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  1. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Thank you so much! This came out better than I imagined!
  2. post pics of your jerseys here

    Jersey's I have: Baseball Yankee HOME - #27 Yankee (early 90s) BP - blank 2000 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 2001 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 2002 ASG AL BP - blank 2003 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 2004 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 2005 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 2008 ASG AL BP - NESI 27 Devil Rays (2007) HOME - blank Marlboro (NJ) HS - #27 coached Independent Eagles (MO) - NESI 27 player Basketball Orlando Magic ROAD (00-03) - NESI 27 St John's (rep) - #1 Cincinnati (rep) - #13 Hockey Rangers HOME - Messier #11 PICTURES COMING SOON!
  3. Tank Stumper 7/6/07

    Lefty Gomez
  4. He was wearing 42 before it was retired league-wide. Any playing wearing this number before said retirement was allowed to continualy wear it until the end of their playing career. However anyone wearing 42 can not have it retired, so Rivera, despite how great he's been can not have #42 retired by the Yankees. EDIT: beaten THREE times. Yes they can...where do you come up with this stuff...?
  5. new look...

    Remember the days of the old 'SLE'? You can click the link from Chris' old site version.

    I created a group in ESPN, CCSLC...public group. Feel free to join and create up to five brackets.
  7. D3 Logos on display at the NFCA leadoff classic

    Top 3: 1. Methodist 2. St. Mary's 3. Rutgers-Camden Bottom 3: 1. William Paterson (my alma mater... ) 2. La Verne 3. Coe (Eagles on cocain...!?!?!)
  8. New Floor @ Staples Center?

    There is a NEW ZIMA coming in April 2007, oddly enough...check their web site.
  9. REAL uni concept

    I am a member of an 18+ men's baseball team and we are getting ready to order our uniforms for the season. I would like to know which of the 2 would be the better choice. These concepts were made by me based on what the company making the uniform describes them as looking like and their font choices and jersey image. So please let me know which would look best (and to save your time, outlining the text is not an option as it costs WHITE OR CARDINAL Also, we decided on getting navy caps with a cardinal bill. That will have a White 'M' on the front. THANKS!!!
  10. Earth Day logo

    I concur that that the 'y' doesn't need the roots. Great concept either way though!
  11. Spring Training Photos - New Hats and Jerseys

    I want to know when these jersey's will go on sale at I am curious to see how much they will cost and what they look like customized.
  12. New Look ESPN

    New look (header and nav bar) you know where to go...
  13. Sketch-A-Thon 2 Voting

    1-C 'BC Lions 4' 2-L 'Bills' 3-J 'Flyers'
  14. Baltimore Starlings

    Sorry man, I must have had something to do that day and couldn't read every thread posted in every forum that particular day.
  15. Baltimore Starlings

    Is it me or are there similarities between this logo and what was designed for this fantasy team in the AA by our own Hooligan33...????