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  1. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I know why you mentioned the Colts, of course 😄...but how do we continue to leave the Kansas City Chiefs out of these types of discussions?? I think they may be the one team who, short of a helmet logo change (for obvious reasons--and if one really wants to split hairs, a slight number font change and a move of TV numbers from sleeve to shoulder), have NEVER changed their uniforms in their history. They look exactly as they did as the original Dallas Texans--that's quintessential equity there. Unless I'm missing something somewhere, that's a claim really only the Carolina Panthers, short of their tweaked primary logo, can make. (Speaking of maintaining a consistent look since inception.) Which leads to an interesting case study in brand equity from a more recent perspective: the expansion brethren Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars, who inside of 23 years (?) are now on their fourth different on-field brand identity. (As a matter of fact, a similar juxtaposition can be made amongst the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida Marlins, and Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays--but that's for another thread.) The Panthers are well on their way, barring some as-yet-unforseen change, to establishing a lasting brand continuity; meanwhile, the Jaguars have entered into San Diego Padres/Chicago White Sox "uniform history trivia hunt" territory. Which brings us back around to the Titans. They too were on their way to entrenching themselves with a lasting brand--after all, it had been 19 years--and then cut that straight off with this near-wholesale change, effectively torpedoing that equity. So i guess one question to ask is: how much is brand equity really worth in present day (to the head brass of these teams) versus the potential to generate more $ via cyclical uniform updates?
  2. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I hadn't said anything about it, but I've been suspecting ever since the NBA first made the announcement of placing ads on their game uniforms that revenue in sports uniform design would trend this way--and by that I mean the systematic cycling of updated uniforms. As we all know, this has been the norm in soccer for the longest time, so long in fact its accepted as "normal". How much of that was originally due to purposely generating merchandising revenue and hoe much of that was "just because" I don't know, but regardless, we see many clubs cycle through kits about every other year. (Which makes the more "iconic" looks, such as Argentina's and Brazil's primaries, stand out that much more, IMO.) It wouldn't surprise me if [certain clubs in] the NBA and now the NFL have taken notice of the potential for even more merchandising $$$ by engaging in this "tweaking cycle", if you will, knowing there will be people who will continue to throw down moola to keep updated with the newest stuff. (Edit: I see two of y'all already beat me to the punch on this point.)
  3. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Yeah, they definitely went too far in the other direction. I'm somewhat glad to see my side-by-side photo generate so much commentary (by the way, that old Mariota I hung next to the new Mariota is now hanging in my closet at the house...70% off retail!) . But as one of y'all said, "a picture IS worth A thousand words"...its crazy, but they didn't have any white jerseys in the team shop at the time, but they had plenty at the sporting goods store at the Rivergate Mall up the road from my crib. I sat and stared at them for the longest time, trying to convince myself to like them, even if only for what they are. But then I went to the team shop, shot that photo and...all that went right out the window. For about the past three years and change I've been watching the team systematically swell up on the navy and red in and around Nissan Stadium...then again, that stadium always was heavy on the red adornments.I watched them switch out the parking lot and banner signage to more navy and red (& gray), and then during last offseason they tore out the old red seats in the upper bowl and replaced them with navy ones. In fact...short of a wall showcasing the Oilers history, and a couple banners, very little Columbia blue exists inside the stadium itself. Even the "TITANS" wordmark above the door at the team shop is in red, not navy; the decals along the windows are mostly navy, red and white. That said, the second you walk through those doors...you're instantly surrounded in a columbia-swathed oasis. It's actually quite a sight, and has made me wonder for a while why the Titans never have (to my memory, and certainly not since I've been living down here in Nashville) prominently dec'd out the interior of Nissan Stadium with their most recognizable color. If anything, maybe in their next branding life they'll double up on the columbia?? (Perhaps by that time the prevailing trend in pro sports design will cycle back around to brighter colorways...Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are y'all listening??)
  4. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    No, you're not. You see correctly.
  5. It's definitely a Wilson. But hey, it's all good...I forgot how nice the quality and finish of the construction was of retail authentics back then! The teal and gold really dazzle on that one as compared to the Reebok one.
  6. Yikes...that's what happens when you're young and wide-eyed! (Like I said, its been well over 10 years since I've even looked at those. Yeah I got got all right!)
  7. So here's where I tell on myself... ...For something like the past twelve years or so I've had these Jaguars jerseys in my collection (for the longest time Jacksonville was my Team "B", after all)...decided to pull them back out once more for comparison's sake... (Yes, that's an inaugural season authentic autographed Mark Brunell...that one was supplied by Wilson...I even have the certificate that came with it! The Greg Jones one is "authentic", too...not pictured is the Jones-Drew jersey I gave away.) While I can appreciate the Jaguars' most recent approach, it still doesn't hold a candle to either of these. They're also simplistic...but with simple intricacies (like, say, gold trim?) that make them distinctive. Also of note: that Brunell really makes me miss the days of dazzle fabric.... It's crazy that Jacksonville is now on its fourth different identity look in just over 20 years. Meanwhile, by my recollection, short of a few small tweaks, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Denver all have looked the same, as have of course the Panthers, over that same period of time.
  8. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Well, because then we'd end up with a "________ Missouri State" situation on our hands... Back to the garments...I finally got an up-close look at the new stuff over to the team shop at the stadium the other day. Just for comparo's sake (& because they still had some old stock in there), I hung a (now old) jersey next to the newer ones and.... You can see how much...brighter...the old jersey is compared to the newer ones. (And the NOBs on the new ones are actually outlined...guess just another way to get some columbia blue in there.) That two-tone gray yoke really drabs down the look, to me. Also, I also got a good look at the new helmets...setting aside the fact that the helmets seem to be the only place where the primary logo has a silver/gray outline, I find it puzzling the rest of the uniform uses two-tone gray on the yokes and pants...stripes...yet on the helmet the two-tone stripe is white and gray?? Its little things like that--and the fact that the number font matches nothing else in the brand identity--that just bug me. Speaking of that number font...I've seen many remark of how the now-former number font was "bad" or how they didn't like it; yet in all that time I've yet to come across a single half-intelligible reason as to why they're supposedly "bad". I happened to like them personally, as they somewhat matched with the TITANS wordmark pretty well. A simple cleanup is all I believe they really needed and they'd have been good another 20 years. I don't know that I've ever shown this, but I concocted this about a year ago...it shows my stab at tastefully updating the branding package and numbers some (along with infusing a bit more red since at the time that was a prevalent rumor).
  9. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Friendly admin note...that's East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. They're serious about their Grand Divisions around here.
  10. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    These aren't uniforms anymore...they're costumes. I go back to something McCarthy mentioned way back when he opined of the change of his Cincinnati Bengals' uniforms: Probably the single most profound bit of insight I've seen around these parts, and that was years ago. Now look where we are...the Titans (and more to the point, Nike and their NFL cohorts) have gone full-on cosplay on us. And in so doing, pretty much shot down two of the most unique elements of existing brand: the shoulder yoke (which is still there, just now in the form of two-tone Nikegray--seriously, look at it, "wolf gray" AND "anthracite" right there together", to say nothing of the "obsidian" navy fabric"), and the columbia blue, which has been shoved to the side in favor of said Nikegray. Here's the problem the navy helmet creates: whereas before the uniform had more of a "light and airy" feel to it, especially when the Titans wore white over Columbia--which also allowed their signature Columbia to be prominently featured--now the look is "darker" and more drab no matter what combo they wear, because that navy helmet is competing for attention against white, Nikegray AND (what little bit of) Columbia (they have left). In only two combos does that color stand out, and in one of those only barely. (That said, I've been watching the Titans de-emphasize Columbia ever since I relocated here to Nashville almost four years ago, much to the chagrin of many.) I won't even waste time on the numbers, except to say they're yet the latest in Nikefied formulaic, overdesigned, robotic trash. Should've kept (and slightly updated) the former numbers, if for no other reason than continuity. And "sword-sheath" pants stripes? Okay...setting aside the fact that they're angled the wrong way for something like that (and again, Nikegray, to the exclusion of either other team color), if they really wanted to hammer that idea home, wouldn't that have been the ideal place to put the alternate sword logo instead of the primary? So yeah...huge swing and a miss for me. I get the feeling five years from now we'll be right back here revisiting this same discussion at the next "tradition evolution".
  11. Right. For those unaware, Tuscaloosa is barely 40 miles westard down 20/59, so that definitely has much to do with it. Such as?? I'll probably regret this but...indulge us here.
  12. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    Wow... That's one thing the Panthers could switch to tomorrow and not miss a beat. I do wonder though if the blue helmet may be a bit too much blue (colors that vivid tend to maximize their effect in limited applications), but I can see the rest of that working pretty sharply--especially if they eliminate all the white.
  13. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    edit: double-post
  14. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Sorta off-topic...but does anyone, anywhere, happen to know the base font from which these glyphs were fashioned? The Milwaukee Brewers also (appeared to have) used this same base font during their "Motre Bame" years... (Bonus quirk: check out the "4" from this set...I always liked that oddity.) I've been searching for years for the base font for these to no avail.
  15. 2018 MLS Kits

    I've had an idea floating around for a Nashville-based soccer club for so long now I should probably go ahead and produce it...but it's so far removed from the overdone stereotypical "Music City" imagery it probably wouldn't even make a finalist list, so I may just keep it to myself.