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  1. Buc

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Couple points... - Regarding purple, yes it is rare in MLB (so much so that even the one team that wears it doesn't wear enough of it), the NFL has two, and I believe it's now completely nonexistent in the NHL. (Memo to the Kings: bring the people back!) But for a pretty good stretch of the '90s and early 2000s, purple was about as prevalent in the NBA as navy/red was and is in the bigs... worn by no less than six clubs. Everyone knows about the Lakers--, though most probably associate them with yellow before purple--but also during that time you had the Phoenix Suns (purple and orange--and speaking of über-rare color combos, there you go), Utah Jazz (purple and, through much of the '90s, some of everything else), the Toronto Raptors (purple, red and black--and again, speaking of über-rare color combos, purple and red), Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets (purple and teal, later with yellow-gold), and Sacramento Kings (purple, black and silver). Yeah, purple was pretty prominent for a good lil' bit there. - Someone mentioned pink. Good call, as by my count, and excepting Pinktober*, only two pro sports clubs in the States use any shade of it as a primary color (one of which isn't even playing yet) the new Inter Miami FC MLS side, and my hometown Pensacola Blue Wahoos (we call it "Bright Rose"): (Side note: I have quite a bit of that color in my closet at home, for obvious reasons.) - Brown has also been mentioned...we know about the Cleveland Browns, and at least one MLS squad used the color for their change kits (Vancouver, some years back). And there's a certain MLB team many of us would love to see revive the color for their identity...... - Back when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rebranded in '97, they were the only major pro sports team to use gray (in their case, pewter) as a primary color--definitely a pioneering step at the time. But thanks to Nike's rampant anthracite craze a few years ago, and the wild of gray it caused throughout CFB, we can officially rule out gray as unique. - Whatever that shade of green is the Seattle Sounders use is pretty unique. (What is it, "rave" green, "action" green, somebody?)--and really, so is their share of blue, which in itself is a unique color pairing. It seems bright yet almost slate-ish, if that makes sense. (If ColorWerx is still around here... I'm curious how close the Sounders' current blue is to that of the Minnesota Timberwolves, at least the shade used during the Marbury/Garnett days.) - Some brought up orange. As I see it right now, some teams use it, but aside from the Buccaneers prior to '97, I have yet to see a pro sports team utilize, primarily, a straight orange-and-white colorway, a la the Tennessee Volunteers. Again, Tampa came close, mixing in red (again, somewhat of a unique colorway in itself), and perhaps the Houston Dynamo if one goes off their primary kits (though they still mid in some of that light blue, and of course some black). What other teams out there could take a stand at a primarily orange and white color scheme? I don't see the Phoenix Suns going that route, neither do I see the Philadelphia Flyers doing so (although the idea of it intrigues me), so who would that leave? Perhaps Houston's own Astros, maybe? (How would a straight orange-and-white, with maybe minimal other-color-trim MLB squad look? ) Of course, Tampa could always pick back up their original creamsicle-orange roots again (and I certainly wish they'd do that)... - Speaking of unique color pairings, one I wish I could see happen--and it could happen tomorrow in a snap in Kansas City--is a royal blue and metallic gold colorway. I remember the University of Tulsa's football uniforms from the Paul Smith days carrying that colorway and I found it to be distinctive, especially with how they managed to mix in the slightest hint of red. (Those actually were some of my favorite football uniforms of all time... don't @ me.) I think that's enough for now...
  2. Buc

    NFL 2018 changes

    The purple pants return for the Ravens. They need to keep these...make this the primary road look. The emphasis on purple works really well for them. That other team on the other hand.....
  3. Buc

    2018 NFL Season

    Whatever the opposite of "Titan" is, that's what the Tennessee NFL club is right now...
  4. Buc

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    "Charter" member... that's it. Thanks.
  5. Buc

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Bruh... don't even get me started on this....There's a whole lot more going on to this than what the news media has let the public in on. And if not for the fact my company primarily fuels at PFJ, I wouldn't even patronize the place(s). Guess being the brother of a state governor does indeed have its perks... Anyway, all that to the side, glad to see Columbus gets to keep their club. It'd have been a real shame to see an original club (what's the other word for that? I can't recall right now) go the way of the dodo bird.....
  6. Buc

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Is the bottom of that jersey ribbed like a sweater? Interesting. All that aside, this Louisville font. I've been looking at this for about the past five years, all that time I spent studying it up close (believe it or not one of the steel places I used to deliver to literally sits on the edge of Cardinal Stadium's parking lot!), and although I want to like it, something about it just bothers me...something I can't quite put a finger on. Actually, yes I can...that letter "S" may be it; it just does not fit at all with the rest of those letters. Perhaps maybe they designed it that way on purpose to stand out even though it's silent. (My mind wonders about things like that.) As for the numbers... actually I think the entire set can stand to be thinned out a lot more than what it is, because from a distance and especially when outlined, the characters read like one big blob. This essentially is the issue the '97 preseason Jacksonville Jaguars were faced with, except they retooled theirs. Louisville can stand to retool theirs, as well.
  7. Dude's the Bill Belichick of college football...in more ways than one. (Guess it makes sense since at one point since Saban served under Belichick on his coaching staff in Cleveland in the mid-'90s.)
  8. There's gonna be three teams playing in LA next season, aren't there?
  9. Wellp, there went that. Tale of two halves. And (officially) two turnover chain appearances. And a key missed field goal, on both sides, a botched Home Run throwback (that one hurt), and some young Seminoles defensive backs who need to learn how and when to turn their heads and locate inbound footballs. But credit to Miami though for fighting back and holding on. This is what rivalry games are all about. This one was close to being an instant classic, so although I obviously don't like the outcome, I can't even be mad about it. (Though I can and will question the offensive philosophy in the second half...why do so many option-offense coordinators keep thinking screens and jet sweeps are gonna work to get into field position to score, knowing the other team's defense keeps snuffing them out???) Oh and...credit to them Gators, too. That'll shut the fellas on my wife's family's side up for a week. (They're all either from or were born in Louisiana; she and I are from Florida. She's a Gator girl; I'm a Seminole. And that is the only type of situation in which I'll root for them Swamp Thangs™.)
  10. So far, my Seminoles are looking pretty good down there in MIA...perhaps a good ol' fashioned rivalry game--and all the fisticuffs that inevitably come with it--is good for what's been ailing them. I am very pleased, indeed. Now let's see if they can keep their collective foot on the throttle....
  11. Buc

    Which MLB Playoff Team Has the Best Uniform?

    So here's where I am on Colorado...a few years ago I wouldn't have said this, but seeing these uniforms now, and the fact that they're pretty much unchanged since their inception, I'd say they're pretty close to "icon" status now--at least the road grays are, because of how prominent the purple is. Aside from the caps, I don't think they have any black on those uniforms at all outside of that sleeve patch. Now the homes...this is where problems come into play. I see why they go with black-based NOB and numbers, but if they would simply outline them with purple rather than gray/silver, it would improve the look tons. It'd also sync up much better with the purple-painted black cap (that they should use with the home sets too, IMO). As they are now, they're a near-facsimile of the White Sox. As for their CR logo and chest script fonts...at this point they may as well keep it, maybe just slightly retool it some. But I think they really need to make those chest scripts black outlined with purple, as well...that silver just gets lost from a distance. I'm cool with the purple alternates. They do that and they we'll end up having probably my second-favorite full uniform set in the bigs.
  12. Buc

    The Battle of Seattle

    Thanks for the kind words, my man! To answer some of your questions, yeah I'm still burning pavement out here, although I'm currently engaged in learning the business side of things now in hopes of transferring over to that side. And since the last time I posted a concept in here (and I did have to look it up--it was this one, well over time years ago), let's see...I done separated from the military, been through court, relocated again, came off over-the-road and found a local/regional job (yes!), gotten saved and born again, got married (finally!), changed employers again to a great local outfit with a growing national footprint, tried my hand at a business venture that didn't work out as planned, returned to said great local outfit where I am present, had a newborn--so yeah, things have been happening! Still, that, the graphic artist in me lives on; I just haven't done much with it on the sports design side of things--at least not in public view. (I have, however, recently found my way back into desktop publishing, prepress, copywriting and publication design--which is where I got my start in this design game out of college--by way of a new bimonthly ministry publication for which I serve as creative editior.) All that long while, I've had a personal sports league concept project I've been chipping away at since the last concept I posted in here, and if I finish it, it will be my single most comprehensive project to date. I know I'll probably be well behind the curve in some of the things presented in there, but suffice it to say it's a product of my perspective as seen from my workspace--the open roads of America! Back to you, though, Sparky...these days it's tough to find inspiration to pick that project back up...but your Seattle project done did that for me, bro. Keep at it! (And maybe in the not-too-terribly-distant future you all may be seeing a lil' sumthin-sumthin' from me in these parts!)
  13. Buc

    The Battle of Seattle

    Sparky...bruh...I don't even know where to start. I done read through this whole thing, probably more than once. No matter what comes of this, bro, you've just created an all-Seattle portfolio for yourself. And to be real, having seen all this, and the progressions you've gone through, the original ideas you've come up with...this is the kind of stuff, and this project in particular, that inspires near-graybeard me to go dust off my sketchpad, pick up my mechanical pencils and eraser, and get back at it again. Man I got stuff sitting up from years and years ago collecting dust (actually, pretty much since about the beginning of 2014 I've quietly been working on a full- league concept project in my spare time, which to this day is still in the works although it's been a good minute since I messed with it, for various reasons)...suffice it to say this work has kinda jarred my motivation to get to re-working and cooking on what I've been sitting on. These days it's tough to get up for it, but your work here done did that. Just wanted you to know that. Of these, that Metros one is definitely the strongest. That said, I love that Sea Lions logo/concept set, but when I saw that re-version Totems logo, my jaw straight dropped. You straight outdid yourself on that one. That's got to be my favorite just based on uniqueness and creativity. That was the one that, if all your other concepts were the fuel and tinder for the fire that hadn't been lit yet, that Totems one was the kindling that started the fire. Straight up.
  14. One of the things I'm coming around to seeing after pursuing this graphic design game for the past 10+ years is this: sometimes we can tend to overthink things...way too much. Having been stationed out in (okay, outside) El Paso, and back through there numerous times since then, I picked up on the curse pretty quick. While I do find the reasoning for the twoblue-&-yellowgold colorway just a twinge bit, well, somewhat contrived (it's a popular color scheme, after all), it's not exactly the first colorway that comes to mind when one thinks of El Paso--and for that reason alone, I'll take it. I'll also take the star as well...nice little ode to the real thing. I do wonder if it might've been a little stronger rendered in outline rather than solid color as is. And the mission-architecture-inspired shapes are indicative of much of that part of the country, so that definitely fits. Now as for the cowcatcher...I see why they rendered it as it head-on; however, this is one area where Brandiose/the club may have over-thought it...I think it'd look cleaner if the badge outline followed the angle of the cowcatcher. And speaking of that, I actually do not mind that as an "inspired-by-a-cowcatcher" element; the problem, I think, comes when trying to convince one it's supposed to be a literal cowcatcher, and then the perspective comes off as jarring. (The other advantage to the way it's rendered as currently is that it allows the club a great reason to roll with navy/yellow (or whatever color combo they wish) striped kit tops. I personally love those kinds of tie-ins. The only other thing I kinda wish they'd done is render the word "LOCOMOTIVE" to fill the shape created by those two sky blue things--and then rendered s little larger, as the main attraction of the crest. All that being said, I give it an 8/10.
  15. Buc

    College Football uniforms- 2018