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  1. How about straight-up cardinal and (athletic) gold?? Not a single MLB team uses that colorway now, and if I remember correctly the PCL Padres used to use it. They could even utilize brown as a tertiary trim. Cardinal/gold/brown would definitely be distinctive. https://imgur.com/gallery/J67C03Q This is the San Diego civic flag, for reference. And a long time ago I took a stab at a possible rebrand using those colors...I don't think I ever posted the cardinal-primary version, however.
  2. Buc

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I was lost on this one, too...at first. I've been to Ames--several times--and for a college town in the middle of a corn prairie 30 miles up north of the state capital, it, like Iowa's State captial, is surprisingly vibrant. The fact that they are located in said cornplain is all the more reason to use the yellow more, like the other two Iowa state universities (don't know how many of y'all realized that--U of Iowa, I-State, and Northern Iowa all pair a primary color with yellow.) Anyway, since apparently we done all been in the dark about #WinInTheDark, I did a search--apparently, it's something they trotted out last season and refers to "winning by working while no one is looking". link to source
  3. Buc

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    "Foldover numbers", eh? Ever since Bosack unveiled I-State's revamped look (I wanna say back in 2012?), they've had, top to bottom, one of my favorite brand identity packages up there in Ames. Now it looks like they're slowly but surely chipping away at it...
  4. Buc

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    Ever spent quality time amongst the populus in Pittsburgh? I lived up there for seven years...believe me it's possible.
  5. Buc

    Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina as New Third Uniform

    For some reason I remember that logo/those sweaters being referred to as "Picassoyote"... ...At any rate, I used to remember wanting so bad a Roenick #97 sweater back in my high school days. That, the first Colorado Avalanche sweater (of which I had one then), the black Calgary Flames third (which I also had), and the late 90s/early 2000 Washington Capitals sweaters (my all-time favorite sports uniform set, home away and alternate)--if the Caps ever bring those back, I may move some earth to cop one!
  6. Buc

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    While I can certainly see that happening, my question is this: would that be wise?? Granted, I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable as many of you guys are on the business side of pro soccer operations, but from my vantage point, for MLS to not yet be a top-tier global league yet, having that many teams on the top tier just has "watered down" written all over it. I know soccer expansion is the hot thing right now, and eeeehhhbody want a piece of the pie, but as any good domino player worth his bones would tell you: "all money ain't good money"; neither is all growth not good growth. It is possible to grow too fast. That's my concern for MLS--capitalising on its rising star so fast now that it ends up choking on its own growth later on. What would you guys say (and I'm just asking--again I don't know enough to state an authoritative opinion on this) to the USSF, if they can be talked into it, reorganizing the whole pyramid? Meaning, the National Team on top as step 1 (or to the Premier League, as the top tier in the world), MLS the next level down, step 2 (i really don't think they should break 30--shoot they probably shouldn't break 28), then with USL the next step down from there for the mid-major markets, step 3, and then the NPSL or whatever the next-level-league down from there being step 4 (for like the Mobile Alabamas, Pensacola Floridas, Evansville Indianas and Wheeling West Virginias of the country--that 60K-100K pop. demographic or so)--in that way noy entirely unlike the farm system pro baseball and pro hockey have in place? Several clubs already have USL clubs in place now; why not flesh it out all the way, set up/align some affilitations with higher clubs, with the ultimate goal of making it to the national team? (And naturally, players from each club aspiring to make it to their parent affiliate, so on and so forth--if nothing else that could be a built in motivation to get their skills up to top level to be worthy of being called up). Oh and of course rolling in and incorporating the many youth academies many clubs already have in place. You know, just unify the whole structure under one accord with a common vision and common goal. (And if it helps prevent more rifraff like the NASL/USL beef that was going on, the better.) Is that something those of y'all in the know think USSF and MLS can make some kind of feasible?
  7. Buc

    On This Day

    On this day, in 1991, Grandmama was drafted to the Charlotte Hornets...
  8. Buc

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    I'm not at my computer to test this out, but I'm curious of two potential possibilities for the Nuggets for their next uniform change down the road... 1) Re-appropriating the old Denver Gold colorway. Short of those "Drake Night" alternates, I don't think a single NBA team has ever taken the hardwood in black and (rich shiny metallic) gold. If nothing else, it would serve as a unique look, and (for what this may be worth) sync up with the Colorado Buffaloes. In my head I envision a rainbow-skyline-inspired alternate--the colors of which would really pop off a black base. 2.) Possibly syncing up a rich brassy gold (like that of the Vegas Golden Knights) with the current burgundy and light-ish blue of their in-town bretheren Avalanche and Rapids? Ehh, probably wouldn't look too good.....
  9. Turns out you're right...my memory was off. (I'm getting old fast...)
  10. I just clicked through all four pages of this thread looking for the one penultimate example of this thread and none of y'all posted it??
  11. Buc

    Jacksonville Jaguars Uniform Documentary

    Somewhere in the archives of this Creamerite universe exists two separate threads in two separate subforums both entitled "NFL Monochrome Madness". Find and peruse at your own risk...
  12. Buc

    Fort Wayne TinCaps complete uniform unveil

    As best as I can figure, that may be an homage to "The Fort", the shorthand locals and residents refer to Fort Wayne by...though if that was/is the vase, they should've actually included the article on the jersey itself. Just spitballin' here...
  13. Buc

    New Best Buy logo

    ^ I've seen that used at the Best Buy mini-store inside the Opry Mills Mall here in Nashville, too. Don't know if they still use it, though, as I haven't been in there in a good while.
  14. Buc

    New Best Buy logo

    Come to Tennessee. We have Electronic Express! About update...that "S" tho. #woof The Klavika-ish one was way better.