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  1. Roger that. Side note: where the heck have you been hiding at???
  2. I take it that Arizona and San Diego don't play each other this season? If so, that'll prevent a serious eyesore...and I say this as one whose favorite color is yellow.
  3. Well...the teams did only get about a month's worth of training camps in (if that), so I personally ain't expecting a crisp product right out the gate. But I will credit the Alliance with this: they at least have a strong vision and have invested heavily into that vision, and that itself speaks volumes. (I think it also helps that the NFL itself is lending it's support, as well.) I think the on-field play will get better as the weeks pass on. It's a 10-week season (if I heard correctly), so there's still some time to gel. But given what it is, I enjoyed watching the game today between Memphis and Birmingham. (And I'm getting one of those dark gray Birmingham Iron hoodies as soon as I can find one.)
  4. Re: attendance...it was raining down there earlier--that may be a reason. (Not an excuse, though.) On a whole 'nother note...this Quentin (?) Patton guy #11 is really making a name for himself on the field. It's only one game, but I hope he can keep this effort up throughout the season. (And yeah, we seen that disputed catch call. Heck, give the man the break--he's been hustling all day out there.) And did Trent Richardson just score a touchdown AND a 2-pt conversion???? (All of Pensacola just gasped in disbelief!) I think I'm about to adopt the Iron as my Alliance squad...Lord help me.
  5. Ah, there's the Trent Richardson we all knew and remember... (...And all of Pensacola just facepalmed collectively.)
  6. Perhaps they're angling to be a modern-day Cleveland or Ohio State. Which I have no problem with. Something about this simple black and white just works for Birmingham, and Memphis even with the white jerseys still has my favorite identity in the Alliance. I planned to be in Birmingham earlier today...wish I could've been there to see this in person. (The crowd at Legion Field sounds like they are into this!)
  7. Whoa--just noticed the "AZ" hidden in that helmet stripe. Creative stroke of genius right there.
  8. Buc

    Kannapolis Intimidators are looking for a new name

    Checkered Sox? (Ehh.... perhaps not.)
  9. Still to this day the single most ambitious major pro sports jersey design I've ever seen. Maybe the most ambitious I'll ever see. Hockey for some reason really seemed to press into the "warp to fit" number thing back in the day. The other example that comes to my mind is the Brett Hull/Wayne Gretzky St. Louis Blues (then again, the '90s was definitely a unique and ambitious period in sports design, so there's that.) That Gorton's fisherman jersey set still thanks among my favorite of all time--simply for how unique it was (though all that waving certainly wouldn't have lasted past three seasons even if the Isles had kept the look).
  10. Buc

    Unpopular Opinions

    [Originally from the "Overrated Uniforms" thread merged into this one.] New York Yankees. Don't @ me, bro.
  11. Buc

    MLS Kits 2019

    Nashville SC was founded in 2013 as Nashville FC. Their calling card then was being the U.S.'s first fully supporter-owned soccer club. (And if I had actually pulled the trigger on my unction then, I'd have bought in and probably received a nice dividend when they cashed out two or three years back.) Anyway, this is probably a good space to show/remind folks what the original Nashville FC crest was to look like, then turned into.... Which eventually became this... And that's how we got to the (as of now) current crest.
  12. Buc

    Fresno Grizzlies unveil new look

    Unrelated, but I'll see your Cincinnati Cyclones and raise you the Toledo Storm...
  13. Buc

    Fresno Grizzlies unveil new look

    It's the Miami Dolphins helmet thing all over again...
  14. Buc

    Misconceptions of logos

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.
  15. Mike Singletary's coaching in this league alliance? Oh dear Lord this is gonna be interesting. Speaking of which... I thought it when I first saw the unveiling, and after seeing the game shots, I still think it: Memphis is my favorite, and it isn't even close.