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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Believe me when I say this: I'm on y'alls side here. The last thing Nashville needs right now is another shiny new playhouse--especially if any kind of public $ is going into it--when there's other more serious issues issues that need to be addressed. Plus...Cincinnati really deserves more love than it gets. (Side note: why doesn't Cincinnati get more love than it does?? Not just here in soccer but in general.)
  2. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Via The Score... My reaction upon seeing this...
  3. Correct. Baltimore just did that a few weeks ago, with an all purple color Rush uniform with gold jersey numbers rather than the white ones on the regular purple jerseys. (Side note... not that I particularly care for the whole color rush thing, but that one might have been my favorite Color Rush uniform to date.)
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I can actually explain this one...the USS Alabama was a WWII ship, decommissioned after the war, has been docked at Mobile Bay since the '60s, and since then has been converted as a museum--its a big attraction down there in Mobile (where the Univ. of South Alabama is, for those not in the know). That said, well...
  5. That font looks very similar to North Carolina's, just a bit thicker. And those As are really wide compared to the rest of the letters--and even the previous version. I'll also miss the 7 in the now-current set (note the very short vertical part before that leg slants down--that was always a key and, to me, characteristic way of identifying Oklahoma's, Texas', and Ohio State's numbers). Still though, tasteful update for a program that probably really shouldn't need to do much more than that.
  6. Unrelated to the discussion at hand...but can we all just stop for a second and marvel at the vibrant beauty and simplicity of those Dolphins' uniforms--especially in that Florida sunshine? I now return y'all to your current discussion on facemasks...
  7. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    I think we all knew that.πŸ˜‰ That said, don't doubt it too much...you'd be amazed the things people come across that shift their perspective on things. True, someone could've come up with, on their own, the idea to rotate that shape 90Β°, but something as simple as that keytag could have really hammered that idea home. Related...of all the Las Vegas-related logos I've seen utilizing that shape, this is the first one I've seen rotated like that.
  8. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Not exactly soccer-related...but just some more interesting side info pertaining to Amazon's inroads into Cincinnati as it may potentially concern that piece of Cincy's MLS expansion bid. From the Business Journal: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/10/17/amazon-gobbles-up-another-piece-of-greater.html "It’s the latest local real estate move for Amazon in the region in 2017, with the company announcing plans for its Prime Air Services Hub at CVG at the beginning of the year and a 1.3-million-square-foot distribution facility in Monroe. That's in addition to the other sortation and distribution facilities Amazon has near CVG." (CHRIS WETTERICH, 10-17-17) From WCPO: Experts: Amazon Prime Air could bring up to 15K jobs over time - WCPO Cincinnati, OH "In addition to the Prime Air hub, an unnamed developer announced at a June Sanitation District meeting it wants to reserve sewage capacity for a 2.2 million square foot sortation building with 15,000 employees." (TOM McGEE, 11-3-17) Hadn't realized Amazon had already been digging roots in the area. (Side note: CVG sure has come quite a ways from the Delta Connection Comair hub I remember it as.)
  9. Las Vegas Lights FC (USL) unveil logo

    Wow...that is an EXCELLENT find. If that was in any way, shape or form included in LVSC's vision board for their badge, that makes the final product that much more genius.
  10. This is may be the most pub I think the Titans have ever gotten around these parts... To hit on a few things: No argument on the bolded...that said, in fairness to Nashville, this whole "Athens of the South" mantra dates back to the 1800s. That being said...that part of Nashville lore hardly if ever gets talked about and certainly not emphasized in the sports branding (since we all know country music takes the cake around here, never mind the fact that's not even the reason for Nashville's "Music City" nickname--but that's another story for another time), so at least the Titans have that working for them. Speaking of that... I think the blessing of being so detail-oriented as far as graphic design goes can also be our very same vice...which is to say that I think we tend to think WAY too deep into things, sometimes. This exchange almost shades toward the whole "lions aren't blue! Eagles aren't green!" territory. I mean at least blue flames are an actual thing (maybe not columbia blue flames, but still πŸ˜„), but I think the logo conveys the idea of a flaming shield enough to at least get the point across. One of the things I've come to realize in the 11 years I been chasing this pipe dream of mine is that not everything has to be so literal. The other thing we need to remember is that we're a special segment of society up in here...not everyone on the outside world out there sees things the way we do.
  11. While I do realize it really ain't easy to try to objectively explain something so subjective as aesthetics, I have yet to see a good explanation from anyone who's in the camp as to why they hate/don't like the Titans' numbers. I personally don't see the problem with them...sure they could use a modest touch-up, but at this point they're going on 20 years with this look (which I'm concerned is about to become swooshkateered into some hot-fangled mess come the off-season), and if nothing else at least the numbers look like they belong to an actual well-designed font (a la the Philadelphia Eagles and the 1998-2008 Jacksonville Jaguars)...just fancy enough to be different yet restrained enough to be elegant, or attractive. Contrast that with stuff like the Browns' numbers now, or the ship-sail thing with the Vikings, or even the present-day Jaguars (which look entirely too robotic to me--although similarly-styled Oklahoma State might be one of my favorite number sets...see what I mean about subjectivity?? ) In dealing with the Browns--and to change course on this topic--I think of something @andrewharrington once opined, in how their color scheme--orange, brown, white gray--also seems to mimic the autumn colors, quite fitting for football season. The other thing I always think of is how their former seal brown and orange didn't so much complement each other but rather in a way clashed with each other. It's an interesting case study in color theory that I've been toying with in my own pet projects, of how certain color combos, when used the right way, can give off some subtle but noticeable vibrations, to great effect. Once I saw that for myself, I really began to enjoy the Browns' color set and uniforms (& fan gear/stadium graphics) that much more. (And then of course they went all Rollerball on us and mucked it all up and such...)
  12. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    You see my point. It's all nutty to me. This mayor of ours has shown some serious fervor for pushing projects to get done in this town (some of which were sorely needed--like the many street repavings going on), and I can even get on board with the vision of the $5B transit plan she's proposing (because Lord knows this town needs it). But this here MLS bid--while also trying land Amazon HQ2--in addition to the transit plan--is a bit much all at once. And bear in mind the stadium plan is still predicated on a private/public funding split, which is why the council vote is even needed in the first place (& probably why they've been ramping up public outreach here lately). There's just way too much going on here right now and not near-enough space to fit it all in--I still believe this place is going to choke on its own growth in the next five years or so if they don't do something about it quick. Going back to Cincy's bid...I chased some things down concerning that. As we know the Newport site is build-ready, but still option B to their primary target in Over-the-Rhine I believe it is (which would require some buying up of some of the properties there). I also didnt realize their stadium proposal was going head-up with the Western Hills Viaduct public works plan (which, oh my goodness--that roadway is decrepit). And so here we ourselves with an all-too-familiar scenario: spend on sorely-needed public infrastructure (sound familiar?) or shiny new sports arena? (Apparently Cincy's also looking at rebuilding US Bank Arena as well as doing some kind of revamp to the Fort Washington Way--have fun with that one when it happens, Cincinnatians. πŸ˜„) On the other side of the water, it seems as if FCC is also trying to tie the Newport site bid in tandem with [the Cincy area's] own bid for Amazon HQ2 (or rather, the other way around), to be built together over there. I also saw something about potential HQ2 salaries--Amazon states HQ2 jobs would pay six figures annually--helping to pay for the complex??? (I think that came from the PX column of Cincinnati.com but I lost the link to it and I haven't yet gotten to chase that one down.) I'm nowhere near an expert on these types of matters, or near as knowledgable as y'all are, but I sure hope Cincinnati wins their bid over Nashville's--they've already established the following and laid the groundwork for the "culture", if you will. Plus...[emo-trip alert] "Cincinnati deserves it." (That said, if y'all do win that bid, PLEASE do something about that badge, because...that one y'all got now just ain't gettin' it. )
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    So I saw this in my feed earlier today... I so hope I'm outta here by the time they start digging on this*.
  14. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

  15. Video: My Epic Day at Lambeau

    Well dang, man...the best I ever got was a tour of the stadium! Never did make it to a game up there...my trip was in the weeks leading up to preseason. Still, one of the absolute coolest experiences of my life. But at least I can say I saw Lambeau with my own two eyes! Cool vid!