but the memories are still great! In person: 10/3/90: Cecil Fielder hits #50 and #51 @ Yankees. As a 9 y/o this was special because my Dad was teaching me about Mantle and Maris most of the night too. 4/19/09: Yankees host Indians; Opening Weekend @ New Yankee Stadium. Bday gift for Dad sitting front row on RCF Auxiliary Scoreboard. 10/25/09: Yankees defeat Angles; ALCS Game 6. Attended with brother, sitting front row, 1B side, but ballboy. Phil Coke poured champagne on my brother and I. 4/13/10: Yankees Home Opener; 09 Ring ceremony. 5th row behind dugout. Conversed with Yankee President Lon Trost after a Nick Johnson HR. TV: 1994 NY Rangers/Knicks Playoff Run (With OJ car chase sprinkled in) 1996 Yankee Playoff Run Radio: 5/17/98: David Wells' Perfect Game
  13. Championship Banners

    How do you make these in Excel?
  14. FREE Adobe Creative Suite

    The direct Adobe link still takes you to the page. I also have a screen cap of the serial numbers.