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  1. I've been doing some thinking about this, in light of recent rebranding events in the NFL...and save for maybe some kind of slight stripe edit or something, unless there's some hard rule on the books we're unaware of, I really don't see any reason the Buccaneers couldn't revive these uniforms again. Look it: that's pretty much exactly what the San Francisco 49ers did--revive their 80s uniforms roughly 98% intact (we won't mention those angled sleeve stripes). And aside from the shoehorned navy, so did the Buffalo Bills (with the slight exception of their number font--which actually is remarkably close to that of the former Buccaneers' uniforms). All I'm saying is that if they wanted to bring these back, there's already been recent precedent set for it that the league allowed.
  2. Buc

    Vermont FC

    This is a REALLY solid start! Let me make a suggestion to you: you see that pine tree you have up top? Flip it upside down and cut into that V in order to create a negative-space pine tree V. See how that works out for you.
  3. Buc

    2018 NFL Season

    I know, right? So nice of a/ Matt LaFleur to remember that he does have a 6'3" 245-lb running back on the team (how much longer is still up for debate); and b/ Derrick Henry to remember he is in fact 6'3" 245 lbs and run like it! That's more of what "exotic smashmouth" really should've been last season, except...anyway, that Jaguars team is butt right now, and Derrick Henry definitely did his thing out there. Now the Snatit get a 10-day break before heading up to NYG. That oughta be interesting...
  4. Buc

    MLS Kits 2019

    Like I've been saying, pink is the new black. But talk about coming out of left field, though! True dat. That said, the Philadelphia Union somehow figured out how to keep it "fresh" while maintaining the essence of their three-panel motif. (Then again, they never touted themselves as the "______ Stripes, either, so there's that.)
  5. I don't know how long you've been a member here, but those who know me know how I got my screen name (and what it used to be). And to those of y'all who fit that bill: aside from the currently-running Buccaneers thread in this forum, when's the last time y'all saw me mention anything Buccaneers? That should tell you all you need to know! Okay, the longer answer...I was already being turned off to my Buccaneers during the Greg Schiano's regime...but when these alarm-clock disasters coupled with the now-current logo came out, that was curtains for me--i pretty much quit my fandom after that. And one would think that would be enough...but nooooo, because then, after having finally latched onto becoming a fan of the team after having moved to Nashville a few years back, the freakin' Tennessee Titans Snatit had to go and pull the okie-doke on me too! Thankfully they didn't change the logo or wordmarks, so I can still buy team-branded apparel. (And I like Columbia blue.) But I ain't about those uniforms, though--not one single solitary bit. My son and I do and will still rock our Mariota jerseys in the previous style, though. I really like those.
  6. Buc

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    Apparently it's roundel day in the USL, too. That said, both of those are pretty sharp. Simple, basic and gets the point across. That negative space "N" in North Texas' crest is especially cool.
  7. Buc

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Edited for my emphasis/personal opinion. I've yet to see another pro logo pull off what that one has. And the fact that no one knows for sure whether that's a bear, a cougar, or some other animal while depicting the landscape of the Minnesota, ahem, "wild"erness (which I've experienced personally more than a handful of times--in the dead of winter, no less) just makes it all that much cooler. But this ain't about Minnesota--it's about Seattle, so... All it'll take is one mention of Clint Malarchuck to 86 that one... (and for good reason.) Serious question...has anyone on planet Earth yet discovered or uncovered a good reason as to why Colorado stopped using this??? It just boggles my mind how they dropped this mark. Granted, the closest I've been to Seattle was Auburn, but even there, and what experience I did have in Western Washington state...I wouldn't have thought of Seattle as anti-trendy--in fact, I was thinking just the opposite. But I'll take your word for it--you know better than I. *********** Now, as for the names. This nickname "Totems"...I have the same problem with that nickname that I did with the oft-touted nickname of "Monuments" for the Washington (DC) NBA team: you're naming a team, in a sport where players are in constant motion...after stationary objects?? It may just be me, but I don't get that logic. As for "Sockeyes", before this and @sparky chewbarky's thread I'd never heard of such a breed of fish. How popular/notorious is it up there in the PNW? I personally think "Metros" would be the best way to go, IP issues aside, as it's by far the most "major-league" sounding name...and that Metros concept @sparky chewbarkychewbarky worked up over in his Seattle Concepts thread would really be a home-run hitter. (I don't feel like digging it up, bit if you've seen it, you know the one I'm referencing. If you've not yet seen it, then a/ what are you waiting for?? and b/ go check it and the rest of that thread out!)
  8. Buc

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Edit: illini1 beat me to it.
  9. That's definitely consideration for your "worst" list... Both my wife and 10-year-old son called me to tell me just how ugly those uni--no, excuse me, how oogly those uniforms are. I mean, why though? I wonder what they think to themselves when they pass by the mirror and look at themselves in those things...
  10. Buc

    2018 NFL Season

    Well hey, the Snatit actually won today. But good gosh, man...it took a fourth-quarter comeback to beat a 3-8 team on your own field? Are we sure this is the same team that beat the reigning SB champs and blew out the SB runners-up earlier this season? Oh yeah, this is the same team that three weeks ago also had the #1 scoring defense--then proceeded to give up 30+ in consecutive weeks--to division foes, no less--while supposedly fighting for a playoff spot. Snatit gonna Snatit, I guess.
  11. Buc

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    Personally my favorite Dolphins uniforms.
  12. I had a whole big write-up prepared as a response for this thread, but since it was so long and this thread has already moved along far enough, I'll just speak in short. - I liked the original Buccaneers uniform growing up. And that was before 1995. (I'm a Florida native; of course I'm attracted to bright colors!) - I LOVED the 1997 rebrand. Everything about it was so fresh and...different, for its time. Dark red and GRAY? And black cleats? Understand this all came at s time when virtually the entire league shod their feet in white, so in that vein, the Buccaneers were actually trendsetters. (Yeah, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were trendsetters--imagine that!). The whole set paired so well...indeed a neo-traditional* classic. And if they still wore them today (with shiny pants, of course), they'd still look every bit as good. (I have a lot more to say on this but I'll save it for another time.) - On the topic of a new identity... I personally wanna see the creamsicle return--but not a straight replica of the originals (although that'd certainly suffice!) I've had some ideas sitting on the shelf for a while now...
  13. Do "road uniforms" really count, though? Look it: the Rams example up above, the Steelers are another example. Some have pointed out the Giants. When they choose gray pants, there's also the Seattle Seahawks. Although I guess this is really kinda splitting hairs, as well... ...Anyway, this is the very first team I thought of when I saw the thread title:
  14. Buc

    Uniforms you're most thankful for

    Whew...talk about disorienting. I saw the photo and went "man, the Oakland A's looked--" and then I looked left and saw "COLORFUL KANSAS CITY"... completely forgot they used to play in KC. (And then I noticed the "KC" cap lockup.) Man, imagine if the A's were still in KC... (Off-topic: anyone who's ol--ahem, tenured enough to remember: how was Kansas City's profile/reputation/national stature back then? Because they sure seemed to have a lot going on back in the '60s/'70s on the sports front...)